Wednesday, January 30, 2008


There is a natural limit,
To a person's soul,
That determines what she can and cannot do,
In the confines of this world.

Because all actions presuppose others,
Enacted by somebody else,
Encapsulating another soul,
And so defining oneself.

But don't tell me that your potential is stifled,
By what I do and don't do.
I may reflect what it is you are,
But what you are is all you.

And it's alright,
If you need to ask for help.
That only multiplies your reflections,
By the amount of those who care for your self.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Getting It Done

I cannot stress more,
The importance of the thought,
And the need to use it before,
Any battles are fought,

And to look at the past to determine,
If this has not been fought already,
And, if so, was it a disaster,
Or reconciled satisfactorily?

So many lives could have already been saved,
And so many nights on the couch,
Though we do a good job at overpopulation,
And sometimes you just want to be turned out.

And that's alright,
Just don't make it seem so.
Most people don't mind distasteful opinions,
If it seems that's the direction you don't want to go.

Hurting Hands

I love the things in my life,
That make life seem full,
As if there's something I could do,
To make it meaningful.

Those things that when I'm doing them,
Put me in a world,
Not quite what one would call like Seinfeld,
But at least there's an allure,

To the stress of never getting done,
What you have to do.
If I had a dollar for everytime I was wondering,
What it would be like to be someone who,

Is alright,
With not making a lot,
Or who has a lot and has nothing to make.
How about being happy with what you've got?

Friday, January 25, 2008


Well this is the last chance,
That it can all get done.
Isn't time funny how it forces you,
Into action?

Unless of course you refuse to believe,
In that sort of thing,
And live outside of time and all that stress,
And society.

Because that is the glue that holds us together,
When we seek out to collaborate.
It's our internal sense, yes,
But it's also how we communicate.

And it's alright,
If you don't get everything done,
Other people surely understand,
The nature of being overwhelmed, son.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


The plans of all people,
Are dependent on their surroundings,
That constantly change beyond your control,
And understanding.

And if they don't work out,
That's to be expected.
And if they do, well you've chosen a path,
That's one in a million.

And maybe you can get others to conform,
To how you see things,
And separate yourself from interaction,
As a human being.

And it's alright,
I don't think any less of you.
In fact my envy is quite obvious,
For your riches and jewels.

Relativistic Solipsism

Things always work out,
Don't they?
Given the turmoil around the world,
That seems so naive to say.

Though there are those who believe that those,
Who are used to turmoil, don't consider it so,
Bad as we would in the same situation.
Well, how could they possibly know?

No matter how relative you might think,
Experience actually is,
I guarantee there are those who experience such pain,
They've reached the ultimate limit.

But it's alright,
It takes all kinds to make the world,
And your young outlook is just as needed,
As the unfeeling cruel.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How Much Longer?

The clicking of the wipers,
And the pressure in my stomach,
Mirror the time and stress oppressing me.
All I can count on is luck,

And determination and a belief,
In the ultimate working out of the world,
Like it does for so many others,
From Iraq to Sri Lanka's jungles.

And each stop of this ride reminds me how fast,
The years have gone by, never mind the days.
Time keeps on ticking like the snow and the wipers,
While I sit here dissecting the last phase.

And it's alright,
It's always worked out in the end for me,
Though I've always wanted a million bucks,
And that does not seem forthcoming.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Laying Bricks

What are the consequences,
Of being told,
That you did not do what you were supposed to in life,
When you are already old,

By someone who you naturally respect,
And who should be ever supportive of you,
And surely cares for your greatest well-being,
But has great self-interest, too,

Not in a selfish way, but as a sensitive soul,
Who tries to manipulate to get its way,
Maybe consciously, but without malice,
Every minute of the day?

Well, it's alright,
To agree but to ignore its advice.
Just remind yourself that what you do, you do for a good reason,

Friday, January 18, 2008

Night Night

It's not that hard to imagine,
Being all alone,
With nothing to do but to think about,
The nature of the world.

About a drink of something cool,
That leaves your throat clear of anything,
That might let out something inappropriate,
If there was anyone listening.

