Monday, June 30, 2008

Your Biggest Regret?

Once you jump off your tracks,
And change your genetic code,
You must be careful to not change yourself,
To counteract what you know,

To be the way that you don't want to be.
I guess we all know that two identical things,
Don't have to have the same ingredients,
They just need to have the same feeling.

And because you are interchangeable,
With any other asshole I have met,
I'll stay away from you like I do them.
Boy, do feelings make things simplistic.

And it's alright,
If you don't understand why,
Deep down if you listen to your feelings,
You'll see that you have been living a lie.

Friday, June 27, 2008

No Turning Back

Where does sense leave you,
When it's left you all at once?
It leaves you full of thoughts that if it'd stayed,
Life would be more fun,

And you would not be living with the consequences,
Of actions not well thought out,
Even with people advising otherwise.
We all think we think the best when we are not,

Which is when we are not thinking at all,
For who really knows anything?
Weigh in all the opinions of everyone,
Even if it's not what you end up doing.

Though, it's not alright,
If you end up fixing your problems,
That didn't have to be problems at all,
If you had listened to them.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Too Distracted for Sense

It's the little things that matter,
Like the tone of your voice,
When you tell me that everything's fine,
And I know that it's just noise,

And I know that if I talk about it,
It will do nothing but foist,
A whole world of issues where before there were none.
A frequency where there's a lot of noise.

Anyway, nothing has really changed,
And nothing really ever will.
The heat is cooking up a pot of trouble,
And watching it won't stop the boiling, still.

But it's alright,
Life has its ups and downs, no matter what.
You can't expect the rules to change for you,
Or you will never make the cut.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm not going to pretend,
That I'm not frustrated.
What more can one ask of another person,
Than that they must aid in,

The immediate needs of another,
Especially if the demand is rare?
Like a child I will speak out honestly,
And unashamedly say it's not fair.

So, in the future, it will be remembered,
That deep desire was looked at askance.
There's nothing one can do that is too precious,
That it can't be asked for with happenstance.

Boy, is it not alright,
When it causes so much ire.
I guess the lesson is be careful what you ask for,
When it's rooted in base desire.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Everyone has their motives,
That's what gets anything done,
And if you want to promote your own,
You have to promote everyone's,

Because every goal needs people behind it,
Or, at least, less against it.
I'm all for consensus even though,
It's really communal belief in one's own interest.

As long as you show me enough of yours,
I will follow suit and show you mine,
And we can do our own thing together,
Walking separately on the same line.

And it's alright,
If our destinations are different,
It doesn't mean that our paths have to be, too.
Our minds will customize the same ends.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'll Reach You

Time runs out for everyone,
Both within life and for life, too.
And mine will truly be a life wasted,
If I don't finish connecting to you,

If we don't learn to read each other's mind,
If we don't know when the other's hurt,
And if we don't know how to heal the other,
And appreciate the other's worth.

If we can't accomplish this simple task,
What does that say about humanity?
Are we truly completely isolated beings,
In unique world's built by fantasy?

I mean, it's alright,
If we are, I guess.
I just thought humans shared a special gift,
For connectiveness.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nothing's Perfect

Things are never quite what,
You expect them to be,
Mostly because in the thick of it,
You forget everything.

But, if you envision what you want,
Your body will follow suit,
And like a passenger on a train,
The route is set and you enjoy the route,

And come back home and tell the world what you saw,
As if it was nothing that you did yourself.
Oh, how I wish I could remember that advice,
When I go to do something myself.

But, it's alright,
The trick is having the chance again,
And you do that by keeping keeping going,
Until you get to the station.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's Great Being Alive

You are finished and done for,
The moment you see the light,
And recognize something outside of you,
And acknowledge things out of sight,

And wonder when it is you might have them,
As if they existed without you,
Building a world of the impossible,
And spending your time trying to attain it, too,

And all the while ignoring what is there,
As inferior to what doesn't exist.
I know all of this is what's unique to us,
But should we cherish it simply 'cause it is?

Oh, it's alright,
I know you can't live in the moment.
That, my friend, is impossible, too.
Thank god for this f'd covenant.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Do I Love You?

What is it to love someone?
Someone I know wants to know,
And if I answer honestly,
It's the wrong answer, fo sho.

And part of it all is to never answer,
Because part of love is the uncertainty,
Of where the next moment will take you,
And how close you will actually be,

To the edge of things, and so reality,
Because it's never as solid as you think.
Tell me when it is that you feel most alive,
And I'll show you that you're close to the brink.

