Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let's Please Lay Off the Gays

What's with this whole gay thing?!
Will they e'er get a break?
It's not a point of pride anti-gay laws,
Were struck down in two states.

How people can feel free to raise such laws,
In democratic states,
Makes me wonder if there's e'er been progress,
Or if humans just need someone to hate,

As I'm sure each gay person hates someone,
As I'm not e'erone's fan,
Still, can't we stop short of the kind of hate,
Displayed by Ugandans?

Or Russians, too,
Really, what's with the gays?!
If it's that they can't have kids together,
Then a lot of heteros should part ways.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Secret To Happiness!

One day you find yourself,
Where Nature always meant,
A beautiful garden with colours perfect,
Completely suited scents,

You stumbled in from your dirty, old world,
Somehow, the sun shines here,
Your shoes are gone because they're not needed,
You have none of your familiar, dear fears,

People you meet are friends who understand,
No introductions, no!
You could die any minute and be happy,
Because you finally know,

What life is for,
It is a selfish thing,
You're meant to find the thing that makes you glad,
For you can only know your own feelings.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Meta Construction

What is it that you do,
Beyond what's expected,
Beyond those tasks that take the least effort,
Beyond what your dad said,

Beyond the small tokens that make you feel,
Beyond others' routine,
Beyond the special world you think you dwell,
Beyond the work that earns your salary,

Beyond treats for loved ones within your house,
Beyond famine, too,
Beyond thank-yous for presents above and,
Beyond, that's done for you?

Give it some thought.
What raises you beyond,
An acceptance of the life you'ere given,
Then managed the charge on the construction?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Things Are Now Very Tenuous in the Ukraine

Oh, the things you can miss,
When watching Olympics,
Like the ousting of Ukraine's president,
Viktor Yanukovych,

Fleeing to Balaklava from police,
For killing citizens,
Protesting his flip flop on EU terms,
Under stress from the olympian Russians,

Maybe he's hid in the submarine base,
Of that once rusky town,
Renown as a site of historic fights,
And full-head winter gowns.

Turchynov says,
(The new Ukrainian "man"),
That he's seeking Putin's understanding,
Hope he's not the next Archduke Ferdinand!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nice Thoughts

Now I'm just writing,
To no one but myself,
Wondering what I should be looking at,
Or that someone would tell,

What the fear is that obliterates you.
Soon you start to think,
About all the things you could be doing,
And you don't even get close to the brink,

Yet don't even stop to think what you do,
E'en as you turn away,
Satisfied that you even thought at all,
And lived another day.

Well good for you!
No, really, I mean it,
No one knows the secret to happiness,
But I 'spect you've come by a little bit.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Olympics, Day 13

I'm watching curling,
Maybe my fav'rite game,
Canada's women are up by one point,
Tenth end 'gainst Great Britain,

The Brits are looking quite stressed at this time,
The Canucks got hammer,
They have just been playing it really safe,
Though you can still see a little swagger,

Because this is the thing about this sport,
If you throw perfectly,
There's no way you can act'lly lose a match,
It's all 'bout strategy,
Like life, some say,
You are responsible,
We don't have two rocks hugging the centre,
From slumping on our couch all miserable.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Olympics, Day 10

Putin's day of visits,
To the athlete's village,
Included a stop by Canada House,
It was quite an image,

Forget how you feel 'bout his politics,
The law 'gainst gays alone,
Begs the question why all the athletes swooned,
'Stead of protests by phone,

Martin Luther King Junior even said,
The king of non-violence,
That life begins to end when we're silent,
In face of importance,
When we should act,
Because it's obvious,
In the presence of human rights abuse,
We must speak out to defend all of us.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Olympics, Day 9

Wow, speed skating is great,
May as well be flying,
Rarely more than one razor blade on ice,
All the chips on timing,

All about when you need to make that move,
To end up in the lead,
Hair breadths 'tween you and the other skaters,
It sure is similar to life, indeed!

Death, loss, and unbelievable success,
All are so much the same,
Finger tips keeping you from falling down,
Fighting despite the pain,
This is where sport,
Can teach us a lesson,
No matter how hard you work in this world,
You can e'er get fucked by others visions.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Olympics, Day 7

I have to ask myself,
Watching men figure skate,
'What is a quad-toe-triple-toe combo,'
And open the debate,

What really should count as an achievement?
If I gave gold medals,
For being the fastest up a ladder,
Would countries still spend millions of sheckles?

