Monday, July 24, 2017

The Creator

You are a masterpiece,
Like all living creatures,
To create for you is to step aside,
Reveal your best features,

The natural expression of yourself,
Forged of the fire within,
Some create art from the physical world,
Examples of a baser creation,

Just vague pointers to what they imitate,
The beauty that you are,
Become a creator by letting go,
It's not really that far,
It's ever there,
Behind the hate and fear,
Just like the old adage about aiming,
To get there's to see it's already here.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


The world you're in is grey,
'Cause you've yet to decide,
Do you want to live or think about it,
That's why you're on this side,

If you wait for tomorrow it's harder,
You're letting your world set,
Time is a slowly drying piece of clay,
It's e'er as malleable as 'twill get,

Don't look at the colors covetingly,
They are yours, should you choose,
It is fear and lack of self-confidence,
That lead you to refuse,
To be who you're,
P'haps due to other's dreams,
You might be grasping to one that can't be,
Sometimes circumstances are what they seem.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

You Got You Where You Are

Ev’ryone has stories,
T’explain their origin,
Dig deep and the world they’ve built for themselves,
Were preordained for them,

From the moment your eyes took in the light,
Reflecting where they were,
There were specific directions from there,
So only limited things could occur,

Each choice after that narrows down the path,
‘Til your life is no more,
That doesn’t even mean that you have died,
Might just mean that you’re poor,
In soul or wealth,
Some say one is much worse,
May the choices you make enrichen both,
For lots of mourners and a decent hearse.

Friday, July 21, 2017


Your head is in the clouds,
Or the clouds in your head,
Either way, your mind is confusing you,
Try letting go, instead,

Of the thoughts that run you ragged each day,
Rubbish if you listen,
Preoccupation with everything but,
What will help your spirit'al condition,

Try looking through the mind's eye of your heart,
Is life really unfair?
'Tis if you count on the word of others,
To fill what wasn't there.
What have you done,
With your holyer than thou?
There's more than one way to get what you want,
And there is no one that can tell you how.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


You are where you should be,
Don't matter where you go,
The fear and loneliness you are feeling,
Are for what you don't know,

Open your eyes as if you were just born,
Everything is new,
It is trite to say that it's a new day,
But it is wrong to say it is not, too.

Life wan't given to you, nor you it,
Nor to any other,
The doors you close 'cause you know how it is,
Can't be because you're sure,
Just rest a while,
Know that you're always home,
Things can change around you and you change, too,
But you are you wherever you do roam.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Around you is a world,
Not concerned with your plight,
While egos live tethered to what they want,
Guided by their own light,

You are hurt before you are even touched,
'Til you let yourself go,
You are a lotus, perched above the mud,
Less vulnerable than you'll ever know,

Y'must cut off your head 'fore you can be healed,
So there's no you to hurt,
Light can only shine through the transparent,
Light is what we all thirst,
It makes us whole,
Many linked by the one,
Has hurt ever existed in this place,
Without the ego's participation?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


There always comes a time,
When the fruit's become ripe,
Its juices are bursting, the weight too much,
Too dangerous to bite,

The stem just lets go its grip on the tree,
Belongs to the ground now,
It served its purpose in one existence,
Life's purpose is just what it will allow,

So, too, must you grow to your potential,
Be not afraid to fall,
For e'en that is a journey to somewhere,
You're answering a call,
At the right time,
You couldn't have, if not,
Be not afraid of what you've done or do,
If in support of your ultimate lot.