Friday, March 31, 2006


I'm going to catch that wave,
If it means surfing all night.
I guess it's really not a fool's errand,
If it improves the feel of your life.

And what other way can a person succeed,
If not by putting herself out there?
No one is going to crawl into your hole,
And raise you high up in the air.

Thank god for people believing in yourself,
For some skosh of faith in what you're doing.
It's hard to keep your nose to the grindstone,
When no one's even looking.

But it's alright,
I have faith, and you can mark my words,
My light is destined to inevitably shine,
On a big chunk of the world.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Well it's finally happened,
For the thousandth time in my life.
Many factors have converged to imply,
That all my dreams will come true tonight.

Not to undermine myself, though that is my move,
There have been three things that have always rang true.
One is that I never catch what I chase.
I guess there's no need to tell the other two.

Don't be afraid of movement,
If you don't buy a ticket you can't win,
Then you get old and haven't gone anywhere.
"For what has all this been?"

And it's alright,
Even one magical night once in a while,
Reminds you that things could change in any moment.
And transport you five million miles.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


If I were to have my way,
I wouldn't be working, big surprise.
I would be probably drinking more than I should,
What a great use of my time.

I would try to write, too, though, it's been very hard,
To know exactly what I want to say.
All I can do is have some faith in myself,
That it will all pour out someday.

And what about that, can a person germinate,
Within himself a seed to do what he wants,
Without the work involved in making it happen?
Because I hope that a lot.

And it's alright,
If that's my move, then I wish me all the luck.
At least the hope that it might someday happen,
Will keep me going 'til I kick the buck - et.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Flood Gates

Is it wrong to admit,
That I really have no feelings?
Especially when sensitiveness is what
Women want, really.

And then again my thoughts are not that strong either,
Usually my mind encompasses a void.
What is it that makes someone truly human?
Is it the passion just to be self-employed?

I will open those flood gates if I have to,
Relive all my broken hearts from the past.
If I have to slice off my limbs,
I will feel true human passion at last.

But it's alright,
To give up one's dreams for a shot at the truth,
Even if it doesn't make any money,
At least you'll understand why money's a ruse.

Monday, March 27, 2006


I don't think that it will be long now,
If you don't consider a long time long.
At some point it only takes one more inch,
To complete a marathon.

If you want deep, then that will be a while too,
Even though I'm as deep as I can get.
I look in your eyes and I'm not even sure,
If you understand what deep is yet.

I must admit I'm counting on a miracle,
To provide for the family in the works.
And by that I meant that working's not an option.
I'd rather give up on our family first.

And it's alright,
I guess I can always be there anyway.
It would just be nice if the world just handed us,
Itself on a silver platter one day.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


There are so many people,
Doing what they love,
And being so successful at it.
It's like they've done enough.

Is it that they put in extra effort,
Or that they caught the wave at just the right time,
Or never worried about either of those,
And just always thought everything was fine?

I'm sure their minds were not blank when they went to pick,
Some important thought out of their mind.
And when they were asked to step up to the plate,
They found the focus to shine.

And it's alright,
I'm not saying that I deserve more.
Just give me what I have fifty times over,
And I won't wonder what it is all for.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Instructive Dream

Why after a good conversation,
Was I so trusting when I signed my name?
With only a modicum of carefulness,
I would have been up to his game.

Instead I imagined that we were good friends,
Based on a relationship that was fifteen minutes old,
In a setting where he was my cab driver,
And to him I was richer than I was a bro.

When I realized his ruse and instinctively ran after him,
I never imagined I'd find myself in his lair,
Imagining that I'd get my money back,
And instead being stalled 'til I could almost not bare.

But it's alright,
Even if that wasn't spit that he spewed on me.
The whole point was standing until I could stand no more.
It wasn't really about the money.

Friday, March 24, 2006

To Be Rich

Tears may flow unsolicited,
At least unsolicited in your eyes.
The torture resting within one's own body,
Is betrayed by that body's lies.

If I took you to the places I wanted,
And showered you with the riches I lack.
Oh, how money would buy happiness.
I would never look back.

And sadness would never visit me again,
Without being quickly drowned.
And if that means that I am drunk all the time,
So what, to no employer shall I be bound.

