Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Way of the World

Watching the Avengers,
Kang has appeared to them,
Claiming Captain America troubled,
The Time-Space contin'um,

The Hulk calls Kang a "Stupid Future Man",
But can't overcome him,
The Captain's willing to die if it means,
Saving civ'lization.

Thor, Iron Man, The Wasp, Hawkeye, et al,
Cannot defeat this man,
Who sounds a lot like actor James Earl Jones,
But seems like a villain.

Just goes to show,
No matter what one says,
Actions will always speak louder than words,
Utilitarianism's the way!

Friday, November 29, 2013

About My Body

I have tiny nipples,
Which I once thought was odd,
For it seemed that everyone around me,
Had a big-nippled bod,

Which meant, of course, that I was not normal,
Something was wrong with me,
But now that I've got a little older,
I find advantage that they're so tiny.

Firstly I avoid chafing when I run,
Which act'lly isn't lots,
And besides, my chest is so damn hairy,
Shirts cannot reach my dots.

Still, I love them,
Two less things to fret 'bout,
Which leaves just an infinite bunch of things,
About my body about which to pout.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

What I Know

Sometimes when I'm thinking,
'Bout abs'lutely nothing,
I wonder why I try to think at all,
When not is so freeing,

And so much is put upon memory,
I've never needed that,
It's only ever caused me stress at times,
For peeps 'bout whom I don't give a rat's ass,

Then there is pressure just to understand,
I know many people,
Who haven't needed that skill in their life,
Have food on their table.

What do I know?
Enough just to get by.
I'll let the ones with the capacity,
Be soci'ty's answer to random whys.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

An Honduran Election

Election time again,
In the cocaine turnstile!
Aft' the two oh nine controversial coup,
There's more to make you smile,

After inexplicable silent hours,
Smack mid 'lection updates,
Honduras claimed an irr'versible trend,
The National Party holds the mandate.

The wife of ousted Zalaya, Castro,
Once leading Hernandez,
Lost to him and election observers,
Have issued no comment.

Who really lost?
The Honduran people,
E'en now mired in vi'lence and corruption,
Democracy here's been pretty feeble.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Good Luck for Ford

It's no surprise the polls,
Have remained high for Ford,
Much to the chagrin of so-called thinkers,
Who think voters want more,

But in fact they just want less for themselves,
Mostly want less taxes,
And while Rob gets paid, but can't change a thing,
What they see's that council now relaxes,

Free of the tether Ford put on the train,
Property tax goes up,
Yes, partly to pay for the Scarb'rough subway,
Which is the mayor's luck,

'Cause there's no plan,
He never worked with one,
The budget was in surplus when he won.
Now the city's cash-strapped with dwindling funds.

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Confederacy of Dunces

You just can never know,
No matter how good y’are,
If what you do’ll be appreciated,
While your mind is still thar.

Take John Kennedy Toole for example,
Pulitzer Prize winner,
For A Confederacy of Dunces,
Posthumously published aft’ self-murder,

The book was rejected time after time,
And John was sensitive,
Though loved by students for his charisma,
Ain’t filled a will to live.

But if he did,
Imagine what he’d write,
A genius nurtured and art supported,
A mind let to feel that living is right.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Riding The Snow

Well, the snow's come again,
There's no turning back now,
Like jumping of cliffs, then changing your mind,
Or reversing a vow.

You can always gather  all of your friends,
And truckloads of shovels,
Maybe some battery powered heaters,
Remove the snow and begin your revel!

What's the point, there's a surfer with one arm,
Strong in her God belief,
Selling swag, getting married on TV,
No snow, no frigid grief.

But it was hard,
Whether on waves or snow,
One has to learn the path they're meant to make,
E'en though many never actually know.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Lands In Dispute

If you're in an airplane,
China's declaration,
You have to answer a couple questions,
Or risk annihilation.

If you're over the Diaoyu Islands,
An area they've named,
East China Sea Air Defense ID Zone,
So its state sovereignty is maintained.

