Saturday, June 24, 2017

What They say

There are many of you,
One for ev'ry person,
Building their viewpoint from a few snapshots,
It's not a perversion,

It's all as real as you see yourself,
It is as false, as well,
The admonishment, 'understand thyself',
Is not just meant for ev'rybody else,

You must learn to live with all your demons,
Both within and without,
How you do that is purely up to you,
Of that be of no doubt.
Others may cry,
They have a right to know,
A thousand words couldn't paint the picture,
Though there is no point in telling them so.

Friday, June 23, 2017


'Ltell you what freedom is,
As if you didn't know,
It is the holy grail of existence,
Humankind's greatest foe,

'Tsbeen the route of all evil since money,
It was sex before then,
Wait, 't'snever been good to expose yourself,
That's always encouraged revolution,

It's best when not ev'rybody has it,
Less people in your way,
That's true for even those who don't have it,
'Thing to strive for one day,
Still, either way,
Be you have or have-not,
We all think of it as a possession,
Because that is what we have all been taught.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fuck It

You don't need epiph'nies,
One day after the next,
To return to that place where you realized,
Reality's context,

That of a provider of stimulus,
That our body translates,
Providing the sights and sounds and feelings,
The mater'als we use to cogitate.

For sure it all needs to be clothed for sense,
So's to communicate,
But the point is to return to that place,
Where instincts are innate,
To guide your moves,
In this fucked up cosmos,
Then give it a rinse through your perspective,
So's to translate that for those you hold close.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


There're battles in Yemen,
Should have known this before,
Though it's hard to guess from the media,
Where there's actu'lly war,

It hasn't really been kept a secret,
The opposite, in fact,
It's hard to see the trees for the forest,
When they are blocked by the war in Iraq,

When your own circumstances are not firm,
Due to divisiveness,
Makes you wonder is drama natural,
Or meant to make you less,
Less human, sure,
S'you don't fight for justice,
There's no point in  protesting anymore,
Everyone must change their consciousness.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I hear your whimpering,
You want to come in here,
Even just a hint of my existence,
The knowledge I am near,

Tugs at your heart like a winch on a truck,
Bet you wish it would stop,
But the prospect of getting close to me,
Would lead you to never-ending distraught,

Gladly you would walk across burning rocks,
Pain moments paid for love,
Even if it ends more quickly than that,
Th'euphoria's enough,
To get you by,
Until the next chance comes,
So I silently stalk to the exit,
While you roll about in self-delusion

Monday, June 19, 2017


There're flowers in your hair,
On your body and face,
There's such contentment in your half-closed eyes,
'Syou bask in their embrace,

You're looking in at your outward power,
Grounded in peace and love,
You shall never go back nor need go forth,
You have no fear of below or above,

You are just what you've e'er known you should be,
Everyone can see,
When one has attained their ideal person,
You feel the harmony,
It's palpable,
You want to breath it in,
But until you accept it's possible,
You'll never exper'ence maturation.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Soon, Raccoon

Left to its own device,
Walking alone at night,
Blending in with the shadows and mumblings,
Of creatures out of sight,

As dedicated to its own children,
As any human here,
Enmeshed as 'tis within the habitat,
To which they so religiously adhere,

It will never understand poverty,
Or its adverse effects,
There're no studies on divorce's impact,
It hasn't got there, yet,
'T'sjust a raccoon,
It eats garbage to live,
That's only reserved for the least of us,
To be pitied by those with 'nough to give.