Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Universe

Thank you, oh Universe,
You have really kept me on track,
And though we all are living within you,
I feel slightly ahead of the pack.

Fortunes can reverse like a wheel in a rut,
And like Job, the most pious can still be let go,
And if that happens, like everything, that is life.
Though, how I'll take it I just don't know.

And then there're jinxes to counteract belief,
At least one of those needs to be dominant,
And whether one always prevails or they take turns,
Can't be determined by any experiments.

And it's alright,
You'll always do what You have to do,
And if things turn out, well that's the ultimate feeling,
And I'll know to always thank You.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Taking It Easy

Let's see if as my world falls apart,
The pieces stumble into place,
Really, when isn't there chaos,
Except when it's something you refuse to face?

Wouldn't it be glorious if life could be lived,
As if there's no order, but things will all work out?
It sounds easy to do, but no one does it,
And calls lazy the people who try it out.

Again, I must ask myself what is the point,
Of a system that only offers stress?
Let's all be as fluid as money's become,
And maybe we can all live with less.

And it's alright,
No one will know either way,
Try it out on the sly and then decide,
If you can live as such another day.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Take It Or Leave It

The limit has been reached,
For today,
The problem is the sun's not even come up yet.
How can I make it this way?

I know it will be over before I know it,
But that is what worries me,
Will I be ninety before I know it,
Wishing I'd done more to enrich reality?

I guess I'll just have to embrace what is left,
And acknowledge that it's all part of the miracle,
Of life, and that is that it is mind-blowing,
That it exists at all.

And it's alright,
By the time the sun sets today,
I'll once again be filled with the joy of life.
What can I say?

Saturday, February 24, 2007


I don't want to be cliche,
But the world's coming out of my ass,
It's either that or I'm about to bust,
Is this how I'm supposed to last?

I know money can't buy happiness,
But it would sure free up my time,
To stress out my world however I want,
And to know what is mine.

I'm just afraid that before I know it,
I'll not know where I am,
And will be too far away from me,
That all will be illusion.

And it's alright,
I guess one world's no better than the next,
But I kinda worked hard on this one,
And I'm determined to stick with it.

Coming To

Maybe I'm not what I think I am,
Maybe everyone sees something different,
And if I could only see me now,
But, alas, I can't.

The teeter's so wobbly I'm afraid it will fall,
Definitely on one side,
And neither one's necessarily welcomed,
But how I must live, I must abide.

And it doesn't matter if I become insane once in a while,
And even if I go and never come back,
There's a lot of bullshit I wouldn't miss,
And nothing I should lack.

And it's alright,
I may have gone there already,
And I don't think I am the only one,
That has entertained that possibility.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tired Still

It is all worth it,
If the worth it moments are only that,
Though why the world should be structured like this,
I can only take a stab.

My body's tired and my soul is weak,
And if I believe that, then it will be true,
And is it not right that sometimes you should surrender,
To eventually feel like new?

Never mind, I'm not the only one,
And won't even be the last.
I must dredge up some energy to finish,
Or the world will chug on past.

It's alright,
This will not last forever,
I believe, but then you never know,
The cords of this world are hard to sever.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I'm so tired again,
I don't know what to say,
There's so much happening around me,
I can't keep the distractions away.

Why am I doing this? I must be insane,
Or at least not thinking clear,
Is it better to do the best you can,
Or just do it without fear?

I don't know, once again,
I guess I'm almost done,
And if you stick around another day,
You'll see I'm not so quite gone.

And it's alright,
Only time will tell,
Have I said that before to you,
Or was it someone else?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This better not be,
What life's all about.
It's alright for a small portion of putting in your time,
But if it's eternal, I just want out.

Maybe it's not a matter of changing things,
But increasing my energy and potential,
To become a more superhuman person,
And so not be bummed out by- I've fizzled.

Coasting is just what I'll have to do,
Though I don't want this to be my M.O.
Let's just say that I have the power within me,
To make things happen even if I'm K.O.'d.

And it's alright,
Nothing lasts forever,
Unless you're talking about a neurosis,
Oh, what is it all for?

Monday, February 19, 2007


With all of the things happening,
That I've given birth to,
I guess that's proof that I am alive,
And that I really do live with you.

The miracle of life has really struck me,
What with all of this sensory input,
Since the creation of our son every moment's precious,
And every step's my first.

But time just keeps on trucking,
And I can't dwell on the past,
Sometimes I wish I could just leap it all,
And just get old real fast.

And it's alright,
My moods go up and down,
And right now they are all over the place.
I don't think I can keep it up, somehow.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Here I am again,
Standing on the precipice,
Knowing things will probably work out,
But not having faith in this.