And now you find yourself an hour of time,
In which to really get to know yourself,
Without the guilt that you should be doing something,
That is of some worth.

And it's alright,
There's a thought in there somewhere,
About the time you will spend sleeping off,
The need to feel completely unaware.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One Day

It will all get done,
There's no choice in that,
Where all else is put on the backburner,
And everyone has to stand back,

And have the patience to remember,
That there's a future and that things come to an end,
And that once they are over and you realize what's been done,
The struggles were our friend.

So don't expect a lot more from me,
Other than my dedication,
To making sure what you want's what you have.
I'm sorry I can not be more generous.

And it's alright,
If we just don't talk for right now,
It's all about keeping the eye on the prize.
I just don't have the energy for a row.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In My Blood

This is not how I want to be,
For my entire life,
But for the cause of a better future,
I will make this sacrifice.

And when will I know it's over?
Well I never will,
But as long as I have that future waiting,
I've got lots of time to kill.

And if it kills me, well I'll die happy,
Because I'll always have my eyes on the prize,
And though I may not actually attain it,
With my hard work, it will have been realized.

And it's alright,
They say that it can't be done,
But they also don't know my capabilities,
And that I am Italian.

Monday, January 14, 2008

What a Shower

What is actually good?
Is it a state of mind?
Is it the ability to convince others,
That what you do is fine?

Once it's done all there is left is perception,
And that can certainly be persuaded,
To change its view on everything,
And begin to believe something is the greatest.

So from now on that is all I do,
Regardless of the product.
What I make's what people want to be around,
Even if I really think it sucks.

And it's alright,
If I can't convince everyone,
I really only have to convince myself,
To make them all seem dissolutioned.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Act 1

Well, it is all over,
As another phase begins,
Maybe just as scary, but not seeming so,
What I've just gone through, given.

There's nothing that exists that's insurmountable,
And that's simply because it exists,
Just like us and by 'just like' I mean in our heads,
We determine what isn't and what is.

So onto the next one, though I'm sorry to say,
That I've lost much of my trepidation,
Which is kind of like losing your innocence,
Which is a lot like maturation.

Though, it's alright,
Because I'll still be oblivious,
Which makes every event fresh,
And every challenge ominous.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Okay, I think I get it,
There's no nothing outside of what there is,
And what there is is nothing but what we see,
Is there something that I missed?

Because you seem to be telling me again,
In the sixth different way,
While I am waiting to be told how to live.
Isn't that something that you say?

Or are you out to prove that life has nothing,
But the words that come out of your mouth?
I'd love to take you out to dinner to talk,
But it's your humanity that I doubt.

And it's alright,
I trust in your sincerity,
I just hope you have enough reality in your life,
And experience enough levity.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Out There

That anyone should see this,
And that right there,
And the reflection of it all right now,
Or that they should even care,

Or not, and be wondering why they're here,
And why this moment should ever have happened,
Or even that this is a moment wasted,
That they'll never get back again,

Or even thinking there is something gained,
God forbid any such thing,
That had this moment never actually happened,
They would be losing something.

It's all alright,
Cause this all happens with eyes, or not,
Though, has within it someone else in mind,
So if you're really there, thanks a lot.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

CPR - General

So, all that we experience,
Has been given its place,
And there is still some magic behind it all,
But only when we actually face,

Sensory inputs 'cause there's nothing outside that,
Or there may as well not be,
And if we ever actually experienced something else,
We wouldn't know it any differently.

So as I pinch my nose, I wonder,
Where the love is I have for you.
If I'm extinguished does it just disappear,
And never touch you again, too?

And that's alright,
But some people say it still sticks around,
As if we created another being,
That, I guess, will still never be found.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

How to Get By

The power held within one,
Is really boundless,
And it is truly omnipotent,
With focus.

You have a world made entirely,
Of the perceptions you give to it,
And though it seems to have little give,
The trick is not to try to manipulate.

You must just bend and shape yourself to its form,
Like a free-runner through a small hole.
Nothing's in your way, you're just hung up on the thought,
That a passage must look more official.

