Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rolling With It

Where is it that two lives,
Can truly comprehend,
All that serves to make them different,
While still somehow staying friends?

No one can really say if two people,
Truly understand each other,
Including them, even if there are no moments,
During which they're not together.

There has to be some annihilation,
That is a given,
If things are to work out,
Of parts of one's inclination.

And it's alright,
If not both of them get it,
It can still be a journey of one,
When you're in a two-person unit.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Keep Trucking

Who knows what will happen?
All you can do is do,
Something so that you have no idea,
If it will be bad or be good.

Of course, you can do nothing and it's a safe bet,
That nothing will happen in return,
Which is fine if you don't plan on living,
Or if you really don't want to learn,

What it is to really know nothing,
Because that's what action brings.
It might seem like you know what the end is,
But you soon learn it's nothing.

But it's alright,
You can't help but notice,
Eventually, that you will never know,
What in the world, there really is.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time Now

There's no way around it,
Or even through, if I tried.
There's just no penetrating this one,
As if all hope has just died.

You can't squeeze more time out of a life,
Which makes each moment precious.
But, you can't also take back what you have used,
And that can be disastrous.

But something keeps on screaming,
To do things before it's too late.
Don't worry, you have all the time in the world,
And when you don't, well mark the date,

That you left, alright?
Because there's something you should know.
I've been around for a long time now,
And no one's ever thought it was their time to go.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sleep In

When you're waking up late,
You're missing a whole type,
Of life that exists as preparatory,
To the life that you might,

Call real living if you're that type of person.
But just sit down and consider,
All the waking up you have to do regardless,
Until you're ready to really observe,

The things around you in a meaningful way,
Though, maybe, that is how you prefer it.
Push everything back until you're going to sleep,
After the majority of the world.

And it's alright,
We can't all be up at the same time.
Certain events have to happen while some people are sleeping,
Or they would never be fine.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Can you ever hope to change someone?
My mom says not.
You just have to observe one day's behaviour,
And what you've got, you've got.

And that's not a bad thing,
Because the important thing's predictability.
You don't want to commit yourself to someone,
Just to find they're not that somebody.

And what about the things you could do without?
Well, no one is perfect.
The trick is to accept those things for what they are,
And then recommit.

And it's alright,
If you have to say sorry sometimes,
If you've taken yourself to the extreme.
That's life.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Try slowing down,
While getting the same amount done,
And you might find that time will accommodate,
Your new resolution.

Just like a face can look,
Completely different from one moment to the next,
Situations demand new perspectives,
When you forget that you have met.

But don't make the mistake of assuming,
That all of the rules have changed.
Instead, take the advantage of knowing you're in a new world,
But have practiced for it as much as you can.

And it's alright,
If it doesn't work out everytime.
I sometimes wonder if it ever does,
Given the condition of my life.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

World Affairs

Where is the possible logic,
That destroys hope,
Unless, in the name of another one's dreams?
Though, I would think that would tie a rope,

Around the neck of the thought that,
Hope should live just for what it is,
For the act of destroying any one instance,
Makes the idea of hope ridiculous.

And it's also true that any act of violence,
Cannot be justified in the name of peace.
It's what it is, and may deseat oppression,
But peace should never demand such fees.

And it's alright,
You can get through life without hope,
Especially if it is replaced by violence,
A condition that many people know.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

'Bout Anxiety

Is it that the edge is so fine,
It's hard to keep on it?
Or does one find oneself so far off balance,
Sanity just can't be hit?

Each individual is so unpredictable,
No matter how well you think you know him,
That, I guess, a shift in the twenty closest ones,
Can probably make you question,

The legs you stand on and the way you're perceived,
And whether things will go as planned.
In this light everyone must be filled with anxiety,
Who feel they've lost the upper hand.

Though, it's alright,
Isn't it?
Everyone else is in the same boat,
And your mental health depends on that.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sexist Pig

There is something to be said,
For knowing what's been said,
And responding accordingly,
And not spewing shit uncensored.

And knowing your company, and being aware,
Of what might fly and what might crash and burn,
And rampage for days across the social landscape,
Leaving you damaged and distraught, in turn.

Okay, something leaves your head amidst a cacophony,
That otherwise would be lost in the crowd,
That unfortunately disappeared in a second,
Leaving your mumbling clear and loud.

And it's alright,
Because those who matter knew the spirit.
But then you have to please all the people all the time,
And so you go home obsessing over it.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Things can change so quickly,
And they always don't,
If but for the different perspective,
Put on them by folks.

