Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Little Ones

Maybe it will all change now,
Like it never did in the past.
The world will open up and I will see,
How the old order could not last.

The inequities will remain the same,
But they will exist less for me.
The people I see starving on the street,
Will still live in the same society.

But in my new role I can work for change,
Once I am settled enough and have power,
Which may take a while and of course I'll need some time,
To enjoy my luxurious life's lure.

And it's alright,
I won't forget that I'm a revolutionary,
But I can't just turn my back on right away,
The life that eventually made me free.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I have been close to the spirit,
And the spirit did not stay long,
But if it deigns again to visit me,
It will not resist my song.

I will snatch it out of the air,
With a mind that is focused and strong,
Manipulate it into thousands of forms,
For only to me will it now belong.

And we will tease all of the spirits in others,
Once we are truly one,
And make them dance to our little tune,
Until we can start a revolution.

And it's alright,
I won't be the first one, you know,
Though I may be the first to use it for fun,
Instead of trying to make all evilness go.

Monday, August 28, 2006


I'm so very sorry,
I wasted time out of our lives,
Erasing my brain and making yours feel bad,
For an unrewarding vice.

I won't tell you, but I will do much better,
Of course I say that now, but what will be the case?
Like so many before me, the habit will stick,
Because the alternative I can't face.

I'm close to tears for the lack of heart I have,
And with so much happening inside of you.
I need to be there for the rest of your life,
And I'm not sure if I really want to.

And it's alright,
I'll do the right thing in the end,
Even if it means doing the wrong things for me.
Why can't life be as easy a religion?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Pearl

I can't believe how sad it,
Is just looking at that life.
If I could have it back, I would in a minute,
And be supported by my wife.

The determination not to let things go,
But not knowing the things that you need,
Is the greatest pitfall in a free life-
Destroying all hopes before they're put to seed.

And letting it go's the best way but the hardest,
Though people deny it out of jealousy,
And move you to deny even your instincts,
Because no one wants another succeeding.

And it's alright,
That's why you need to plan a surprise attack,
And only that by not knowing what you're doing,
But knowing exactly how to react.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


What is it that makes someone protective?
And I mean of treasure or of junk.
I don't think it's covetousness in the first,
Or embarrassment in the second.

Perhaps the possession of something no one has,
Helps to solidify the person you are.
Though I would think the ultimate high would be,
To recognize that we are all similar.

And strength in numbers, I guess, is only important,
When it is strength that you are really after.
And you might think that it really is,
But what can loneliness really offer?

And it's alright,
Though I am being denied some things by you,
There are a slew of things that I am also getting,
By giving everything I have to you.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Passes You By

That is the end of me.
The bright lights cast a shadow,
Of the man I will eventually be,
And he is no one I would know.

There comes a moment in one's life that decides,
If all dreams will be held on to or not,
Because eventually all of your chances,
Pass you by or may never run out.

But if nothing changes, you probably haven't either,
And it's that changing that allows for the room,
That the universe gives you as a creative being.
Otherwise you will just peak too soon.

And it's alright,
I haven't given up entirely.
It might be that I just need to walk through fields,
To get to the trail that I need.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Wood Grain

Oh, if you were as malleable,
As fuel dropped in a lake,
Or as one's hair with a brush,
My forever mistress I would make.

You are different with every tree you come from,
Sometimes smooth and straight, sometimes bold.
And all I can do is select the most perfect one,
But which that is, is based on what is my goal.

I bring out your rich lines like ink on a page,
I don't control the shapes, only the depth.
I don't know what I'll find until I cut,
Your beauty kept hidden until your death.

And it's alright,
It's not like it is even a crime,
To have your corpse adorn every room.
Your depth radiates an aura sublime.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Flower

What am I going to say,
When everything comes out?
I'm like a flower that can't hide anything,
Because people seek me out.

For what do flowers do but attract with their beauty,
All the animals that use them?
They want a rest but they must always give.
That's the price they pay for the adoration.

And those are tears you find on them in the morning,
For the new day, they know, won't find an end,
To the sun, everyone must look,
Until the next day brings it all once again.

And it's alright,
One day all its hard work will be fruitful,
For every dog has its day and every flower,
Will eventually be pulled.

Friday, August 18, 2006


I have let my guard down,
Now I'm running for my life.
This feeling won't go away until,
I feel I am out of the strife.

It won't get better when I walk out that door,
Because by then it will be too late.
I let myself forget the important things,
And have not disregarded dates.

That is the world, I can't change how one,
Must be in communication with the clock.
It's not a matter of Nature guiding your acts,
But who owns some given time at your dock.

And it's alright,
Ultimately it doesn't matter to me,
But the results may be the ruin of my life.
I guess I will just sit here and see.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Life's Lessons

Just when I think I got it,
The universe makes something happen,
That reminds me I am not the master.
I'm at my best when I'm unassuming.

The first part of your life is to show you through error,
How certain actions create results for you,
And those relations never change, though life does.
It's a hard, but invaluable, lesson, too.

But does that mean you don't stray from the acts,
That you know give you what you want,
And be happy with the things that make you happy,
Or test them to prove you're independant?

And is it alright,
To test the limits of your abilities?
If so, what is the point of that first part of life,
But to show you where to find your revolutionary?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Human Body

How can you say I can't change,
When my very body's a proof of that?
With every slight adjustment of how I sit,
I've reached a position that I've never been at.

The air rushes into my lungs and changes me forever,
From the body that took the air from the past.
Small things, I know not, attach and detach themselves from me.
A stomping ground always shows the prints of its last.

