Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Moth

I just killed a moth,
It represented to me,
All the moths in this goddam house,
Putting holes in my things,

It drives me completely bonkers,
That it's such a distress,
To begrudge a thing so small and soft,
Its right to existence,

Then I drop it in the toilet,
With other forms of waste,
Then wash my hands of what is left.
Am I not a big disgrace?
But before you razz me out,
For this disregard for life,
Ask me the value I put on,
My own supposed rights.

Mud Pancake

Well, I was walking down the street,
And I was looking for a treat,
I looked down, and what did I see,
Right there at my feet?

No, it was not a toad, like you think,
Or even a fox or a mink,
I'll tell you soon, if you can wait,
With a nudge and a wink.

It wasn't something that I shouldn't eat,
Or someone that I shouldn't meet,
Those things only lead to messy feats,
It was nothing that moos, barks or bleats.

You probably guessed by now,
I know your tummy must have started to ache,
I bent down and had a fantastic taste,
Of a yummy mud pancake.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Remember Your Car

You know when you are looking,
For the place you parked your car?
It all depends on your ability,
To think not very far,

And yet, it often happens that you miss,
That very simple act,
Of remembering where you are when you leave,
To find your way back.

This has nothing to do,
With what you do to me,
Instead, it's about parking,
And responsibility.

The car is always there,
Even if you don't think of it when it's not,
It's waiting patiently,
Somewhere in the parking lot.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not Definitely Not

When you're given advice,
Don't take it right away,
No matter if it's only for the next moment,
Or the rest of your days,

For nothing you do should be at the whim,
Of a being outside yourself,
They may provide a new perspective,
But only care for their own health.

Now there's value to experiment,
And, in your mind, follow their direction,
But if your body tells you they are wrong,
Then your body takes precedent.

You were never meant,
To live as you think you ought'nt,
Feelings are meant to guide your way,
And they should never be forgotten.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ode to the Night

It is only with you,
That I truly can come out,
The darkness hiding what I abhor,
My surroundings all in doubt,

That's why the world loves you so,
You shine the darkness on everything,
You enter rooms as if they were yours,
And then you actually sing!

And sparks of surprise escape your lips,
Stories of the famous screaming you down,
And there's always another story behind,
People think will never be found.

And yet it is,
You're much more simple than you seem,
To unlock your true self,
You just ask for honesty.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ode to Driver Ants

They go out as a unit,
Like a fog over the land,
Killers, takers and mechanics,
Raping for the good of their clan,

There is no doubt in any one heart,
If a heart they do indeed possess,
No thoughts of how the world might otherwise be,
No hesitation or laziness.

This is the ideal for which we all strive,
For person and society,
Thinking, "Why can't everyone just act,
So as to accommodate me?"

For do not forget,
That the observer of this perfection,
Observes only due to his many flaws,
Such as chronic self-occupation.

Ode to the Ape

The way that the ape,
Sees red before its eyes,
Joins with its friends and chases a monkey,
And begins to pulvarize,

In a way, that speaks more,
To its desire for blood,
Than to a need for meat,
Or any progress forward,

So too are my eyes,
My spigot's released,
A reaction to the clash,
Between desire and need.

Is that what they're doing,
Having an existential feast,
A primordial expression of the bond,
Between human and beast?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Trojan Horse

It will never happen,
Your mind will ensure that,
Assuming its strength can overcome,
All that your desire's lusting at.

And so you must have some kind of belief,
And forget the fact that,
There is no foundation upon which it is built,
Except for the thoughts under your hat,

And when you face the inevitable,
Immediate temptation-attack,
That's when you bring out your mantra,
Designed to counteract:

"Despite where I am now,
It's not the real world I am at.
If I escape and be true to that,
All my treasures will remain intact."

Friday, August 24, 2012


I could listen to you,
Again and again,
Your simple message of embracing pain,
Puts me in a state of zen.

You came to me as if it was meant to be,
And I embraced you as if that was the case,
A slice out of time that didn't exist,
Not in a malicious way.

The sun was gone,
And you had a light,
We didn't really have that far to go,
But it felt like hours we drove that night,

And for what?
For a lifetime of memories,
Though not exactly what was fantasized,
Still an alternative reality.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

If I Was Jackie Stallone

If I was Jackie Stallone,
Wouldn't it be nice?
Money, love and celebrity,
And past all the pains in my life,

The eyes that look out from that famous face,
Must have surely seen a lot,
Have even felt the pressures of decisions,
That wrenched at her gut,

Those ears, no matter where they're ultimately placed,
Have heard things, she'd have rather have trimmed,
As easily as the scalpel already has,
So many of her unwanted things.

And when it comes to her mind,
Like anybody I've ever known,
No one's safe from the knife of reality,
Not even Jackie Stallone.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Bed

A flower can't be anything,
But the flower, it is,
Though I've seen many strange things,
In this universe,

Like plums growing from peaches,
And limbs where none should be,
Why should we expect anything different,
From society?

The mores that we know today,
They, too, have changed in time,
And every new generation will believe,
That they are an improvement from mine.