That doesn't change the fact that a good perspective,
Is to have a good perspective on things.
Nothing that anyone else can do,
Can counteract such conjurings.

Not to say that the mind is all powerful,
Or can overcome the worst of times,
Though, the insane have been known to survive a wintry night,
Wearing no clothes of any kind.

And it's alright,
I'm not asking that you get naked,
I'm just suggesting that you look at the facts,
And realize life is just what you make it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This is what I'm talking about,
Things are never good forever,
Like inflation, you can't have zero change,
Without some other disaster.

When it is time to be the one,
That stands up and does what's to be done,
I guess that's just what I will have to do.
No one wants to hear about my tribulations.

And that is just how things have been built up,
And I guess it's the same for everyone,
Who finds themselves in the greatest country,
In this world of mass oppression.

And it's alright,
I'm not calling for another revolution.
I for one have turned around enough times,
To see I have to only look out for number one.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Insane Success

There are an insane amount of people,
Who seem to do an insane amount,
By an insanely early age.
What is the secret they have found?

Or are they a special breed,
That could have done nothing else?
Well, I'm sure that there are people with the same abilities,
Who have destroyed themselves.

So what about those who use discipline,
To get the same results?
I guess there's no telling if a single person,
Is who they are by default.

But, it's alright,
A sure way to find out,
Is to apply yourself from today on,
And not leave the cause to doubt.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Perfect Planning

Life is full of projects,
And what does a project mean?
You authorize yourself to pursue an ends,
And continue until one of two things,

Happens. And one is that the ends is achieved,
Though, not in the way that you had planned,
Because with infinite routes to your ends,
Choosing the right path's like choosing the right grain of sand.

The other ends is that there is no completion,
And this is most likely because you have stuck,
To the plan that you chose right from the beginning,
Which leaves no contingency for luck.

But it's alright,
You have to believe in the unknown,
Because that is what you deal with every second,
And your strength lies in letting the events alone.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fill It Up

Though things may be difficult,
Doesn't mean that it's ever been easy,
Or that it's worth abandoning.

Expectations should not demand,
That personalities be identicle,
Simply that they understand the deviations,
And that neither ever cease to call.

And then, of course, there are the sacrifices,
That should ultimately enrich your life.
So, if you think that that is not happening,
Then, you better take a knife,

If you want to make it alright,
To the way that you interact.
'Cause if you keep living by false pretenses,
You'll always live a life that lacks.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Know You

There is so very much,
That there is to know,
That is known by so many other people,
While new knowledge is constantly grown.

And then time's needed to learn nothing at all,
And to use the knowledge already gained,
And then we only know it imperfectly,
And use only ten percent of our brains.

And the knowledge we use is mostly concerned,
With how to get up and clean and eat.
I wish I knew all there was to know about you,
So we didn't have to waste our time to meet.

But it's alright,
We can always pretend like we know,
Each other. That's what everyone does anyway.
So we can focus on where we need to go.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


What happens in one's dream,
Sometimes must happen in reality,
For those two worlds, if ever two things must,
Must sometimes meet.

You may as well never test your thoughts,
Against the ones that others have already sent,
Out in the world. If you never did that,
How could you know what anyone else meant?

So remember your dreams and try them out,
As if they were prescriptions for your daily life,
And take the time to compare consequences,
And you will surely sleep well that night.

Cause it's alright,
To believe in these things,
There's more to the world than meets the eye,
And there's certainly more to dreams.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


You win some and you lose some,
And the best times ever,
Are those in which the most action happens,
And fortune's as mixed as rapids in a river.

It is tiring, and can't last forever,
But, then again, neither can life,
And the greatest return comes with the greatest risk,
So try to remain there for the longest time.

But don't feel responsibility for anyone,
That will only serve to cause you to be,
Too cautious because what this truly calls for,
Is some recklessness and levity.

Wait, it's alright,
You can't escape it if you tried.
Either you're reckless, and everyone sees it,
Or you're riding the rapids on the inside.

Monday, September 10, 2007

One More Day

If one can get through one day,
Filled to the tits, while still being,
There for the other to-the-tits, then something has happened,
Filled with ingenuity,

Or endless energy, or maybe a robot,
Has entered upon the scene,
Because coupled with a more populated world,
It seems larger than it's ever been.

There's too much choice with too little choice,
To actually make it to what you want to be,
So try to pack it in, but the risk still exists,
That you don't have an eternity,

To be at least alright,
At absolutely everything.
How else can you possibly hedge your bets,
Never mind find time for your family?