But Japan also claims these islands theirs!
They call it Senkaku,
Both asked U.N.C.L.O.S for it,
In nineteen eighty-two.

What will happen?!
From war they both won't hide,
Over this gas-rich sea bed between them,
And symbol of nationalistic pride.

Friday, November 22, 2013

JFK Today

It was fifty years ago,
Eleven 'fore my birth,
Still etched in my mind as if I was there,
Enduring nation's curse,

Many stories have been written claiming,
The real truth of that day,
Who really shot President Kennedy,
Cuba, Mafia or the C.I.A.

Would but my own death be shrouded as such,
In so much mystery,
One way of ensuring eternal life,
Of someone's memory.

So, R.I.P.,
Thanks for keeping alive,
The thought that there could be a president,
Who'll truly fight on the peoples' side.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Day Early

There'll be no time at dawn,
When I'm up anyway,
To fulfill my oath to write a new Wath,
Each and every day,

A task meant only to last 'til year's end,
A semi-random date,
To fulfill an arbitrary desire,
Based on a love of numbers I'll ne'er sate.

In a world that appears to put more weight,
On one 'stead another,
Which is something that is hard not to do,
As human, I gather.

Yet, still I say,
"I will put value there,"
And this is based on nothing but my heart,
A conundrum I sometimes just can't bare.

You Are What You Eat

Sometimes my belly hurts,
Us'ally after food,
A pain wells up at the top of my gut,
And it does not feel good.

I know it has something to do with me,
And what my body likes,
But I've never taken the time to see,
What disagrees with me that I might bite,

It's a funny thing when your body talks,
And you don't understand,
Sometimes I think listening to it does,
Make me less of a man,

It kinda does,
Or, less of a human,
For everything that I cannot eat,
Is insult to my digestive system.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Put Myself Out There

I put myself out there,
'Pressed my thoughts to others,
Who didn't ask for what I had to say,
It affected my nerves,

So much so that I have lost confidence,
Not, though, in what I do,
More balking at the task of reaching those,
Who would agree with my poems as true,

Both in message, also in sentiment,
It's a very rare thing,
To have such a combination of both,
And to get peeps list'ning.

And then there's time,
Both amount and qual'ty,
The factors for communication awe,
Not to mention one's own morality.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Foggy Tuesday

How much can you be tied,
To what others do do?
Well let me tell you, 'cause I'm sure you've thought,
Without them there's no you.

It is true your life would have no meaning,
Without those around you,
Nothing you do doesn't have as its goal,
Participation of at least a few,

No matter what, you want recognition,
The only way to know,
That your actions actu'lly have value,
Even just for show.

So, yes, you need,
The others in your world,
However, you can always weigh yourself,
Against those who love life more than they should.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Door

There is a door somewhere,
Painted white, that is old,
Some time long ago it ope'd to a home,
With tales ne'er to be told,

It has windows that at one time might show,
Horror, joy and sadness,
These are never absent from any life,
That has reached as far as adolescence.

The same door has moved and now opens to,
A room with naught to share,
Until life spends any time within it,
A new life it must bear,

That it thought done,
The wood had opened up,
Just to find new 'life' and a coat of paint.
Would it could scream out all the acts it once snuffed.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Faith In The Existence Of Others

It is time I join in,
On the conversation,
Assume what I have to say is as real,
As th'rest of the nation,

As if my mind is not sep'rate from those,
Billions of other folks,
That express their experience of life,
Through their naturally expressive form.

Isn't this the goal of each, everyone?
Whether written or said,
Whether rearing, working or murdering,
Lowly or richly bred?

I do not know,
If it even matters,
If anyone understands anyone,
Or if it's all just meaningless chatter.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Second Chances

As you're getting older,
And you finally accept,
That your body will die far, far before,
Your brain would like to let,

The world starts slipping by,
'Cause there is far, far more you'd like to do,
So people remember,
What's it like without you,

For heaven forbid you don't leave your mark,
Because everyone thinks,
It's a far, far better thing that I do,
And everyone else stinks,
But it must be,
A land far, far away,
Where everyone is given equal rights,
And given the chance to have to express their say!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sorry, Can't Ignore Ford

Don't need the BBC,
To catch up on Rob Ford,
Just wait five minutes in a crowded room,
The topic's in full force,

This time he said 'pussy',
He said 'PUSSY' to a room of news hounds,
Other than stunned gaffaws,
The 'ffect was to dumbfound.