So why wait?
Change can happen now,
And we can benefit from doing,
What we want, anyhow.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Building Worlds

Despite all the chaos,
Each and everyone one of us,
Experience each and every moment,
In this existence,

Somehow we connect with each other,
Like two satellites passing in space,
With sudden relative meaning,
Unfolding into our everydays,

We look into each others' eyes,
And we know that if those things around,
Are as random as our hearts know,
Then we may as well never been found.
So we continue to build,
With every last stretch of our energy,
So as not to lose each other,
Some logic to reality.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Train Ride

It is a different kind of world,
Viewed from a train,
Nature is a continuous flow,
Periodically whistling again,

And buildings are mostly sad,
Probably from being pulled by our wind,
Continuously seeing the road to escape,
Knowing it will never be let in.

The sun doesn't move, though,
It's the only reminder you can't run,
There is no shelter, except from fast, opposing trains,
From its light shining on what you've done.

And then there is your place,
Among those on the train with you,
Each seeing their own world,
All of you separating, soon.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why To Stop

You can't force something to happen.
In fact, if you do, it's not what you want,
What you imagine could be so great,
Needs to be wanted by everyone,

Love must grow like flowers,
Coaxed from the ground with light,
Pulling will only pull out the roots that must,
Be strong to give the flower's flight.

Support must be built like a brick wall,
Laid on a foundation that will not shake,
Rushing in with the trowel and mortar,
And it will all topple over by the weight.

And your need to make things happen,
Despite the soil or conditions,
Risks your loneliness and disappointment,
While you miss other options.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


What do you think about,
Floating all alone,
With water as far as you can see,
No responsibilities to home?

Is your mind filled with how much,
You love where you are,
Or how you'd love to just be swallowed up?
Am I close, so far?

Maybe the solitude makes you think,
Of all the things you could have been and done.
If you could, would you just keep on swimming,
To a new destination?

There's only one place to go,
When you're given the opportunity,
To face the abyss of what-ifs:
Back to reality.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Campfire Rain

More of the air is water, than not,
Until the ceiling comes down,
And what is left unabsorbed,
Will come back up around,

There is no light by which to see the stars,
It has been snuffed out by the clouds,
Like how you throw me into doubt,
Whenever I try to come back around,

Not even my fire that I put under,
An umbrella, in case this rain stops,
Looks like it will last moments more.
Once again, I've given it my best shot.

Though, it's not out yet,
And you haven't said no,
And since the clouds can't cry forever,
I will never let my hopes go.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Campfire Blues

The dying minutes of a fire,
Its flames still untouchable,
Embers lying in wait after they are gone,
Still very much combustible,

Like my triggers that you know so well,
And the passion in my heart,
Hot for being left to consume the world,
Ready, like those embers are.

Are they ever really snuffed,
Even after water reduces them to smoke?
Once so proud and righteous,
It can never die, I hope.

It lives on, I think,
Each time a flame ignites,
Every structure it topples,
Reminds me of its might.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Dung Hill

What is the value,
In veiling in sounds,
That represent other ones,
And only come around,

To the thoughts that you really want,
To get across to another?
Oh, if but the slip of cloud in that blue, blue sky,
Was more than just a sliver.

Had it broke forth spontaneously,
And the mountains came crashing down,
Should the world have unfolded as Mother Nature had deemed,
As its oracles speak it now,

Then it would all be saved,
The wave as it was meant to crash,
And disperse the wonder of what there is,
For the awe of what should never last.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Your Decision

Why don't the questions,
Most pressing at our minds,
Like, 'Why are things the way they are?',
Occupy us all the time?

Could it be we are not actually born,
Into this world in which we find ourselves,
This city, family and laws of the land,
This love you must leave on the shelf,

But that we start building as soon as we see,
And bend the world to our will,
Each person's reality hidden from the other,
No matter the leader at the wheel?

It's all irrelevant, I know,
Though, important to ask,
If only to recognize that ultimately,
You can only take yourself to task.

Monday, August 06, 2012

The Shell

This nut must be cracked,
Whose shell is encompassing us,
Blocking out everything that we could be,
And our natural curiousness,

This invisible barrier,
Cloaked in promise of change,
To become what it never will,
And what it openly disdains.

Each and every one of us,
Secretly wishes for the same thing,
Afraid to admit it openly,
The nut meat, so tasty.

What will it take?
What's the route to self-fulfillment?
Maybe I could start doing what I want,
And stop writing about it.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

League of Nations

There is a security council,
That represents all nations,
On which there are a few countries,
That can block any resolution,

And of these countries the range of opinion,
Spans from one end to the other,
Which begs the question, "what can get done,
Of any true bother?"

Which would be the point, you don't want,
Any extreme decisions to be made,
In a world where every society,
Has learned how to maintain their slaves,

While pretending they're not there.
Everyone does it.
And everyone else tries to pretend they're not.
Insidious, isn't it?

Friday, August 03, 2012


It's not the specific invasion,
That he has a problem with,
Though you can't speak in terms of anything else,
Or we'd all be in bliss,

But it's the notion that the world can watch,
As the infiltration begins,
OnE country walking in and proclaiming,
Justice's win,

When what has happened, is a society,
Which is not a person,
Has interfered with another society,
Made up of persons.

So who is right?
No one has the key to morality,
But not doing's as much of a move,
As mobilizing your military.