Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Countdown

Everyone e'er expects,
Changes come the New Year,
As if one day could differ from the rest,
To which spirits adhere.

Not even the day, but the hour it ends,
A countdown to mark it,
So much is forgotten, just shed away,
That the last year was so fucking tragic.

Though, I suppose there's something to be said,
For communal focus,
Surely, if change will ever act'lly come,
That could be the locus,

Of rev'lution,
There, I've said it again,
Like the child who asks for treats all the time,
I'm hoping to wear down your complacence.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Lying Down

Up there in the heavens,
I don't mean where god lives,
Where the human mind has placed all its fears,
Of the unknown life gives,

Nor do I speak of the clouds or dark space,
Where we're not meant to be,
Like the labyrinth of our organs or flesh,
Or the silent refuge of the deep sea.

There's an arena that is barred to most,
Where all dreams have come true,
Born by both luck and determination,
That is hard to get to,
Because of us,
We fear it and stop those,
Who dare to make that journey against odds,
In the name of a love only god knows.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

There's A Lot

There's a lot happening,
No matter who you are,
Not e'en counting all the news that you hear,
From both near and from far,

Forget the drama 'mongst fam'ly and friends,
Though your support's needed,
Just as you count on them in your hard times,
When they'd much rather tell you to beat it,

Dismiss your past fails and your future goals,
That is all just gravy,
The dreams you remember when you wake up,
You just as well may's sleep.

Without all that,
There's still a lot about,
To distract your mind and drain your spirit,
Without even both'ring venturing out.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Time Flies

New Year's fast approaching,
If that means anything,
'Cause so is Valentines and Fam'ly Day,
All very exciting,

Dates that assist you accelerate time,
'Cause anticipation,
Is as good as good ol' reminiscence,
In distracting you from concentration,

On the moment in which you are living,
Else you'd live forever,
For how could time e'er move if you stop it?
Wouldn't that be clever?

Do what you want,
It's your life, after all,
I'll be sitting with my head in the clouds,
Spending my whole life trying not to fall.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Getting It Done

When you're wishing something,
And finally it comes,
You sometimes don't know what to do with it,
Not 'cause it's not welcome,

It is because as you have been waiting,
Life has been happening,
Making you wish for some moments of peace,
'Fore you take advantage of your winnings,

For that is what life does to everyone,
E'en when you follow dreams,
It is such a winding road you must take,
You'll wonder where you've been,

You've been living,
For even though life's brief,
If you subtract all the time you must waste,
It is a wonder anyone can breath.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


The year's almost over,
How do you feel 'bout that?
If you follow that way to measure time,
Or consider time fact,

Or think there is value in what has passed,
Lessons for the future,
Fodder for reliving joy in hard times,
Just'fication for what you've done to her.

Is the new cycle a chance to fix things,
Or to start things over,
As if what's past has no bearing no more,
And no affect on her?
Well, in the end,
You prob'ly will ne'er know,
Your choices may turn out not to matter,
Opinion all by which you had to go.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Two Worlds

The line is getting thick,
Between the world's two worlds,
One side claims to be defending the right,
And following the rules,

Th'other side says it's defending the right,
And following the rules,
Both sides have been known to repress people,
Accusing th'other of threat'ning the world,

What happens when more countries take a side,
Could be quite dramatic,
We've yet to see what new world weapons do,
When they really go at it!

That'd be something,
Same old story, again,
Ideologies can't seem to exist,
Knowing others are still in existence.

Monday, December 22, 2014

What You Do

You want to get things done,
Stuff that you love to do,
Not that you need for keeping soci`ty,
Functioning around you?

Not tasks that you are responsible for,
Or that are expected,
Nothing to do with where you were brought up,
Or loved ones to which life has connected?

Something you consider your real purpose.
Do you know what that is?
The thing you want despite everything,
That makes life serious.
I cannot help,
No one else knows but you,
Though, if your not bothered that you don't know,
You're perfectly suited to what you do.

Sunday, December 21, 2014


When you've a sunny day,
When all should be drabby,
When the music all around's festive,
When you ain't that happy,

When the few days before factors imposed,
When you thought they wouldn't,
Whenever it was, wherever you were,
When those around you said that you couldn't,

When the news from the world was less than grand,
When was it e'er, really?
When so much happens each and ev'ry breath,
When you've lost all feeling,

When do you change?
When the universe does?
When the sunny day drabs like a bummer,
When you've finally exhausted all loves?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Two Stories

I agree that it's sad,
I choose The Interview,
To discuss, instead of The Massacre,
The Taliban did do.

