Tuesday, January 31, 2017

In The Now

What's the use in trying,
When it all comes for free?
No trying other than to wish it so,
Then forgetting your dreams,

For if you try to grasp for what you want,
The very act, itself,
Puts you in a state of perpetu'l want,
So you're not ready to receive your wealth,

It just floats by like it was never there,
Because you were not, too,
How can you be somewhere looking ahead,
To what's coming to you?
You just cannot,
You must live in the now,
If you want to talk to the universe,
And have the universe show you how.

Monday, January 30, 2017

That Groove

Once you get a good groove,
Stop thinking about it,
You'll ne'er know how you managed to get there,
Nor do you want out'it,

Just keep yourself moving inside that loop,
Then give yourself a pat,
There isn't anyone in the whole world,
Who could have made a beat as dope as that,

Most people won't be able to get it,
It's the same all around,
E'en those who make a living from that shit,
Have those who hate the sound,
Then there are those,
Who will not even roar,
Sit quietly in the cage they were born,
Until they lie dying wishing for more.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Morning Vision

There's a rhythm you get,
Like the rumbling of trains,
The back and forth of intimate moments,
Springtime down-pouring rains,

A thirsty dog's tongue lapping up water,
The silence of the night,
My heart, with its irregular murmur,
The sinking of the moon to let in light,

The pulsing of love when it is certain,
Hate, but you don't want that,
Its is a rhythm that blocks out all else,
So may as well be flat,
What it's you want,
Is perfect harmony,
When every sound is an instrument,
Played in the soundtrack of your life's movie.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

What Was That?

With all that's going on,
It is hard to focus,
It's only when the noise is cleared away,
I see the world's for us,

The moments are so far and few between,
It is like existence,
Is only a jumble of distractions,
Woven into a fabric, thick and dense,

But you must massage your hands against it,
Float to every corner,
Be sensitive to the nicks and moth holes,
A space fabric roamer,
What does that mean?
I cannot concentrate,
Maybe I'll know after clearing my head,
Or through the fabric, I may see my fate.

Friday, January 27, 2017

That Little Life

Rumbling sound beside me,
Little teeth, tiny tongue,
Taking a break to drink before the wheel,
Calls to his fiery lungs,

He's drunk so much he must be twice the weight,
Fear pangs me that he's ill,
The body is such a delicate thing,
I wake up surprised that I'm alive, still.

But there will be long stretches that he'll rest,
That doesn't calm my mind,
He's just a hamster, yes, but oh my God,
His soul's as big as mine,
It has to be,
I must believe that or,
That cursed sound is so grating on my nerves,
I would throw the damn thing against the wall!

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Clear your mind and wonder,
What things would have been like,
Without your existence on this planet,
With the subsequent mights,

Might this world have run a little better,
With someone with more pow'r,
With fortitude to face what must be done,
At the time of your loved one's direst hour,

Might you never have missed living at all,
It's such a minor thing,
First you are there and then, blip, you are not,
Yet, it seems so crushing,
Well, yes it is,
Feelings are not time bound,
They can stretch moments to infinity,
No way of escaping it will be found.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Feets

My feet are far away,
They've always been to me,
It's got something to do with how I'm made,
I've just got to be free,

Still, they have stuck with me through thick and thin,
No matter what I do,
Not sure if that says more 'bout them or me,
Or p'haps the influence of my new shoes,

Anyway, the arrangement works for me,
I think they're happy, too,
Whether it's they or me that take the lead,
We e'er end up with you.
You're like all roads,
You lead us both to roam,
To a place where the sun will always shine,
Where you are e'er walking from and to home.

Monday, January 23, 2017


The problem with speaking,
It assumes fathoming,
When half of us don't know what we're saying,
The issue's compounding,

When the rest just really don't give a fuck,
Words become dangerous,
For despite the fact that they're meaningless,
They're like a person's soul's book's page for us,

Worse than when there is misunderstanding,
There's mutual capiche,
People embark on barbaric crusades,
What havoc they unleash.
It's not all bad,
I'll have to give you that,
Though the beauty of peace is often smashed,
When those who don't get it overreact.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Second Chance

Everything has been lost,
That I had wrote before,
Still, somehow, though the words are different,
They'll have the same core,

For you can only express what you are,
Even when you pretend,
To express the thoughts of somebody else,
How you do it is just you, in the end,

The more removed you are from you's a lie,
Makes what you say less real,
That's why honesty's what separates greats,
From those with less appeal.
No matter what,
For that we all must strive,
So, forget all I've said before this day,
If what was written did not seem alive.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March on Washington: Toronto

White's End of Protest,
Says marches just don't work,
A new kind of resistance must be found,
To the tyrant that lurks,

There's value in thinking outside the box,
That's where true vision's found,
Micah says activism can't rely,
On public demonstrations in downtown,

We must move to the fringes of cities,
Slowly work our way in,
'Fore the powers that be know what hit them,
We've got revolution!
I hear his words,
Let's also not dismiss,
The unifying power of the scene,
Of thousands marching against unfairness.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Your Bliss

There's a sweet spot in life,
Everyone gets a glimpse,
All the powers that be work for you,
P'haps not seen, or not since,

Most of the time, it is just a feeling,
You know it is out there,
You could spend a life trying to reach it,
Or just be in it, breathing it like air,

It could be among others, or alone,
Outside or inside you,
Its form is formed by the form that you are,
The form which you strive to.
That we all do,
I hope that you find yours,
Countries have been formed this goal in mind,
So sought after, it often leads to wars.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Frustration

What's the use in trying,
When it's out of your hands?
I swear sometimes it's like another world,
Where all of this shit lands.

