Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why You Should Not Be Alright

Every moment offers something,
More to complain about,
Because that is the direction,
You always seek out,

Even when the weather is the clearest,
And your journey blessed with empty roads,
You wish for rain and some goddamn people,
So you weren't so bored,

And when you're coupled in the warmest embrace,
From the person you love the most,
Your mind is on the tasks you need get done,
Fabricated so 's t',

Not be alright,
For you never want to be,
For people might think you're taking it,
Far too easy.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why We Must Be With Others

The pains you experience,
From the exertions of life,
Stemming from the love you share for others,
And also those you like,

And hate, for they all demand,
Movements you would never make,
If left to yourself on a desert island,
For goodness sake.

But you would never want to live that way,
Away from interaction.
It's been done before and all we learn,
Is that we are social animals,

Which is alright,
If only we could be,
Loving also, but it's not the case.
We're addicted to controversy.

Life vs Death

Enjoy where you are at,
Until it all changes,
Due to something stupid that you've done,
Or the world rearranges,

Either the people or things,
That make up your life,
Which is all there is,
And which will suffice,

For after that,
What there is,
Is nothing you will understand,
Until you're on the precipice.

Which is where you are, alright?
Until you make a change,
For unchanging is another word,
For death.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It Really Doesn't Matter

It really doesn't matter,
Nothing really does,
Ultimately, though, when you think about it,
You can't start with that, because,

Then there's nowhere to go in your mind,
Except for where it goes naturally,
Which has some intrinsic info about yourself,

So, maybe it doesn't matter,
And that's just fine,
As long as nothing does,
So you can find,

What it's like to be alright,
And doing what you like,
For when nothing matters,
All that's left is what's right.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

When I'm Not With You

You have no idea,
What it's like to be me,
With all my trivial, selfish thoughts,
And activities.

Not to say that I ever think,
Of how what I do,
Affects my loved ones and enemies,
And even you,

Like when you're not around and I'm not alone,
And it's like I was never born,
Into the life you are accustomed to,
And from which I wish I was torn,

But only sometimes, alright?
The rest of the time I am blessed,
And only because I can walk away,
And get a better look and assess.

Friday, December 24, 2010

How Selfish Can You Be?

I suppose any day,
Could be your last,
Whether because you leave this world for good,
Or the current world just becomes past,

Because you've changed, or those around you have,
Or because you've done something,
To change the way your world looks at you,
Whether increasing or mitigating,

Their respect. Ultimately what matters,
Is what is your perspective on life?
Do you believe in the hurt of others,
Or is it just about getting you right?

Because, the latter's alright,
But it makes a very big leap of faith,
That these worlds are just chances to,
Get a glimpse of your own face.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You're a Moving Target

Things change so quickly,
There is no time to change,
Because there's no time to settle in,
To identify the range,

That your bundle of perceptions fit in,
You're a moving target,
And if you think that's not the case,
Have you figured yourself out, yet?

And if you have, then ask yourself,
"Who's done the figuring?"
And then figure out who that is,
And while you're fumbling,

Remember, you're alright,
The point's not to know who you are,
But who you want to be,
Which doesn't have to be far.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Danger All Around

You don't have a safety net,
Not matter what you do,
Or, if you do, it must be,
All around you,

Tight against your skin, stopping you,
From moving into any harm's way,
And coated with a material so thick,
It keeps all harm at bay,

Because there is no way to know which way you'll fall,
Or what might fall on you,
When life is so uncertain,
As is everything that you do.

But it's alright,
Everyone is in the same boat,
And, really, the only way to be safe,
Is to just take a leap of hope.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Maximizing On Humanity's Potential Horizons

Some people argue that character,
Is knowing what your actions,
Could possibly lead to,
And exercising restrictions,

To what you may want to do,
But which might lead to hurting others,
And that way, no guilt will ever visit you,
And you will also have honours,

From those who observe you and you will also,
Be sought out for special tasks,
That require someone that you can trust.
Doesn't everyone want that?

Yes, alright,
Maybe character is enviable.
Though, you deny yourself that human feeling,
Of regretting your true potential.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Capitalism and Our Hearts

Will there always be poor?
Well, yes, as long,
As there is money to earn,
Which is what is wrong,

And both good with us humans.
For what else would allow,
Such an invention other than the precious,
Gift of asking how,

We came here, and recognizing,
Value outside of just,
The food we eat, and shelter from weather?
Though, what's sad is that our lust,

Keeps us alright,
Regardless of anyone else,
Which is what's wrong with,
Our sense of self.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Extent of Self Reflection

You can change who you are,
Because who you are,
Is just a bundle of perceptions,
Shaken up in a jar,

And twisting the lid is not impossible,
Nor is looking back upon yourself to see,
Through the glass, who you are,
And who you could be.

And actively rearranging.
Now, of course you are,
Going to ask who's doing the rearranging.
Well, that's just going too far.

