Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chicken or Egg

Chicken or the egg, first?
Why is that the question?
It doesn't help sort out the bad egg,
Before its conception,

It doesn't explain the chicken gone wrong,
Born of the perfect egg,
Frankly, chickens all look the same to me,
'Less it's left the brood's, on the street and begs,

Or it's running free range while the rest's cooped,
Wouldn't that be a coup?
E'en if it knew its perfect upbringing,
Still, the egg gives no clue.
How about you?
Did you incubate well?
You kind and giving in your fledgling years?
Chicken or egg? Either can go to hell.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

This Time, You Can Read It

I'm amazed ev'rytime,
My credit card's working,
Why should an asshole like me have credit?
Wait, because I'm working,

I've been working ev'ry day for a few years,
And I'm not complaining,
It's just what people do as part of life,
E'en when others' complaints are raining,

Because it's a given,
Living involves doing some working,
Even for your loved ones,
And that living should involve no irking,
It just should be,
It's not a fucking chore,
If you don't think I'm not talking to you,
You don't get how you represent your soul.

Waiting For The Bridge

I'm waiting for a boat,
Memories from my youth,
The bridge goes up, keeping me from my goal,
'Fore I lost my first tooth,

This one looks like it may be from Russia,
There's an app for that now,
Just like all the things in life you can know,
It's not about learning, but knowing how,

But the kids are still stoked by the ship's size,
Well, the grown-ups are, too,
How can something that big actu'lly still float?!
You'd think the damn thing flew.
There goes the horn,
The bridge is going down,
This wait will soon escape my memory,
Along with the reason it was profound.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Check Out

You took too long punching,
The numbers on the pad,
Because there is something inside your brain,
That also made you sad,

And anxious, too, my god you could feel it,
So much not going f'you,
Then the cashier announces to the line,
There's another cash open by aisle two,

Fuck, now you're the center of attention!
You never wanted that,
The guy behind me was mumbling curses,
When you left your wallet,
But I was cool,
Where did I have to be?
Leaving you behind to make you feel worse?
What kind of challenged dick would that make me?

Friday, May 27, 2016

Welcome Back

Look back to where you walked,
Just a few steps ago,
A trillion more touched the same soil before,
To points we'll never know,

Places, like people, that have come and gone,
Erased from history,
Blip upon blip among blips upon blips,
Beings who saw the world differently.

Forget space, look at time to know your worth,
Adjust for total span,
On that line it's hard to be e'en a dot,
Pixels would be too grand,
Just like you are,
Strutting like you're the first,
The thoughts that you treasure are old, old ground,
A beaten path, a trillion times traversed.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


What do you want to do?
The world is your oyster,
There's absolutely nothing in your way,
That you can't just ignore,

When you were born, you were an empty slate,
Fed by your five senses,
So enthralled by the possibilities,
You didn't care they were building fences,

For what could a barrier do to you?
You ne'er saw one before,
You could walk through it as far as you knew,
Besides, you could just soar,
Up to the sun,
There's no wax on your wings
'Less you think there's reason to be restrained,
You should be able to do anything.

The Spark

What starts revolution?
No one can really say.
It's hard to move the complacent masses,
That's how they're kept at bay,

But at just the right time, in the right place,
Neither of which be planned,
Someone stays seated or gets maced by cops,
Sparking the complacent to take a stand,

Somehow the notion of status quo shifts,
Or what's real's plain to see,
That despite what the rulers have told them,
How things are, need not be.
But what's the key,
That will open our minds?
Is it a tipping point of oppression,
Or th'rev'lutionary bent of mankind?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What's Next?

A tune just caught my ear,
While my mind was open,
'All the broken hearts in the world still beat'*,
A cry in the ocean,

And what of the ones that are yet untouched,
Is it their time will come?
As much a part of life as growing hair,
Or befriending then betraying someone.

That is the shame when the innocent die,
They ne'er got to be shunned,
Felt the sorrow of unrequited love,
Or incarceration,
Then there is us,
Is the journey e'er done?
A life spent getting the innocence back,
We're a scale model of evolution.
*Ingrid Michaelson

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

That Crack

That crack in the ceiling,
Makes me question my walls,
They may not be set on hard enough ground,
Causing the house to fall,

I actually know nothing about it,
I'm not an engineer,
I'm short of the dedication to math,
And the creativity wrapped in fear.