Is it a quality of my nature,
Or has my upbringing brought me here?
Either way, can I overcome it,
Because I can't live life in fear.

I guess the more I face it, the easier it will be,
As long as I mostly succeed,
And then will I become a better person?
I need a reason to nurture this seed.

And it's alright,
It's not important in the end,
What's really important is what's really real,
Though, if I figure that out, I don't know when.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Do not gloat about your status,
That is something that can change,
With the view of every new eye that judges it,
And every mistake you make.

Do not judge others, you know nothing about them,
Or the reasons why they look as they do.
A wolf in sheep's clothing is very dangerous,
And may be after you.

Do not speak of things you know as if you don't,
It wastes both time and space,
And besides you don't really know anything.
Remember that, and keep in your place.

Oh, it's alright,
You can still have fun, even with all that,
Just think of the world as being filled with equals,
And it will quickly become a fact.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Teeter

It's a delicate balance,
I'm talking about anything that you do,
On either side is the realm of the unnacceptable,
And inside, very little room for the new.

You must put on a disguise if you wish to change,
To kill what's there, you must deflect and defend,
For everyone depends on what they know,
And are only truly wishing for the end.

But I want to shift the inside to untraversed places,
And stretch it out so that the teeter desists,
So there's no anxiety about others' feelings,
And we can wander where we would while nothing tips.

And it's alright,
If you say something strange to me,
I'll just assume that everything is the same,
And that you're only trying out new places to be.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Party Crasher

Do you see my hand?
Where does it start and stop?
And why is there a name for it at all,
When the most profound thing is that does not?

I want to walk in the boots of my past,
Not in the past, but as who I am now.
Like that Pepsi commercial, I want my old hair back,
Because it was more profound.

Every moment is a million in one,
Because it can be turned on end like anything,
And seen from more than a million angles,
And help us understand the true nature of things.

And it's alright,
If you don't have the time for a million things,
The point is that it can be done at all.
It's then that you can start truly living.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well, it worked out in the end,
Just as it always has done,
And of course the stress about it abated,
After seeing the homeless teen out in the snow storm.

I know what I do well and must have faith in it,
If I don't want to make work what it is,
That I do in life, rather than help raise a family.
That would be the dream of Capitalism.

I'm not against it, let the record show,
What system has shown any success in the past?
It's humans we're dealing with, no matter the country,
And among them, there will always be an ass.

But it's alright,
The trick is to live on the periphery.
Acknowledge the system, but make your life a bubble.
Only in that can you truly feel free.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Day Will Work Out Perfectly

This is my last moment,
To let the universe know,
That though I continue to plan the world around me,
I'm letting it run the show.

The things I need to know will never leave me,
And the things that I can't control,
Which is everything, except insofar as it affects me,
I will let go.

I've gone through my mind all that I hope will happen,
And I trust that mind is one with you,
And that that feeling of magic happening,
Will, once again, make me feel new.

And it's alright,
If I have to handle things along the way,
I'm as much a part of things as anything else,
That's why I still get up each and everyday.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Spigot of Dreams

It may all be past now,
The feelings of inadequacy and fear,
Not because things in my life have really changed,
But just how things now appear.

Dreams of violence have diffused the pressure,
A spigot of thoughts to release the laughter.
Thinking of the people who influenced me negatively,
Until they rest in peace from now 'til hereafter.

It's a new day, and though it's been said before,
Anything can happen.
Natural disasters are no different than miracles,
And no more random.

And it's alright,
Yes, it is finally alright,
As long as I keep things in perspective,
And have fantistic dreams at night.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Anxiety Again

I've had this feeling before,
And now it's come again.
Is it a sign that I'm doing the wrong thing,
Or that I've reached a new evolution?

Nothing worth it is ever easy,
That's what I've heard many times.
I guess I've just never had anything worth it,
Or nothing has ever been fine.

I guess time will tell and the lesson here,
Is to test the theory by sticking it out.
You only live once, right? And you could miss something,
If you only ever pick the same route.

And it's alright,
I'll get past this and out the other end,
And hopefully I'll be a better, stronger person,
And a role model around the bend.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Is it really possible,
To escape the pressures of life,
By changing your head space and believing,
That everything will work out fine?

I guess, if you want proof,
You'd have to try it out yourself,
And maybe the very act will make you feel better,
And that may be a plus in itself.

"But, that is escapism," you might say,
"You can't just pretend everything is great."
I guess the question is, would things be better,
If you surrendered your future to fate?

And it's alright,
The control group is everyone,
Who lives their life by the rule of competition.
Of course, none of them will cooperate with the experimentation.

Friday, February 09, 2007


I feel a lot cleaner,
As does my world.
I don't know if that means that they really are,
Or if I've given up on control.

