Sunday, February 11, 2018

And Then It Began

I think the break's over,
If it ever began,
Sometimes you do something for so damn long,
You forget you're human,

That you used to have thoughts that were your own,
Trying to sort things out,
Not knowing those you sought out for advise,
Accepted walls in exchange for their doubt,

Compromised what they held as absolute,
Slowly, not on purpose,
In increments until they were convinced,
That they were virtuous,
Then, 'long came you,
Living in no-man's land,
They took you in, wanting to protect you,
From your naive attempt to understand.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Blip While I Struggle

It feels like a million,
Well, it may as well be,
Skip one moment of being who you are,
It's an eternity,

You have to relearn from the beginning,
To reach that crucial flow,
That pushes through what we are told to be,
To the truth everybody should know,

That the only law that you should follow,
Is what comes from the heart,
To encourage the same in ev'ryone,
Even when it might smart,
Else it don't count,
Selfishness is easy,
Sure, live, but have you tried letting live, too?
You learn who you are pretty damn quickly.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Ciao For Now

'fore the riots begin,
'rthe search for my remains,
Let all who never peruse these pages,
Allay their pulsing veins,

Sometimes a respite is necessary,
What's life but not changes?
Even turtles come up for air sometimes,
Like sharpshooters at Vegas gun ranges,

Like Nike in the late nineteen nineties,
To condemn its sweatshops,
Looks like it will come up again real soon,
'cause, yeah, those yet to stop.
So, bye for now,
I've other work to do,
You can always catch up @Ape_Biggles,
'til then, conscientiously buy your shoes.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Careful Words

There’s too much distraction,
Fear of being heeded,
Knowledge you have to say things different,
T’e’vry mouth you feed it,

In order to make yourself understood,
Hope your message is good,
Don’t mistakenly lead souls to do wrong,
To nourish well you must prepare good food,

Catered to the body it’s nourishing,
We do things oft too fast,
Yet, one doesn’t have much time in this life,
To do something that lasts,
Not many do,
It’s not an easy thing,
Nor reserved for those with best intentions,
Which led us to what we’re experyencing.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Time Gone

Add up all your bad times,
The ones when you were mean,
Count them a hundred times 'gainst each good one,
Which is the winning team?

A hundred because they never leave you,
They're with you o'er and o'er,
Adam bit the apple eons ago,
Yet it's a guilt ridden religion's core,

There are good things that offer one respite,
Alms to a homeless man,
But don't think too much 'bout what got him there,
'Cause you're part of the plan,
That creates him,
You're a good soul, I know,
If you could start right now with both teams tied,
Tell me how you'd ensure only good goals.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Revenue Streams

How many revenues,
Have you for your income?
Some are saying you must have at least five,
In this modern nation,

I don't know but I am going to guess,
Without knowing nothing,
That one has to be flexible because,
Capitalism has stopped housekeeping,

So have a job, but maybe make it three,
None prob'ly pay a lot,
Invest in stocks, hand make quilts if you can,
Just sell your blood, if not.
Lots of choices!
A new economy,
Either spend your life consumed by money,
Or you're so rich, it doesn't mean a thing.

Friday, October 06, 2017

Thank You

Your actions confound me,
Either absent or kind,
Like a mama bird whose love can be eyed,
By the worms she did find,

While her babies cry with mouths stretched open,
In unrelenting cries,
Safe in their nest, not dying of hunger,
Just more concerned with hearing a reply,

But mama has work that she has to do,
I'm sure that you do, too,
One eye on the prize and one eye on me,
Knowing when my food's due.
I should have faith,

Plus gratitude for you,
You've ne'er left me to die midst hunger or threat,
No matter how easy it be to do.