Thursday, March 31, 2011

Everyone IS Good

It really is much better,
To think the best,
Of everyone you meet, even if it means,
You get pounded in the chest,

And kicked in the balls because the alternative,
Is to think the worst,
And alienate those who actually are not,
And deny yourself a fatter purse,

Obtained, not by carousing with the cheats,
But the few who find incredible strength,
With the knowledge that no matter where one might look,
Finding skeletons, you just ain't.

And it's alright,
To be sinful sometimes,
As long as you are open about it,
And it's not a hurtful crime.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The World of Good Intent

Has anyone ever lived in a world,
Where no one thought ill,
Of anyone or anything,
And the sun always shone on window sills,

The birds always sang,
And disasters never came,
Without a universal understanding,
That we are all the same,

And live under one sky?
Was there ever anyone,
In this world who imagined that,
This isn't the situation?

And is it alright,
That I have lost that naivety,
And am suffused with distrust,
And anxiety?

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Cold Wind

Coldness will never tell you,
Of the mistakes in the past,
It made that at the time it knew,
The consequences,

But its nature would not allow,
The abandonment of such acts,
Even though, with the sun and earth,
It had made a pact,

For the cold wind is just that,
And if it never touched skin,
And slowed down the least prepared for attack,
There would be depression,

For what it could have been,
If it didn't listen,
To what those were saying who,
Demanded restriction.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

How To Know Your Fate

No, you cannot change,
But you can learn more about yourself,
And open up a world of emotions,
For your mental health,

And for the realization of everything,
You could ever want,
Which you won't know until you do this anyway,
Because desire is from the heart,

And there is a whole conversation,
Happening around you,
By those enlightened by their inner voice,
Telling them what to do,

And how to be alright,
Because who doesn't know the state,
Of not knowing what you want to do,
And so not fulfilling your fate?

Friday, March 25, 2011

World Obey

The hound's claws won't disappear,
It's how you occupy its mind,
Associating you as a friend,
Never unkind,

And training it with love or fear,
It doesn't really matter,
Because their will be one less animal to worry,
About having to go after,

Because you are on a mission,
Decreed by simply being alive,
To make sure that you control,
Every animal you find,

To be alright,
To feel on our game,
We all have our own way,
Of making the world tame

Thursday, March 24, 2011

You're Happy

If you're where you want to be,
Here's how you will know:
You'll never feel like you're not where you should be,
And will have nowhere to go,

The people around you will all seem to be,
Exactly who you want around,
And when you reflect on what you are doing,
It's what you want to be doing now.

There will be no stress about what you have,
To do within a certain time,
For reality will accommodate your schedule,
Because what you are creating is sublime.

And It's alright,
If you don't feel this way,
Really, who do you know who does?
It's rare in the day and age.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Change Is Only Inside Of You

People never change,
Even if you think you've seen,
A miraculous transformation.
It's all in the believing,

Which is in you, or maybe isn't,
You have a lifetime to figure out,
Because, either way, you'll always be that way,
And the trick is not to doubt,

Your powers of observation,
And to know where you're coming from,
And if you do that, you can rule the insecure majority,
Of this population.

And it's alright,
That you haven't risen above,
You probably wouldn't want the responsibilty,
Given the person your constitution.

Monday, March 21, 2011


When it all seems overwhelming,
As it does right now,
You have to remember that time is relative,
And slow it down somehow,

By forgetting about the pressure,
That is not going to change,
But it will get much more desperate,
When it sucks up all the terrain,

Of time available to you,
To do what you have to do,
Which might actually be somehow enjoyable,
If you look at it as something new.

Because it's alright,
If in the end you fail.
One day you'll look back at it all,
And see it's just one drop in the pail.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Way To Live To Acheive Your Goals

Some people are calculating,
And that's alright for them,
Unless they are doing,
Because of the observation,

That some of those who calculate,
Seem to make,
Their lives what they want,
Or, at least, seem that way,

But if that's the case,
It can only be,
Because they are living,
According to they propensities,

Which is alright,
But not for those like us,
We tend to acheive our goals,
Through obliviousness.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When You Have Something To Do

The most important time to relax,
Is when you have work to do,
More than you can get done in time,
And other people are counting on you,

Just retreat into your cave whenever,
You are able to,
And lose yourself, that is the only way,
To create many moments from just a few,

And if someone is peaking in,
Don't stop for the shit to shoot,
Deny yourself any interaction,
Or you will surely rue,

The day alright,
You will always ask yourself, "Why,
When I have my whole life in front of me,
Did I throw it away for a piece of pie?"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How Is Change Possible Within This System?

Some people say, wrongly, that it's not,
That black and white,
To say there's a diametrically opposed position,
Between left and right.

Right just means you care about yourself,
And all those you relate to,
No matter race, sex or religious belief,
Whatever strengthens you.

The left are more selfless and want to ensure,
That everyone has what they need.
If there's someone left without means,
There is someone to feed.

So, alright,
What could be their common ground?
The leftists must also think of themselves,
And the right, that in others you can always be found.

Monday, March 14, 2011

To Start Again

Things are always better,
Depending how you look at them,
And then they're always worse to infinity,
When we're together again,

And taking you to take the best of things,
And color them with your deathly stare,
Remains the most memorable day of my life,
'Cause it's the day I started to care,

And to take my desires more seriously,
Because, really, you only live once,
Even if you are reincarnated,
Each existence is monumentous.

