Thursday, September 30, 2010

When The Nerves Abound

The more you explore,
The more there is to explore,
And the more risks you take,
But also opportunities galore,

As long as you are not tied too strongly,
To any given path,
And hold enough resources in reserve,
To not run out of what you have.

And I know that you really don't like,
To leave home,
And that is certainly understandable,
Until it is shown,

That you're only alright,
When you're beholden to no one,
And can always take it or leave it,
Without a major revolution.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Almost Famous

Just when you think you have it,
You better think again,
Even if you're living life on high,
In a mansion,

With servants who would do anything for you,
Because, just outside,
Is a line-up of others, too,
Who are waiting for them to die,

Because life is short and no one will,
Remember you eventually,
That is if you believe in life after death,
'Cause, otherwise, you have it pretty sweet.

But wait, alright?
There's one more thing to consider:
Strip away the luxury, and what do you have?
Only you know the answer.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We're Not All Bad

A leopard can't change his spots,
But he can certainly wear a coat,
And clean himself up for a night on the town,
And devour you before you know.

And until this has happened to you at least once,
You won't believe that it can be done,
Though, really, the only bad thing about it is,
That your innocence will be gone,

And you may never give the benefit,
Of the doubt to anyone, again,
And until we can end this legacy,
Paradise is an illusion.

Oh, it's alright,
It's not to say that you're ruined,
If you're unfortunate enough to see,
The dark side of humans.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Time to Do It

What of what you do,
Isn't the easiest route?
With all your talk of being someone,
You have to do something, too,

Like what the structure of your life,
Naturally leads to,
Even though within those boundaries,
You sometimes feel you're doing something new,

And, of course, you can do nothing at all,
And just go with the flow,
Though, if that's what you have always done,
You're still not going to know,

If you're alright,
Because you'll have no reference,
To yourself, other than what you've always been,
Which is an untrustworthy lens.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Any Way Maybe

Everyday that's wasted,
In your journey to your bliss,
Could be the one that guarantees,
That it's missed,

And you can never know what's a waste,
Because you can't anticipate which path,
Is the shortest to your ultimate goal,
And you don't really want what it has,

Until your final moments. What you want,
Is it on the horizon,
So you can live that moment before success,
And not the disappointment of acquisition.

And it's alright,
Maybe there's another goal after that,
Though, do you really want to live again,
After learning living demands all that?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

In Touch

What you fail to get,
Is that no matter where you are,
The relationship between yourself and the world,
Is hardwired,

And will not change with your environment,
Without some physical adjustment,
To what you know to be what there is,
No matter what you thought it meant,

When you were told that you will never get it,
Or was it, that you have to wait your turn?
Which for you can mean the same thing,
Because you're sure,

That you're alright,
It's every body else,
And success has nothing to do with them,
And only with yourself.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Aging is not a something,
Or a state of mind,
It's the only thing that you can call,
Reality of any kind,

And you can hold on to whatever you wish,
But if it's days gone by,
The grasp does not limit the distance,
Measured by the ruler of time,

Who makes no exception for anyone,
Who wrinkles your skin and melts your brain,
No matter how much you act like a child,
The results are always the same.

And it's alright,
However you treat it makes no difference,
Among the countless others doing the same,
And the quickly coming infinite

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Universal Belief

One bite at a time,
That's how you eat an elephant,
Of course, if you only have a day to do it,
You're in a predicament,

That can leave you feeling overwhelmed.
But why would you ever agree,
To something so impossible,
When life should be so free?

When life is so short, oh wait it must,
Have something to do with money,
Which, when you have it, again, in turn,
Helps you to be more free.

But that's not alright,
How we take on chains to be rid of them,
Infusing value where there isn't any,
Except when we are in unison.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All or Nothing

Lay it on the table,
As you see it,
Even if it's layered with interpretations,
That obfuscate it,

In ways the others would not have imagined,
There are two things that could happen:
The revelation of your genious,
Or a demotion.

In the esteen previously awarded you,
But that is really no thing,
Because before this little experience,
You had no inkling,

Whether you were alright,
Or getting screwed,
Because you were too much in your own head,
Not knowing how you were being viewed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why Risk It?

Risk is not a bad thing,
The only thing about it,
Is for it to be properly risk,
You've got to leave something not unfit,

With who you are, in fact it could be quite good,
And you may never get it back,
And what you have to gain could be much less,
Though it could be fantast-ic.

But either way, there's the move, itself,
At the point between loss and potential gain,
Which can only be lived for a moment,
And is why risk is often attained.

Because, to be alright,
We all have to feel like we're living,
Which has nothing to do with comfort,
Despite the common way of thinking.

Monday, September 20, 2010

On The Cusp

Everything's on the cusp,
And that's just what you want,
For as long as you can,
As long as there's still water in your cup,

As long what you've already got,
Is enviable by others,
Because people rarely want to give you a chance,
Unless you come from a good mother.

And it's alright,
If you don't have much to work with,
Just pretend you've got a lot going on,
And that usually does it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Best Of You

It is not very hard,
To feel extremely I'll,
Whether from some internal wrong,
Or rooted in how you feel,

Because of something that you have done,
But haven't quite come to terms,
With how it fits in your general view,
Of how the world works,

Because we are all at least two people:
Who we are and who we want to be,
And they alternate so often,
It's hard to see,

Which is alright,
Or rather, alright with everyone else,
Because we'll get away with what we can,
To maximize ourselves.<\blockquote>

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sure and Steady

How do you get it all done,
Without the power of ten men,
While others around you seem to coast through life,
With a little acumen,

And a lot of accomplishment?
Well, have you ever been inside,
Their bodies to experience their intensity,
And feel what it is like?

