Monday, August 21, 2017

2 - Possibilities

The skies you fly don't end,
The land is yours to see,
Before you it's stretched out like a road map,
Of possibilities,

The love you have shown yourself raised you up,
Now, enjoy the new height,
You will see things before those around you,
Who're not disciplined enough to take flight,

Do not weigh yourself down with boundaries,
The mind's bigger than that,
Once you free yourself you can free others,
Who've so far simply sat.
What 'bout feelings?
Have you thrown them away?
Perhaps just the ones that are stepping stones,
To the ecstasy you're feeling today.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

3 - Celebration

It's time to celebrate,
No, nothing has happened,
Sweatshops still make over-branded clothing,
Th'world's still run by white men,

There's still too much injustice to tackle,
Too much justified fear,
Too little time to know how to live right,
To effect the minimum global tears,

You must search out those moments outside time,
They're there for ev'ryone,
They feed your heart, not your gut, nor clothe you,
Still, needed nutrition,
Or what's the point?
Life filled with misery?
The ideal world's one where ev'ryone's glad,
Practice now to one day make history.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

8 - Letting Go

You're a drop of water,
Fell from a lotus leaf,
Trembling just before gravity took you,
Cleansing you of belief,

The old ways must be e'er forgotten, now,
You are on a new path,
Complete the natural sorrow and tears,
For you will ne'er 'gain have what you did hath,

Something greater is now awaiting you,
What, pray tell, could be worse?
Letting go's about uncomplicating,
So lifting the I's curse,
To be reborn,
Rise back up from the stream,
In existence nobody's superyor,
Despite how many assholes make it seam.

Friday, August 18, 2017

11 - Breakthrough

Red power surrounds you,
Exploding from your core,
You've turned your breakdown into a breakthrough,
You're not weak anymore,

You are also not guaranteed success,
This could be a mistake,
But going on the way you were going,
Was no longer a path that you could take,

One often reaches a point in their life,
When enough is enough,
Needing to raze the world they find themselves,
E'en though times will be tough,
That is you now,
There are no guarantees,
You may find yourself bleeding on your back,
Still better than succumbing on your knees.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ace - Going With The Flow

You're floating in water,
Let it take you where't will,
Which is e'er the path of least resistance,
Never vainly uphill,

Water's the opposite of ambition,
Let it cradle you, now,
Have faith that it will flow to the right place,
The is always a watchmen at the bow,

Master the art of being receptive,
Life moves around itself,
Disturb its flow and you will waste your time,
And compromise your health,
It's hard, I know,
Like you don't give a shit,
But already that starts with assumptions,
Like surrendering is the same as quite.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

10 - Change

Sometimes you are happy,
You'll have to live with it,
That will pass, as existence is a wheel,
And you're in its orbit,

You might rather move into its centre,
It is much calmer there,
Just watch the cycle of life pass you by,
Observe the grief and pain without a care,

Otherwise you'll get dizzy on the edge,
What is the point in that?
'fyou ever want a specific feeling,
Just wait, it will come back,
Then just jump on,
Once you get how change works,
You can see it for what it really is,
If not, it will surely make you berserk.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

19 - Innocence

If you drop your knowledge,
All that's been given you,
Your name, identity, expectations,
You can be born anew,

A child with the innocence they all have,
No, not to be childish,
Before the mistrust and doubt life teaches,
When change is a wonder and goals a wish,

A praying mantis perched on your finger,
Sharing stories of joy,
Pink flowers cascade all around you,
Abandon like a boy,
Or a girl, too!
It's about acceptance,
Imagine a world that is magical,
It's more real than an imagined semblance.