Monday, March 30, 2009

The Measure of Success

There is really nothing,
That you cannot do,
If the world is at your command,
And you're a good delegator, too,

And you can distinguish one act from another,
Because sometimes it's not that easy,
When trends are such that anything different's a sham,
Especially in fat cat cities.

But know thyself, and be confident in,
The lack of confidence in everyone else.
Ultimately, the truth of your actions,
Is decided by accumulated wealth,

Which is alright,
There needs to be some kind of guage,
And money's just as good as anything else,
Until there is no decent minumum wage.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Things always get better,
Before they get worse,
And visa versa, if you want to know,
Consciousness' source,

And if you want to know how to avoid,
Negativity at all,
It's not as easy to say bad comes with good,
'Cause, then, what is it all for?

If opposites have to exist so the other,
Can exist, also,
Where is the freedom that makes humans unique,
Or is the freedom that you'll never know?

It's alright,
What's really the point?
Is it that, really, there is no answer,
Or that the question is never going?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


That you have lots of problems,
Just means you have a lot on the go,
And if you took away the troublesome things,
There's still be a lot, you know.

Or maybe not, upon second thought,
Because every risk can be an opportunity,
And if your bent is to see things a certain way,
Then that's how they'll be seen.

Which does not mean a whole lot,
To your physical well-being.
There are many with everything they could want,
But nothing they actually need.

Which is alright,
That's just the way of the human being,
Its ego is such that it can't believe,
Anything could be completely fulfilling.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Every choice you make,
Eliminates a few,
And generates a few more to make,
While completely changing your view,

And if you end up looking not where you want,
Then it will take a few more choices than,
What it took to get you where you are,
So, be a bit more cognizant,

Of where your choices take you. Is this obvious?
Because it's a difficult thing to do,
When entrenched in the labyrinth of existence,
Among people who don't really know you.

But it's alright,
No one place is quite easier than the next.
It's all about how you take where you found yourself,
And understand how it can benefit.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Just when you think it's over,
You realize that there was no start,
That there is no point that you can point to,
When there was no art,

When there was no awareness of this world,
Because awareness presupposes that,
There was no Time before we ever knew,
Anything remotely like fact,

Anything remotely like anything,
Like thinking beginnings mean death,
Though it does, the main point of it all,
Is that it means life, no less,

And that it's alright,
To live as if living is no big thing,
Beside the fact that with each new moment,
There is a new beginning.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hours in a Day

There are ways to get things done.
There are ways to move ahead.
Remember when you felt so overwhelmed?
'There's just no time,' you said.

But there are people with far more to do,
And far more done,
And that is with no more or less,
Visibility of the sun.

'But, there are sacrifices,' you might say.
Well, duh, aren't there always?
'Cause if you don't think so, then I understand,
Why your success is always held at bay.

And it's alright,
If success is not what you want.
It's not for everyone, and besides,
You have to want it a lot.

Monday, March 09, 2009

The Rain

This is what the rain tells you,
When it's stinging to your ears,
And forcing you to take shelter from it,
Despite the many years,

You've plunged yourself right into the thick of it.
How many times have you drenched yourself,
Until your soul is cleansed of all your hurt,
From the places you have dared to delve,

That are never what you expected them to be,
Unless you had no expectations at all,
Which begs the question, why go there?
Why not get surprises where you know you won't fall.

Because, it's alright,
You don't care to do the same old thing,
In the same old place, where rain simply falls,
Like it's fallen for an eternity.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Fighting To Survive

Keeping people off kilter,
Might be your only chance at love,
For life, because it's the only opportunity,
To feel above,

The considerations you know don't matter,
Outside of what you need to survive,
Within the structure of society,
Just like an elk fights to stay alive.

But others will tell you, you must first secure,
That survival before the luxury exists,
To think about the space in between,
Just being and consciousness.

And time's alright,
Whether you're sitting in an armchair,
Or leading the revolution,
The truth is always there.

Friday, March 06, 2009


Sometimes one step at at time,
Can be magical,
If each one's only taken when the time is right,
And you're comfortable.

Walk a mile in a year or two,
You'll find the knowledge you get of the land,
Will be of value when it's recognized,
The advantage,

Of the space you're in, or at least,
The perspective that you have of it.
Shallow understanding is the same everywhere,
While findings in depth are always different.

And it's alright,
Just have faith that your faith will pay off,
Even if you feel unprepared,
You can never be prepared enough.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

There's a Hole in my Bucket

There's always a tipping point,
Before the collapse of it all,
Foreseen, not by the one on the edge,
But by the pride before the fall,

And capacity is a funny thing,
It really depends on more than one,
Factor other than the size of the pail,
But by the integrity of its constitution.

And when it fails it will never be the same.
That is the fear of most pails in the world,
And what keeps them half empty most of the time,
Never mind the oppression of dictators.

And it's alright,
If the metaphors seem mixed,
The only way to cope might be to not see the big picture,
Until your emotional holes are fixed.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

How To Get Ahead

Be ready for opportunity,
No matter what it is,
By knowing everything at all times,
Even as they go through changes,

For on the cusp is where the money is.
Oops, was that said out loud?
Remember that motivation is born unto,
Not the greedy, but the truly devout,

Or is it riches? There is certainly something,
To be gained by believing that,
What is good for others is good for oneself,
Until you can't afford to ignore fact,

That it's alright,
It seems to find comfort on the backs of others,
Unless your convinced you'll get yours,
In some life lived after.