Monday, March 28, 2016

Tag Me

I wish I could tag you,
So there would be no doubt,
That should anyone find you in their search,
They'll feel they found you out,

Like you were what they were e'er looking for,
As proof that they exist,
There's nothing like finding someone agrees,
To kill that feeling there's something you've missed,

To give hope that there's a community,
To which you do belong,
Not large, in this global village it's just,
About a million strong,
That's one good thing,
With o'erpopulation,
With the 'I' being the only real thing,
There's no shortage of self-confirmation.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Oh, My Heart

She fainted from sadness,
Just like her mother did,
Leading up to the moment she passed away,
That 's what her auntie said,

Her grandfather never wrote back to her,
At least, that's what she thought,
Until she found her letters in the drawer,
What a cruel lesson that girl was taught.

She had only just learned to be glad,
Living in Germany,
With her aunt and her best friend, Kiara,
Oh, poor tragic Heidi!
Your heart's so good,
Now grandfather's moving,
Never having received a word from you,
He thought not waiting for you behooving.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


People come and they go,
Isn't that how life is?
Death's just a form of not being around,
One more of those vices,

Like needing to be where the action is,
Because it's in your bones,
Like a cancer, you can't get rid of it,
It lives just like anything else that's known,

Like your long-lost friends in other countries,
Existing. not with you,
If you spent your life trying to find them,
You have stopped living, too,
Wait is that true?
My mind's hugged by the flu,
Which is a living being in itself,
Attempting to communicate with you.

Friday, March 25, 2016


Making a decision,
Is a very good thing,
It shows the world you are your own person,
Despite everything.

Like the fact that it was prepared for you,
So you don't have to ask,
You could get away with just coasting through,
Completing all the pre-established tasks,

That's certainly a plain where you could live,
No one would fault you that,
You would be living in great company,
The major'ty, in fact,
And you'd be loved,
There's nothing wrong with that,
Whether by the system or your instinct,
We all want to have been significant.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Mom Project

Mom said she wanted peace,
For herself and the earth,
For all to forgive themselves and others,
To know purpose from birth,

That is the question that always returned,
"What am I meant to do?"
She wrote constantly about that, and yet,
She also questioned her writing's purview,

Didn't know she expressed all of our thoughts,
In ways that would touch hearts,
Show one how to be honest with oneself,
'Fore this world she departs,
She even wrote,
Dreamed she was a writer,
If I could just share her thoughts with the world,
Peace may yet shine through a little brighter.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


If you have emotions,
That you cannot hold back,
In the throes of a struggle you are in,
Battling among flack,

Called upon to step up to the challenge,
While holding back the tears,
Eyes watching for the tipping point of pain,
Aware it could all collapse with your fears,

How can you pull it out victorious,
Despite your body's wont,
Turning the debilitation to strength,
Overcoming the haunt?
Just carry on,
That is all you can do,
Who you're is what you are for a reason,
No one in the world can do it like you.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tech Script

I'm using a stylus,
It has been a long time,
Not since I used to have a Palm Pilot,
In nineteen-ninety nine,

You had to learn something called "Graffiti",
A different way to write,
It worked well, but guess it didn't catch on,
Now I'm not quite getting my cursive right,

But Windows can still read my chicken scratch,
Better than I can make,
J guesstechnology must mold to us, [sic]
Can you guess my mistake?
I've gotten old,
Least in computer years,
And let's be honest, they'll just get quicker,
If I stop writing, does anyone hear?

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Heidi's all alone, now,
Well, she's with the ogre,
Nothing seems to bring her down in this world,
His anger can't dog her,

She hopes and wishes, eyes e'er on morrow,
Everything will be fine,
With no particular expectations,
Or awareness of the passing of time,

'Fore you know it, she's chasing butterflies,
Animals are her friends,
The frustration of those around her wane,
For joy's always the end,
That's how we're made,
Happiness is our goal,
That is when time and space just disappear,
And should be our guide when seeking our role.

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Dream

People work very hard,
All around this planet,
All of them receive different rewards,
Most of them can't stand it,

For our dreams oft surpass reality,
'Cause it is based on luck,
Which also is defined as randomness,
It really, truly doesn't give a fuck,

Then, as Jim Carey says, we play it safe,
Working at a sure thing,
But, again, chance is the rule on this earth,
What's guaranteed? Nothing.
Well, there is you,
For as long as you live,
You will be there through the good and the bad,
For that, what reality wouldn't give. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


That communication,
Travelling through the air,
Has been translated at least seven times,
'Fore it's received out there.

First you have to have an experience,
That you give meaning to,
Transpose it to a describable form,
Then to words understood by more than you,

These words typed, then become zeros and ones,
Technologie's language,
Changed back to words for the recip'ent's eyes,
Who create a package,
In their own words,
Now meaningful to them,
An experience wholly personal.
So, what are the chances of connection?

Monday, March 14, 2016

Carson for Trump

Trump said child molester,
When speaking of Carson,
That his path'logical temper's as bad,
The treatment as far-flung.

Carson drops out and now endorses Trump,
Now you ask, "can that be?",
According to that black neurosurgeon,
There's a different Donald you do not see,

Who cares very deeply for Amer'ca,
Intelligent, to boot,
Politics calls for the gong show debates,
How can this, you refute?
You'll never know,
Unless you vote him in,
Though, you'll still ne'er see that admir'ble side,
To be effective, he'll keep it hidden.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Do It Yourself

Sometimes you just have to,
Do a thing on your own,
Assuming you believe in it enough,
Worked 'til you had sore bones,

Lost yourself in it 'cause you loved it so,
For you know what love does,
It taps you into universal truth,
Reminding everyone what they once was,

No one person can see it but by chance,
Then once it's put out there,
Like dominoes, that truth's revealed to all,
A thought you never dare,
For then you'd die,
Becoming someone new,
Well, become what you once were then forgot,
When there was nothing real you could not do.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Hello Again

I know it's been a while,
It will be a while, still,
Things need to be gone over two more times,
With lots of stuff infilled,

 Besides, if there're things that you don't do oft,
Try to do it again,
It's like starting over, which ain't that bad,
Kind of like living re-evolution,

Also informed by what you were doing,
That you take to the end,
Something different, but you know what they say,
Everything's connected,
Kind of like life,
Well, exactly act'lly,
Thank god it's so many, so many years,
Like lifetimes to try make it perfectly.