Monday, September 30, 2013

Will The US Shut Down?

I wish I knew hist'ry,
'Cause I'm willing to bet,
That this threat to shut down the U.S. gov,
Is not a newborn threat,

And I'm not talking nineteen ninety-six,
Let's try Amer'ca's birth,
The one preceded by revolution,
Creating the most unique place on Earth,

Where they live together, but are not one,
Look at Obamacare,
How dare he propose an easier way,
To make hosp'tals more fair?

That would be wrong,
Everyone for himself,
If you can't afford med'cine for your kids,
Then maybe you should check your mental health.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

David Bowie is here

When I was in grade one,
My sister Sue helped me,
Win a jack-o-lantern contest at school,
Well, the work was all she.

I won a gift prize for a record store,
My very first album!
Sister two said, "buy Rush, Exit Stage Left!".
I tended to value her opinion.

Then Susy went to the store with my prize,
Bought Bowie's Changes One!
I was angry, then I listened to it,
And all anger was gone.

Now it is thirty years,
I've got thirty Bowies,
His words will live forever in my mind,
All from a pumpkin with ears made from leaves.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Green Peace Pirates

Some of Russia's comments,
Are a bit of a lark:
The ship "was loaded with electronics,"
Ya, so the ship could work.

But I guess what are they supposed to do?
Green Peace was scaling walls,
Trying to get on their arctic oil rig.
These activists really have some big balls!

So now all thirty of them are in jail,
And I have to admit,
I'd know naught about Prirazlomnaya,
But for these mad pirates,

Nor would I know,
That there is no good plan,
Barring the 'useless' Nuuk Declaration,
For cleaning oil spills in this pristine land.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Role of News

So now there's al-Shabab,
In Arabic, The Youth,
Militants who practice Sharia law,
For Somalia's good,

Formed to keep out Ethiopian troops,
Helping the government,
That replaced the old Islamist leader,
Ex-President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

There are many stories like this around,
Waiting to hit headlines,
Lots of women stoned and crowded malls blown,
Aid denied all the time.

So now we know,
Our brains put aside space,
To acknowledge injustice in foreign lands,
Until another headline takes its place.

Friday, September 20, 2013

As The Rain Falls

As the rain outside falls,
As the train rambles by,
As my eyes hurt by the light of this screen,
In the darkness of night,

As production continues through all hours,
From countless artists' hands,
Reflecting this world from their own eyes' light,
Reaching the eyes of very few humans,

As the solutions can't keep up with the,
Problems that we create,
Inventing things with no care for the world,
As we still procreate,

As the rain falls,
Finding the eas'est paths,
I wonder, will life ever provide me,
With all the things for which I've ever asked?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Bio of al-Assad

Did you know that Assad,
Wasn't to be pres'dent,
'Til brother Bassel died in ninety-four,
In a car accident?

Pres. Bashar was an ophthalmologist!
That's a doctor of eyes,
But then he was fast-tracked through the army,
Took five years to make colonel, for this guy.

In two thousand he became president,
People hoped he'd reform,
It soon became clear he had no intent,
To dev'ate from the norm,

Now civil war,
Two-years old and growing,
With Russia and China firmly on side,
No hint of waning resolve is showing.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Risk For Gain

Is there any value,
Pushing the envelope,
That moment your body is telling you,
It's uncomfortable?

Is it saying that if you go further,
Something's sure to go wrong,
To take what you have and to be happy,
Don't risk enjoying the success too long?

Or is it presenting to you the chance,
To grab for the brass ring?
Something out of reach when you're comfortable,
But sure worth the stretching!

Here is the thing,
You'll surely never know,
If you don't risk the comfort that you're in,
Which you may really not want to let go.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Throne Speech is Coming

The Throne Speech is coming,
The one that will unveil,
The strategy of the ruling Tories,
After years of no fail.

The one that will try to set the debate,
For the next election,
Forget Mulcair, this one's against Trudeau,
The dope-smoking hippie politician.

So, after proroguing the parliament,
And dissing the lib'rals,
For not having policy of their own,
For what will Harper call?

For more fairness,
For normal consumers,
Their right to buy goods without confusion,
So we can reach our debt-cap that sooner.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Miley and Dolly

This guy Steve Moccio,
Wrote the song Wrecking Ball,
As performed by Miley Cyrus, naked,
Licked sledge hammer and all,

But there's something funny going on there,
In the song's last motion,
She tried to break her love's walls, but then says,
As if she did, "I should've let you win."

Despite not actu'lly being let in,
"I will always want you,"
How did she see something inside of him,
While never breaking through?

Like Julliette,
Is it folly of youth,
Can't people be Islands in the Stream, or,
Is Billy Ray's daughter singing a truth?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dream's Reality

I dreamt I lost three teeth,
Symb'lizing anxi'ty,
For somehow losing a part of yourself,
Is not a mind's party,

Which makes my own mind twirl with vertigo,
'Cause I don't even know,
Where my body ends and the world begins,
So can pieces of me be said to go?

Maybe what losing teeth should really mean,
Is forging a new bond,
Meshing somehow with the environment,
In a way yet not found.

We are all one,
From toes up to the teeth,
Expressing reality's potential,
Whether in waking or just in our dreams.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Syria Safe From Scrutiny

Barack's wiping his brow,
Changing his underwear,
For once, Russia's opposite intentions,
Will work in his favor,

Syria agrees to stop chemicals,
Russia won't veto that,
Meaning that congress doesn't have to vote,
And veto Obama's call for attack.

Isn't it great when everyone looks good?!
Even Mr. Assad.
Doesn't even look like he'll have to pay,
For the kids he hurt bad.

What about that?
The hundreds burned to death?
And the many more dying ev'ryday day,
While our world leaders drink to their own health.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Shurman Gets The Axe

Some say Peter Shurman,
Was sacked by Tim Hudak,
Not because of his living expenses,
But for something way back,

In two thousand and eight when he refused to,
Resign his seat to Tim.
A past favorite of leader John Tory,
Shurman prob'ly seems like a threat to him.

'Cause the details of the costs Pete had claimed,
Were cleared by the leader,
Reviewed, I'm sure, by the PC watch dogs,
To help protect Peter,

Which it did not,
Because the rules must change,
At least that is what Tim is now saying,
Which, if he act'lly likes Shurman, is strange.

Friday, September 06, 2013

The U.S. Conscience

Why is it the U.S.,
That must lead all conflict?
Forget the ethics of Assad's regime,
No one don't condemn it,

Even Russia says if it's chemical,
The world must do something,
Not that Putin's rushing to find the truth,
Losing his Syrian ally would sting.

But really, from both Bushes to Barrack,
Johnson in Vietnam,
Maybe it's just the hype of Amer'ca,
Like Miley's awards stunt,

That makes it seem,
That they're the only ones,
Who wage war without U.N. approval,
And have ulterior motivations.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Dissecting Life

Life has many stages,
Not hierarchical,
Although some you would like to leave for last,
Like congress sexual,

Others you can take or leave, like some films,
They were enjoy'ble, yes,
But did not improve your knowledge of things,
Nor did they contribute to your success,

Then there are the bittersweet ass-fuckers,
Excuse the language, mom,
These are the ones you wish didn't happen,
But preceded good ones,

And it might be,
They were needed, though mean,
Maybe they changed you in prep for the next,
Most fantastic, unbelievable dream.