Friday, July 29, 2016

A Little Rain

The rain fell, yesterday,
Not as hard as on you,
My clothes hardly even got wet at all,
Despite what I did do,

Laying on my back in an open space,
I felt the wetness, sure,
But it only lasted a few minutes,
And I was dry again in e'en fewer,

But you, you looked like you had been swimming,
Drenched from noggin to toe,
Even though we were out there together,
Still, you refused to go,
You said, that's life,
A little rain must fall,
It is not it's fault that for some humans,
It's a drizzle and for others a squall.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Good Bye

This one will not be sad,
I've a leaning towards that,
Which perhaps has an influence on me,
And those I interact,

So, please rejoice in the cold, humid day,
The clouds a deep, blue-grey,
So much to be thankfully not dreading,
May the universe keep all threats at bay,

There's lots to do other than existing,
Not twenty-four hours worth,
Oh, the freedom in the hours that are left,
The absence of a curse.
That doesn't rhyme,
No need to in this one,
'Sides, it's time to leave this moment behind,
There is no time for this circumlocution.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Any Time

You must do everything,
Like the last thing you'll do,
Then you'll know what is truly important,
It may be something new,

Something thought of as inconsequential,
To everybody else,
But really, who is anyone to say,
What should define anyone else's self?

It may be you will open up their eyes,
To their own imper'tive,
Honesty is what we're talking 'bout here,
The only way to live,
'Cause if you don't,
You breed dishonesty,
With no examples for others to know,
The meaning of life 'fore reach forty.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sitting By The Highway

I sat by the highway,
Constant rumble of cars,
Tried to see the humanity in each,
But they were fast too far,

Hundreds of souls I'll never see again,
Moving within their lives,
Never to know I was looking at them,
Prob'ly not caring if they did realize,

They call it attention economics,
There's too much wanting eyes,
With a limited amount there to see,
Y'know what loneliness buys,
Nothing at all,
Like cars barreling by,
F'only I could be the destination,
Without the drivers understanding why.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Where You Are

When you're at your lowest,
Whatever that may mean,
Do you imagine things will get better,
If you act differently?

Or do you wait for the bad luck to pass,
Then wait for the next wave,
To carry you closer to a safe shore,
Until you try to wade back in again?

Maybe you've known nothing other than falling,
So expect nothing more,
Or got the world on a gold, fucking tray,
Jam-packed with open doors.
The key thing is,
If you don't know which you are,
You won't know what action you need to take,
Although any will take you just as far.

You Can't Have It All

Which do you believe in?
The real'ty you see?
Where things can change at the drop of a hat,
For there's no unity,

One must be prepared for revolution,
The rug could e'er be pulled,
'Less you don't mind jumping, one to th'other,
Then all connections of heart must be dulled,

Or p'haps you have faith in another force,
Those things you cannot see,
Grounded, instead, in the heart's connections,
To face adversity,
Rev'lutions, still,
That's e'er a certainty,
But what's real's only clothed by sensation,
So, you're still dulling a propensity.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Summary Of Trump's RNC Address

I watched Trump's speech last night,
Ok, I watched his hair,
But then, when I closed my eyes and listened,
I saw the rhetoric fly through the air,

He spit random statistics that ain't true,
Then burned his own straw man,
Painting a peaceful and calm middle east,
Unfurled by an incompetent Clinton,

Describing terrorists and murderers,
Flowing o'er the border,
Police under threat by vi'lent someones,
Then bewailed lost order.
He riled up pride,
Fascist nash'nalism,
The world must fear America again,
And the one person to do it is him.

Take It

I shred this document,
As if it never was,
Like the info hanging in its pages,
Is all it ever does,

Like the words weren't spit from a machine,
Fed from a computer,
That saved it as fingers typed in the words,
Copying forms in which I did enter,

Info now owned by a firm I don't know,
With loyalties fleeting,
That could say, if the government wanted,
Here y'go, happy reading,
While here I am,
Wasting my precious time,
On the chance someone will pick through my trash,
To steal info that is not even mine.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Saving Time

There's no time like the now,
'Fact, there's no time at all,
Which is good for those who have wasted it,
If you can take their gall,

For the rest of us, where has it all gone?!
I think that I can guess:
Into worrying about it passing,
Advising others how to waste it less,

Sleeping, working, watching the evening news,
Should I continue on?
The only thing I couldn't add to it,
Would be fornication,
Well, there're others,
Like what I'm doing now,
For this process takes me outside of time,
A gift with which may you all be endowed.