The one is about computer hackers,
Working for Kim-Jong Un,
Though North Korea's telling the U.S.
Dark Seoul Gang's not their organization.

The other's a sad story of revenge,
By ruthless Taliban,
Who killed young children 'cause they lost soldiers;
Don't see the connection?

They both remind,
You can be innocent,
Trying to live in peace and to let live,
Still, others can destroy your contentment.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Wait a Minute

Time will certainly pass,
Away from life, to'ards death,
The minute you leave's took from what you have,
Each lost's two minutes less.

But ev'ry minute can't all be precious,
You need time to reflect,
For the search for meaning's where value's found,
E'en though the point is you'll never find it.

But, don't lose yourself in that black abyss,
That is just a death, too,
Hard to scrape out of, once you've surrendered,
To its dark grasp on you.

Here's what to do:
Laugh at how you're walled in.
That will give you the teetering balance,
To appreciate the gap, not fall in.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let the Future Stand

There is a future,
Carrying us along,
Rec'gnized by some, though oft incorrectly,
In reports, chat and song,

For the future's not something to be told,
No story's that complete,
Oh god, let me never know what is next,
For I'd resist it with tenacity!

My need for the unknown would override,
Any establishment,
Plus, the minute details knowledge contains,
Would test my temperment.

Then there is love,
The enemy of fact,
Living in gaps 'tween rotting real'ty,
Flourishing from the certainty it lacks.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

World Games

Well, this cannot be good,
I'm not a fan of oil,
But these low prices are fanning a fire,
And tempers will soon boil,

Most notably in the great bear Russia,
Where interest rates spiked,
Their media toning down the import,
Though it won't take time for fears to be hiked,

People taking to the streets in anger,
The army lashing out,
A desp'rate country defying the world,
Its pride never in doubt.

Is it OPEC,
Trying to stir the pot?
Something inside me can't shake the feeling,
Some wealthy minds have concocted a plot.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Remind people to give,
It's an important thing,
E'en though the ninety-nine percent are poor,
And the one, uncaring,

Even though the invention of money,
Has caused the need to give,
Well, act'lly the distribution of wealth,
Which transcends the structure in which we live,

E'en though you think the poor don't deserve it,
They don't try hard enough,
Which is per the structure in which we live,
That requires we buy stuff,

That we don't need,
Leaving less for others,
And the fear that if we don't buy those things,
The structure in which we live could suffer.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Full Circle

The good ol' U.S.A,
Has avoided shut-down,
Two-nineteen to two-oh-six was the vote,
With a small addition,

Rules put on banks 'cause of two thousand eight,
And the mortgage breakdown,
Will be eased due to Citigroup pressure,
As will already lame enforcement clowns.

It takes so much moxie for protesters,
To keep demanding rights,
While it's easy for banks to pay lawyers,
It is a losing fight.

'Less the next fight,
Is a balls out real brawl,
The majority coming out with strength,
The suits getting pommeled once and for all.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

China's Gambit

There's nothing China does,
Without ultimate ends,
This is no different for any country,
They all trick their cit'zens,

To thinking one way, least that's what they try,
But China propogates,
'Cause its structure seems so diff'rent from mine,
A specimen I can investigate.

Like its new commemoration today,
Aft' seventy-sev'n years,
Of the Nanjing massacre by Japan,
A country that it fears.

It makes you think,
'Spite what Pres Xi might say,
It's a gambit to get his people prepped,
For confrontation with Japan one day.

Friday, December 12, 2014

No Reflection of Me

Anyway, one can't live,
Unless that life is being examined,
Whether painful or not,
All pimped out or damaged,

A reflection of one's dreams or nightmares,
It's really all the same,
The value of your life's your awareness,
For no one determined the way they came.

P'haps if there was a pre-birth registry,
So we could map life out,
From how we are raised to our thoughts at death,
Void of all fear and doubt,

Then poems'd be glad,
Diversions from more glad.
With no disappointments of which to write,
Poets would have no audience for sad.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Are You In or Out?

There are two worlds, you know,
One inside and one out,
The former guides what you should do outside,
While the latter holds out.

Inside, you feel anything's possible,
They're called your wildest dreams,
Things the outside spurns as impossible,
For you have e'er been given your regime.

