Wednesday, May 23, 2018

In Ten Minutes

I just have ten minutes,
Can i do anything?
Compare it to the minutes of your life,
And it seems like nothing,

I may have forty-seven millee-on,
If i live to ninety,
So many meaningless passing moments,
Representing your full mortal'ty,

Sorry to shorten it, but I've no time,
I go minute by each,
Like living forty-seven million lives,
But I have lost my reach,
I have to stop,
It’s now time I lack,
I guess ten minutes isn’t very long,
Would I could get the last two million back.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Next Thing

It's just a slice of time,
What you are going through,
If there was ever a point in your life,
It was better for you,

You can be sure they'll be better again,
For fortune comes in waves,
You're low now, you'll feel all good tomorrow,
Unless you pass away 'fore the next phase,

Which may be many, many years coming,
No one can tell you when,
It's more the sur'ty that it will exist,
That gives you momentum,
To just go on,
Wish I could tell you more,
Would that the future was open to all,
But its unknowingness is what it's for.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Denial's Time

Sometimes you have nothing,
Little hope left to you,
An understanding that you're going down,
No matter what you do,

Because you're looking at things you need not,
Just ignore negative,
Pull your rose-colored glasses off the shelf,
Acknowledge all that the world has to give,

Let the downers drown in unhelpfulness,
Brandish the strength of hope,
Some will say that you are ignoring facts,
They only interlope,
Where they should not,
Denial's good sometimes,
Like negligence of a newborn baby,
There are problems that solve themselves in time.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Glowing Smile

I see you in the trees,
The ones you said to hug,
Your love of life was equaled by no one,
Despite the pain you lugged,

That's one thing I took into me of yours,
To the dismay of some,
It's a love that that denies others' pain,
For pain's something that must be overcome,

Which entails detachment from the mundane,
To embrace the spirit,
Which if ev'ryone did, pain would just cease,
Nor would be inflicted,
There'd be no point,
But, too, there is a price,
There'd be no excitement for worldly gain,
Which many people find natur'lly nice.

Friday, May 18, 2018


When you have nothing else,
You’re running on empty,
Having to burn the candle at both ends,
Living in poverty,

Still just keeping your head above water,
With your good attitude,
While objectively you should be screaming,
No matter how your situation’s viewed,

As you keep it inside like compressed gas,
Everything’s alright!
While factors are converging to a point,
That you’re wound up too tight,
Do not despair!
There’re other ways to vent,
That contribute to your situation,
Not leave you ope’ to pity and contempt.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Not Octopi

There is a new theory,
‘bout the Precambrian,
When life appears to have been so complex,
It defies ev’lution,

Thirty scientists have postulated,
That things like octopodes,
Landed on Earth from a space explosion,
Then proceeded to build garden abodes,

There’s no authority to deny this,
With all we know from empirical facts,
We really know nothing,
What do you think?
Even the chance it’s true,
Might put in question ev’rything you know,
And make you rethink ev’rything you do.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Work The Lock

When you’re under pressure,
Debilitating shock,
Think ‘bout Magnum PI when he gets home,
Having to pick his lock,

Higgins recored the door for who knows what,
(You know how he can be),
Zeus and Apollo running straight for Tom,
Ready to attack ‘cause he’s got no key,

He’s got seconds before he feels their teeth,
He chants a soothing phrase,
It’s ‘Don’t look at the dogs, work on the lock,’
Try doing what he says,
Breathe and focus,
It’s all that you can do,
Unless you’d like to watch potential death,
As it is attempting to distract you.