It's nothing to do with what's in a mind,
But what that mind conspires,
Then what it puts into reality,
Then whether they can find any buyers.

After that, its arena's obvious,
No need to fuck around,
Stick to what you know and let the rest lie,
You are on your own, now.
You always were,
Remember that thing birth?
You started life alone and in the dark,
Now you're avoiding that for all it's worth.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

To The Rich

The problem with the rich,
Is how they treat their wealth,
Instead of a comfort against hunger,
They devour to poor health,

Instead of keeping dry under a roof,
Sufficient for the task,
Gargantuan homes beyond any need,
Cast shadows o'er those who daren't e'en ask,

They drive past rusted heaps stopped by police,
For crimes of poverty,
When a slice of their cash would give them life,
Free from all injury,
Ain't that the goal?
A chance for everyone?
All luxury does is keep us apart,
And encourage unfair distribution.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Man

The music was so loud,
His fucks couldn't be heard,
Or his cunts, shits, mother-fuckers, and clits,
Or wisest of his words,

He strolled from that garage to the basement,
A two-four in each hand,
Manifested from the check he just got,
He is a simple, and yet complex man,

He swigs a beer and then swings a hammer,
Both will be pounded down,
He gets up and the day better watch out,
Darrel's coming to town.
You can't stop him,
You think he'd stop himself,
Some people defy what the man says do,
And builds a pedestal, no fucking shelf.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Reach Her

The good offset the bad,
Though't it's outside the law,
The government did what it always does,
Made it like no one saw,

All the sychophants got their promotions,
Acts being status quo,
But he who tipped the scales will never rise,
There was really nowhere else he could go,

But unlike most who simply disappear,
Some people are too big,
They operate so far outside the norm,
They've ne'er taken a swig,
Of the Kool-Aid,
It'll ne'er make them rich,
They won't even be marked by history,
'Cause they don't live for those by whom it's writ.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

To Be You

Don't matter what you do,
There're be consequences,
Maybe good or bad or probably both,
Both side of the fences,

The side you're on may not be where you stood,
Nor may't be where you end,
The question's do you know how you got there?
Do you know your final destination?

That's the only way to stand the salvo,
No matter what you do,
Better people have succumbed to the fire,
More sure of things than you,
So let me help,
I think I know the key,
It has to do with knowing who you are,
And being you with no apologies.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Way To Live

One must e'er have patience,
To live outside oneself,
The chance to observe what others might do,
While you maintain your stealth,

There then arises opportunities,
Too many to take in,
Don't try to paint the world in your image,
'Stead, traverse the paths others others are raking,

Then you can keep your eyes peeled for a chance,
Of spying something new,
A thing through the trees of great awesomeness,
Made 'specially for you.
Thanks to patience,
And that yourself you know,
Now you can blaze a trail no one foresaw,
That they will follow with their rakes in tow.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Each Day

Each day is a new day,
Still, informed by the last,
One day closer to the one coming up,
Jam-packed with daily tasks,

Each day promises opportunities,
Informed by yesterday,
Possibly conflicting with tomorrow,
Or commitments you can't just sweep away,

Each day is the first day of a new life,
Discarding all before,
Severing bonds and rejecting the past,
An awful, inner war.
Each day must come,
Can pass as nothing new,
Nor pose a threat to what you've built before,
If you actually don't want it to.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Keep Your Eyes Open

I saw four ones, today,
At two different times,
So I noticed my thoughts just preceding,
Like dear old mom of mine.

There is a world, if you are open to't,
(And why wouldn't you be?),
That is speaking to you all of the time,
Judging your thinking and activities,

The best kind of score is multiple ones,
Though, I cannot be sure,
If my internal clock e'er knows the time,
And lo, my thought's deemed pure!
There's always this,
It's ne'er wrong to reflect,
You will then ask if you are living right,
So, bring on every one I can get!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Way Around It

If the stars would align,
To bring peace to this world,
Would it burst forth from within all of us,
Or from without be curled,

Like a wire wrapped around an iron rod,
With love the battery,
Drawing our selfish hearts to the good pole,
To acknowledge the simple real'ty,

That working together, all benefit,
No one is left behind,
What we've built means no one must live hungry,
The fire of the unkind,
Or could it be,
The good will become bad,
As the stars align, the planets unseat,
So we are left with what we ever had.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Big Cheese