And it's alright,
What is love, anyway?
I swear I've never thought of it in those terms,
And I'm not thinking of it today.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

How To Change the World

Just let things happen,
Don't try to force the world,
You'd never move it to the place you want,
Even if you could,

Have the strength to move it at all,
No one can do that alone.
Sure, individuals have changed the world,
But by mass persuasion.

And even then, it's really the same thing,
Because intentions will be interpreted,
A million times until what you get's,
Not what you wanted.

So it's alright,
To be pessimistic, if you want to call it that.
But believing you have to accept the world as it is,
Is just accepting a universal fact.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Attain Your Goals

Here's how you get done everything,
That you ever wanted to do:
Ignore the demands of the ones you love,
And who love you.

Forsake the voice within that warns you against,
Winning at all costs,
Even though such a win will most likely render,
A victory other than you thought.

And don't waste time with worrying about,
Impeding others in their own goals.
This society only allows so much success,
For value is only judged by scarcity, as you know.

And it's alright,
If in the end you decide it's impossible.
What you want changes so many times in your life,
It's not really worth striving for anything at all.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Don't Stop

It's quite satisfying,
Maybe that's all I'll say,
Because when you are as delirious as me,
And you've lost a day,

Or rather gained, because when you don't sleep,
You don't miss anything,
Except your dreams though the halucinations,
Can be quite satisfying.

And sometimes I think that you will never leave me,
And I can guess what the rest of my life will be,
With little surprises along the way,
Keeping it interesting.

And it's alright,
If it's the same from here on end,
I'm the type whose anticipation for change is enough,
To make sameness seem like evolution.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Too Tired

How it will work out,
There's no telling.
All you can do is remember that,
No prediction's necessarily happening.

And no attitude's a foregone conclusion,
You surprise me time and again.
Just when I think it is the end of us,
You go ahead and let me back in.

But that is not the end,
It is not the beginning,
It is the continuation of how it,
Is going to be for eternity.

Because it's alright,
When you stop to think about it.
Love was never meant to be a static thing,
Or we'd never have a heart, I bet.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Maybe It IS That Easy

Maybe life IS perception,
And attitude paints it all,
And pain can be interpreted as an inconvenience,
If it is usual.

And maybe pigs can fly and we just can't see them,
Because we have been conditioned not to;
The government's great experiment of persuasion,
To see how much it can control you.

And if the perfect life can be created,
Just by believing it is so,
Then, I can't help you because I'm helping myself,
Except to say to you that you must go.

And be alright,
Maybe Madonna is right:
We only have four minutes to save the world,
So you better get your shit tight.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh, It IS Alright

It all becomes much better,
At the drop of a hat,
And change of environment,
If you want to call it that,

Because I've never been anywhere,
That wasn't the same,
Either in feel, look or my damn mood,
Or by lack of gain.

But we're together now,
And I guess that means something,
To the scenery around,
Making us a team.

And it's alright,
Isn't it?
Just when you think it's all over,
You're reminded why you started.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Conflict Is Our Fuel

The peace you find inside,
Is the same you find out,
Laden with tension under the surface,
Stayed only to avoid a bout,

Because just as no two people are alike,
Neither are the thoughts within yourself.
Most people deal with this by ignoring all but one:
The powerful's idea of mental health.

And it bubbles to the surface just like the news,
Reminds us that peace really exists nowhere.
Our lives, society and humanity thrive on conflict.
It's how progress gets anywhere.

And so to make it alright,
We cause conflict in the name of peace,
But whether military or therapy,
We're still avoiding the true source of our needs.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dangerous Moves

You can't go down the wrong path,
Only not adjust for where you've gone.
Any person can be happy anywhere,
If she lets go of anticipation,

If she understands that the thoughts she has now,
Can be had in any situation,
And that the best moments of her life can be missed,
Being the wrong person.

And no good can come out of self-destruction,
Can it?
That's one way to start all over again,
And to leave many feeling like shit.

But it's alright,
They may not exist anyway.
No one knows what this world is made of,
So let's let the chips fall where they may.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'll Do It Myself

If you will not listen to me,
What's the use of our speaking at all?
And if you won't listen to anyone,
I guess you'll take the fall,

When something doesn't work, just like you'll take,
All the credit when it does,
Without the joy of sharing it,
With ones you claim to love.

