Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stay In Line

What's gotten into you?
I'd really like to know.
It's like everything you've been taught in life's,
Been thrown out the window,

Like working hard is the only way to,
Gain success on this earth,
Instead, you think by doing what you like,
All will be granted by the universe,

Like you must sacrifice to contribute,
To the system we're in,
Instead, you challenge the way we do things,
Like they're not ev'lution.

Well, you will see,
It's taken years to build,
The best of worlds, this democracy,
For which countless millions have been killed.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


The worst part about change,
Is the wholly unknown,
Which is ironic'lly what makes our lives,
Worth the mirrors and smoke,

And yet we raise ev'ry generation,
To stabilize the world,
To accept what's been built and what you have,
A mandate more of the established rule.

Dissension's  punished more than rewarded,
Unless in the context,
Of the framework that we have been given,
And not of a world next.

So what to do,
When your heart is screaming,
That the right way to live is different,
Than the current world you're in is seeming?

Friday, April 26, 2013

One Day

The seed is in the ground,
Waiting to be watered,
Patiently as my mind ruminates on,
The best way to solder,

The message I believe must be there,
With some way to express,
So at the end I can look at my work,
Finally feeling true contentedness,

And yes it's about working very hard,
All the successful do,
But they also live with an honesty,
The link 'tween me and you.

And so one day,
The switch will be turned on,
And the thoughts will flow out just as I want,
A belief for my own constitution.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Marathon Bombers

I must say that I cried,
Reading about Boston,
And how the bombers timed the explosion,
For last year's av'rage run,

I thought of friends and fam'ly standing there,
As time ground to a halt,
The realization washing over them,
Of this mad, uninstigated assault,

That must have been a long time in planning,
For at least two suspects,
Living for this one horrific moment,
Now one of them is dead.

And what's two's thoughts,
As he runs from the law,
Guaranteed never to be free again,
Just as he prob'ly hasn't been in thought?

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Is it diversity,
That makes a great city,
With both a mix of race and income,
Business and family?

That's what some say the key to success is,
For it encourages,
Simultan'ous movement of diff'rent parts,
All vying to be victors of the age,

Which none can be for they all live as one,
In a community,
And what they build for themselves they build, too,
For everybody.

And that's the key,
To quash complacency:
Take what people are doing anyway,
And just repackage all that energy.

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

What if everyone just,
Suddenly got along?
I don't think people've stopped to consider,
What poss'bly could go wrong,

We'd first have no need of authorities,
Who's job's to keep the peace,
What a mind trip to live our daily lives,
Without the ominous fear of police.

And what about politics? How'll we choose,
The caretakers of us,
Without accusations and attack ads,
That laud the injurious?

And then there's us,
Conflict seems to define,
The lion's share of our relationships,
It would just be weird if we were all fine.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Body and Mind

Socrates once lauded,
The benefits of mind,
But he also talked about the body,
Needed for the sublime,

For there is more to humans than what's seen,
There is what is felt,
Its source sprung from something beyond anything,
The mind could ever more dearly have held,

And that is why he always exercised,
Strong mind and strong body,
Are the keys to getting the most of life,
Than just from one of these.

So that is why,
My heart is beating fast,
I've exercised my mind and my body,
To make this joy of life that I have last.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I went to church today,
I think it was Baptist,
They welcomed me with open arms and minds,
And a warm interest.

The band rocked the house with songs of worship,
Then the hat was passed 'round,
A pause to meet the person next to you,
The pastor asked where I'm usually found.

His sermon promoted humility,
See Philipp'ans two,
Jesus gave up his divine priv'leges,
Though he's better than you.

And all I thought,
Was, "That is good advice",
But I don't need to come here to be told,
That common sense was invented by Christ.

Friday, April 12, 2013


You'll always be crazy,
That's what you are to me,
And if you want to talk about my thoughts,
You'll be kinda lonely,

But I know what you say's always sincere,
And dig how your mind works,
Your dedication to your expression,
Un'pologetic for being berserk,

You're always a pleasure to hang out with,
And our hist'ry's always,
A pleasant stage in my unfinished life,
I'll never throw away.

So go ahead,
Say what you want to me,
'Bout anything that you see written here,
With an equal level of honesty :)

Monday, April 08, 2013

Your Self

Just because you see me,
You should not trust your eyes,
Even when you're looking at your own self,
Everyone's clothed by lies,

A layer meant to protect ev'rything ,
That you hold close and dear,
Imagine baring it all to the world
Without true and justifiable fear,

Ev'ry thought you've had uncensored, naked,
I do wish that for you,
A soul so pure you couldn't help but awe.
You are among the few,

Who can will change,
And show people that, yes,
There is a way to have faith in others,
Though you'll never get a chance to, I guess.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Life's Dreamy Magic

I can't quite remember,
What I wanted to write,
But, like a dream it was once clear to me,
My mind has its own night,

In which it shows me all my mind holds dear,
Though it's hard to hold tight,
Long enough that I can show all of you,
The window onto my potion for light,

The light that shines on honesty and art,
You all know about that,
Glimpses caught midst responsibilities,
Hanging off us like fat,

That we'd all shed,
At the drop of a hat,
'Cause no matter how full life is with shit,
That it's magic's a universal fact.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Dreams Gone By

Everybody's aware,
Of the fleeting of time,
And watching one's dreams and goals disappear,
For hope of youth, they pine,

When responsibility meant nothing,
But fulfilling your heart,
Until society tricks you into,
Discarding desires to take on a part,

To maintain the system in which we live,
Unless you are lucky,
And are chosen to be an example,
One of very many,

Of dreams come true.
You can't live without hope,
If you are not at least given freedom,
A lux'ry that does not go past the vote.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

North Korea's Move

Let's just pretend, maybe,
That North Korea's threats,
Are not meant to intimidate the South,
Or anger the US,

"We're not seeing large-scale mob'lisations",
A move they'd need to make,
Even the restart of their reactor,
Seems a stratagem for posturing`s sake,

Not that Kim Jong-un`s not crazy enough,
Though his hist`ry`s unknown,
Raised to be leader of a recluse state,
Your social skills ain't honed.

But to be fair,
He's prob'ly just trying,
To sell nation'lism to his people,
With the hope that they are still buying.