Now when he speaks in the council chamber,
The councilors turn their back,
He's threatening to sue is former staff,
For what the police asked.
If there's no crime,
He's managed to create,
A new tone at Toronto City Hall,
Which, if he's re-ellected's, here to stay

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ford's Beyond Reproach - Far Beyond

It's all come to a head,
Mayor Ford's been called out,
By council after a police report,
Revealed sev'ral more counts,

Information gleaned from former staffers,
I should just make a list:
He drank on the job, they'd go buy him more,
Too, they got called names like, "liberal bitch",

One night he was seen with a prostitute,
Racial slurs were common,
One staffer refused a drive home from him,
After he chugged, like, rum.

Well, 'twas Vodka,
I changed it for the rhyme,
'Cause there's not much else I can add to this,
It's gone past something I can criticize.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Please Do Not Read This

So here we go again,
Life has decided that,
Although I've managed to squeeze in some time,
Think at all, no I can't,

Just pump out the words as if they they've meaning,
There's not much difference,
Than most of the words born into this world,
'Cept these are writ for all to scoff at hence.

So who is in the right in this event?
Surely, it can't be wrong,
To express your thoughts for expression's sake,
In a poem meant as song!
Maybe it is,
Your time's also precious,
I think I'll title this accordingly,
To keep the good relationship 'tween us.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Under the Wire

I almost f'got today,
Now it's almost over,
Like everyday leading up to this one,
The next, and moreover,

There are distractions all over the place,
Because it's late at night,
And I usually write in the early morn,
My head cleared by the early morning light,

Now, I'm afraid, there is not much to say,
But, I cannot stop now,
I've a quota for the rest of the year,
And time is counting down.
So there you are,
A hobby become task,
If I don't write a Wath each day 'til Jan,
I'll have failed a self-imposed random ask.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Remembrance Day

Is't hypocritical,
That Iran had to spake,
'Bout not advancing its nuclear program,
With nucl'ar-weapon states?

Who're also the Security Council,
Permanent member states,
Whose interests are so, so divided,
Some say the United Nations is fake,

That it's an opiate for the people,
That the goal's peace, though fake.
What a topic for this Remembrance Day,
Ninety-five years today,

Sixteen mil dead,
Nineteen wars to today,
Since "the war to end all wars" was finished.
Musn't known human'ty when that was spake.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Help From The Storm

Your heart has to go out,
T'the Philippine islands,
Slammed by devastating Typhoon Haiyan,
The worst hit is Tacloban,

Power went out and the estimates said,
That one hundred were dead,
Then that increased to one thousand had died,
Now thousands and thousands estimated.

Homes destroyed and many people displaced,
This is what Nature does,
We spend time waging war against ourselves,
Like She belongs to us,
But She doesn't,
We're all at Nature's whim,
We would do good to remember this fact,
And save for international helpin'

Saturday, November 09, 2013

All Is One Part 2

There's something I's thinking,
I can't remember now,
A thought of such depth and great importance,
Nothing's been as profound.

Perhaps you've had the same experience,
Moments of clarity,
If but ev'ryone at once had that thought,
For that moment we'd fin'lly have world peace,

If but we had a button we could push,
That would unlock our brain,
Recognizing the thought that we all share,
That makes us all the same.
Is this the case?
Is there something "human"?
Maybe we're all made from a diff'rent cloth,
Whose deep thoughts share no common connection.