And it's alright,
The line between a bum and respectable sort,
Is only the money in one's bank account.
Life never let's the ball leave the rich one's court.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


This is all I have now.
The vikings have finally died.
The beard must come off because it's only a reminder,
Of when I felt electrified.

Perhaps there are more doors that I will find open.
I always have in the past.
Though, even though I've walked into everyone of them,
Nothing's ever seemed to last.

Miracles happen, I guess, why would I want ease,
In attaining what will ease my life?
Will not the taste of victory be much sweeter,
When I can look back at my old strife?

And it's alright,
I'll never give up on this anyway.
Whatever it is, I may never tell,
But I'll be doing it everyday.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Time of Battle

Not until Alfrodull,
And Mani walk hand in hand,
Will the world have enough darkness and light,
To justify how two-faced I am.

I could be lifted up onto the shoulders of Forseti,
As my daggered hand travels to his back.
But once justice is dead for once and for all,
One whole half of me shall I lack.

Oh cursed gods for possessing all you have,
From gentle instinct to horrid vengeance.
To whom might I look to as my mentor today?
How does any human even stand a chance?

But it's alright,
When the time comes will my tongue be loosened.
The light of Arvak and Alsvid's mane,
Will reveal the truth, I will transcend.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


My journey has been cursed,
As if I was as lowly as Thrall.
I may as well tow with me the whole race of serfs,
Than think that I will not soon fall.

If Heimdall gave birth to me, I'd be a new race,
Destined to wander until I found you again,
To murder until the only things of you left
Are things not recognizable by man.

Curse Var, I don't care if her punishment
Leaves me a shadow of the man I am.
I'll stand among the gods in Asgard itself,
To break my vows with you, if I can.

And it's alright,
I may not have the hearing or sight of Heimdall,
But like him I will sire entire races,
To see you ground down into Hel.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Ultimate Quest

You came like you were Borghild,
Hardly solid and all black.
You enveloped me until all to me was lost,
And all my strength did I lack.

You left me like a servant of Gefion,
While I roamed this world of Midgard.
My shame could not have battled me more viciously,
Than if it was Jormungand.

If I have to, I will prove myself for eternity,
So that my death will have its rightful honour.
My flesh will rot off of my still-living body,
Before I accept that it's my dying hour.

And it's alright,
This world is only here to prepare for glory,
Its eternity is only a moment,
Compared to the time of honours waiting for me.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


I will meet you at Yggdrasil,
And we will find out our destiny.
If what we have done thus far displeases the gods,
I will, myself, chop down that tree.

Nor will the Norns convince me that our love was not
Created by Frigg herself.
I'll unite the nine worlds to convince them,
That our love is as real as the elves.

I'll be struck dead on the battlefield,
Just so that I can be taken to the gods,
By one of the Valkyries on a magnificent steed,
If it's the only way to prove our love.

And it's alright,
Destiny's not the only route to our dreams.
Wandering the earth with you until the gods kill each other,
Might be another chance for our love, it seems.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


If I really need to,
I don't mind defying all the gods.
This winter will be a bloody one,
If I need to call on the Jotuns.

The ice will crack and your drowning will come quick,
As I hover over you in the arms of Skadi.
Don't think that because one god is on your side,
That you'll be able to save me.

My longboat will break through to pull you out,
After your breath has left your frozen lungs.
The snow and ice will have melted long before,
The coldness in my heart, from the sun.

And it's alright,
Maybe the gods will bring us together yet.
Even they are known to change their hearts.
But on Skadi's forgiveness I would not bet.

Friday, March 17, 2006


The ocean is not enough to stop me,
From reaching you with my hands.
The blood red water that you see in my goblet,
Will also be staining the sands.

A banquet held for all the gods will not fail to,
Relinquish all the power you had.
My ships will sail around the world for the chance,
To see me strike you down with Jormungand.

It's not an eddy that will pull you to me,
But the dragon that is prisoner to the sea.
Lightning may strike, but it will strike down at you,
For that power is mine for eternity.

And it's alright,
I can't wander the earth forever, can I?
You'll stop believing in me eventually,
But will it be before I die?

Thursday, March 16, 2006


If your stomach gurgles,
But you've just had a whole pizza,
And people call you Niagara Falls butt,
You've got diarrhea.