Sunday, September 09, 2007


There is a lot that's not known,
About a lot of things,
In a relatively large number of areas,
Plus in all subjects relating.

When I am thinking of the best way to tell you,
That I must investigate each and every one,
To confirm their ultimate unknowability,
It causes a lot of consternation.

But that is how it is, even if I don't,
Really remember what it is that I learned,
But if I did anything else,
It would be the end of my life, all concerned.

Oh, but it's alright,
Sometimes I can let it go,
And live as if things are all fine and dandy,
And that there's nothing left that I have to know.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


There is no more time left,
So don't ask it of me,
Things are only given when there's enough to spare,
That's why time is a commodity.

Project manage everything that you do,
And remember that everyone else is a client.
That way you can inject yourself into everything,
While remaining pliant.

And don't forget belief, is this a broken record,
Of the millennia that it's been said?
I can't believe that there are still people,
Who think that things exist outside of their head.

And it's alright,
I don't need to be inside anyone,
I've got enough to handle inside me,
And all of my internal help is gone.

Friday, September 07, 2007


In each life there are moments,
Not too few and far between,
In which everything is falling apart,
Or so it seems.

But what is keeping things together anyway?
Nothing that I can see.
Maybe belief, but if that's all there is,
That sounds a little crazy.

But nothing else can really be said to exist,
Certainly not cause and effect.
Of course, if I did not trully believe in it,
I would have done absolutely nothing as of yet.

Oh, it's alright,
If everything does fall apart,
The universe never promised me anything,
And I've never expected anything from the start.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Do not be too enthusiastic,
Lest the universe punish you.
Though don't understand that,
As a reason to eschew,

The opportunities it puts before you,
Because it won't do the work itself,
But keep expectations low because you don't want it thinking,
That you think too much of yourself.

Yet don't extinguish hope,
A live dog's better than a dead lion,
And if you don't grab the world by the balls,
Fate will hand you your bed to lie on.

And it's alright,
It's as clear as goo,
Hurry up and wait,
For what's coming to you.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Okay, I have one more stab at,
Trying to make this work.
So what is it that would be interesting,
To both myself and the world,

Within the constraints I have been given?
But are they really constraints?
Do not boundaries only really exist,
If you can only work where you ain't?

So, why should one feel like a failure,
When challenged with an opportunity?
Well, he shouldn't, so I think that is one piece,
To this mystery.

So, it's alright,
The story itself becomes the story itself,
And so it goes, there won't be no end,
Until it's in the can sitting on the shelf.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


'Take me to another world',
And that was the end of that,
The reference points disappeared and then,
Time slinked away like a cat,

And soon she wondered, though I could not hear her,
'Isn't there a way,
To remove all the hurt in my life,
But have all the circumstances stay?'

But by then it was much too late,
I'd be surprised if I ever catch a glimpse,
Of a hint of where she might be now,
For neither of us have existed since.

But it's alright,
I'm sure things haven't really changed,
A new reference point to pin all her dreams.
While all procedures remain the same.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Sometimes you just have to wait,
For everything to create the perfect storm,
But just be sure that your way of being,
Hasn't ruined your chances before,

Unless you are a happy person inside.
That's kind of detrimental for your chance of success,
In the eyes of others around you,
Which means you won't have a lot of cash, I guess.

That being said, there is no telling,
What the necessary attitude actually is,
It may be a different head in the past,
Might never have led to this chance for success.

Oh, it's alright,
Don't feel like you've screwed it up,
You never know what you were meant to be,
Until you see where you've ended up.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fit It In

I guess that the point is,
To make a point with example,
Like meeting a stranger but feeling that perhaps,
Your perspectives are identicle.

I am in a small box in which I must,
Get an awful lot done,
At the same time in many different areas.
An exercise in spatialization.

But what is life but an arena,
In which to test the boundaries?
To figure out how much can actually get done.
Well, we will have to see...

If it's alright,
To do all you want to do,
Nobody ever said that life was about,
Anything to do with you.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


What does it really mean,
To be successful?
I would think that one criteria must be,
That you often have a smile.

And then, I guess, you would need a good deal of money,
But without happiness, it’s not worth much,
While to be poor, but live life like a clam,
Is more like success, as such.

And hallelujah if you have both,
Because, then, maybe you can do some good,
For those poor, happy people who should enjoy,
The exact same as you.

And it’s alright,
That’s not a criteria either,
That’s something more like humanism,
And no one asked you to choose between good or evil.