Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March on Washington: Toronto

White's End of Protest,
Says marches just don't work,
A new kind of resistance must be found,
To the tyrant that lurks,

There's value in thinking outside the box,
That's where true vision's found,
Micah says activism can't rely,
On public demonstrations in downtown,

We must move to the fringes of cities,
Slowly work our way in,
'Fore the powers that be know what hit them,
We've got revolution!
I hear his words,
Let's also not dismiss,
The unifying power of the scene,
Of thousands marching against unfairness.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Your Bliss

There's a sweet spot in life,
Everyone gets a glimpse,
All the powers that be work for you,
P'haps not seen, or not since,

Most of the time, it is just a feeling,
You know it is out there,
You could spend a life trying to reach it,
Or just be in it, breathing it like air,

It could be among others, or alone,
Outside or inside you,
Its form is formed by the form that you are,
The form which you strive to.
That we all do,
I hope that you find yours,
Countries have been formed this goal in mind,
So sought after, it often leads to wars.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Frustration

What's the use in trying,
When it's out of your hands?
I swear sometimes it's like another world,
Where all of this shit lands.

It's nothing to do with what's in a mind,
But what that mind conspires,
Then what it puts into reality,
Then whether they can find any buyers.

After that, its arena's obvious,
No need to fuck around,
Stick to what you know and let the rest lie,
You are on your own, now.
You always were,
Remember that thing birth?
You started life alone and in the dark,
Now you're avoiding that for all it's worth.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

To The Rich

The problem with the rich,
Is how they treat their wealth,
Instead of a comfort against hunger,
They devour to poor health,

Instead of keeping dry under a roof,
Sufficient for the task,
Gargantuan homes beyond any need,
Cast shadows o'er those who daren't e'en ask,

They drive past rusted heaps stopped by police,
For crimes of poverty,
When a slice of their cash would give them life,
Free from all injury,
Ain't that the goal?
A chance for everyone?
All luxury does is keep us apart,
And encourage unfair distribution.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Man

The music was so loud,
His fucks couldn't be heard,
Or his cunts, shits, mother-fuckers, and clits,
Or wisest of his words,

He strolled from that garage to the basement,
A two-four in each hand,
Manifested from the check he just got,
He is a simple, and yet complex man,

He swigs a beer and then swings a hammer,
Both will be pounded down,
He gets up and the day better watch out,
Darrel's coming to town.
You can't stop him,
You think he'd stop himself,
Some people defy what the man says do,
And builds a pedestal, no fucking shelf.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Reach Her

The good offset the bad,
Though't it's outside the law,
The government did what it always does,
Made it like no one saw,

All the sychophants got their promotions,
Acts being status quo,
But he who tipped the scales will never rise,
There was really nowhere else he could go,

But unlike most who simply disappear,
Some people are too big,
They operate so far outside the norm,
They've ne'er taken a swig,
Of the Kool-Aid,
It'll ne'er make them rich,
They won't even be marked by history,
'Cause they don't live for those by whom it's writ.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

To Be You

Don't matter what you do,
There're be consequences,
Maybe good or bad or probably both,
Both side of the fences,

The side you're on may not be where you stood,
Nor may't be where you end,
The question's do you know how you got there?
Do you know your final destination?

That's the only way to stand the salvo,
No matter what you do,
Better people have succumbed to the fire,
More sure of things than you,
So let me help,
I think I know the key,
It has to do with knowing who you are,
And being you with no apologies.