Friday, November 30, 2007


She was so alike me,
Our worlds cancelled each other out,
And threw us directly into that realm,
That people only talk about.

Remember we only exist with experience,
Where there's things around to be seen.
Well, where we were we had no sense at all,
Because without things we have no meaning.

And we both had to leave because of the pain.
Sure, without bodies, how could that be?
Ask her, because I've blocked it out.
It's too painful to think without being me.

And it's alright,
None of this is really real,
Just like she turned out not to be herself,
Once I found out how she really feels.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

CPR - Apperception

Objective within subjective,
That's the best that we can do,
While we assume it's exactly the same for everyone,
And that it will not change, too.

The self is the precondition for it all,
Even before space and time,
And suffuses every particle with existence,
Of a personal kind.

And so these hands that touch you are different for me,
And you will never get to see them.
And when you tell me things I'm not hearing you,
But sensing my world's air's gyrations.

But it's alright,
I know you're out there somewhere,
Even if I can't prove it with logic,
There's a crack to each others' world out there.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Getting By

No matter how much you have,
That puts you above others,
There's always someone with a little more,
Even if it's in different avenues.

But there's no one on top,
And how does this happen?
It's the nature of the society we live in,
That there's no head to unhinge.

The rich rule the poor, but they also need,
This group to rule, or they're no longer rich.
With money flying through the air as it is,
Getting a handle on it is a real bitch.

But it's alright,
If you just go with the flow.
Rule justly when you need to and follow with a smile,
And you won't rock the boat, don't you know?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

CPR - Transcendental Logic

Now there's two realms of activity:
Pre and post sensible,
And never will the twain meet,
Or, to each other, be applicable.

For using the one's logic on the other,
Is a misapplication that can only betray,
Either an ignorance or attempt at trickery,
Neither of which are the goals of philosophy.

Which begs the question, can there be two,
Different and right explanation of things?
One for those who don't wish to be sensible,
And one for those actually living?

And it's alright,
If there is.
That would solve a lot of disputes I am having,
And leave me more time for sensuousness.

Monday, November 26, 2007

CPR & god is not Great

There is nothing before Space and Time,
At least nothing that can be seen,
Felt, touched, tasted or heard,
By any human being.

And so no evidence of God exists,
Outside of our limited sense.
Even reports of those who 'stepped outside',
Are descriptions from within that fence.

Now, so much is done in the name of God,
A being well beyond any comprehension.
Actions either destructive or reactive,
For people who can't, with God, have had any conversations.

So, it's alright,
If you want to stay in reality,
And treat others as you'd have them treat you,
Because it doesn't work for those preaching piety.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

CPR - Before It All

So, Space and Time are all that we have,
Before we have anything else.
So why do we spend our lives restricting both,
For other people and ourselves?

What's the use of filling up either,
When, technically, they're both infinite?
The cage we build from the moment we're born,
This is all we really have, isn't it?

So where's the purpose in this realization?
Is it not better to imagine,
That the world could change any minute,
And so prepare ourselves for this contingent?

And it would be more than alright,
If it always stayed the same,
For our outlook would be forever fresh,
On this absurdist, most realistic plane.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

CPR - My Reaction to Space

Now, extension without space,
I see, that can never be,
While stripping things of everything else,
Still leaves you something else to see,

Like the space in which they exist,
Of course, I really don't mean you see it.
And we all know that not even space exists,
Until the seer is existent.

So tell me again, what's the difference,
Whether certain conditions pre-exist or not?
Experience still needs to come around before,
Any of these pre-conditions can be taught,

And made into laws, alright?
Are we not still being creators?
Space has its place in the relation of things,
Why need it be in the brain for?

Friday, November 23, 2007

CPR - Introduction to the Critique

Can we have 'extension',
Without experience?
Of course not, just like we can't have 'heavy' either.
So, what's the difference?

The difference is that 'extension' is a given,
In intuition as a prerequisite for 'body',
And 'heavy' would never be known,
With out picking up something.

And then there are numbers, and the addition thereof,
Which is a whole other kind of synthesis,
For which we use experience to conceive,
But which independently exist.

And it's alright,
I get that they are all different.
I'm just still trying to understand the value of positing,
This a priori realm to which they've been sent.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


What can you know about pain?
Have you crossed over from your world,
And bounced back into one where things are not handed to you,
On a silver platter?

A thousand miles of broken glass won't show you,
Nor torture devised by some super computer,
Or cannibalism in its most lively degree,
Because you'll still be just her,

Who won't release things at their earliest convenience.
That makes a pain that yet shields you from more.
Expose yourself at every point of your being,
And you'll understand what your mechanisms are for.

They're for when you're not alright,
When the most severe is happening to you,
And you can only find release by shutting down,
Not by doing what it is you always do.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

From One Moment to the Next

From one moment to the next,
What happens in between?
I'll tell you sometimes I wish I could just stay,
And find out for my own sanity,

Because the world flips so mercilessly,
And there's no way to turn it back.
Never mind mistakes that fill you with regret,
Constant change is simply a fact.