Like a waterfall, the elements wash over me,
To make the skin that clings to my skeleton,
My hair, my fat, the things that literally fall off,
You know, I'm not even the same person.

And it's alright,
If you think that you still know me,
You may as well assume everyone's the same.
From their head all the way to how they think.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


You are forever changing,
And are never really the same.
Even now you tirelessly reform,
Your sound's constant, but from a different place.

The eyes witness a beauty built on the impermanence,
Of any shape you take at any moment.
I suffuse myself with you and I am reborn,
Just as you have, I've given up all pretence.

I hear your voice in everything around,
Because, like them, your message explains art.
Your consistency belies your ultimate death,
Because you eat yourself until you're at your own start.

And it's alright,
If I can't quite make myself into you,
Your greatest part is forever changing its skin,
The greatest lesson one could hope to get through.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

What I Love

So what is it I've learned,
After all these days of rest?
That maybe this is the life for me,
If only society demanded less!

I'd pour my heart out for my deepest desires,
That for others would be a toil of hate.
I guess that work is not denied me,
But it's not handed on a silver plate.

With tastes so varied, I wonder how it won't work,
That life can't be maintained both in flesh and spirit.
Maybe it's greed, but I'm sure that's in the minority,
And this is a Democracy, ain't it?

But it's alright,
I can't put all the blame at others' feet.
There are more than eight hours in a day,
And I've only used them to beat a retreat.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I have gone a little deeper,
Than perhaps I've ever gone before.
I've faced the thing that's me and I'm still okay,
Though there are things I do not adore.

Conviction's based on instinct and I have the honor,
Of having mine be based on the absurd,
Which is fine because it allows the benefit of the doubt,
But there is just one final word...

To enter a world where things are one way,
Was something that I only did at work,
Which is what makes me such a good worker,
But that leaves my real life lingering in the dark.

And it's alright,
I'm going to try to work on my convictions.
Not too much though, because I like how I live,
And would hate to lose my innocence.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Cottage Time

I must try to remember,
That remembering’s not the key.
What getting it right is really all about,
Is just forgetting me.

There’s always time, and you don’t want it to happen,
Before you’ve had enough time not to know,
What it’s like not really getting it,
Because that’s what makes it a really good show.

The other part is keeping at it forever,
And not losing yourself back at the place,
You were before because you don’t want to give up,
The irresponsibility that makes you safe.

And it’s alright,
If you want to stay there, I guess.
It can sometimes be more comfortable wanting,
Than actually getting comfortableness.

I’m not saying I’m sad,
Like the truly desolate.
But, with all of the options one has in this world,
I haven’t monopolized on them.

A life unknown is nothing, that is my statement.
And by unknown I mean by the multitudes.
Every movie shows that everyone touches someone,
But volume means meaning I assume.

This wish for fame is not uncommon, I know,
It’s probably more universal than money.
There must be something good in you, though,
To be lauded by your fellow human beings.

And it’s alright,
I guess there’s lots of time left in my life,
To continue having these thoughts of fame.
I’m sure with them my waking hours will be rife.

I must get my act together,
And rearrange my life,
To recognize that there are more hours in the day,
Than I’ve taken advantage of.

And what is it that I have to offer,
I’ll tell you that it’s potentially a lot,
If I can maybe keep my head focused,
And, er, something else I remember not.

Is there something sacrificed in the attention,
That must be given to something that is long?
Only if you abandon the original thought,
That was short but sweet, just like a song.

And it’s alright,
Not if I never actually get it done,
I proclaim right now if I never do it,
I’ve failed in what was my entire reason.

I'm at a loss for words,
Though my last line belies that,
And the one just after,
Is actually a proof of that fact.

I'm surrounded by noise of unnatural kinds,
And probably being effected by waves,
Of all kinds, the things one does for relaxation.
The thing that's killing you've been thinking will save.

Regardless of it all the people I've met,
Will have to reimerge from the self imposed hiding.
I know they've had things to do and have worked hard,
But it's time they've invited me to where they're residing.

And it's alright,
I don't mean to take over their place,
But they need some atmosphere, and I am it,
If they are looking for a fulfilling pace.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


She does not need escape,
Or a way to understand his ways,
Or anything else that he might give her,
Or anything that he might say.

She flies above the circles,
That serve to make up the world,
In which she is seen but in which she does not exist,
In any way that might have worth.

Don't try to think that you know who she is,
Or she will deny it right away,
Until you show her things from the other world,
Things that you can only say.

And it's alright,
I will take any part of her that I can,
And if that means that none of it's actually real,
I'll have her take me to that other land.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Relations are not necessary,
If you can make it on your own,
Without reliance on a single thing,
That you have not somehow grown.

If not, then research shows the necessity of love,
As the primer to the pumping heart.
To maintain any one relation's easier,
Than keeping your determination hard.

If genious does not exist if not acknowledged,
That's only because it can't exist alone,
Just like any quality esteemed or despised.
For anything to exist, it must be known.

And it's alright,
Though tears are being planted by my heart,
The relations creating this sad moment,
May also be the cause of a favoured start.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Maybe it is better,
That I am under a better of me,
Or maybe I should just go out on my own,
And discover my own superiority.

The embarrassement that infests my whole being,
May counteract any advantage I had,
Unless I go back to my shameless self,
To the days when luck was my better half.

This may be my opportunity to revert,
To a more knowledgable version of my youth.
How often have I said in my mature life,
"I wish what I know now, when I was younger, I knew"?

And it's alright,
I'll get my due eventually.
I've got it in my way along the way.
I guess I can't fight what it's been to be me.