Let time not rule progress,
Like it is wont to, now,
Preferring gibberish and rhetoric,
And an insincere bow,

Running on like a jaguar eating meat,
Or two children on fire,
Sopping up the mass leavings of the cops,
Hoisting upon their shoulders great liars,

Grinding through its mincer the freshest herbs,
Mixing them with poison,
Slathering the mush on the feet of queens,
As sun does the ocean,
Then calls it art.
Anyone understand?!
There is work to be done on time for pay,
Lest Communism takes over this land.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Your Great Work

How often must you fail,
T'accept it's not your time?
That, p'haps it's better to do what you do,
And let lying dogs lie,

Spend your free hours on this earth at peace,
Expect no more from it,
E'en altruistic goals may be ill-planned,
If prospect's from the summit's to plummet,

If it guarantees one life's not well-lived,
Namely, the one you've got,
And there's no promise for the other ones,
Benefiting or not,
It's all your choice,
To be or not to be,
Ideally, the two goals will correspond,
So you need not claim your morality.

Sunday, January 08, 2017


There're a few kinds of hope,
Fleeting, drowned in despair,
No clear vision what salvation could be,
Hands grasp blindly for air,

Obliterating a different kind,
Born of a calmer mind,
Still not grasping for something possible,
In the real'ty of your daily grind,

Denying still another, more useful,
Acknowledging what's real,
Seeing the potential of given paths,
Choosing by appeal.
Still no promise,
Life offers no such thing,
But hope for something that is possible,
You open the door for the unforeseen.

Saturday, January 07, 2017


There's something 'bout doing,
Leaves no room for mistakes,
With clear mind and determined objectives,
Regarding what you make,

It requires intimate knowledge of you,
Deepest fears, unnamed dreams,
Limitations of your flesh and spirit,
The root of your idiosyncrasies,

Then your true nature will be free to roam,
No need to monitor,
You have to focus on the task at hand,
'Cause that's what it's all for,
The truth of it,
In face of enemies,
Once you are passed all the indecision,
You may overcome the controversies.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Off The Couch

Imagine, if you will,
Living under pure trust,
In another person's promise to you,
To e'er do what he must,

To face the world's challenges together,
Become stronger than ones,
Who must live with nothing but what they have,
Like an animal, without emotions,

Now then, take that trust and strip it clean,
To what's inside of you,
Did you leave any for your own self-worth?
What if it all fell through?
All around you,
Circumstances just change,
Do you become the emotionless beast,
Has betrayal destroyed all of your range?

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Letting Go

I need a new passport,
Got to get out of here,
This country doesn't suit my temperament,
Or my joy de vivre,

Or, let's face it, any desire for change,
And really, why should it?
There's far less killing of its citizens,
Than the lion's share of world governments,

Most people don't really have it that bad,
At least that's what we're told,
Living well don't need to mean living large,
Only not being sold,
And having hope,
Left off the question mark,
We must inspire each other ev'ryday,
Only the dead can survive in the dark.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Early Morning Jump

There's no point in writing,
If not to effect change,
Like all other acts in this goddamn world,
Except we're talking brains,

Brains that decide how to treat the homeless,
Based on how they got there,
You don't have to give change if you don't want,
It's about respect, not making it fair,

Brains that pass on their knowledge to the kids,
No matter how fucked up,
It's not a bad thing until someone's hurt,
And no one gives a fuck.
But, who am I?
Not perfect, that's for sure,
Like I've been saying over twenty years,
What can I do that will make me feel pure?

Tuesday, January 03, 2017


You'll never be closer,
To death than you are now,
Fearing it's fearing a part of yourself,
Of all things, this I vow,

So focus on that for a little while,
Does it inform your life?
One moment you're here and the next you're not,
Might give you a new outlook on your strife,

But, you say, such observations are trite,
Life, you must still endure,
The pain, struggle, deceit and oppression,
Of all things, this is sure,
It will not end,
Until the day it does,
It doesn't have to be as bad as that,
Just live, let live and beware of the fuzz.

Monday, January 02, 2017

A New Year Wish

'Most forgot to do this,
And now don't have much time,
The world around will be waking up soon,
Then no longer be mine,

I'm not saying it's a resolution,
Just trying to be me,
No regrets or bitter feelings abound,
We're all trying to authentic'lly be,

For once you are, so might ev'ryone else,
Like cars stopping at once,
On the highway, all of them as one mind,
No one calling anyone else a cunt,
'Cause that's not nice,
In any circumstance.
Can't everybody just get along?
Let's give two thousand, seventeen a chance.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

A New Year

A part of my absence,
Despite telling myself,
That I am dedicated to The Fall,
To put Waths on the shelf,

Was more than freeing up the time to write,
Fear was driving me, too,
Well, this is a new year, and fear be damned,
It will no longer tell me what to do,

There's a place for it or it would not be,
I won't deny its use,
But it must spring up from the soul's instinct,
Not in light of abuse,
Or what might be,
No one can answer that,
Only the things one wishes there might be,
Are worthy of affecting how you act.