When you drink five glasses of water,
And you still are asking for aqua.
Your stomach hurts and you're lying down between poos,
You've got diarrhea.

When you say hello to friends,
And they just say, "see ya",
And run away lest they slip in a puddle,
You've got diarrhea.

But it's alright,
You can't have it forever, you know,
And even though I've lost two days without pay,
I got to catch the Oprah Winfrey show.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


It’s what I wanted in a lot of ways,
And the grass is always greener,
And be careful what it is that you wish for,
And she will never stop being her.

She lies in bed pretending that she is sleeping,
And we’ll miss the whole day if it’s left up to her.
Let me just leap into a whole other world,
And I’ll mash it and be its conqueror.

The time is late, it can’t be put off anymore,
Not facing things is not an option.
I’m opening the window into the day,
And seeing what will happen.

And it’s alright,
It’s only an eternity.
What’s that compared to the rest of my life,
When you are living a life being me?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I'm feeling very sick,
I've eaten something very bad.
I used to pride my self on eating questionable things,
But I guess I'm not that bad.

The desire to do all that I ever wanted,
Has been replaced by a wish the just curl up,
Into a ball in the corner of the room.
I guess mind over matter's not for this chump.

If I can force myself to go into the world,
I don't think it will be much fun.
I might not even think after the fact,
That it was good to defy my intuition.

But it's alright,
You have to live the way you were taught.
And in my world if you're stricken to bed,
Then you just haven't conquered what you've caught.

Monday, March 13, 2006


Even though he's had a lot of heart trouble,
I find it hard to believe,
That Milosevic died from natural causes.
What in politics happens naturally?

Of course I have to intro this with, "of course he was evil",
Or no one would let me get another word out.
But, now he's called a Hitler without a trial,
And Clinton's left with the benefit of the doubt.

Conspiracy is not a word I'd like to use,
When trying to defend an opinion,
But what are the chances in such a large event,
That someone's death should have been so convenient?

But, it's alright,
Slobodan was an evil man, like they say.
But such evil acts cannot be done alone,
And only one man's died in prison this day.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I'm good at making up stuff,
But only when I'm being honest.
And if you want me to be honest now,
My love is in complete earnest.

Every moment I imagine without her,
Is a wayward adventure without an end,
Continuing a life of awkward endeavours,
Only succeeding when I truly pretend.

What's a life without someone else to witness it?
Without a new life to prove its earnestness?
Without the trials that life always provides,
Whether in love or in complete loneliness?

And it's alright,
Why bother ask about where you never went?
Do you think you would be a different person,
If, as the same, you chose a different intent?

Saturday, March 11, 2006


How can so many factors,
Contribute to one person's feelings?
It seems a matter of luck how conditions fair,
And how to rate one's quality of living.

I've always thought the reasons to be depressed,
Are usually there to be depressed about anyway.
It's the mood you're in that ultimately says,
What reasons you point to any given day.

But then I fail to grab the world by the balls,
And to disregard anything that might bring down,
My confidence that all that matters is that,
I look out for my self right now.

But it's alright,
I guess you have to follow your conscience in the end,
And if your conscience tells you to look out for others,
Then I suggest you check your blind spot, my friend.

Friday, March 10, 2006


I'm not sure if some people,
Are flexible by nature.
I know I'm not and it is quite a chore,
To try to improve that feature.

You concentrate for twenty minutes a day,
And it doesn't seem you've gone that far.
I guess one day I'm just going to realize,
That I am much more limber.

And if I never tried, I would stay as stiff,
As I've been ever since my body left instinction,
And explained to itself that it isn't right,
To let yourself move without any restriction.

But it's alright,
It's never too late to right a wrong,
Even if it takes five thousand times longer.
The point of life should be liberation.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


It's not a new idea,
To imagine how small you are.
Just start with elephants and work up to the sun,
And don't forget that it is just one star.

Then recognize your size compared to a beetle,
I believe Pascal recommended this.
Imagine its size compared to one of its atoms,
And one of those atoms encompassing a universe.

Now where you stand is both meaningless and important,
Though either way it's you making that distinction.
And this is supposed to help your understanding of
Your place with regard to general existence.