Would people wave flags and paint their faces?
I think the answer's 'yes'm',
Not for the excellence of the challenge,
But nationalism,
But I'm unfair,
The athletes are elite,
And their achievenments trump national pride,
Their commitment, victory or defeat.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Olympics, Day 6

Let's talk 'bout Sarah Burke,
Died two thousand and twelve,
Aft' a fairly routine fall in Utah,
So disappears the helve,

Of the saber that cleaved the way for those,
Who live by the halfpipe,
That now can compete in the Olympics,
Somewhere Sarah never got to reside,

Lauded by skiers internashnally,
For giving birth to it,
She would have won a gold medal this year,
But for the accident.

Now all who win,
Like our Darrel Howell,
'Spite not being 'llowed her sticker,
 Still dedicate their medals to that gal.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Olympics, Day 5

I know it's one person,
So judgement should be held,
On the beliefs of an entire country,
But, what the fucking hell?!

Someone like coach of an Olympic team,
Like Alex Arefyev,
I expect wouldn't opine out of turn,
Especially in the former state of red,

So to say women "create hearth and home",
In a flippant manner,
Speaks to the accepted mores of his home,
And all of his neighbours.

Guess it's no shock,
Though it's disappointing,
Not to sound like a moral elitist,
But his views suggest he's misunderstanding.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Olympics, Day 4

I guess before it's o'er,
I shouldn't let them go,
Without a comment on this whole gay thing,
In the Olympics home,

Two thousand, fourteen Russian Fed'ration,
There's this law, don't you know,
Passed last June barring the propaganda,
Of gay rights to minors, but you can show,

Vidyos of gays being lured to a trap,
Then humiliated,
Because somehow that doesn't break a law,
Why are they so hated?

I mean really?
There's no logic okay?
The act itself is solely about love,
Yet treated like they are all about hate.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Olympics, Day 3

It actu'lly makes me cry,
Though, I'm a cry-yee sis,
Seeing the Dufour sisters holding hands,
'Fore climbing the dais,

An experience I'll ne'er have in life,
'Magine how fantastic,
Three sisters grow up together in sport,
And they ride a path to the Olympics,

Shared exper'ence strengthens their real'ty,
Giving it a real truth,
Sisterhood trumping any jealousy,
That might threaten the truce.

E'en the eldest,
Denied any medal,
Lives in a world where family ties trump,
The temptation of pers'nal regret's hell.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Olympics, Day 2

We all knew there'd be fears,
Of trouble in Sochi,
Starting with Volgograd in October,
And Umarov's decree,

Then there is the fear of the Black Widows,
Is Russia's thin facade,
As permyeeble as the United States,
In its dealings with Bashar al-Assad?

Now someone hijacked a plane wanting flight,
To Sochi to alert,
His countrymen of some vague, unknown threat,
He's prob'ly just berzerk.

Still, makes you think,
What's still coming from there,
'Tween violence 'gainst gays and Chechnyan unrest,
Athletic prowess may take second chair.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Olympics, Day 1

Olympics start today,
In Putin's resort stop,
Sochi, home of Russia's Formula One,
And Two-Eighteen's World Cup,

It hasn't seen much controversy since,
Early nineteen hundreds,
When it officially joined Russian lands,
Aft years of territorial bloodshed,

Now it's the face of a country that laughs,
At western rationale,
Strong, with allies China and Syria,
Thought's not universal,

It is fleeting,
With lessons quickly lost,
Like someone who can't let go of a slight,
No matter the interpersonal cost.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Families Held Hostage

I just can't imagine,
Were I a Korean,
With family on the border's other side,
That I have never seen.

A predicament born of the fifties,
After the U.S. split,
The country along that ol' thirty-eight,
And backed the South against the Soviets,

Then a three-year war cemented the break,
No one checking to see,
'Cause pol'tics trumps the souls meant to be kept,
If perhaps that line split through families.

It did indeed.
Imagine the torture,
Your chance to reunite with stolen kin,
Hanging on the whim of gov'ment posture.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

To succeed

Every moment wasted,
Is a lesson for you,
But you must not have absorbed anything,
'Cause you're not leaving school,

Your skin is pale like an old cadaver,
Except it is stretched taut,
From laying with beer, chips and beef jerky,
Watching sci-fi films from your pull-out cot,

Thinking and saying you thought you'd be more,
To anyone who'll hear,
Who are less and less as the years go by,
As far as tears are near.

It's not too late,
History is no judge,
Nor a predictor of what will come next,
E'en an avalanche must start with a nudge.