There are some who call this cries of the weak,
They don't accept the laws,
Or the feelings of those who've embraced them,
Dismissed as a lost cause.
Then there are those,
Who can't make up their mind,
'Bout which of the worlds should take precedence,
And which is more real, the in or outside.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

In Time

If I had a minute,
For every hour gone,
Spent not appreciating that time ends,
Many years before long,

I'd have six thousand hours to continue,
Doing the 'xact same thing,
Not sure if it's disease of just my mind,
Or if everyone is the same as me,

For even those who live in the  moment,
Must combine that with thought,
Forever reminding themselves that life,
Seems long, but it is not.

Well, that's a lie,
When time is infinite,
And one experiences existence,
'Long' and 'short' have no meaning inside it.

Monday, December 08, 2014


The day started like most,
First get up, then get dressed,
Complete the daily routine one e'er has,
To help control the mess,

Driving away, maybe after two miles,
The world shook back to view,
Realizing until that moment the haze,
My mind was floating, not sure what to do,

Back on earth, back on its familiar route,
There was nothing to grasp,
Happy to be blown by the winds of chance,
Loose of all chain and hasp.

It is there, still,
Is it exploring new,
Testing the strength of pretense on this earth,
Or just cloudy, awaiting the day's brew?

Saturday, December 06, 2014

The Search for Justice

If you dream of justice,
What would it look like?
Balancing scales, or a sword in your hand,
Or just a sleepless night?

Would you want to remember a thing,
Or have it disappear,
Like the dreams you had as you laid in bed?
Only in dreams does justice seem so near.

If it is a scale, balancing is hard,
What two things weigh the same?
The sword rests the power in just one hand,
Feeding on fear of pain.

But then there's sleep,
Harmless to everyone,
Utopia based on unconsciousness,
Inspiration for the next rev'lution.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Good Day

There's four walls around you,
Lights from 'lectricity,
The sound of air rushing in through the vents,
A cop show on TV.

There is a time when you will have to leave,
Keep an eye on the clock,
Think of all the other ones in the world,
Occupied by exactly the same thoughts,

Moving through exactly the same routine.
Doesn't that connect you,
To the pulse of the way things work 'round here?
Give life to what you do?

It's like we're one,
We've figured out the way,
To live separately from each other,
Knowing we are all facing the same day.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

While There's Time

This is not happening,
Just a throw-away poem,
No time, no inspiration, no reason,
But still, I must go on.

There is no train of thought on which to board,
Can life be that empty,
Even for the space of a few minutes,
In a hotel room, in briefs, in Cinty,

With so much moving? Still no time for thought,
Will the final chapter,
In the final breaths left to us on earth,
Be too rushed to matter?

We'll never know,
Until that chapter comes,
But if the last five minute's any clue,
I'd better make meaning while there is sun!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Riding on a Jet Plane

I'm getting on a plane,
Gonna fly through the air,
Held in metal, so I don't feel the wind,
A fact I find unfair.

There's nothing I like more, when in a car,
Than to act like a dog,
Holding my head out the window so glad,
That the air should massage off the smog,

That nothing should stall in my pers'nal space,
'Magine what a plane'd do!
I'd be in a world free of anything,
That could threaten my view,

Of the real truth,
That we are all alone,
Feeling the breeze of life's impressive speed,
Barreling us to adventures unknown.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Into It

I need to be faster,
Within the time allowed,
To do everything I need to do,
E'er I'm in my death shroud,

The things one dreams of in these free moments,
Not occupied by life,
As presented by soci'ty at birth,
Marked by anxiety, pressures and strife,

Moments that are far and so few between,
Short, even at one's birth,
And not recognized for their preciousness,
'Til life's half-lived on earth.

Not complaining!
Can be no other way,
It's not the world you're born into that counts,
It is the one that you've managed to make.

Monday, December 01, 2014


Henry made a vid'o,
And it really is good,
Fashioned after his fave, Stampylonghead,
In the MineCraft play world.

I'm impressed by his nat'ral confidence,
Coupled with raw talent,
He always wanted a YouTube channel,
And I am so proud that he accomplished it,

From the beginning he had a vision,
He has much more in wait,
An instinct about what works and doesn't,
Impressive at just eight.

That is my boy!
I have little worry,
If he wants to live off his creations,
My old-age home will be paid for, surely :)