I'm pretty sure it means nothing at all,
My gut is never wrong,
Sure, sometimes it gets upset with my food,
For, for my'eart it does long.
But that is love,
It's a magnetic field.
They're produced absolutely anywhere,
Elemental particles choose to feel.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Thaw

The air is cold today,
Just like other things, too,
Your feet pressing up against my warm calves,
My heart assessing you,

The bodies of flies wrapped in spider's web,
Making my daughter squirm,
Her feet crushing insects she'll never know
As she begs me not to fix hook with worm,

The stares of strangers I pass on the street,
We've all been trained this way,
The unheeded cries of your soul's desires,
Slain for this land we've laid,
That can't be changed,
Unless you too are cold,
Resisting the cries of the souls nearest,
Who, too, are just doing what they were told.

Friday, May 20, 2016


Hard not to say something,
Despite what you are told,
Observe from the heart and you're called a child,
No compassion, you're old,

See both sides, and you're a politician,
Take a side, you're bias,
Embrace desires that fulfill you, selfish,
Defend society's structure, pious,

Yell from the depths of sorrow, you've lost touch,
Can't you see other's pain?
Speak only to yourself, there's something wrong,
Tweaks needed for your brain,
Even this here,
Don't think it is exempt,
The observations of a voice unknown?
Its lies with pity, its truths with contempt.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jazz, Man

Just follow the jazz, man,
There's no thinking in there,
Just a moment timelessly repeated,
'Midst a frantic, fresh blare,

There are no troubles hiding in that space,
Wanting to adjust you,
You'll be twisted, turned, spun, and razzmatazzed,
A soul-prancing escape without the blues,

Those are your feet tapping and head bobbing,
The world's not collapsing,
Or if it was, you'd never notice it,
That groove's so entrancing,
May't be with you,
Until your teeth fall out,
Equality sweeps across the nation,
While your heart collapses from rocking out.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Got up before the kids,
But I've got more to do,
Before I'm allowed to go to my job,
'Cause I already grew.

I wanted to be ready 'fore they woke,
We've a schedule to keep,
It will still be fun, or what is the point,
Of getting into anything too deep?

Sure, we'll also watch TV together,
That is fun too, you know.
How can a mind be prepared for the day,
Without dipping its toe,
T'get used to it, 
Stead of jumping right in?
Do that once, you learn it's not worth the shock.
You may as well jump into the ocean.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


There's a haze in my brain,
You know what I mean, right?
The world passes you by, tears, woes and smiles,
Amazing, out of sight,

Magical, you stop and think about it,
As observer, not you,
All happening while haziness persists,
Independently of the things you do,

Then you jump out of your mind's dull cobwebs,
Raise your arms, scream out loud,
Everybody stops to see what you want,
And you're instantly cowed,
You're not you, now,
Do you know who you are?
Oh my god, now you're other ones,
No longer can you observe from afar.

Friday, May 13, 2016


I don't know what to say,
I don't know what to say,
In the stillness of my heart there is peace,
So, for what can I pray?

To withstand the salvo of life's attacks?
No one is safe from that,
E'en the one poolside, no money worries,
Does not live outside of this basic fact,

That one must live among other people,
Completely separate,
We're all here to experience ourselves,
To live and then to let,
We have no claim,
No matter what came 'fore,
In the context of love for your fellows,
On the journey reserved for ev'ry soul.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

New Territory

What's the warrior code,
When life's started anew,
Scents now mingled with one-time enemies,
Not all sure of the feud?

The former laws meant to protect the clan,
Might be of an old way,
If history teaches us anything,
It's what's good once mayn't be right today,

'Cept, of course, that you do unto others,
As you'd want done yourself,
Which begs the question, what is it you want?
It's same as someone else?

It may not be,
There're fighters and menders,
What's good for the goose won't fill your belly,
Sometimes the cure isn't always tender. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Trudging Through Murkiness

The light is much too close,
It darkens my vision,
Puts into questions the routes I've taken,
To this situation,

From a marker that was no starting point,
To an undefined end,
Guided by instinct and loved ones' words,
Each step fueled by different intentions,

It didn't need to culminate to this,
Nor to anything else,
Is the goal to help others find their end,
Or to find it yourself?
Can you do both?
By example, maybe,
Which means guiding will only make a guide,
Leading one down the path of the guidee.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I see in my vision,
Small moving points of light,
They flit here and there, a thousand of them,
If I look at them right,

