Thursday, April 19, 2018

Get To It

There's what it is you do,
Then there's how you do it,
How others see how you do what you do,
And why you pursue it,

Coupled with what you see others doing,
Reconciling with it,
Recognizing amidst all the doing,
How the others are affected by it,

Then doing the doing despite it all,
'Cause you have to do it,
Then others will have to do what they do,
In some response to it.
So what to do?
Here's a way to view it,
Nothing is done until the cows come home,
That's when everyone says that they knew it.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Clear The Way

Have you heard of kismet?
How about destiny?
Lady luck, karma, predestination,
They're all the same to me,

The idea that there is something more,
Than what it is you see,
Informed by what you believe, anyway,
None of which is based on reality,

But sometimes, if you let yourself go free,
Things shake up diff'rently,
Like the letters in a boggle game tray,
It's all a mystery,
Until you look,
Then it all becomes clear,
There's so much more than you can know of first,
That reveals itself when you discard fear.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

The Story

Putting yourself out there,
Is easy if you don't,
But instead put up a facade that works,
Because you think yours won't,

Besides, it's easier for ev'ryone,
Not to expand their brain,
When nothing's new there is no work to do,
Despite that means ev'rything stays the same,

Which is okay if there are no problems,
Though we know there e'er are,
As if it's a part of human nature,
So we've lowered the bar,
We've given up,
Well, there's those who have not,
Who believe there's value in honesty,
Who put themselves out there no matter what.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Old Man

What's left to laugh about,
When you're ninety years old?
There can't be jokes you've not already heard,
Then most probably told,

The structure of your days can't differ much,
What more you have to learn?
If you've not done something you could have, yet,
I'm sure you've not just been waiting your turn,

But there you sit, as happy as a clam,
Enjoying the high tide,
Your mind amused by some new idea,
Still enjoying the ride.
Well, good for you,
Twas sure you'd seen it all,
If there e'er was a reason to keep on,
It is watching you being comical.

Friday, March 30, 2018

When The Lights Go Out

When the power goes out,
No juice for everything,
No more potential in Earthly matter,
The only sound speaking,

Plus the movements of organic beings,
Fighting over fresh food,
But don't worry that won't be lasting long,
Those are th'ones will be dying pretty soon,

Once the screams die out, if your door's still locked,
Creep slowly to the street,
Think about all those flocking to the woods,
Looking for things to eat.
What chance have you?
P'haps that's not the question,
Since no one knows how long they have to live,
How d'you feel 'bout your current position?

Thursday, March 29, 2018


It is time to know god,
Surrender to the truth,
There is power greater than you can wield,
Does this surprise, forsooth!

Your muscles far short of any real strength,
The wind eats up your voice,
E'en with the full potential of your brain,
Puzzling eternal will be the right choice,

Spread your wings wide and you still cannot fly,
E'en the future's a wall,
Hatred and sorrow cannot be banished,
You'll e'er answer their call,
So what's the point,
When we are all so weak?
Compared to infinite omnipotence,
It makes a nadir of our highest peak.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Pain of Time

Time can go by slowly,
As you ponder your woes,
Ask any expert on the human case,
She'll say that's how it goes,

That happiness is most a fleeting thing,
Almost an accident,
If this don't make you want to stop right now,
You are ready for this experiment,

Stop doing what is expected of you,
That's a false form of joy,
Created to pass on that same nature,
To guiltless girls and boys.
What do you find?
Not encour'gement, I bet,
Unless you're among like-minded people,
But they haven't formed the major'ty, yet.