Monday, April 24, 2017

On Stage

These words spoken to you,

In weak, quavering voice,
Do not quite understand their existence,
Don't know they have a choice,

As do the eardrums they manipulate,
To be there completely,
If ev'rbody simply lived this way,
All the world would be filled with poetry,

But more is the case we speak for ourselves,
Then that is all we hear,
A habit not born of solipsism,
But debil'tating fear,

Of what we know,
That there's no difference,
Between what any of us are saying,
We're trying to describe the same presence. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Finding Your Self

The day is so sunny,
The earth's awash with light,
Light is the nourisher of honesty,
Precursor of delight,

Delight may also be born of revenge,
Begot of broken heart,
Sister of unfulfilled expectations,
Whose spouse meticulously tore apart,

Casting darkness across the whole affair,
Alas, there goes the sun,
Blocked by clouds of distrustful, darkened thoughts,
In need of rev'lution,
Which is coming,
This fascism can't last,
Feel in your bones the sun deficiency,
You will fight for your own truth pretty fast.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

As I Wait

'Tsnot as cold as could be,
The chill's just in my skin,
Besides, my home is cosy and toasty,
When I'm let in again,

But this beaded seat cover's a boon, too,
The coffee's strong and warm,
There's little risk of vi'lence on this street,
No last night's syringes scattered this morn,

The odd car drowns out the chirping of birds,
Both with places to go,
I flit 'tween varied messaging forums,
Alas, there's naught to show,
Though, I've a phone,
Reaching out's in my pow'r,
'Til the batt'ry dies, and I fall asleep,
Entering dreams e'en more lonely and dour.

Friday, April 21, 2017

In Case We Care

Is this where we're heading,
In line at Tim Horton's,
A conduit for the money we 'make',
For further consumption,

But not the kind that gives you sustenance,
It spawns anemia,
Until your heart's used to blood, thin and weak,
Waiting for the intelligentsia,

As the keepers of our morality,
Left stale and forgotten?
If it was my responsibility,
It wouldn't be rotten,
Not that we're bad,
We've just no direction,
It is time to reclaim independence,
If just to remember we are human.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Three Day Road

Let's forget he's a fake,
Co-opted a culture,
Won awards meant for a cheated people,
That his spirit animal's a vulture,

He may have reasons that are not selfish,
He might just be insane,
Whatever it is we've ere cleared our minds,
Because there is nothing we have to gain,

So then we focus only on his words,
Boy, what a tale he weaves,
Makes me wish there were even more awards,
To counteract the thieves,
To wit, us all,
Though we make no pretense,
It's bad enough we ignore the problem,
We punish those who come to their defense.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


It was her voice, for sure,
As clear as the real thing,
Calling me, my vaudevillian daughter,
Rousing me from sleeping,

By the time I realized it was a dream,
It already woke me,
But in the dark I did not check the time,
It was a matter of self-perfidy,

For my body already knew the hour,
Too late to not be up,
Did I choose to ignore my dear girl's call,
So's not to interrupt,
My precious time?
I hope she understands,
I reserve my strength and spend no effort,
Except to bequeath her the upper hand.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Passed It

Mmm, it will all happen,
You can't stop it at all,
You have time, mass and karma against you,
Trust me, greater will fall,

You will die, too, that is an absolute,
Can't chalk that to theory,
Absorb all these facts, sit and meditate,
Only then will you no longer fear me,

You will wander the earth, but not be lost,
You'll e'er e'er arrive,
Not be distracted by the petty few,
Who are barely alive,
They don't matter,
Only those you love do,
The ones who don't need to hear what you say,
To once and completely understand you.