Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looks like

That hole looks like a fly,
But it is far too cold,
Unless an infestation's in the house,
In cavities untold,

Like a cancer coursing through one's body,
With no symptom in sight,
'Less she bothered to get checked like she should,
Given her hist'ry with that sing'lar blight,

But sometimes we only see what we want,
Listen to me, 'sometimes'!
And if we're lucky, how things need to be,
Don't cross others' lines,
Few are lucky,
Even more just settle,
'Cause it's much easier to tow that line,
Than to change the colour of that kettle. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

No More

I am caring no more,
There is nothing to hide,
E'en these words that appear to say something,
Is all there is to find,

Like words do for everything they mean,
That's just the way things are,
If you don't believe that, then by all means,
Go ahead and take the meaning too far,

But in this mind it's naught to do with words,
They're just vehicles,
To twist your thoughts until you don't know if,
You're in love or on pills,
Lost or looking,
Or got it figured out,
That's the only reason these words exist,
Oh, and to clear my own mind of all doubts. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

In A While

There's this constant headache,
It's hard to think of you,
The temp'rature constantly comes and goes,
I forget the poor, too

The child soldier that's existing right now,
S'drowned out by my coughing,
I'd lift fingers to help my fellow man,
If I wasn't restricted to resting,

The world around me'd be a better place,
If I had energy,
If I felt clear-headed when I stood up,
You could climb up on me.
It ain't like that,
My body has said so,
But if you come back in a little while,
I'll have everything above on the go.

Monday, December 28, 2015

That Buzzing

What's buzzing in your ears?
Maybe nothing outside,
Maybe it is just your own vibrations,
Created as you cried,

Reverb'rating now, e'en though tears are gone,
Back to the atmosphere,
To mingle with the tears of those others,
Who have had to live with so much more fear.

Perhaps they'll learn something from each other,
Like how the world could be,
The one that there can be greener pastures,
One, shouldn't have been freed.
But they'll forget,
They won't be tears again,
Or if they do, circumstances will change,
And they'll fall for a wholly new reason.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

It's Nothing

There's a lot in your mind,
Of all shapes and sizes,
Knowledge, ideas and experience,
Still, all just surmises,

Somehow organized so you understand,
Is that crazy enough?
Now squeeze something out for others to hear,
Made of just a smidgen of all that stuff,

The more people who hear't and understand,
Well, you're past surmising,
For things just are what we will them to be.
You find that surprising?
Where are you now?
D'you know how you got there?
You either willed it or twas willed on you,
Whether you call it destiny or fate.

Monday, December 14, 2015

I Had An Idea

Had a really good one,
About a simple thing,
Like honey in tea or kids with heartburn,
Of no controversy,

Of course, I can't remember what it was,
Which is a thing itself,
Where did that idea run off to?
I'm sure it's on a shelf,

It is sitting, waiting to be retrieved,
Wond'ring why it's alone,
Eventu'lly buried behind others,
Never to find a home,
A place that's safe,
Where it can soar up high,
And show the world what it was meant to be.
Man, I wish I could find that little guy.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Inside You

Life's cert'nly perspective,
No one can deny that,
At least if you were going to ask me,
It's a priori fact,

I think it's phenomenological,
When someone speaks to me,
In words I can't possibly understand,
Because they're not from my reality,

Like Cantonese, Gur or the girl next door,
If we want to connect,
We either have to be the same person,
Or assume we're the same in some respect,
Like perspective,
How we see real'ty,
So that, if we were in each other's shoes,
They would feel no different perceptively.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Peace Be With You

Put things in perspective,
That is what my dad says,
With everything that happens in this world,
From Paris to Juarez,

North Korea to Sierra Leone,
I've not e'en hit most known,
As the top ten list changes day to day,
It's hard to complain 'bout the common cold,

It's hard to complain about poverty,
In a first world country,
But all have a right to have a good life,
'Cross all humanity,
So where to start!
How about start with you?
If you are at peace, then that peace will spread,
At least, 'til Nature comes for its due.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Second Age

I'm feeling much better,
If only in my mind,
Pretty sure the oatmeal, nuts and honey,
Makes my urine sublime,

Energy and productivity's up,
Number two is smoother,
I feel my cholesterol shedding off,
My blood's cells just like a baby's soother,

I just hope that I've really grown out of,
Blind and mass consumption,
They say it all falls apart at forty,
I'm an illustration,
But I'll return!
A phoenix from the flame,
It's the second age, to quote Caroline,
I am just glad I realize that I came.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Lean On

My kids like this new song,
It's by Major Lazer,
MØ wonders'f she and someone she cares for,
When old'll be together,

She says we all need someone to lean on,
Blow a kiss, fire a gun,
If that's true, then no one should be alone,
On a boardwalk, you'd fall in the ocean,

On a ledge, you may fall on the cliff side,
All around the wind blows,
It may hold you up, if it's the right side,
Amidst a lava flow.
But maybe not,
No one can really know,
How do you lean floating in an abyss?
That is when you need someone to enfold.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Getting By

I've a radiator,
Never did work that well,
Some bleeding is needed, I've conceded,
But there is more to tell,

I don't think it e'er will really work well,
Something about the pipes,
The way they meander like nothing planned,
And the gurgling noise they make day and night,

Feeling it now, it sure wants to be hot,
But it's just hung metal,
Using water that could be better placed,
Like in my tea kettle,

But, not its fault!
Look, 'stead, at its maker,
There's naught one can do that one cannot do,
Unless you are a very good faker.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Just In Case

Sitting at my gate now,
It's like I never left,
What is left of the time I spent away,
Who's there to be bereft?

Who is there to testify that I am,
And what good would that do,
For all those people who just seem to me,
To be doing just the same as I do?

What a waste of time for everybody,
Why question it at all?
Just live and let live in case others are,
And you meet aft you fall,
I mean you die,
But you don't cease to be,
Then have to live with those who you have wronged,
For an agonizing eternity.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Fruity Deception

If you want bananas,
Do not buy a plantain,
It is not soft nor does it peel eas'ly,
And can't be eaten plain.

The plantain must be cooked, apparently,
'Fore it can be eaten,
It looks like a banana, but it lies,
And now my breakfast has been defeaten,

Add insult to existing injury,
I've no way to cook it,
It will stay 'til it rots laughing at me,
It's laughing now, look it.
I joke, I joke,
But I have been denied,
Lured by something that was not what I thought,
Now others can't enjoy the prize inside.