Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Harrowing Halloween

There is nothing scary,
'Bout Halloween no more,
With all the answers we've had from science,
We're 'magination poor,

Like when my son was out at recess time,
And he looked at the wall,
He said a ghost came out of it, and then,
He lost track of 't chasing a soccer ball.

He didn't consider what it might do,
Which is a ghost's power,
For they have no physical properties,
Worthy of a cower.
What we need is,
More faith in the unknown,
Recall that the knowledge that we possess,
Is a scratch from inside a coffin's dome. (ooOOooOOooOOoo)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Evil Trees

There comes a time each year,
The very air changes,
Warmth flies away to some far, far off land,
Replaced by cold ranges,

It's a little season we all know 'bout,
I like to call it fall,
The death season that kills all plants alive,
Except for those that the devil does call,

Those evergreens come to mind as evil,
Something that doesn't die,
To me reeks of deals with unsav'ry sorts,
Planning to steal and lie.
"And why", you ask,
"Am I harshing on trees?"
They have gotten away for far too long,
Feigning nice, while causing atrocities!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No Real Anger At Spying Allies

Let's just all be honest,
It's really no secret,
That all countries spy on ev'ry other.
You take what you can get,

In relation to your abilities.
So when the wall's thin, your ear's pressed to it,
You peak at my email,
Just 'cause you can do it.

The only reason countries are "angry",
Is to pretend they don't,
Also practice this nefarious act,
So the public don't know.
Plus, they all talk,
Germ'ny's slap's a nudge, too,
Saying, "let's just get through this discomfort,
Then get back to doing what countries do."

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hey, Let's Rape The Land Again!

Thank god for First Nations!
Would us explorers think,
To consider our effect upon the land,
Being consummate dinks?

Elsipogtogs've rallied,
For many, many days,
'Gainst Fracking that will surely be happ'ning,
If SWN is left to play,

Willy-nilly on the band's property.
You know what Fracking is?
Pump scads of gallons of chem'cal water,
Deep in Nature's abyss,
Then extract gas,
Now you can walk away.
Ethics again is completely ignored,
In the name of our economic gains.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Friendship's greater than love,
It spans 'cross space and time,
It doesn't matter the last time you met,
Everything is e'er fine,

You can express your love to a good friend,
With no fear of 'ssumptions,
No obligation to see the other,
No unreasonable expectations,

Friends remind you of the person you were,
And are a reflection,
Of how true you've been to who you once were,
With no discrim'nation,

I pity those,
Who've sacrificed friendship,
In the name of finding success in life,
From some notion that there's no room for it,

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Mind's Death

N'matter what your mind says,
It has little control,
Over the body in which it is housed,
When it decides to go,

Like when you have cancer beyond repair,
You're alive with an end,
More predictable than the av'rage guy,
So there is no luxury to pretend,

That you might live to a hundred and five,
Many people do that,
To put off doing what their heart desires,
Just a trick in their hat,

Like mind cancer,
Spreading lies in your thoughts,
For what could you call it other than death,
When your true dreams and desires just rot?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Summing the Senate Spending Scandal

Looks like prorogation,
Didn't succeed, this time,
In stifling debate on a gov scandal,
S'Tories could realign,

Like the robo-call prorogue of oh twelve,
Do you remember that?
What about Afghan detainee treatment?
"Prorogue Two Thou-Nine" was where it was at!

 But now parl'ment's back, and so is Duffy,
Claiming what I had thought,
That Steve was in on the expense pay-back,
Though he says he was not.
And how 'bout Pam?!
She really seems upset.
This is just two sens of one hundred, five.
We haven't even scratched the surface, yet.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Meditating Again

I meditate again,
Though, I have started slow,
All the reasons why I used to love it,
Once more begin to flow,

Like the thoughts that visit me as I sit,
Solving varied problems,
As if they're there in my mind all along,
And I just wasn't able to find them,

To do it I get up extra early,
But that's, in fact, okay,
For ev'ry minute of meditation's,
Extra pep in the day.

It reminds me,
Who I am, what I love,
To think I left it for so many years,
It's proof we're being oppressed by our gov!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A New Place On The Map

They're eighty-nine more towns,
'Til the Olympic Torch,
Makes it to southern city Volgograd,
Where a bus has been scorched,

By an Islamist suicide bomber,
The video's online,
From a group led by Doku Umarov,
A Chechnyan rebel with a thousand lives,

Who has lifted a moratorium,
On attacks on Russia,
In order to disrupt the Sochi games.
Now you wonder, donchya,

Why, when you think,
Of the world map these days,
Do countries appear and then disappear,
Based on the violence and deaths that's been staged?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Who Has Time To Worry?

Have you seen the pictures?!
The smog's thick as pea soup,
In the Heilongjiang province town Harbin,
Poor Beijing's had a coup.

It's news like this that puts into perspective,
How fucked up the world is,
If there weren't genocide and famine,
All decent folk would be incredulous.

But a person has to choose his battles,
Well, many have no choice,
It is hard to decry the sky falling,
When the state took your voice,

Or killed your child,
Or foreclosed on your home,
Add human desire to make sense of life,
Most just want the news to leave them alone.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Resilience of the Suicide Bombing Trade

There's so much I don't get,
About so many things.
Let's try suicide bombers in Iraq,
'Cause of recent killings.

The thought is that these are Sunni Muslims,
Mad at the Shia gov,
For keeping them out of pol'tical posts,
Security forces showing no love,

So over five bombs killed more than eighty,
One at a funeral.
This just in the last two days alone,
Suicide bombers all.

