Sunday, June 30, 2013

How Not To Offend

There's a sentence I know,
And someone pointed out,
That no matter who in the world said it,
It's offensive, no doubt,

I don't know where the ref'rence book resides,
That lists these sentences,
But she said that it would still be racist,
Coming from the mouth of Malcolm X's.

I'd love to get me hands on this bible,
'Cause I always just thought,
You can't give, you can only take offense,
That's apparently not,

How the world is,
That is Solipsism,
To have a soci'ty with no conflict,
You must have access to this syllogism.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Guess Who's Back In Hudak Town

I swear I'll eat my hat,
If the rumours don't fly,
Because Broten's leaving Etobicoke,
About another guy,

A guy who has called the Conservatives,
And told them that he's free,
Ready to serve in a blue government,
That will fix the errors of McGuinty.

Yes there's some rumours already around,
'Bout this Ward Two Counc'llor,
Regarding the sale of pounds of hashish,
Round 'bout age twenty-four,

But he's past that,
And this is his home town,
The fact that nothing's come of the Globe claims,
Should make Tim Hudak come right back around.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Super Moon

Tonight's a Super Moon,
Though I may not see it,
This rain's torrential like I've never seen,
And I was excited!

To feel its pull from the closest it's been,
Or will be for the year,
A power invisible yet so strong,
Proves one's influence grows as you grow near.

Because we all have our own gravity,
Some greater than others,
When with ones of a particular ilk,
Norm'ly known as lovers.

Like you and me,
When our orbits did cross,
My heart overflowed from a vi'lent tide,
And I wish-ed the sun forever lost.

TR - Perfect Circle

They say the circle,
That math'matics constructs,
Cannot exist in the world where we live,
Because perfect we're not,

These formulas are what the world strives for,
When it creates shapes,
But nothing will ever fall on the points,
That math'matical equations create.

But is there a statement that could be writ,
If we knew everything,
That could perfectly describe a circle,
That's act'lly existing?

'Cause if there is,
Then why cannot there be,
A circle that's created in nature,
That's pi times diameter, perfectly?

Friday, June 21, 2013

TR - Intro

So far there's nothing new,
Time is an illusion,
Though, ev'ryone in hist'ry's allowed that,
It's something we live in.

Now, I am not a mathematician,
But, like Lee has advised,
I'll do what scientists do when they read,
Skip things until something is recognized!

And what I see coming is an old trap,
Set for the good-hearted,
Trying to escape presuppositions,
As made up as art is:

He may back up,
Though I hope he does not,
Into claiming there's a different dream,
In the made-up world against which he fought.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Clean Trudeau

Trudeau's got a great gift,
From the Conservatives,
Who've attacked him for taking cash to speak,
From charities that give,

'Cept for one that couldn't due to its bills,
And asked for its cash back,
Not really a professional request.
Really, what kind of charity is that?

So, this minor scandal is created,
Allowing Justin to,
Actually reimburse the money,
Despite having been true,

To gov'ment rules,
And claiming the income,
Whether deflection or attempt to smear,
Stephen Harper's cronies got this one wrong.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Turkey's Turn

Looks like the Arab Spring,
Is still alive and well,
Well, 'well' is of course a relative term,
And only time will tell,

And time says Turkey has shook with earthquakes,
But never have they killed,
In numbers close to what violence has done,
In the name of the secularist will.

Now police forces fire water canons,
On those in Taksim Square,
Another civil war viewed by a world,
Wond'ring if it should care.

Like Erdogan,
Doesn't care 'bout the world,
'Cept for the thirty-year-old wish to be,
Part of the European Union's fold.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

In Defence Of Our Country

I love Peter MacKay,
And I will tell you why,
Though his career's marked by stumbles and gaffs,
Still's a char'smatic guy.

Do you remember he led the PCs,
Promising to Orchard,
No merge with Canadian Alliance,
Then to attempt to move Free Trade backward?

And the cost of the F-Thirty-Fives was,
Almost twice what he said,
The Defense Department never looked great,
With Peter at its head.