Which is not bad, because I think the secret,
Is to know what's coming beforhand,
Not through some type of psychic prediliction,
But by imagining that it can.

Faith in those around you is important, too,
If they believe in what you are doing,
So nurture that faith before all else,
And you will soon see what I mean.

And it's alright,
If it doesn't quite go as planned,
Everything that you do is a test,
And, if you tried hard, the world will understand.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lessons Learned

How can just one moment,
Change your perspective on your life,
When once time has passed to lessen its effect,
It's right back to how you like?

It's not as if the concrete proof of that moment,
Disappeared, for as we all know,
Nothing can be completely destroyed once made,
There's simply someplace else it must go,

Like deep inside where it can happily eat,
Until you feel like nothing but a shell,
And what you were becomes part of that parasite,
Oh god, please don't let me do that to myself.

And it's alright,
I'll just have to keep an eye on myself.
If you know who you are, you'll be hard to miss,
And all adversity can just go to hell.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Sometimes you just have to do it,
And forget everything else,
Even if what you're doing takes 300 days,
You have to let go of yourself.

Forget your debts and forget your loved ones,
They have no place in what you have to get done,
And if they get in the way of making it happen,
You'll have ruined everyone.

And if they don't understand,
It's alright, because if you're true to the task,
Everything they say will go in one ear,
And be stored until you can take off your mask.

And it's alright,
They will thank you in the end,
Because, though you have missed 300 days together,
You have done everything for them.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Success Again

It all comes together,
With vision and faith.
And if it doesn't, well, I'd have to say,
That you lack vision, or maybe faith.

What is an event, but how you interpret it?
And success, based on what you want?
I'm not saying call what you hit the target,
But be creative in interpreting a lot.

The poor man's bane is that he hasn't much,
And the poor man's glory is that he wants for nothing,
A poor man has lots of room for success,
If he doesn't judge it by money.

And it's alright,
Magical things are happening in my life again,
Because of vision, faith, and interpretation,
The universe has become my haven.

Monday, February 05, 2007


How can one feel so bad,
When so much is going good?
Was it really just a bad dream,
Or are you not living as you should?

There is a point where it is too late to change,
When there are peoples' lives who are dependent,
On your actions in a life that's no longer yours,
If you really take possession of it.

But, thoughts cannot be stopped, and these tell you,
That you have bitten off more than you can chew,
That the world would be better off without,
The kind of world that you expose them to.

And it's alright,
That only means that you care,
Which is all that others really need from you,
And which, frankly, is really quite rare.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I feel like someone's watching,
And that's probably because,
One cannot live a life without,
The possibility of applause.

And without turmoil to point to in this world,
To judge and wish it never occurred,
Some people would have to start turmoil themselves,
Or there'd be very little for them in this world.

But I am happy with the prospect of losing,
All the stress that this world generates,
Throught its need for conflict, which itself just distracts,
From how little, to our life, this world actually relates.

And it's alright,
If, in the end, we cannot escape,
From the structure built for us when we are born.
Actually, really, that isn't very great.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


I have nothing with me,
That I need for peace of mind,
Just like I left any hope of destroying the past,
I left my peace of mind behind.

It takes so little to crush a man,
The final straw can be a dropped note,
That everyone else knows is your onus,
But, will just sit and watch you slit your own throat.

You can be as strong as the strongest on earth,
And still not have enough strength,
To withstand the uncertainty in others' opinions,
Unless, in them, you put absolutely no faith.

And it's alright,
It's not easy being alone either, I know,
Maybe just sometimes find comfort in the knoweldge,
That other people don't really know any more.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Let Go

Okay, let's look at this logically,
You say you don't want us around anymore,
Which means you don't want us near your family either,
Because we we live by different mores.

Of course, we're family too, and let's not forget,
That you can always turn to us,
And if you're trying to protect your family from evil,
I think you better move to Mars.

But, you're also stressed and maybe that's the reason,
You're being so unreasonable,
And if you change your tune, all is forgiven,
But, if not, I think you're certifiable.

Yes, yes, it's alright,
Because, legally, you are family,
But if you keep keeping me from my own blood,
You'll find out how unlawful I can be.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Self Worth

Do I undervalue myself?
Yes, I think I do.
Will that serve to undermine my quality of life,
And cause me anxiety, too?

One cannot always question himself,
Or what he has done in the past.
This might seem obvious to say, really,
But such thoughts have destroyed many a lad.

It will not continue, I promise you that,
If I am nothing, I am a learner.
It will be bittersweet when I look back on these days,
And realize what it is that I should have earned.

And it's alright,
I don't want to overvalue me either.
There needs to be somewhere to go from here,
That is realistic for me to enter.