Friday, June 29, 2012


Every new situation,
Reminds you of yourself,
And all the things that you really love,
That you've put on the shelf,

For all those things you've been told you want,
Nay, told that you really need,
That cost money that you don't have.
Can we all just agree on this, please?

No one needs the things that they buy,
That stop working and get thrown away.
We could all be richer than our dreams,
If we simply didn't pay,

For half the things,
That we would never have known that we need,
Without the persuasion and pressure from those,
Who convinced us to consume 'til we bleed.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You're Never Wrong

Even when you're stupid,
All is not lost,
There is still time to make it all seem,
Like it was on purpose,

And in the end you will even look,
Smarter than you really are.
People respect complexity much more,
Than being able to count really far.

So, go through life as if everything,
You've ever done was part of a plan,
And if you're not where you want to be now,
Expect it soon,  then.

And you never really want,
To get where you want to be,
You make more people think you are on,
To something of immensity.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Great Thoughts

When you think of something,
You must let everyone know,
Write it down immediately,
Because, like a dream, it will go,

For all the best thoughts are only fleeting,
Why else do you think,
That invention comes in a burst of lightning,
And we're always on war's brink?

Also, no one remains in that state,
Of eternal bliss,
Without becoming some saint or prophet.
Humans weren't made for this.

You'll get it someday,
You need some years under your belt,
Thought is a hard thing to read sometimes,
And is often better felt.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Turned Myself To Face Me

They may happen tomorrow,
Today, or maybe never,
Those things that make you look at your life,
Like you may not have ever,

Things that promise to turn on its head,
Everything you thought you were about,
Your work, your friends and your loves,
Even if they never really turn out,

And what you do with this perspective,
Should not be to waste it away,
Use it phenomenologically,
To understand yourself better one day,

And realize,
That you are more than what you do,
There is an infinite number of things,
That you are also capable of, too.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Call of the Ocean

Just put me on some sand,
Line that sand with the ocean,
Bring out the sun to warm it all,
And you've found the magic potion,

That rejuvenates my life,
That is all I need,
Like the seed needs the soil,
And all animals need be free.

I would crawl across that soft ground,
And roll into the water,
Taste and feel the salt,
That tells me I be where I oughta,

Oh, why is it so hard,
To just get what you need?
Why do we even live in a society,
If not to make dreams reality?

Monday, June 18, 2012


The fear of making a mistake,
In this one and only life,
Can paralyze you, that's understandable,
Among the danger and the strife,

Among people who see things differently,
And have no qualms about hurting others,
In the name of protecting themselves.
Contrary to why we live with one another,

Though, hard to blame when given the risks,
And one's own responsibilities,
For those they've brought into this same world,
Of dangers, strife and possibility.

So, do you regret what you've done,
Or leave all undone, so as to not regret?
Either way, there's no truth to guide you,
Except belief, instinct and a bet.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Finding Yourself

You can be what you are,
But you have to know what that is,
Not in a way that you can talk about it,
But instantaneous,

Without thinking,
That is the key,
With no excuses to anyone,
'Cause that's just how you be,

And no matter how that is,
People will admire you,
Because all anyone ever wants,
Is to simply do,

Is to do what they love,
Regardless of talent or wealth.
Life is about finding your bliss,
And so finding yourself.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Time will keep on going,
Even if you want it to stop,
Because the moment you're experiencing,
Can't be topped,

Though, sometimes time gets stuck,
And tortures you with events,
That refuse to leave your mind,
Even as aging does commence,

And what about those moments in time,
That will just never come,
Dreams of what you always wanted to be,
Always an illusion?

They all say something about time,
That you just can't count on it.
Look to something else to mark your life,
That's more friendly to what you wish.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where To Focus

The best way to do well,
Is to not think to do well,
Or think of how others are doing,
Unless you're interested in hell,

For, like the plant that will shrivel and die,
Should it have too many leaves to feed,
With too little nutrients in the soil,
You must balance desire with need,

And no one will do well,
Who is also looking at others,
Except, perhaps, in matters of money,
Which is not even worth the bother.

Money's on its way out,
Everyone realizes it doesn't work,
Nothing does, that turns the hard-working man,
Into some chumped-up, sad-sack jerk.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fortune Teller

Some people can get through life,
Without a worry,
And never really want for anything,
Even without luxury,

And lead the way for humanity,
To places currently unthought,
You do that for me everyday of my life,
Which is why I love you a lot,

And the Sun is only getting nearer,
And the throne is closer than you think,
Like the prince born into eventual rule,
Your rebirth is virtually on the brink,

At least that's what I've been told,
And that by someone I didn't know,
Using some unaccepted gauging method.
But, I'm sure she knows how things will go.

Saturday, June 09, 2012


As you stand up there,
Your heart on your sleeve,
Putting it under the cheap lights,
Of the dingy, makeshift stage,

Do you realize that there are many more,
In many more holes in the wall,
Sharing the same intimate details,
To those they don't know at all?

And of those, maybe one might remember you,
After a week of living her own life,
Protecting her heart in a lead box,
So to look at it in private, one more time.

It's the same for everyone,
It's a wonder anyone disagrees,
With everyone doing the same thing,
About the nature of reality.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Just Fun

There are few things in this world,
As universal as the train,
Even the most remote will agree,
It brings stories to the brain,

The rhythm of the cars, pounding by,
As you wonder where,
The things inside will finally go,
While you secretly don't care,

Like when you leave me on a Friday night,
Your caboose is the last thing I see,
So is the shadow blocking the moon,
As that train speaks out to me,
Like when I cry out to you,
And you're too loud to hear,
I'll still be here waiting with the kids,
For you and your fifteenth beer.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Love Connection

There are some connections,
Which should not go untapped,
The randomness of the human condition,
Precludes all violent acts,

There is no such thing, when we know so little,
About the purpose we serve here.
Sometimes the best one can do is to observe,
And grasp on to what is most dear,

Regardless of the expectations of others,
Rooted in the expectation of man,
Which has no connection or understanding,
Of what actually makes us human:

The need to be loved,
Beyond food, beyond money.
The question 'why' is all that put us here,
And we seek the answer through community.