Thursday, April 28, 2011

Without God

There really are people,
Comfortable in their own skin,
Who wouldn't change a thing in their life,
If you asked them,

Despite hardships and the unexpected,
Heartbreaks and disappointments,
Once. They realize that one's true happiness,
Isn't dependent on events,

But, there comes moments of true test,
When life falls apart, as for Job,
When, without God, there is no meaning,
And you are truly alone,

Which is alright,
Alone isn't the worst.
It's surrendering the strength you've built,
Learning to live on this Earth.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Doldrums

It's so very easy,
To let oneself degrade,
Into a slump of self-criticism,
Until you just fade,

Into the background, watching others,
Do the things you'd rather not do,
Anyway, because it's because of those tasks,
That you,

Are where's you're at now, and all the choices,
Seem to be just two,
Resign yourself to what you must do now,
Or search for something new,

Which would be alright,
Except, in order to do so,
You need some semblance of self-confidence,
For that get-up-and-go.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Keeping Your Dreams Safe

If we all just get together,
And list what we agree,
And then be in awe at the extensive list,
That we see,

Then we can discard of the other things,
That only get in the way,
Of creating the world that we want,
At the end of the day,

Because that's the only time we really care,
About, we're all living for that,
And why, no one is exactly sure.
Probably because it's all that we have.

Because, it's alright,
When you lay yourself down to sleep,
For that's the only time you're really sure,
That your dreams, you get to keep.

Friday, April 22, 2011

To Not Want

The race is never over,
Nor are the results ordained,
And if you've lost that winning feeling,
It can still come back again,

But not without some event,
Or tweaking of the mind,
Though if you rely on the former,
You're likely to find,

That success will not come to you,
And you're not moving at all,
And others will see you for what you are:

And that's alright,
You can be anything you want,
And not wanting is a kind of want,
And you can not want a lot.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can't Change

You will never change,
Never forget,
Unless, you're prone to forgetting,
Or are a changeable person,

Just know your inclinations and remember,
That anything can be a commodity,
If marketed correctly,
In the market economy.

For example, your innate anger,
That you seem to flaunt and feed on,
Can be hired out to those who need to be angry,
But lack that criterion.

Hey, alright,
Don't get angry at me,
I am just an honest person,
And am speaking honestly.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Risk of Going for Gold

Resilience is the thing,
That is hardest to hold on to,
Because its reward is always around the corner,
But never in front of you,

And yet the lesson learned when it finally comes,
Is perhaps the greatest reward of all,
Much greater than the immediate,
Pleasure that's financial,

Much greater than what you can realize,
Realizing what you have to do,
To get everything you ever wanted,
'Cause you won't do it, will you?

And that's alright,
Because it would require resilience,
And you could spend your whole life working it,
And never get the benefits.

Monday, April 18, 2011

To Love

When there are expectations,
That you just cannot meet,
Not because you lack ability,
But, because you're relying,

On others, who may not appreciate,
That one should be nice,
To others, just because we're all human,
Regardless of what one's like,

And if we all just spent our energies,
Helping, instead of not,
We will excel as a species,
Until we don't have to do a lot,

And we'll be alright,
And be ready for others,
That come from different origins,
And other mothers.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

How To Get Ahead

No matter the world's thoughts,
About what you've done,
They will be as different from yours,
As everyone,

Else's thoughts, also,
Because no two people,
See things the same,
Yet, there's a need to,

Know them all, and that means,
To know everything,
Which is less a matter of knowledge,
And more of posturing.

And that's alright,
Everyone knows the truth,
And are only looking for the one,
Who will speak it anew.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

No Ford

When you have a view,
And you need others to support it,
There's always a way to muster them,
No matter how illegitimate,

And contrary to common sense,
Or even common decency,
And how you do it, honestly,
Is beyond me,

But it happens and those who can do it,
Either use brute force,
Or some kind of charisma,
That take others off course.

And it's not alright,
It's wrong and immoral.
Live and let live without a care.
That's what life is for.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When You'll Be Successful

When do opportunities come?
When you least expect them,
Just when you've started to enjoy what you're doing,
That's exactly when,

You forget about your dissatisfaction,
And when your universe transforms,
And those around you start talking to others,
About how you're above the norm,

And then it is no coincidence,
That the offers start rolling in,
For now you're seen as a positive force,
And a multi-disciplinarian.

and it's alright,
That you will hit lows again,
That's only when you stop and look around,
And change direction.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Who To Blame For Your Oppression

If you find you're doing something,
That you find most enjoyable,
But it is not your main source of income,
That's deplorable,

For, really, what is the lament we have,
In a democratic capitalism,
But that our days are spent doing something,
That causes an internal schism,

And makes us feel that we are prisoners,
Of the system in which we were born?
Yet, strip yourself of all outward constraints,
And you would probably be as forlorn,

Because, it's alright,
That there are examples of better systems,
But, within each there're also people who beat them,
And live lives of satisfaction.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Three Constraints

Time, if you don't have it,
Doesn't leave a lot,
For you to think about,
And you better find it, if not,

Then the Quality of your live will suffer,
Not that other factors don't come into it,
But, if you don't want to waste this life,
Remember this little bit,

And Money is not the least of things,
And not the most important,
But a necessity for survival,
Whether legal tender or equipment.

So, be alright,
And balance these three things,
Presented to you in order of importance,
For successful living.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Freedom Of Speech

Liberty of thought,
Is a sanctified right,
That isn't even something you can interfere with,
Or even within sight,

And why that right should be extended out,
Into the air which we all breathe,
Is not an obvious extension,
And one I would rather leave,

Except, what are the consequences,
Of letting your thoughts spill out,
Other than spilling into the minds of others,
The right of which should not be in doubt,

So, it's alright,
I say scream your thoughts to the air,
And if that ultimately leads to revolution,
Well, that's not what we're talking 'bout here.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Learning From the Moment

There is nothing as important,
As what you're doing as ya,
Read this. Not the cries of your loved ones,
Or the hurting in libya,

Despite the money that you don't have,
Or the secrets you're trying to hide,
From people you are trying to impress,
And to whom you lied,

Much more crucial than your dreams,
All of this is on the same plane,
Of reality, which is none at all,
Compared to what's occupying your brain,

Which is the moment, right?
There is nothing else,
Treat the rest with the same respect,
And you may finally understand yourself.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Society Doesn't Demand Blood

There are the things you can remember,
As a child that you did,
That made you happy, but today don't seem,
Completely valid,

For how could something that makes you feel so good,
Actually be good for your life?
Surely, most of your time must be filled with tasks,
And duties defined by strife,

For there are countless others in the world,
Who are just like that,
And nothing but priviledge could yield any more,
And that is just bad.

But, alright,
Just imagine what if,
Everyone suddenly did what they want.
Couldn't that be bliss?

Friday, April 01, 2011

As I Sit Here

With all the expectations,
One builds up in others,
Of what is possible within one's life,
Which that life doesn't cover,

And without the benefit of having lived,
A life before this one,
It's impossible to gauge what you can do,
Without true self-evaluation,

And a knowledge of what it is,
That you like to do,
Which makes whatever you do easier,
And true.

Though, it's alright,
You have a lifetime to figure it out,
And many lives within that life,
That we can talk about.