And if it's not, then there is the time for despair,
For who exists in complete happiness,
Other than those who might have found the space,
Between one moment to the next?

And it's alright,
Things are bound to change,
Maybe to such an extent that moments do too,
So that they can simply be exchanged.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Expose Yourself

Is not unique to anyone.
It's about the rush you get from exposing yourself,
To the infiltration of someone.

And if one abuses the access given,
And treads roughly through your past growth,
Crushing what you've been through and what you hope for.
Then, you were insincere to both.

Because opening up does not mean full access,
It only means exposure to your greatest treasures,
That not even you can actually handle,
Until their final maturity is sure,

And it's alright,
For them to see the light of day,
At which point your memory and dreams are replaced,
By the next seeds that come your way.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Try to get perspective,
Your life is not a moment,
During which you question your own worth.
That's a deviation from it.

It's not when someone else has your time,
Unless you're lending it out of love,
Or you've mastered the art of indifference,
To the state of your physical glove.

It's not even the state of deep despair,
That comes to you in the future's wake,
When it's already laid out before you,
As a stagnant, desolate lake.

It's when you're alright,
With what's happening around you,
Because you're bursting forth as a new being,
For which everything is absolutely new.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Greats

It starts with knowing nothing,
Kind of like when you were born,
Then understanding what individual things there are,
Then, understanding what they're for.

Next communicating with others who,
Are familiar with the same subject's things,
Who are already much older but can benefit,
From your fresh understandings.

But then there is the learning of all the perspectives,
Of all the greats that came before,
And the ability to go beyond them,
With the discipline that they all bore.

And it's alright,
If you don't have one of these,
You'll still grow up to maintain the subject for,
The ones who naturally do them with ease.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Remember the Good Times

Bide your time and you'll find,
Everything you've ever dreamed,
Just like everything that you ever wanted,
Was never quite what it seemed.

It's not as easy to go with the flow,
As people who must plan their lives seem to suggest,
Because, both, they don't want their work to be naught,
And letting go requires dedication no less.

How easy is it to have faith in the world,
That it will provide for you when you let it know,
What you want while still doing what you love?
That can be harder than chasing a dragon, you know.

And it's alright,
Everyone is different,
And maybe some people should work for what they want.
Not everything is heaven sent.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


We can't all go at the same speed,
Everything would look the same,
Though seen at different times and from different angles,
Everything must look as different as can be.

The moment similarity happens,
Is the beginning of the end of it all.
To be caught actually being consistent,
Puts a stop to the start of the Fall.

So don't try to catch up to anyone,
It's impossible, anyhow.
Just go the speed you're most comfortable,
And you'll get farther than you may be getting now.

And it's alright,
If you go really, really slow.
Speed only exists in relation to a destination,
And there's really no place to go.

There's Nothing Before What There Is

Okay, there are the moments,
That exist upon sense,
Before which nothing can exist at all,
Except the potential for experience,

And in that realm is the great white hope,
That the fight can still continue,
Because once you make it about what there is,
You can't really talk anymore, can you?

Because it's lonely once the match is decided,
And everyone has gone home,
Each with their own life outside of your dispute.
Careers cannot be made by existing alone.

So, it's alright,
If everything ever only exists,
Because there's people determined to keep it going.
That's the nature of everything, isn't it?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On Second Thought

If you're sure of yourself,
You should stop and think a bit,
Not to dissuade any self-confidence,
But there's some things to be avoided,

Like waking up one morning with a pang,
Of embarrassment,
For something done with the arrogance,
Of someone who thought he knew what others meant.

But we are either born of different worlds,
And will never be able to connect,
Or are trying to say the same thing,
Using the language unique to our own subject.

So, it's alright,
If you want to take back what you said,
With the humility of someone who recognizes,
That knowledge does not reside in specific heads.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The world can have just too much,
Too many people and too many ways,
To express yourself through too many avenues,
To leave you in dismay,

To leave you stunned and confused about,
The direction that you are heading,
And where the enemy lies keeps you awake,
Because you don't want to see any fighting,

For what you believe in because it's not that clear,
And the world's supposed to give you the room,
To take the time, while not hurting anyone,
To understand your own tune.

That's not all, right?
There's something else brewing underneath.
An intense wish for what you don't have,
That will never be what you need.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Trap

There is so much life left,
In which to do your thing,
That looking back at all the time you had,
Can be real depressing.

Here's the thing, every moment serves,
To compound your life's worth,
If spent truly expressing yourself.
The trap, though, causes you to be inert.

And the life you've built around this sedentary life,
Ties you down with nothing at all,
Because you have a responsibility to,
Help others keep up this set up to the fall.

Though, technically, it's alright,
Just like some people say you can always be saved,
Reject all acts meant to erase your existance,
And you're already ahead of the game.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


If what you see's all there is,
Then you can't have that other realm,
Where there are things not in front of your eyes,
That you'd prefer to what's right there.

But then there's something at the other end,
Before you see anything at all,
That must exist for you to understand,
What it is that's preferential.

