Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Steps

You don't really understand,
The nature of momentum,
If you're asking it to exist instantaneously,
To actuate your love,

For laws are not different
From one thing to the next,,
You may as well ask someone to leap to the sun,
In one step,

And live there and call you daily,
And fulfill your every fantasy,
Until you grow tired of the admiration,
And predictability.

And it's alright,
No one's angry at you,
Just understand that the world is large,
And everyone's got things to do.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Your Dreams Come True

Every moment's precious,
So why does it seem,
That you have wasted,
So many in a drunken revery?

Until you've reached that moment when you can say,
"I finally have it all,"
The thought that any should be spent on leisure,
Defies any logic, at all.

And that you don't know when you'll leave this earth,
And so, must make the most of it,
Only argues for living true to yourself,
Which means, knowing your deepest secret,

To what makes you alright,
Which has nothing to do with debauchery,
And everything with where your mind goes,
When it is naturally free.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Your Dream

You only need great foresight,
And determination,
And the freedom to do very hard work,
If you want success in this nation,

And a certain amount of privilege,
And support from those around you,
And luck, and you have to be a nice person,
Well that last one is not true,

And who wouldn't want there to be some kind of chance,
To have the chance to fulfill her dreams,
And have the time to,
Enjoy all that means?

So, it's alright,
Distract yourself all you'd like,
It won't help you get what you want,
Or aid you in your fight.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Your Dreams Will Come True

Things will never happen,
As you imagine they will,
Unless you can imagine outside of time,
And not acknowledge events until,

They conform to your ultimate wishes,
Which, let's be honest, they never will,
So that your dreams are always on the horizon,
Promising realization until,

Your dreams change, or you leave this earth,
Both scenarios guaranteed by your will,
The former prescribed by the changing world,
The latter not on your mind until,

Your final moment, alright?
That's when it all will,
Be clear for the eternity you live it,

Friday, August 27, 2010


What makes someone passionate,
About something?
It must speak to her deepest desire,
For self-actuating,

For even a selfless act is done by someone,
Who has something to gain by it,
That is wholly personal,
Isn't it?

And it's not to say this is a bad thing,
For just as Hume says,
It's those actions most lauded that help others,
Regardless of the motives.

And it's alright,
Sometimes the actions help no one,
Not even the person carrying them out,
Other than giving them an obscure dominion.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

There's No Way Out

When you're feeling that way,
Don't dwell on it too long,
Or try to understand it as it passes,
Because there's nothing wrong,

With saying nothing, and knowing nothing,
As long as you keep it inside,
Because outside's no place for not pretending,
There's lots to know, and you're the most knowing guy.

And that's all to say that nobody's perfect,
And many really just don't care,
Because their own insecurities make,
Anything else, something they could not bear.

But it's alright,
Because eventually you have to,
Forget it all, if just for a moment,
Just to remind yourself what you want to do.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You'll Be Alright

It is very easy,
To feel over your head,
In situations foreign to you,
And to stay put, instead.

But it really only has to do,
With the language people speak,
And if you could match your own words with theirs,
You'd find it really easy,

Or at least familiar, for it might be,
That you don't do very well,
In your own language, anyway,
And that will ultimately tell,

How you'll be alright,
Or not so much,
In any given situation,
Not counting your general luck.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Patience my child,
All things in their time,
And in the interim, prepare thyself,
For even more than for which you whine,

For opportunity never arrives,
Unlike a watched pot,
Unless you are looking out for it,
And if you aren't, then it simply will not,

And when it does, that's not the end of it,
But the time when you must grab on,
And learn the meaning of life itself,
Which is momentum.

And it's alright,
If you prefer to let life go by,
And focus instead on focusing on,
The sterile question of 'why?'.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


There are moments in your existence,
Outside of everything else,
Outside of time and relevance,
And outside of your self,

When you can look in on,
Where you're at,
And assess if you've achieved,

You ultimately want,
If you know what that is,
Or learn actually,
Your dreams.

And it's alright,
Even if you are distracted,
As long as you get something done,
At least you acted.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Is Life Tenuous?

Is life tenuous?
You better bet it is.
Like the weather on the east coast,
Wait five minutes if you don't like it,

And wait a moment if you think,
Others aren't thinking right,
And introduce someone new to them,
And get ready for quite a sight,

Of transformation, because no one isn't,
Unaffected by someone else.
Just seeing further proof of other beings,
Affects the strength of one's self.

And it's alright,
You can just become a hermit,
And fill your world with what you think it is,
And you may be able to rule it.

Finally See

There is a privileged station,
If you can find it,
With someone else that makes their insanity,
Very well fitted,

To progress and success and closeness,
Unlike what you experience,
With those fuckers who yell at you first,
Before attempting courteousness.

And once you realize that all it takes,
Is forgetting the ego that,
Demands that others treat you with respect,
There is much more that you get,

Like finally feeling alright,
With someone else,
Because you know no matter what they say,
It's not directed at your self.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To The Future

What a lucky situation,
Facing life with you,
And navigating all of its pitfalls,
Threatening what we want to do,

Which is mold it to our vision,
A hybrid of both,
The beauty you create with your movements,
And my obliviousness as I coast,

And one day, after all of the stress,
And the hard work needed for the task,
Of early retirement and personal fulfillment,
We will finally get to ask,

Are we alright,
Now that we have what we want?
You a business, and me, just your love,
In a hammock, basking in the sun.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting What You Want

Yes, the are different kinds of people,
With different desires,
Grounded in different soil, satisfied by,
Varied fires,

Like passion, possession, or esteem,
To name only three,
And navigating your own unique needs,
Among these varieties,

Demands a knowledge beyond yourself,
Into the soul of those,
Who would impede your progress,
Towards your specific goals.