For, to be alright,
There are some things you should never ask.
And, in case that jar breaks,
You have to keep on your mask.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How You Must Approach Change

Any choice that you make's,
Going to affect someone,
Probably more and probably not all,
Will be of the same opinion,

But even those who end up hurt by it,
Do not need to be angry at you,
Either because you talk them through it,
Or, it's just not what they do,

But those who cannot just let it go,
And recognize that we all have our paths,
Are making a choice also, and that's alright,
Because you don't have to be an ass.

You can be alright,
And live and let live.
Life's not too short to waste time,
But it is to not to forgive.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What If You Let Your Thoughts Out?

There can be nothing else,
Than the two lives that you live,
One, you want everyone to see,
And the one you want to give,

To the world,
But are too afraid,
Either because it's too destructive,
Or because it's what you create,

To escape from the surreality,
And irony of the demands,
From people and things that don't even exist,
Outside of your consciousness.

And maybe it's alright,
To switch your two lives,
Showing everyone your heart,
And hiding what's in front of their eyes.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Response to Simple Writing

Maybe there is a clearer,
Way to tell the truth,
Simple and unmediated,
Without the complications of youth,

That had to take you on that path,
Of realization,
That despite all uncertainty,
You have to make a decision,

And then you won't have to find,
Those people with the key,
To your encrypted message,
Of sincerity.

Which is alright,
Until you decide you'd like to be,
Friend to all, and uncomplicated.
Though, how many friends do you need?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

To Put Yourself Out There

If you're afraid to speak your mind,
Join the club,
Like most people in this world,
You're afraid of,

The controversy of those,
Who do speak their mind,
Who, again, are very rare,
Probably one out of nine.

And, of course, there is the work,
Involved in convincing yourself,
That what you say's what you believe,
And won't be put on the shelf,

Because it's actually alright,
To have an opinion,
And anyone who says different,
Is practicing fascism.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Responsibility to Yourself and That of Those That Love You

There are some things you need,
To live a life,
Of freedom for you,
No matter the price,

No matter your commitments,
Because those are important, too,
But they are immoral,
If they stop you,

From being who you are,
And what your body demands,
And those who truly love you,
Would do what they can,

To make you alright,
God, the cruelty,
Of those who deny you passion,
For responsibility.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

The New Socialism

There are never more problems,
Just different ones,
With each change that you effect,
But it's all about rotation,

So that each person involved,
In the world that you make,
Has his share of good times and bad,
For perspective's sake,

Until eventually perspective,
Says, "the problems're always there",
And it becomes about simply living,
Instead of getting one's fair share.

Not that it's alright,
That there are haves and have-nots,
But maybe everyone should get a turn,
To have whatever they want.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Fact About Desire

What you want's not bad,
For and in itself,
For until it is real,
It is only on a shelf,

To look at and admire,
And tease your imagination,
Until you reach out and grab it,
Then, you're talking risk of intrusion,

Into the rights and freedoms,
Of another,
And until you test that boundary,
It will continue to bother,

And you may not be alright,
Until you find out in reality,
And risk that potential sin,
For the chance at understanding.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

You Will Not Be Free

There's always a limit,
That's just a fact of life,
Permeating every thought you have,
Restricting every light,

It's a prerequisite of every freedom,
Granted by our governments,
And something every animal knows,
Is the code of the system.

What does this mean,
For our everyday lives?
Isn't this obvious,
To everyone and their wives?

It's alright,
Next time you feel boxed in,
Freedom's not something available,
Through revolution or auction.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Society Squashes Desire

This world was made to,
Punish those who wish,
And those who live outside of the norm,
And iconoclasts,

Even if in the end they succeed,
Beyond your wildest dreams,
The path is too hard and unrewarding,
Or, at least that's how it seems,

So rather than try to fulfill one's dreams,
We are encouraged to discourage those,
Of others, and the real reason behind it all,
Only Nature knows,

For it should be alright,
To follow your heart,
As long as you don't harm the hearts of others.
That, my friend, is what's called art.

Friday, December 03, 2010

What Fear Gets You

You better believe that someone,
Will take the opportunity,
That you shun in favour of risklessness,
And wondering what could have been,

And no one else will ever do it,
With such relish as you would,
Or deserves as much, either,
But you'd do it if you could,

Which you can't because you lack the gumption.
I'm sorry, am I being insensitive?
I shouldn't make such a big deal,
Of the quality of how you live.

In fact, it's alright,
Go ahead and underachieve,
And when you're old, make sure you acknowledge,
All you could have been.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Please just make your mind blank,
Like the billions before you,
Who walked the earth and who are now gone,
To someplace new.

And if you find this challenging,
As if it's against what you were meant to do,
Reflect upon the fact that if you don't,
You'll be barred from the precious few,

Who then learn to both be blank,
And full at the same time,
Conquering the world anew in each moment,
Completely leaving the old ones behind.

There may not be much value in this,
But it's at least good exercise,
To prove that you exist.