Monday, March 31, 2014

Climate Change

The world is now saying,
Climate change is a fact,
Midst the ever-croning argumenters,
That it's all a throw-back,

To days on this earth when climate changes,
Were natural events,
Which begs the question, no matter the cause,
How will we struggle with this as humans?

The IPCC's intergov'mental,
Meaning it is neutral,
So if science is the measure we trust,
Let us face the future,

Do what we can,
Or just let it happen,
Either way we're the same we've always been,
With no knowledge of the wisest, best plan.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

To Write

The secret to stories,
Is one draft's not enough,
Like confused explorations by flashlight,
Over land iced and rough,

Exciting, yes, but lessons come by chance,
Random in the topic,
Though aft' forging paths again and again,
You choose what's seen 'mongst the terrain scenic,

Then you return with the flashlight in hand,
With others who don't know,
Though your feet lead you as if it's all one,
'tsfirst draft for those in tow,

Then you see more,
Small pics in bigger ones,
Things you know well they will never come 'cross,
Though they will all inform your narrations.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Five Dollar Revolution

What would really happen,
If all digital cash,
Was to suddenly just cease existing,
In a global, rev'lutionary crash,

Orchestrated by the world's 'ex' hackers,
Now working for the man:
The gov, corps and military bases,
Hired to control the rest of us humans,

Tired as many are of inequal'ty?
Been a while, hasn't it,
Since the people've risen up for themselves,
Against the government?

Not possible?
Just look at history.
Heck, just look at what people say today,
About how unreal it is to live free.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Truth Of Bad

Okay, I've sat enough,
Wondering what to say,
When all one has is expression on earth,
Silence is like decay,

First, why aren't drive-throughs conveyor belts,
So cars can be turned off?
If poverty hurts so many people,
Why the hell isn't it against the law?

We all know, rich and poor, what's the right thing,
To wit, the Golden Rule,
The maxim for religions globally,
A staple of all schools.

Yet, here we are,
Our system supports sins,
Some say it's a fact of human nature,
Without evil there is no intention.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Options

There's something to be said,
As Jean Baudrillard did,
For noting the society we're in,
Is completely a fib,

The social is a refraction of signs,
Draped on a silent mass,
With the power to destroy all we know,
The moment our craze for labels is past,

For it's a good reminder that the world,
Need not be what it is,
Or rather, it's a nat'ral product of,
Our unique humanness,

It also means,
Even if we change things,
The mass is e'er there to destroy that, too,
For how things are's actually void meaning.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The New Working Class

What did the I.T. world,
Learn from Industry?
Don't let your workers work in the same room,
Then go out and party,

Make sure they're kept apart in six foot cubes,
Their hours unusual,
They should work hard, yes, but the key t'all,
Is that their products ain't compatible.

When they leave they should go straight to their homes,
Occupying themselves,
With solitary amusement like games,
About wizards and elves,

Then progress wins!
Everybody's happy,
The suppliers demanding their own shit,
No one asking who's making the money.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Next Project

I plan to write a book,
You can call it self-help,
I took a chance and Googled the topic,
To see if it's been dealt,

Which is risky because I really think,
Search queries are observed,
That really good questions are then stolen,
Developed 'fore the asker can be heard,

But though I found some topics similar,
They're different than my own,
Nothing near as long as my book will be,
Now I can chew this bone!

It will be good,
For my own life as well,
For nothing will speak to other people,
That doesn't first speak also to yourself.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Grow Up, Not Old

I've a presentation,
Yes, many people do,
They present it everyday of their lives,
As I am sure do you,

Though I am speaking of something formal,
Somewhere in a classroom,
Midst the expectation that what one sees,
Will leave some uneducated limb hewn,

Not all of that responsibility,
Is the person's up front,
You must be ready to cut off that limb,
And allow effluence,

Of baby's blood,
That is what keeps you young,
But if you want to know all the world does,
Best not stay in that condition too long!

Friday, March 21, 2014

No Time

I do not have the time!
Please, don't even read this,
Anything of value herein's not meant,
It is an accident,

Like penicillin and what good was that,
If you look at it now?
Gave us a false sense of secur'ty,
And now we're actually worse off anyhow,

They say we're going back to days of yore,
When we'd no idea,
How to stop the diseases we all feared,
You're kind of scared, ain't ya?