Friday, November 08, 2013

The New WWF - World Wrestling Ford

It's purely fantastic!
Enough to enthrall,
The wrestling sideshow taking place o'er at,
Toronto City Hall,

First up's the Iron Sheik,
Who visits the office of Mayor Ford,
Decrying his crack use,
Which the Sheik's used before,

Then there's the footage of Rob's wrestler rant,
Who shows up the same day?
Brutus the Barber Beefcake with advice,
'Bout Rob changing his ways!
It's just surreal,
I'm really hoping then,
That the Honky Tonk Man enters the ring,
A once rival of Ford's ally Hogan.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Speed of Life

I don't have much time, now,
And it's not going to stop,
Plus there is all this time I have to spend,
Eating, sleeping and stuff.

It's enough to act'lly make you crazy,
If you stop and think through,
How long it takes you to know what you want,
Then the remaining time allowed to you,

So the best thing to do is just forget,
Try to live in the now,
That's the point made by seers of many years,
Though it's not that clear how,
How in one's life,
You can change th'speed of time,
I've been living in the future so long,
It feels too late to change the speed of mine.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Step One of Twelve for Ford

I guess I can't ignore,
The latest from Rob Ford,
He stood in front of the world yesterday,
And he gave this report:

“Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine,” the man said,
Embarrassing, but smug,
He said, "I kept this from my family,"
But more, "Especially from my brother Doug,"

But he won't step down as T.O.'s mayor,
"The past is the past", yo,
"I was elected to do a job" and,
There's a lot more to go.
He might be right,
Act'lly may be his goal,
There's so much to distract from his record,
Voters may not see'ee's not fulfilled his role.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

All Is One Part 1

There is a phrase I know of,
Something like, "All is one",
The notion being we're all composed of,
The same kind of atoms,

Or quarks or whatever named particles,
That are viewed from effects,
And general theories of how they move,
We've just not been able to see them, yet.

Though there's more to the sense of this saying:
If you break yourself down,
To the trees, to others, to ev'rything,
You're intrinsic'lly bound,
We are all one,
Hurt one's to hurt you more,
So, to be willing to hurt someone is,
Self-sacrifice of the highest order.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Fall Back

I don't know what it is,
P'haps 'cause it's unnat'ral,
Can't get my head 'round daylight savings time,
Especially this Fall.

I woke up at five thirty this morning,
And when I think of it,
Can't solve if I'm up earlier or not,
Which then makes me feel like an idiot.

And when I go to bed at eleven,
Is't ten or twelve at night?
Can't believe I have to spend my dear time,
Figuring out this plight!
And for what, y'know?
Either way, I've to live,
I'd rather spend my time contemplating,
A conception that is more inclusive.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

Th'moon ate the sun, today,
In a rare eclipse event,
First the sun was seen surrounding the moon,
Then was no more present.

The first is Annular turned to Total,
All on my birthday,
A good sign for those with sun in Scorp'o,
Portending positive change on the way,

I also put on some old clothes today,
Bought eighteen years ago,
To wear for my interviews with authors,
On CBC Rad'o,
Those were good days,
When the world seemed larger,
Though as the moon gets out of the sun's way,
P'haps more options will be uncovered.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Before Thy Judge

Just 'cause you think someone,
Is an absolute git,
Does not mean you've spoke some absolute truth,
Or that you've sucked the tit,

Of Mother Nature's abs'lute perception,
There's really no such thing,
Just state your views to the git in question,
And you'll see what "point-of-view" really means.

Your experience or station in life,
Gives you no upper hand,
Who you are's completely arbitrary,
As're the ones that you've panned.
Please excuse me,
For stating the obv'ous,
But if you're looking for a better world,
You'd do better being like everyone else.

Friday, November 01, 2013

I Don't Think Ford's Done

It's hard not to report,
As if the world don't know,
That the footage of Mayor Ford's been found,
Of him smoking crack, yo,

It's been the linchpin that's never been there,
Though, 'spite what the news gleaned,
Rob never said that it didn't exist,
He said it's one "that I have never seen..."

Now you have to wonder if it matters,
I know we care downtown,
We pinkos who listen to those maggots,
But those living around,
Everyone else,
They think he's a great guy,
Nothing's come out but that he may smoke drugs,
Which you could argue's his personal life.