And it's alright,
If you find this hard to do,
Just don't trust anyone,
And assume the best of all around you.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Too Fast

I want you to stay,
No matter the price,
Whether it means immediate death,
Or that I have to play nice,

And be someone I'm definitely not,
Or that I have to tell the truth,
About everything about my life,
Because I love you.

But if you have to go, I guess there's no,
Onus on me,
Which is attractive beyond love,
And appeals to my ego's susceptibility.

And it's alright,
Either way,
I'm a professional at making the best of things,
And make it a better day.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Secret Again

The moment is always now,
The time to get it done,
Just like the people gaining success now,
Haven't just begun,

But worked hard behind the scenes many years,
And yes, they needed some luck,
Which alone does nothing at all,
And rarely comes without some pluck,

But, of course, there's the question of happiness,
And personal fulfillment,
Which for some has nothing to do with success,
And everything to do with contentment,

Which are the same thing, alright?
Someone has to understand this:
Life's not about fame and fortune,
Fame and fortune's about personal bliss.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Your Impossible Journey

It may never happen,
Exactly as you would dream,
But nothing does, just like nothing,
Is exactly as it seems,

And nothing teaches you exactly what,
It intended to,
Because all teachings have a hidden motive,
To control you,

But you are uncontrollable,
Because you are an impossible being,
Living in an impossible world,
Filled with impossible fiends.

But it's alright,
Really it is,
Because everyone's in the same impossible boat,
Feeling just as nausious.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Universal Reference

There is no reference,
Sufficiently neutral,
Or familiar to enough people,
To be communal,

Unless it's the nervousness of seeing someone,
Who you believe means you harm,
Or the excitement of nearing,
An unrequited loved one,

Or feeling anger of any kind,
Towards one's family,
Who teaches us all of the caustic emotions,
And how our reactions should be.

But it's alright,
If you're unfamiliar with all of this,
Because you're a psychopathic orphan,
And so, in these ways, don't exist.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On The Go

Why did we ever,
Stop ourselves from what,
Every atom in our body tells us,
It's definitely not a not,

But intuitive like breathing,
Not to minimize it,
But all other things equal,
And senses heightened,

No reason could persuade an animal,
Or you,
From doing what comes natural,
No matter what you do.

And it's alright,
If you want to deny all this,
It only gives you a different existence,
From your body's every wish.


When you've had enough,
And no pop reference fits here,
But you don't want to throw it all away,
Out of fear,

Of what you will do then, just as if,
You were born again,
Except instead of being helpless and naïve,
You have experience and motion,

And friends and money and a better idea,
Of who you are,
Than when you couldn't even feed yourself,
Which isn't again very far,

Then to be alright,
You have to be true to yourself,
And if you don't know who that is,
Then you're being true to someone else.

Monday, August 09, 2010


That's what you always said,
But, there's so much difference,
Between what there can actually be,
And what you think in your head,

And what people would actually want to do,
If given the chance.
You wonder why they aren't doing what you want,
And giving you a chance.

But you should have learned long ago,
Even in your dreams,
That chance is something that happens to you,
Once you've created your own means.

Oh, it's alright,
Just let it ride,
And continue with your attitude,
And your unforgiving side.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Clarity

What you see's not what,
There really is,
It's what has been given to you,
As what exists,

And it always will be, even though,
You may not see it that way,
And want to start again,
By throwing it all away,

Which you can never do,
But you already know that,
Because you are a multiple-layered person,
An undeniable fact.

And it's alright,
It doesn't mean you can't start again,
You'll just have to bring along your past,
As a companion.

Friday, August 06, 2010

To Change

If you're in transition,
And it's not going well,
Because you're split in two between who you are,
And who you'll be eventual-ly,

Concentrate on the future,
But don't ignore the past,
And burn bridges, not that you'll want to return,
But allow others to pass,

And assist you in your new adventure,
Because everyone needs help,
And arriving somewhere new with no friends,
Is how most failures fell.

And it's alright,
If some people refuse to go,
With you because they're afraid of change.
That's a sign of future failure, too, you know.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


If it's going to happen,
It better happen now,
Because you're not getting any younger,
And life doesn't explain how,

To do it, so you are on your own,
Struggling to find a way,
To marry passion with survival,
As if it should be any other way,

And until you do, you' re looking at others,
Who seem to get it,
And are happy as clams, while you,
Continue flabbergasted.

And it's alright,
There's still plenty of time,
If you consider that it only takes a moment,
To realize that it will all be fine.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Whatever You Want

There Is always something,
Waiting to undo,
Everything you have built up until now,
And mean so much to you.

And the cause of this can be one of so many,
Causes caused by so much:
Things you've done, and things that happened to you,
That you have nothing to do with, as such.

And so, what is it you do,
That can contribute to this?
Almost anything, good or bad,
So you may as well chase your bliss.

And so it's alright,
To do what others deem,
Things that violate morality?
It would seem.