Just goes to show,
Gotta always be prepped,
E'en when comfort tells you you can relax,
Quick destruction could e'er be your next step.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Missing Plane

I better write something,
'Fore the mystery's nae,
'BoutMalaysia Airlines flight three-sev'nty,
Missing twelve days today.

Did Captain Shah practice the theft at home,
Then delete the info,
Fly up high to knock out the passengers,
Then to avoid radar go really low?

It's been said the pilot could've been smart,
And a hero at that!
Trying to find a runway midst a fire,
Though't's contrary to fact.

If it's e'er found,
Whether hi-jack or crash,
The real story here's our ability's,
Short of what our hubris 'til now's confessed.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cock Makes Headlines

Did you see that penis?!
They showed it on the news,
Guess that's what you get when the internet,
Is live on your live view.

They were talking about a 'copter crash,
Scrolling through Twitter pics,
Of the four one was Edward Scissor Hands,
One the crash, a meal and, oh yes, the dick.

The only other thing contributed,
To this "news coverage",
Were the four couched hosts hired for this show,
And their wide-eyed visage.

So go ahead,
Consume your news this way,
Biased views viewed through biased perspectives,
It's prep for everyone you see each day.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Almost There, Guantanamo!

'Member Guantanamo?
Been almost closed for years?
One of the hundred fifty-five pris'ners,
Remaining has been cleared!

The U.S. held Belbacha for twelve years,
That's Denmark's life sentence,
But here there was actually no charge,
Though he did, twice, run into bin Laden.

Now he goes back to his home Algeria,
So there's no need to fear,
That he won't be treated in a fair way,
Like the protesters there,

I don't know him,
But seems he's not got much,
E'en Al-Qaeda may want a piece of him,
I bet he wishes he could just go Dutch! *

* I am aware that the Dutch are actually from the Netherlands not Denmark, but I couldn't pass on the rhyme.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Missing MH370

Yes you can steal a plane,
Even one that can hold,
Two hundred and thirty-nine passengers,
In this here modern world,

First I bet you have to plan a lot,
I'm not technic'lly strong,
Y'have to know how to cut the radios,
And how not to pilot the plane, er, wrong,

You would know everyone'll look for it,
Once they realize it's gone,
And need someplace to land where you have friends,
With LOTS of connections.

And what a trip!
Once you have pulled it off,
Reading 'bout the disbelief of the earth,
Still, I wonder why they did it at all!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Reading Reimagined

Reading Reimagined,
Even though it's trademarked,
Is exactly how I feel about Spritz,
Don't e'en know where to start!

A true innovation is inspiring,
I dare say I did think,
That humans had reached the limit of thought,
'Less you consider these Waths which I ink :)

Now I can read words faster in a blink,
Which is really big news,
And books can be read on really small screens,
That's too good to be true!

So I declare,
My life has now been changed,
As will the world's once thoughts prompted by words,
Can be absorbed in less time by the brain.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Magic Pants

I've a story to tell,
The facts are all made up,
But the questions it raises about life,
Will leave you asking 'what?',

Like, 'what could have inspired such a farce?',
And then the scene is set,
For then you search for the life-line back home,
And though you grab it, you don't know it yet,

You must first find yourself among the minds,
Taking you through the facts,
Understanding things from their perspective,
Expressed through words and acts,

Then, there you are!
Having bought into it,
Realizing that anything can be true,
Because everything you know is a gift.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Believe In Others

D'you want to know someone?
Someone once told me how.
It sounds like a simple thing, but it's hard,
I'm going to tell now:

You have to listen to what people say,
Take the words into you,
Imagine yourself saying the same things,
And figure out exactly why you do.

Don't fear that this will compromise your view,
Of how real'ty works,
Like if you believe this world is a dream,
Continue with that quirk.

It's about life,
Attaining higher finds,
E'en if life's a dream you're not very bright,
If your thoughts're the sole products of your mind.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Little Green Men

Who're the 'little green men"?
Don't think it's hard to guess,
All their clothes and armor are like Russians,
Just without Russian crests,

If Russian news chooses not to show them,
But instead, volunteers,
With hardly any organization,
I think that supports all the western fears,

The fear Ukraine press is quick to publish,
Russia has invaded,
A plan they were probably ready with,
Before they were hated,

'Aft the EU
Was shunned by the last gov,
And the people stood up and said, 'no more!'
And as a people, 'enough is enough!