And you will notice I am happy to see you,
But that my senses won't invest more,
Because there's hurt every time I reach out,
And you act like I'm a bore.

And it's alright,
As long as we understand each other,
And you don't assume to invest yourself in my life.
This type of relationship makes me shudder.

Monday, June 09, 2008


Everyone keeps moving,
Even if it seems,
It's everyone but you,
And you're lacking all means,

But if you weren't keeping up,
They would have left you far behind,
Because friends are only friends,
For as long as you keep in line,

As long as you keep in mind,
What they feel is important,
Because caring is only caring,
Until you just can't,

Feel that it's alright,
What they're doing.
Whether it's laziness or lack of morals,
There must be understanding.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Write It Down

When do you stop being relevant?
Is it when you're a certain age?
Or are you destined to connect with only one group,
Or only the ones that you're in?

And then the world changes constantly,
From when you're born to at your death's bed,
To after that, and that could be when you leave your mark,
Because you were ahead.

And even history can change by your perspective,
If everyone else interprets it that way,
Though, again, you might not have that effect until you are gone,
And then, maybe only for a day.

So, be alright,
And put yourself into things that will last,
After you're gone, for in terms of affecting the world,
That is your best chance.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Who Cares

You can't expect people to change,
Or to think that you've changed yourself,
Or to believe that anything will ever change,
Well, maybe the weather, if nothing else.

But not how you react to it,
Even if outwardly.
There's no way I can continue,
With things this way.

Now I'm tired, and you know why,
And there's not much more to do,
However I go, I will not go with,
Someone like you.

And now you're surprising me,
With your lack of caring,
Good-bye, this is the last time,
I will share me.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Reality Check

It just never ends, does it?
Even when it's over.
Things seem to change but their components,
Won't leave reality, no sir.

Won't suddenly work the way you want them,
'Cause that would eliminate hope,
Which is the human prime motivator,
That keeps us from slitting our own throats,

That fuels all the systems ever in existence,
That end up oppressing the majority,
'Cause who can anticipate the needs of many others?
Never mind even caring.

Oh, it's alright,
As long as you recognize these facts,
You can get a modicum of perspective,
Even while true justice lacks.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Moving On

The activities around you,
Are as much a part of your life,
As the things that you do, yourself,
Except there's some things you can't fight,

And there are some things that you can't pretend,
Like how relevant you are today,
When the world is moving so very fast,
That you can't keep it at bay,

Or understand your place in it,
Though, ultimately, it is no different,
Than your understanding or lack of it,
At any moment.

So it's alright,
Go ahead and forget it all:
The pain, the stress and the hubbabaloo.
How you deal with it is your only call.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The depth of it just scares me,
Which is why I never go,
To the lengths that people say I should,
And now I fear I'll never know,

The strength of feeling that only comes,
From the raw, uncensored view of it all,
From an acknowledgment that the world will end,
To allowing myself to fall,

Into a realm from which I may never return,
Like a drug trip that never ends.
I wasn't brought up knowing too much of life,
Or understanding your internal mechanisms.

And it's not alright,
Enough that I want to cry.
Why should the rest of the world have access to depth?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Are you ever perfect?
And if you think you are there's something you don't,

Which is a sign in itself of your imperfection,
Though, that's nothing to worry about,
Because everyone around you lacks perfection, too,
Though, there's one thing you should watch out,

For, and that is that there is perfection in between,
All the mistakes that you and everyone makes,
That makes your mistakes seem so unnacceptable,
Until everyone else contemplates,

That it's alright,
Nobody is perfect,
At least that's what I tell myself,
To stop depression from setting in.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Look Inside

Things just keep on moving,
No matter who you are,
No matter how much you try to slow things,
Or live far,

From the society that spawned you,
Because society is more,
Than where you live, it is a part of you,
From your clothing to your core,

From your outlook to how you see,
How justice should reign,
Whether for the people or the few,
Society just molds you that way.

But it's alright,
That isn't a bad thing,
Unless you live somewhere where you are not free,
Though the powers that be are convincing.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Get It Done

So much goes on,
While you do so little,
Every moment taken for a breath,
You're more unreal,

For existence is about existing,
And the more there is around,
The harder you have to work,
To just be relevant,

And not only that,
The rules are always changing,
And what you do today may be important,
But not for days and days.

And it's not alright,
Obviously things are going down.
A reassesment's never bad,
When you're talking depression.