Now CSE,
Is tapping all our phones?!
He said us Canad'ans' rights are safe,
But now, seems exceptions may've been condoned.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Ontario Liberals Hang On

So Wynne wins the budget,
And McGuinty steps down,
Which is impressive, because the latter,
Hasn't much been around,

Not even for the latest budget vote,
Though that was all Horwath,
Again, giving this government new life,
'Cause they'll never get support from Hudak,

E'en if she was backing poor blind puppies,
He would still say 'No deal',
For how could a government that's not his,
Really get what he feels?

Then there's the gas!
And the destroyed emails,
If they had to have an election now,
To win, they'd need Tim to eat puppy tails.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Good Ol' Ford

Welcome back old Rob Ford!
And good-bye Robinson,
This hearkens back to the good early days,
When he could do no wrong,

When library committees were fair game,
Given to friends of note,
When Mammoliti put thumb up or down,
To let council know which way they should vote,

When people still believed the gravy train,
Was out chugging somewhere,
And Nunziata's antics were allowed,
From the speaker's chair.

He's got new life,
And confidence, too,
He's even scheduled his own Ford party,
To show the world what Ford Nation can do.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bedford vs Canada

The con side to sex sales,
Is the exploitation,
Women forced into selling their bodies,
For rent compensation.

People argue that no one would do it,
If given the option,
A profession linked to drugs and vi'lence,
It will get worse with legalization.

So, the girl whose body is her asset,
Should rather live in shame,
Told by the law that what she was born with,
Is not hers to exchange.

My instinct says,
That jons are predators,
But why should the government help them thrive,
By stripping their prey of food and shelter?

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Blue North Strong and Free

The PM's new paint job,
Of his official jet,
In colours that remind one of Tories,
Will ring a bell, I bet,

How about the stimulus spending signs?
Maybe not Torie blue,
Still thousands of signs that stimulated,
Excitement over what the gov did do.

Then they put Torie logos on big cheques,
Presented by the Feds,
If they started making self-attack ads,
They'd think they were struck dead,

Sent to heaven,
Treasures dropped in their hands,
Like a magic world where NDP rule,
And decide to paint their own jet orange.

Friday, June 07, 2013

The Upstaging of Millard

It is a big circus,
That could trump Bosma's case,
But even with his constant, "Next question"s,
The Ford drama's not waned,

While on the next page, the saga goes on,
Now it turns out Millard,
Signed over three properties to his mom,
'Tween arrest and body found in his yard.

Now, this timeline could all be innocent,
Though the experts say, 'naw',
But these rich man's games with money and lives,
Is like a soap op'ra!
And let's ask this:
'How many folks you know,
Are connected to two suspicious deaths,
Then after a third, sheds a new condo?'

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A Second Life for the Fords

Well, well.  Oh my Gawker!
What is the story now?
Is the video police evidence,
Or is Rob saved somehow?

Should eyes ne'er feast on the crack film again,
Then business will go on,
Of course, until Smith's murder file is closed,
The papers will still have speculation.

There is still the story of brother Ford,
Though no one seems to care,
E'en Ontario's Blues will take him in,
Once that's a dead affair,

For, here's the deal,
Like Woods once did note,
I quote, "Winning takes care of everything,"
And I think the Fords could still get the votes.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Justin's Tack

At his FCM talk,
In Vancouver, BC,
Québécois Justin Trudeau proclaimed that,
The senate should still be,

As opposed to Mulcair, who says kill it,
That is much, much too harsh,
Especially for Quebec's twenty-four seats,
Justin's struck the NDP at its heart,

And massive reform, this Lib'ral points out,
As if his foes don't know,
Would take years to complete for it entails,
Constitut'nal reform,
'Just be open!
Like when I ope'd my books',
Though he may not want to invite too much,
Lest someone actually decides to look.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Harper's Next Step

I'm sure Stephen Harper,
Is not a happy guy,
He prefers to be executing plans,
Not explaining thick lies.

He prob'ly told Mike to pay back the funds,
When he learned back in Feb,
His team got scared and tried damage control,
Steve not knowing what they did, like he said.

But Mike's got a hist'try of dirty claims,
And Steve likes to stay clean,
Though he's also good at turning scandal,
Into opportun'ty.
Or just kill it,
Like the stim'lus spending,
So far he's distanced himself from Duffy,
Let's see what's next after just defending!