And it's alright,
Whether this helps or creates desperation,
At least if you're down you can remember you're only a skosh depressed,
Compared to depression's potential.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It's amazing the defences,
That you don't even know about,
That protect you from knowing who you are,
That lie hidden within yourself.

They give the guise of being your vulnerability.
Why look any deeper than your fears?
What could exist that is harder to face,
Than an admittance you're a fake amongst peers?

Well, what about the thought that you are just as good,
As someone you might meet or see on TV?
That realization leaves you with no excuses,
And that might be the greatest fear there could be.

But it's alright,
Luckily, no one wants you to see that.
One person's self-honesty always disturbs,
The understanding that no one has to act.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I am constantly amazed,
At how life can make changes,
Completely independent of your thoughts at the time,
And of your choices.

My mom always told me to tell the universe,
What it is that you want to do.
Then let it go and concentrate on just doing,
Without thinking of where you're going to.

There's a million ways to get to any place,
So why should you think that you know the right one?
Just because you know the route someone else took,
Doesn't mean it is the only solution.

And it's alright,
Even if I end up in a shallow grave,
There's already been one million surprises,
And as many reasons for joy along the way.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Sex was always a weird one.
I wish that I was brought up more aware.
There were so many experiences I missed,
Just because I was scared.

I guess I might have ended up being a different,
Person than I am today.
But that doesn’t mean I’d be different inside,
Just the amount of people I’ve laid.

If I could do it all again, my confidence,
Would have brought me to heights I may never know.
It’s not about the numbers that you have conquered,
But the connections you make as you go.

And it’s alright,
I may have another life to attempt,
At being more human to those around me,
And consequently at being more human.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


I tried to make something new,
And it only killed the past.
Damn my lack of attention to detail.
My latest mistake's always my last.

Don't judge me by the things that I've left behind,
But by what you think I'm yet capable of.
That way the best of you is bound to erase,
The things about me that are unattractive.

It's so easy to be shot down,
When the bullet doesn't need to take aim.
When I'm looking to drop out of the world,
I'll be finished with this game.

And it's alright,
I'm not talking about what you think I am.
If I was, then would you really need to read this?
All you'd need is private self-reflection.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


I've seen other people,
In amazing lives,
And if you tell me that they have problems too-
Well, let me sympathize.

That's the one thing about the culture we live in:
Anyone can make it if they work hard.
And if they have the luck and connections,
They can be a superstar.

Don't get me wrong I think lots of people deserve,
The riches they've obtained.
There's just an inordinate amount more,
That the world treats with distain.

And it's alright,
I've had the luck to love my life to this point.
It's the uncertainty of the future,
That puts my nose out of joint.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Ultmate Goals

It seems the more I express,
The more expression there is inside.
The objects of the real world all fade out.
As if they aren't bona fide.

Time loses meaning, but it's all I have,
Because without it all I have is this.
And don't get me wrong, what I have is great.
But it's not my final wish.

There is no prerequisite life,
To reach a life to be admired.
This is the mantra I keep telling myself,
To keep myself from getting tired.

But it's alright,
You can always live your dreams through your kids.
Cause they are sure to do just what you want,
To live the life you never did.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I was caught in an elevator,
That was like a cage dangling over an abyss.
I didn't panic, but I wasn't a hero.
Is my entire life like this?

I also climbed up a street steeper than a wall,
And I finally made it over the hump.
I could have waited for the bus instead,
But was committed to self-motivation.

Finally I proved myself an adult to my parents,
When I went home alone from my uncle's place.
In one night I proclaimed my independence,
By distancing myself from the human race.

And it's alright,
I guess you do what you have to do.
And if that means you're an island unto yourself,
You do it for nobody else but you.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Raining down are lots of suggestions,
Of how to live your life.
You've got a job, a family, and a lot of debt,
If you're doing it right.

What if one didn't need to worry about money?
I know, this is an old wish.
So old, it's been around since money began,
And yet the question still exists.

It's not to say that elsewhere in the world,
People aren't born without a dime.
Of course, they're still expected to pay for everything.
Man, aren't these wonderful times?

But it's alright,
Thank god world leaders are benevolent.
Or money would give them the incentive to take,
Their own peoples' cash before it is spent.