Monday, March 10, 2014


In the fucking airport,
I'm early for my flight,
But when I got here I was asked to wait,
Now boarding will be tight,

Because this new airport cannot handle,
The volume of people,
So they've created this 'lounge' pre customs,
With no shoe shiners or consumables.

I could have stayed at home and had breakfast,
Lounged in my underwear,
Now I'm waiting with hundreds of others,
Not getting anywhere.

A bad morning,
Not how I imagined,
I don't even feel like writing at all,
Nothing worse could have ever have happened!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

To Be Eaten By Dogs

Whoa!  I didn't realize,
That Kim Jong-un had fed,
His uncle Chang Song-thaek to hungry dogs.
Talk about seeing red.

T'was done while hundreds of officials watched,
An example for all,
Of what will happen to those who betray,
The goals and whims of North Korean law.

Amid this background 'elections' go on,
Proof of its unity,
With one candidate for every office,
'Yes' or 'No' you can plea,

Lo and behold,
The last time there were votes,
Everyone said 'yes!' in that happy land,
Helps knowing what might happen if you don't.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

A Better World

Blue Jasmine is better,
Than The Wolf of Wall Street,
The one has interesting characters,
The other, no one's deep,

The one lets you into the people's minds,
So you feel you are them,
The other's like watching masturbation,
Over solipsism,

The one looks at mass changes in one's life,
And how she handles it,
The other's main player learns naught at all,
And makes money from it.

In other words,
The one's a waste of time,
And if you can't figure out which is which,
You're part of why all in the world's not fine.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Pistorius Trial Has Begun

What 'bout this Phil Spector?!
Wait, meant Pistorius,
Convicted of shooting girlfriend Steenkamp,
It's looking serious.

He says he thought she was an intruder,
C'm'on, he's got no legs! and,
He's also a track and field superstar,
Both facts should give him the upper, uhm, hand,

 But it appears he's also a gun freak,
Trigger-happy, at that,
Friends telling of him shooting in anger,
That's quite a damning fact.

Then the murder,
On last Valentine's Day,
You think an intruder's in the bathroom?
Best not check first before shooting away.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Hot War

Here's why it's int'resting,
This Ukraine dilemma,
Other than the clear disproportionate,
Power per capita.

Ever since the iron curtain was drawn,
(Remember that success?),
The Russian bear has been sleeping once more,
Now woke by the sun setting in the west.

Anywhere light has touched where once was blocked,
It's swiped it back, huzza!
Syria, Korea, now Crimea,
Don't e'en mention China.

There are more still,
Lines are being redrawn,
Once again the world's being split in two,
Neither's an animal without its flaws.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Reality Check

I got feet on my legs,
They're kicking at my thighs,
With questions coming from all directions,
'Can', 'when' and sometimes 'why',

Talking is happening most everywhere,
A screen's in front of me,
Every second's filled will some distraction,
Unique to this modern society.

No birds are chirping, least what I can hear,
Where's the silence one needs,
To commune with the hole deep in one's heart,
Skepticism's young seed,

Not of all things,
That doubt's an easy find,
That sort that reminds you, 'spite all this noise,
True real'ty's, in fact, a diff'rent kind!

Monday, March 03, 2014

Russia's Ukrainian Motives

So, Russia's said, 'enough'!,
Despite world cries to cease,
And's entered the port of Crimea with,
Two war ships from the sea,

Military forces are on the ground,
Surrounding Ukraine's base,
The head of the Ukrainian Navy,
Has argued to his fleets the Russian case,

But they've stood strong singing Ukrain'an songs,
And the base resists, too,
The rouble's plummeting 'midst Russian acts,
Hark'ning to world war two,

A phony war,
Nary a bullet shot,
M'thinks this is just to show Russians at home,
If you think Russia is weak, well it's not.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Rob Ford on the Red Carpet

Just 'cause I got nothing,
Happ'ning in my brain now,
I'll dwell on Mayor Ford at the Oscars,
Just to avoid a row,

His impact on this city's close to nil,
I think that's safe to say,
Since he's said for I think the thousandth time,
I don't do drugs on this specific day,

Not that anyone would actually care,
If it didn't sway work,
But it does, no matter what he might say,
He seems to act the jerk.

So go ahead,
Be Jim Kimmel's sideshow,
Nothing you do'll hurt your reputation,
Or people's opinion of Toronto.