Monday, October 31, 2011

Get Fit

You may be getting older,
And your body is sagging down,
Demanding more of you for what you're used to,
Unless you are proud,

Of the marks of a life not lived,
With the respect that perhaps it deserved,
For the vessel taking you,
Through this tough and unknown world.

The bulging stomach and the slower gait,
Makes you look like you are transforming,
Into another species, is that what you want,
To be your life's theming?

It's alright,
If you say, "yes, I do."
Every life is privy to one person,
And your life is privy to you.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Freedom From Money

How does one become,
An example for the world,
Contrary to the control and greed,
Into which we're all lured?

By directing our innate desire for freedom,
Away from what we've been taught,
Which is that it's obtained by obtaining money,
Something that's always sought,

And must be, because you never have,
What you need to keep,
The rate of consumption that you've been told,
You need,

To be alright,
That's not how life need be.
All you need is the right frame of mind,
To be truly free.

Friday, October 28, 2011

You're All Alone

You're feeling alone, I know,
Despite the people around you,
Because they are no longer other humans,
But just more things you have to do.

There is lacking a connection,
With someone who knows,
You and what you want out of life,
And it shows,

The stooped gait and eyes full of tears,
The chains slowing down your feet,
Making you feel like the world's moving on,
And you have no one to entreat,

To be alright,
Man, life can be a drag,
Not giving you anyway out,
Not offering you a way to be glad.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Vermin

The fear you feel for something,
So much smaller than you,
Amidst these threats of so much greater,

Belies the anxiety in your heart,
For the goals you won't admit,
For,if you could but conquer these little ones,
You would feel legitimate.

But to do so would be to change yourself,
And that's a much greater thing.
Maybe it's best to just close your eyes,
And ignore the scratching.

And it will be alright,
Once you learn to accept,
That certain things will always be with you,
As long as you are inept.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hoard Society

You accumulate a lot of things,
As you travel through this life,
Collected without even realizing it,
Because they all look alike:

Your thoughts on issues, big and small,
Fitted into an overall scheme,
Of love or hate or exclusion,
Turning things into what they seem,

The multitude of items that you buy,
Each serving a different purpose,
Once served by many fewer tools,
Often constructed for no cost.

Now, it's alright,
You don't have to shed it all,
Just look around and see if you can count,
The ones you find integral.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


There are things you have to do,
And the question now, is 'why?'
We've lived so long under the belief of freedom,
You wonder why freedom has died.

Why have we made ourselves have to have,
Responsibilities when,
Our greatest desire is to be alone,
To persue exploration,

Into the limits of your comfort zone,
Into the pleasures of your dreams,
Where there's no right or wrong,
When you're doing what you please.

And it's alright,
I understand, somewhat,
You value the life of others so much,
They interfere with the words of your gut.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What You Be

Is there any moment,
That you are not living life,
The way you have been wont since you were a kid,
In paradise or strife?

Of course, you flourish under different,
Which are the ones you should persue,
But, I bet I know which they is:

You like the times of very little,
With your means of survival taken care of,
Even when times are lean.

Which is mostly, alright.
Basically, you want to be,
The one per cent that you despise.
Welcome to reality.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Modern Revolution

With the way that we are brainwashed,
Are the days of revolution gone?
I don't mean revolutions of the mind,
I mean the violent ones.

For those who turn to violence,
When frustration makes them turn,
Away from the life they've been given,
What will they have learned,

Is the origin of a new world?
When, wouldn't it be grand,
That instead of tearing down what exists,
We all learn to understand,

That to be alright,
It doesn't matter the form of the government,
It's about the universal good intentions,
Of its constituents?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy My Street

What is the real cause,
Of the problems that you're in?
Is it the structure you inherited,
Or the greed of the population?

And what's the best way to overcome,
The inequalities in your life?
Do you lead a revolution,
Or wait until the strife,

Is bursting at the seams,
So that everyone's on board,
Except, of course, the true elite,
Who have managed to hoard,

Until they're alright,
No matter what you do,
Barring showing them how to share,
Which is showing them the truth.

Monday, October 17, 2011

True Motivations

You can't change who you are,
But you can certainly know,
That how you act when you're around me,
Annoys me so.

You diametrically oppose,
Everything I ever thought,
Your average person should be in this world,
Right down to the fortunes you sought.

But this doesn't mean you are wrong,
It just means that my theory was,
That everyone is inherently good,
And goodness is why everyone does,

What isn't alright,
They're just misunderstood.
Put yourself into their shoes,
And you will see that they are really good.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Results of Revolution

The problem with revolution,
Like the cover to the book,
Is the result's different than the means,
Like the personality to the looks,

Because the change is the easy part,
Or rather, taking off the clothes,
Though chances are the new ones that you choose,
Will be the same ones that you know.

Not to imply it's impossible,
Or even unwise to try,
But before you can find the truth,
You have to understand the lie.

Because it's not alright,
To put energy into change,
Without heart pure or thoughts of love,
The outcome should be plain.

Occupy Wall Street

Is it really possible,
To get enough for this protest?
The insidious thing about this society,
Is how busy everyone is.

Too tired to go out and show their anger,
Too tied to the life they're in,
To spare the time to occupy their own mind,
Never mind a revolution.