Not to be terse, 
But, how can someone see,
How so many innocent people die,
And think, "suicide bombing is for me."?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Guinea's True Hope

Quotations, when used well,
Can be beautiful things,
Like in, Guinea ruling party "wins",
Known as the RPG.

One of the most "stable" nations around,
At least in Africa,
Since leaving "Soc'lism" in the eighties,
After thousands fell to its agenda,

Still, it is a nation of immense "wealth",
Its people the most poor,
These "elections", delayed three years just prove,
What fighting might be for.

Though, Europe's "there",
E'en though it's broke with France,
They've got a "think-tank" called the Crisis Group,
To save itself from its own failing "plans".

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Privacy Bullshit

What is all this hoopla,
About one's privacy?
Furor abounds about the NSA,
Spying on you and me,

Reading our pers'nal emails, taping calls,
Not in our minds just yet.
What's the danger of this information,
If you really stop and reflect on it?

We should really just have nothing to hide,
What we act'lly resent,
Are either things we've done that aren't nice,
Or anti-'stablishment.

But think 'bout this:
Wouldn't life be quite grand,
If there was no fear of being who you're?
Then there'd be no privacy to demand.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just Because You've Proved Time Doesn't Not Exist, Doesn't Mean It Does

There is much evidence,
That Time really exists,
Through the observation of change through time,
That's not tricky, is it?

The fact that if you take a canister,
Then you fill it with gas,
And the molecules begin all lined up,
They will get pretty mixed up fairly fast,

Somehow shows us that Time is a real thing,
'Cause chances are they won't,
Return to the shape from whence they did start,
And often they just don't,

Yet one believes,
That given etern'ty,
They must return, I guess infinite times,
Which is the real problem of this theory.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Acts Of Kindess

What is the impetus,
When you own a business,
To do something that atch'lly costs money,
Simply out of kindness?

Well, it is never just a 'simply' thing,
That's just not the world's mood.
As Gord Gekko in the film Wall Street said,
"Greed, for lack of a better word, is good."

Though it might feel good to be generous,
It's more like fantasy,
Cap'lism makes sure it eventch'lly hurts,
'Less you get tax receipts.

'Cause you're so rich,
And have more than you need.
There's no other way human's could progress.
No soci'ty'd be, with n'imp'tus for greed!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Allah, I Say!

What about Malaysia?
A country to be cheered,
Rich in exports from disk drives to palm oil,
With beaches to draw tears,

And yes it's had some problems in the past,
But in the world's grand scheme,
From anti-communist, British col'ny,
It is a country-in-turmoil's wet dream,

Sure, the gov's main opponent's been charged twice,
Then acquitted twice, too,
Of sod'my, who supports democracy,
And who dares to argue,

And now 'Allah',
Can only be uttered,
By law, by citizens who are Muslim,
Still, as nations go, hard to find better.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Here Comes the Debt Ceiling

Not since the gold standard,
Became the U.S.A.,
Has the world economic 'stablishment,
Had such a chance to play.

I'm sure the Tea Party Libertar'ans,
Are tickled pink because,
America can lead the way again,
Creating a "no-tax, cit'zen's-the-boss,

"Maintain-your-own-roads, defend-your-own-land,

Is that so bad?
Doesn't the world need help?
Capitalism hasn't been the best,
At ensuring we are all in good health.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's All About Land

In news you rarely hear,
But which seems will ne'er stop,
In places like South America,
Where land's stolen a lot,

By rich land owners with impunity,
Except SeƱor Luedy,
Charged for the Felisburgo Massacre,
In Brazil, ninety-four, 'gainst MST.

But he can appeal, and 'til that is free,
These guys are rarely charged,
And even then, it's the smaller big guys,
You're safest when you're large.

Same here, I guess,
Look at the U.S. banks,
Millions of foreclosures, a big land grab,
While the gov'ment gives them bail-outs of thanks.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Speaking So The World Hears

Now I am just writing,
'Cause I know if I don't,
I will feel the world is passing me by,
Because I missed the boat,

Because it's hard to keep on expressing,
Because people don't hear,
Because there's so much begging to be heard,
Because we're all driven by the same fear,

Which is that life doesn't really matter,
Whichever route you take,
Which is true unless you can make your mark,
Which is so hard to make!
I'm not afraid,
To admit that I'd like,
Recognition for the thoughts in my head,
And the way I have decided to write.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Is It A Cult Party?

It's just hard to believe,
They're people that exist,
Enough to shut down the U.S. gov'ment,
With such a callused fist,

With such blind belief in their own beliefs,
That there's no compromise,
That the life of he who don't share their views,
Is so quickly forgotten if it dies.

Ask Boehner if he thinks the Tea Party,
Cares if he is ruined,
They must have something pretty bad on him,
Given what he's doin'.

"Abs'lutely thrilled!"
That is how Bachmann feels,
When the government is pushed to default,
Party leaders will ne'er be short of meals.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Workers Punished Again

When I was in Boston,
I said to this old joe,
"Hey, Congress closed the U.S. Government,"
He said, "How would you know?"

But seriously, folks, people lost jobs,
Like in national parks,
That probably take in more in a day,
Than the employees take home for their work.

They're no CEOs that have been let go,
Homeland Secur'ty's safe,
As far as I know, Congress makes no less,
The budget's biggest waste,

Which makes me think,
Why don't the laws protect,
Rights of the people to a living wage,
And punish leaders for being inept?