And have you ever stopped to consider,
How little it might actually take,
By being sure and steady, like the turtle,
To win the race,

And not only be alright,
But surpass your fellow human beings?
Maybe you just need that thought in your head,
To actualize the possibility.<\blockquote>

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Wrench

Sometimes things just happen,
That put a wrench in the works,
And you have to decide if you'll use that wrench,
Or let it make you berserk,

If you are even able to think that way,
For many things can contribute to,
Lacking the capacity to adapt,
And let me list some of them for you:

Nature and nurture really covers it all,
But more should be said about the latter,
Parenting and environment are key,
And societal expectations, for that matter.

And it's alright,
If you can't even dislodge the wrench,
And have to live with it.
Eventually, it becomes a cinch.<\blockquote>

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Lesson Learned

A fall from grace isn't fun.
It takes a lot of humility,
And acknowledgement of your failures,
To even be reality.

For don't underestimate the power of denial,
Because, though perception isn't everything,
It is for the purpose of your existence,
And infuses all meaning,

With what you choose to believe,
Whether right or wrong,
Whether diametrically opposed to the truth,
Or aching for a revolution.

And it's alright,
To come to terms with your shortcomings,
But don't do it without observing others'
Or you'll be left with the wrong teachings.<\blockquote>

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today, You Can Rest

Yes, this one is for you,
Who thinks so much of yourself,
That your insecurity leads you to proclaim,
Mastery over everyone else,

And make claims about your abilities,
That simply aren't true,
And run away in the midst of failure,
So it doesn't seem like it's 'cause of you,

And make no qualms about stealing from others,
As if it was your right,
Imagining that they will all forgive you,
When they finally witness your height,

Which won't happen, alright?
For everyone will find you out,
Because no man can hide his true nature,
When he's as mentally deranged as yourself.

Friday, September 10, 2010


You need to have lots going on,
Always and at all times,
To increase the chance of one of those things,
Producing a vine,

That then produces the fruit,
Of your labor, that then may,
Nourish you enough to plant more seeds,
Nourished by the rain,

Which is the downfall precipitated by the,
Tears of joy that rise up to the sky,
By the heat of the growth of the seeds,
Turning into vines.

And you will be alright,
As long as you continue to plant,
And harvest and cry and cultivate,
Instead of working for the man.<\blockquote>

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Money's Not Working

If money is the thing,
That concerns you most,
Then money will be the thing that topples you,
Whether or not anyone knows,

Whether you have more than you can use,
Or are wallowing in debt,
See how this invisible power,
Overwhelms your sense?

And, really, it's not all that unimportant,
Even now it's changing hands,
In ways that affect your daily life,
Like only money can.

But it's alright,
Everyone, is in debt,
And everyone can overcome it,
By forgetting that it exists.<\blockquote>

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

At The Playground

When you're old enough to know better,
You still cannot escape your self,
When you were given no choice,
Of how much clout you held,

In the eyes of your so-called peers.
Kids can be so cruel,
And now they're still just as old as you,
Running the world,

While you are still a scared child,
Because we learn about life,
Far before we're allowed to live in it,
And far before people learn to be nice.

So, it's alright,
If you never amount to anything,
That's how you were programmed to be,
Before you were told you had to make a living.<\blockquote>

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Is there enough food for everyone?
Even if there is,
And it is just unfairly distributed,
We're all getting close to famine,

Whether because the ingenuity humans have used,
In creating food outside of Nature,
Falls under the weight of sheer demand,
Which exceeds our capacity, for sure,

Or Nature, herself, turns on our assumptions,
Which we use for all our technology,
That certain things will remain the same,
No matter how we whack and weed.

And it's alright,
There will always be a few of us left,
To start again from the beginning.
If not, we would be bereft.

Friday, September 03, 2010

It's Over

I know trouble's a brewing,
When I hear that timber in your voice,
Saying it's time to give it all up,
And there is no choice,

For that moment because there is no changing,
What you feel,
Just as there's no way of altering your reaction,
When you leap from flying to where you kneel.

But I have learned through experience,
That such landings are simply to prepare,
Weary bones and knotted muscles,
For another leap into the air,

Because you're alright,
No matter how you seem,
The fire without comes from the fire within,
And I'm honored that you've let me in.<\blockquote>


Yes, you can change your mind,
On even the most important things,
Though, to say 'change' is kind of like,
Saying that the weather's changing,

When it has more to do with your location,
In relation to it.
Spend your life following the sun,
And your days will never be tainted,

Though, you will also always have your head up,
And not notice the changing terrain,
Which, again, isn't really changing at all,
Just like your brain,

So, let's recap, alright?
Go ahead and follow your heart,
Because the mind only exists for it,
And makes no judgement on how flighty you are.<\blockquote>

Thursday, September 02, 2010

What You Want

Maybe what you want,
Is closer than you think,
And not in the direction,
You are heading,

Or thinking of heading, because the promise seems,
To be coming from someplace,
You've never been, and have no idea,
Whether it's just a chase,

After the same thing you think's not here,
That is actually just waiting,
For you to pluck it, do you understand,
What I am saying?

That it's alright,
If you stay put,
And try to get what you want where you are.
Most people miss what is just under foot.<\blockquote>