Friday, November 30, 2012

Cold As Snow

The snow was falling down,
Upset by cold and wind,
Discarded by the clouds and atmosphere,
For it would not rescind,

Its gentle chill or silent way it works,
The way, in fact, it loves,
The way it's never the same way two times,
How it thinks it is a gift from above.

But I know snow's secret and how it melts,
With the slightest caress,
From bodies with blood, warm, pumping through them,
Like yours, in vintage dress.
That's why I'm cold,
Until my eyes catch yours,
I finally find my place among these flakes,
Meshing, like water, to welcoming pores.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

To Shed It All

If your life is cluttered,
With the duties you own,
To work, to desires, to what others want,
The mortgage on your home,

If the sun rarely rises as you sit,
In comfort, with a tea,
Contemplating what you might do today,
With your unfettered possibilities,

If you can't say what you like anymore,
For it's too far away,
And the act of simply chasing it down,
Would take days upon days,

You're not alone,
It's those who don't, who are,
Blissfully living life without a care,
Expectations may as well be the stars.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Is there any value,
To leaving what you love,
With the intent of understanding more,
What for your heart's enough?

Is the nourishment of your heart's desire,
What life is all about,
Despite the circumstances you've since built?
It's surprising more people don't just shout,

To the skies, in the middle of the street,
For some kind of redo.
Everyone knows we have only one chance,
And yet we all just do,

As if we don't,
As if we'll last all time.
We all must realize we're in the same boat,
And understand there is no point to whine.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Have you ever thrown out,
An old Tupperware lid,
Only to find later on, on the shelf,
Is where the bottom hid?

But what could you possibly do by then,
But throw the bottom out?
For it was such a unique container,
There was a time it was something you'd tout.

And lo and behold, that lid comes back round,
Maybe you remembered,
The notion of throwing that lid away,
Not that you overturned,

That avenue.
Tupperware's elegant,
You can't interchange any part of it,
Unless you find its exact duplicate.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Successfully Lax

Is it dedication,
That's the mark of success?
Well yes, you can't make anything worthwile,
If you don't give your best.

But is there more to it than just hard work?
Well, you do have me there,
Sometimes someone works hard all their life,
And dies alone, thinking life is not fair.

Until the world ends, not every way,
To win's been exhausted,
To recant the claims of this very poem,
It's not as posited,

It's what it is,
Maybe just define it,
As living exactly as you'd like to,
Meaning, you just may not have to find it.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Midnight in Paris

It's not enough to say,
The past will never be,
That nostalgia robs you of the truth of,
Present reality,

For reflection happens in the moment,
Just like everything else,
Just like some have no memory at all,
And have no meaningful sense of the self.

Reliving emotions and what you thought,
In worlds far and gone by,
Is proof that the life you're living in now,
Must also surely die.

The past will never be?
Isn't that the real lie,
That any experience could fall short,
Simply for where in the brain it resides?

Friday, November 09, 2012

Obama's Speech

It has stayed in my mind,
Since that late Tuesday night,
When millions of people watched just one man,
Who had just won a fight,

To lead the world's most powerful state,
A claim he made loud,
A place where if you want to have success,
And want to work hard, then you are allowed,

A place that believes in freedom for all,
And the intrinsic right,
To have an equal opportunity,
Like everyone was white.

And then I cried,
Because he pointed out,
That though everyone has different viewpoints,
That's what the United States is about.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Little Comfort

What is more depressing,
That few understand life,
Or that of those, understanding won't help,
Them avoid angst or strife?

It's little comfort to know what you love,
When you're struck down daily,
By fists and ethics and economics,
When your faith that things will work out fail thee.

Perhaps it's better, as others have thought,
That ignorance is bliss,
A notion, sadly, only understood,
Once you've accepted this.

Though, I won't go,
Back, to try this again,
Life finishes fast, despite chosen paths,
And true rewards only come at the end.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Happy Birthday

Where did you find yourself,
When you took time to look?
Why, when you realized what you left behind,
How your ego was shook!

The youth you were, who thought you'd never live,
To the age you're at now,
Must be turning over in his casket,
Clawing to reach you and slap you somehow,

For you've forsaken him like those others,
You swore you'd never be.
Welcome to the cycle of human life,
Born of society.

Though they're others,
Who have broken the mold,
That they found themselves in as they grew up.
And decided they would never grow old.

Friday, November 02, 2012

My Short Story

My story has no end,
Just like yours doesn't, too.
But if that means we cannot be as one,
I would end it with you,

I would throw away the middle as well,
If we both got to start.
Who cares what's over the next horizon,
If you must walk on with a broken heart?

Alone, birth can be discarded as well,
Don't say I'd never know.
My first thought would be, "where's my other half?"
Then I'd just let life go.

That's your meaning,
Within this short story.
Not much to write when the scene isn't yours,
And that's what you will always mean for me.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

True Expression

The kettle is hissing,
Over the radio,
A clock is ticking underneath it all,
The rats are munching low,

Outside the wind is rustling trees and leaves,
As my chair creaks softly,
There is a faint hum from the computer,
Another train passes by quietly,

There're footfalls upstairs as people wake,
I hear myself sighing,
Hot water moves through the radiators,
I continue lying,

To my own self,
That's the loudest of all.
Until I can scream the truth of my soul,
The silence of it is unbearable.