And what is that something, you may ask?
That's not something for us to answer,
Unless you're someone that needs to be able to create,
Something to search for.

But it's alright,
We're all talking about the same thing,
Unless we're drinking and yelling at each other.
Then, we're really communicating.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

How To Get Ahead

Just wait and your time will come,
That is, of course,
As long as you devote your time,
To the things that you love most,

As long as you are aware that other people,
Exist, yes, but also need to know,
That you exist as well, and see the world,
More clearly than the average Joe,

As long as Fate has it in her cards,
To put you in the place where your dreams can come true,
Because nothing will sprout under a bushel,
Unless that is what it was made to do.

So, it's alright,
If you want to bury youreself,
If that's your forte, then you are lucky,
That you have figured that out.

Friday, November 09, 2007


Was there really a time,
When people were freer than this?
When one did what one wanted, not what one had to?
That does not sound legitimate.

I mean, that's what we are all striving for,
Isn't it?
Ask anyone from the depths of poverty,
Or anyone that's rich.

But, it's not possible,
Human nature sees to that-
Whoa, I guess that's pretty pessimistic.
History should not prescribe future acts.

So, it's alright,
To start living and to let live,
And to cease doing harm to the environment...
Wait, is that really realistic?

Thursday, November 08, 2007


You know those things that you are,
Embarrassed to talk about,
Because they reveal your weaknesses?
Well, that's what life is all about.

The one thing that can be learned by the green movement,
Is that energy is precious,
And if we stopped expending it living a lie,
We'd have more left for actual creativeness.

And there would be less hate, for what is hate,
But disgust with what you are not?
And the first step to acknowledging our sameness,
Is remembering that no one knows a lot.

But it's alright,
Go ahead and continue acting,
Like you have actual access to the truth.
Myself, I'll continue relaxing.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Old Times

I'm not saying he's an asshole,
But I've known him a long time,
And in my opinion, in asshole world,
He would get along fine.

But as he travels through and meets other people,
He is a different person, himself,
Not in any outward way,
But through the eyes of someone else.

Which is fine, for I am not everybody,
And majority's the objective truth,
Of the personality of any individual.
That is the nature of reality, forsooth.

And it's alright,
As long as he stays away from me,
Though when I hear of him, it will always hurt,
To learn that he is becoming wealthy.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Your Self

When you're speaking with someone,
And you don't really know why,
Until you figure out that if you don't,
You'll be ruining your life,

Remember that no matter what position,
You find yourself in,
It's never wrong to say what you feel,
Even if it may be offending,

As long as you still have the chance to speak,
And show your sincerity,
Because deep down everyone loves one who stays true to himself,
In lieu of making things easier with flattery.

And it's alright,
If sometimes there are consequences,
Do it enough times and your reputation will,
Show the world what kind of person acheives success.

Monday, November 05, 2007

I Don't Like You

When you have found the moment,
In which you think that you are not,
What you thought you were to other people,
Hold up for a jot.

This is the moment when,
You can spring towards yourself or oblivion,
For when you think that you've been misconstrued,
You've let the demons in,

Who cause you to doubt yourself,
And so annihilate the one,
Power you have in this world,
Which is self-possession.

And it's alright,
If you're not loved by everyone,
Whether you think it's justified or not,
That's just your opinion.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


This is what I'm thinking,
No more run around.
If you want to find me, well I think at this point,
You know where I can be found.

Focusing might be the key this time,
Though, I know, that you always thought that,
Moving slowly simultaneously,
Through many things would be where it's at.

But, it may have been and it got you far,
But can only get you to a point,
When you are old enough to realize what you want,
And you can begin to appoint,

What it's alright,
To do and what is not,
Because sometimes it can be a waste of time,
To do what won't help you a lot.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

I'm another year older,
So what of it?
It's not like I leapt a year within a day.
It was a gradual trip,

And I may be different than the last time,
This date came around,
But really no different than when I started,
Writing this down.

So thank you if you congratulate me,
I guess everyone likes to get their props,
For just being around and making people be happy,
And thinking that you rock.

So it's alright,
If you want to say happy birthday to me,
I'll do the same if I can remember yours,
Though I rarely do that, actually.

Friday, November 02, 2007


I can't really say now,
How many times I've felt,
My intentions misconstrued, not for sincerity,
But for something else.

And what can one do but to just let it go?
I mean, to enter that world at all,
In which everyone you meet's something than what you see,
Seems an awful waste of potential.

One can never know what someone is thinking,
But one's own instinct is consistent,
And offers consistency for others' instinct,
So that one can trust in what they think you had meant.

And it's alright,
There's just no convincing some people,
Because they have never convinced themselves,
That someone can actually be truthful.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


What is there to do,
But your very best,
And what does that mean but to think of nothing?
And not to say more, lest,

What is said affects the actions of others,
And their ability to reach the top,
Of their game, because encouragement,
Helps everyone search what's caught,

In the deepest depths of their own souls.
Potential's never reached without others,
To recognize you every step of the way,
So everyone rises together.

And it's alright,
That your role has changed.
You do that well, and your example will serve,
To get everyone to do the same.