And it's alright,
If sometimes you have to go around,
That's just another kind of passageway,
That otherwise you may never have found.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Despair of Uncertainty

How much can you rely,
On what those around you say?
I guess there is no gauge,
To say either way.

And what they say is really all there is,
It's what makes up your entire world.
So surround yourself by knowing people,
To which the truth naturally occurs,

And who share it with you without prejudice,
Or untruthful motives,
Because, of course, that's as bad as the oblivious,
Actually, even worse.

And it's alright,
Everything turns out in the end, right?
Even when you have no time, money or hope.
Many have passed a much darker night.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Today's The Day

It's good when there are a lot,
Of things going on,
And by default some of them have to be bad,
Or, at least, make you distraught,

Because, somehow, those things are good for others,
Even if you can't see possibly how.
God knows I can't, but my only peace of mind,
Is that I only can't right now,

But given time everything's good in retrospect,
Just like the good might actually be bad,
As long as you take it all together,
You increase your chances that you'll end up ahead.

And it's alright,
If you don't think you have,
I guess someone has to end up behind,
And do you really, really have it that bad?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

One More Sleep

There are many challenges,
That people have overcome in the past,
That made them better people and even heroes,
While others did not last.

And before their feats they were told they were insane,
But that didn't stop them.
Does one have to have fortitude to do that,
Or be crazy enough for an institution?

I don't know and if I want to be one,
I can't make myself one or the other,
Unless it's in me, and I think one is,
Though, which one, I cannot figure.

And it's alright,
What counts are the results,
And though I have yet to be tested,
I think that I will prevail in all of my bouts.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bad Intentions

The conscience that is lacking,
Must unravel itself,
While in the meantime it has damaged those,
Who have greater mental health.

And there is a tragedy in all of this,
Because the evil taints the good,
Much easier than the other way around,
Because desire outranks should.

And so what should happen to all of those,
That put themselves before the greater good?
I'd say that death is not an outrageous penalty,
If the ultimate ends is understood.

And that's to be alright,
And to be confident that you are,
Because those around you are looking out for,
Those who intend to mar.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Where There's a Will

The life lived without concern,
Is a life well-lived,
And by that I mean that you would not want,
The alternative,

Which is filled by the decision not to do,
Anything without a guarantee,
That things will work out just as you want,
Which is an impossibility.

And so what if it doesn't anyway?
No result determines the ultimate ends.
Come up against one obstacle,
And there's a solution around the bend.

And it's alright,
If the solution isn't obvious.
You have to trust me, it is really there,
And when you find it, you will feel glorious.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Any Minute Now

This is the last moment,
Before happiness or despair,
Before the realization of freedom,
Or the confusion of the unfair,

Before the knowledge that damage has been done.
Would the universe do that to me?
When I believed so strongly that it has a mind,
How could it actually not be?

When I put faith in that it could or could not think,
Why would it choose to turn against,
My secret understanding that it was looking out,
For my best interests?

But it's alright,
Even if it chooses to undermine,
My attempts to give it the benefit of the doubt,
Because I can always wait for the next sign.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Artist

I have done some things,
That society doesn't like,
And if you give it that opening,
It will completely ruin your life.

And in that prison where it will send you,
Awaiting your chance for justice,
I did my best to show the other victims,
That there's no need to be vicious.

We're all human so we can still be kind,
Without being vulnerable.
Of course, I had to defend myself because of it,
But I only had to beat up a couple,

Who are now alright,
And respect what I am trying to do,
Which is only to take care of my fellows,
Until society says I'm free to start anew.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What Do I Know

I think that I've got it,
The secret to it all,
If only I could get it out in a sentence,
And live it as well,

But as it happens my throat constricts,
And I find I have nothing to say,
And though the life I live is jolly good,
It also feels awful lonely that way,

And if others knew the secret, anyway,
Another would have to take its place,
Because it's just the nature of true wisdom,
That it's possessed by a fraction of the populace.

And it's alright,
Because I really know nothing,
And that can be proved by listening to me,
When I actually try speaking.