Otherwise I can see only the sky,
Clouds, birds, towers and planes,
Back again and I notice hazy streaks,
Like a falling ooze I just cannot name,

Which of these visions turn out to be real?
Which should guide my actions?
Neither are in a world that I can touch,
Or know in some fashion,
But I must act,
As each person 'fore me,
Their existence mattering just as thoughts,
Pale copies of what they themselves did see.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Stand Up

You can stand up one time,
You'll be struck down with pain,
Just like insurance comp'nies e'er say no,
Your first attempt to claim,

Most will remain down, a law of nature,
But you may rise again,
Standing, you'll see others if you look hard,
Trounced from masters and slaves with cries of shame,

Are you the one with enough self-belief,
Even should you be maimed,
To howl that what you believe's true for you,
That your god is your name?
For then they'll see,
That you will not be tamed,
This is how all realities are born,
The road for all revolution's the same.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Not For Mom

Just 'cause it's Mother's Day,
This isn't about her,
She's not alive no more, so what's the point?
She is not of this world.

Though she's in my thoughts in ev'ry moment,
Isn't everyone?
We're all a product of interaction,
Informed by observing our reactions.

Like mom would say, you must follow your heart.
Well, there I go again!
Placing her words as the measure of all,
Like they were true wisdom.
I think they were,
Honesty person'fied,
Oh please may I face life with the same grace,
As mom did right up to the day she died.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

The Dark Forest

I tried to face outside,
Naked as a newborn,
The elements attacked my skin and eyes,
Leaving flesh and mind torn,

I woke up with the sun upon my face,
Blood, now, my body's clothes,
Dark in spots by leaves and mountains shadows,
'Round me sounds of animals no one knows,

They walk with me in the forest's dark depths,
Poised to pounce then vanish,
Struck with the same wounds, addled as I am,
Searching for a safe niche,
But there is none,
Not if you're still living,
The more protected, the less in the world,
No understanding without misgiving.

Friday, May 06, 2016

The Gap

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock,
Good bye forever more,
Unreplaceable as a child's first words,
Or the evening's last pour,

Hold back all you want, it's still taking time,
You fall until impact,
Terminal velocity's never reached,
Your imagination is never hacked,

Your disabilities are obvious,
In the right company,
But come play with me and my little friend,
Where the sky's e'er sunny,
Time will still pass,
Naught will ever stop that,
Tick tock goes the clock, steady as your heart,
That yearns for the moment you're born to have.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

These Sounds

Wish I knew that bird call,
Like I know that humming,
Or the periodic flush caused by leaks,
And my fingers drumming,

My own call, though the message is in words,
Spit out upon the screen,
Like the pweers float messages on the wind,
Then I cut my nails as, too, the beak preens.

Its mortal danger's that it won't be heard,
Some things we've in common,
Too, breath, love, sorrow, creation, thoughts, fear.
Oh, and procreation,
Th'eternal call,
Bird calls to the unknown,
Each offspring an echo of the desire,
To prove to ourselves that we're not alone.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

The Ultimate Goal

Karl Ove stopped writing,
His brain did not want to,
But the body can have another mind,
Simply opposing you,

Whether everything's simply in your thoughts,
The distinction remains,
The two components must work together,
As if their ultimate goal is the same,

So what does that mean when you're facing life?
Sadly, it don't mean much,
For both of them have to face the outside,
Which has its mind, as such,
Good luck with that,
Melding the three as one,
The trinity that yields utopia,
The dream of every revolution.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Dreams are Dreams

Careful what you wish for,
Dreams rarely do come true,
For they are formed in the world of your mind,
That's created by you,

Like a mirror you can only reflect,
But just outside the frame,
Are complicated weaves of real'ty,
Inside which those images are contained.

Which is proof the world's not in your head,
It's in other heads, too,
All with their own way of reflecting yours,
With dreams that ne'er came true,
But it's alright,
One day you will just die,
Like billions of people died before you,
Unbounded by their mind's reflected light.

Monday, May 02, 2016

The Pain

What is it like to hurt,
Beyond your abil'ty,
To control the fact that it's happening,
Despite that you are free,

Outside of the protection of the norm,
Condoned by all around,
Like the politician behind one cause,
At the expense of all others around,

Where there's no def'nition for what you do,
On the side of the good,
For it disrupts the natural order,
That's so far understood?
It is not fun,
The hurt's the borderline,
Community's meant to yield the good life,
Within the bound'ries it condones as fine.