So, it's alright,
If you get upset,
It's better than a life of unfulfillment,
And regret.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Head and Shoulders Above

There is so much written,
About everything,
To have what you think actually read,
It must be compelling,

And findable, which is why,
People try such schemes,
As you've never before,

And what's the implications,
Of putting yourself out there,
And never being heard?
I guess, it's not fair,

But it's alright,
You're not alone,
You're among billions of others,
In the same silence cone.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Ode To Love

Why is it I love you?
Let me count the ways:
One, you let me follow my dreams,
Until I destroy all the rays,

Of sunshine threatening our doorstep,
Two, you're not funnier than me,
And, you can spend hours,
Talking with other people, (three).

Four, I love everyone,
So why should you be any different?
Five, you love me, too,
Six, your scent.

And there are more alright,
They just don't come to mind,
Which is further proof of my love.
Infinity's hard to define.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Knowing is Pretending

It is all a conundrum,
How you're placed on this earth,
Knowing nothing other than what you sense,
And what you have learned,

From others, who themselves were just placed here,
And know nothing, really.
And we are all expected to stand up tall,
To succeed?

Which makes perfect sense for consciousnesses,
That need presumptions in order to exist,
Otherwise our thoughts would be unconnected,
Pictures floating in an abyss.

So, it's alright,
To act like you have it figured out,
No one truly believes that bullshit,
But they sure admire the lack of doubt.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Magic of Coincidence

This is why things seem to happen,
Not because there is magic in the air,
But because of activity,

In the same way that water spilled on a table,
Touches more as it spreads out,
So does your life when you open up,
And not adhere to a specific route,

And you also whet people's appetite,
For repeating what you have told,
And next thing you know, you run into someone,
That you knew when you were ten-years-old.

And it's alright,
To spread yourself thin,
Just don't feel you have to follow,
Every connection.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

You Can't Fight Change

Things do change so quickly,
That is no surprise,
And now it is because you've forgotten,
That it's hard to decide,

To change things because of the consequences,
Which are all in your head,
Until they change, and then you realize,
That everything's predetermined,

Like change, which happens all the time,
Except when you resist it,
For that moment before it overcomes you,
Because the world is not static.

It's fluid alright,
It will overwhelm you, if you're not, too,
And will change you to an old curmudgeon,
Like so many before you.

Monday, March 07, 2011

The Way Out

As long as you have something,
Other than what you got,
To make you feel like you are something more,
Than the sum of your employment stubs,

You will feel like you've beat the system,
But have you really,
Or have you lulled yourself into a fear-
Induced, timid sleep?

And how would you combat,
This risk if you could?
Well, short of dismantling the system,
You can become unfettered,

To its chains, alright?
Well, you can't do that as well,
Unless you want to live on the streets,
With diagnosed issues with your mental health.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Use of Love Juice

What would really happen,
If love were currency?
Somehow what's harnessed to power the world,
Is its positive energy,

And we find that if we all produce it,
Every tractor, car and factory,
Will have enough love infused,

And the emissions of these machines,
Suffice as an elixer in the air,
To eradicate the need for chemicals,
For fertilizers, pesticides or medicare?

That would be alright,
And while we're at it,
Lets make the clothes that capture the love energy,
Kill you when you don't emit it.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Being Human

Change is always very,
Close to your heart,
But how close is it to reality,
All you need is a start,

Which once started, cannot be reversed,
Which is where the fear sets in,
Of what you don't know,
The secret to humans,

Because we see what,
Cannot be seen,
And know it is the path,
To Being,

Because it's not where you end,
But how you approach,
Being human.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Find Out What You Do

When the end is near,
And you don't want it to come,
It's time to look ahead a little more,
To the next evolution,

Of yourself, when you've remembered,
what it is you loved,
About the times when you were happy,
And never had enough.

Now, remember also,
That when you are born,
Nothing except society,
Expects more,

Than that you're alright,
Which is all you can ask of yourself,
And discard of all those tasks,
That affect your mental health.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Forever Young

What you've already passed,
Seems so far in the past,
It always does.
That's existence.

And you'll never believe those,
Who have been where you are,
That the road ahead is long,
Just like those earlier,

You've spoken to,
And who don't believe you,
That if you knew then what you know now,
Everything would be new.

But you're alright,
And always will be,
Just like you're forever young,
For an eternity.

Why Following Your Heart Is Dangerous

When something is coming,
You don't want to see,
But you can't close your eyes,
Or you'd run into a tree,

You can always change your direction.
Oh, yes you can,
Even if you are deathly afraid,
That you can't,

That, if you did, you'd fail utterly,
As everyone observed,
And now you're too far away for help,
And they wouldn't help you if they could,

Because you tried to be alright,
Taking the less traveled path,
And might have showed them that it can be done,
And no one likes to see that.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Do What You Like

If you find that you are making,
Errors that you would not,
Make if you were doing something,
You liked a lot,

And others are starting to question,
If you're right for the job,
And you find you're presenting yourself,
With a similar prob-lem,

Then look around at all of the things,
You can do, and which of those,
You'd like to do for the rest of your life,
And make sure everyone knows,

And you'll be alright,
The tasks will come to you,
That you like, and that you'll do well,
And that others don't like to do.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

It's Not A Matter Of Scale - You're Nothing

Yes, we're all insignificant,
When you stop to ponder,
As Pascal did before,
The immeasurable wonder,

Of the universe's size,
And the fact that our planet,
Compared to some worlds out there,
Is as a mountain to an ant.

And he went the other way, too,
And observed our immense size,
When we look through a microscope,
At the cells of a fly,

But, that's not quite right.
It's an issue of quantity, not mass,
And anyway you cut it,
We're a miniscule class.