And deep in their hearts they bet it's a waste,
Of time to even try.
The government has the pretend power,
And it has different fish to fry:

Like how to spin this, alright?
So that they can seem like they're for the poor,
While honoring the money from the people with power,
That all this ado is for.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Joy You Seek

You know you are doing something,
That you were meant to do,
When the world rearranges itself,
To put closer to you,

The people and tools that you need,
To do it very well,
And figure out new ways,
Of being more industrial.

And then people wonder why we do anything,
If not for the carrot of money.
We're disconnected from true motivation,
Which is rooted in creativity.

And it's alright,
If it takes a while to find,
Just the belief that it is somewhere,
Could just yet save humankind.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Secret To A Long Life

Time can really fly,
When you're having fun,
Which is why you should be searching for,
Your vocation,

Because it pains me to watch you drag on,
And to have you around,
Obviously not enjoying your life,
And extending, anyhow,

For wouldn't you rather breeze through, without a care,
And have it be over before you know it?
Well, maybe that's the point, you are afraid,
Of your death,

Which is alright.
That's one way, I guess,
Of extending your time here on earth:
Drag it out by making it wretched.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Go Ahead And Read

If you read these words,
As much as me,
You would be in an elite class,
Of narcissisicity.

Of course, no one quite gets you,
As much as you do,
Knowing exactly how you'd express yourself,
Other than those who,

Are always talking,
About things that they see,
And how they feel about them,
Like yours truly.

But, it's alright,
If you'd rather go to another source,
And get an imperfect story of your life,
From the mouth of another horse.

Monday, October 10, 2011

As Long As You're Around

If you could control me,
With your brain waves,
I would be the happiest,
If I became your slave.

Or would you send me off into the world,
To manage on my own,
Monitoring my moves as I go,
And interfering when I roam?

Or would you even care enough to know,
Where I'm even at?
Just show me a modicum of attention,
And I will be glad.

And it's alright,
If you want to leave me lying down,
Motionless in your possession.
As long as you're around.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Chasing Love

Just because you've not done one thing,
For the entirety of your life,
Does not mean you haven't followed what,
Takes you to the height,

Of joy, for it's not true,
That your love must be one-
It's a myth of our society,
That one has a vocation,

Unless you think of it not,
As a specific career choice,
But the choices you make that,
Give you an honest voice,

Which makes you alright,
Not like those who chase,
The money to give them the time,
To pursue the love they miss.

Friday, October 07, 2011

What You Love

When you are outside of your element,
But someplace you like to be,
You may have discovered the secret,
To making you happy,

Like an explorer without the,
You embrace all of the beauty,
You see,

And like a parent without the,
Loveless expectations of fame,
You grow with your knowledge of this new life,
Forever fresh and never tamed.

And it's alright,
If the opportunity comes and goes,
You're lucky to have it even once,
To understand all life has to show.

Thursday, October 06, 2011


There is certainly greatness,
In doing what you love,
And doing it really, really, really well,
And so, rising above,

What it is to what it could be.
Isn't that what everyone dreams?
Isn't that the goal for everyone,
For every ideal society?

This celebration of a life well-led,
Because it was a life led despite the trends,
May be the seed of thought that we all need,
To finally know what we want, in the end.

And it's alright,
That it's a long, long way away.
So were the things that he eventually made,
That are commonplace today.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Chomsky's Society

You can't just remove the veil,
That shows you the world,
As it is shown to you by society,
For that would be cruel,

Because there is nothing you can do,
Without the unveiling of those,
Billions others living with you,
And no one wants to know,

The way history is painted for us,
To maintain the status quo,
Emerson was right,
To say that history shouldn't be known,

To be alright,
And live how you were born to live,
Not following the rules of the past,
But finding joy in what you have to give.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Manufacture of Consent

There is no denying,
That everything you know,
Is either something you learn from experience,
Or from what you've been told,

And when the former is the case,
You can use it as a guide,
Against the latter, which is also born,
Of the same lies:

That the world you're given is what there is,
With no intentions behind,
Not born of an unseen, powerful hand,
That is also benign.

Ugh, it's not alright,
That it's a winding road to the truth,
That must be taken every time you want,
To remind yourself of the true you.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Pascal's View

It really is overwhelming,
If you stop to think about,
The life you're in and the lives you've seen,
And the capabilities that you doubt,

You have to enter into any of them,
As well as anybody else,
And think about the dreams that've come and gone,
That you've had about yourself.

Think about the countless leaves that have fallen,
Each, a life in itself.
It doesn't matter that you don't understand them.
You don't understand yourself.

It's alright,
When you think about the size of you,
Within the context of who you wish you were.
That is just something that all humans do.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

My Ride

There are so many words being written,
About you, right now,
Though, no one knows that they are doing it,
Because they can't imagine how,

Someone could exist with everything,
In the world within them at once.
But I know that you are so complete,
You are the world, and then some,

You are life itself, just like a cocoon,
Forever reinventing,
Freeing my mind amidst the daily grind,
And life's responsibilities.

And it's alright,
That you outdo everything.
You're my ride in this crazy world,
And that doesn't really intimidate me.