Sunday, February 28, 2016


Why do we divide time?
I don't mean into hours,
But partitioned into categories,
Handing it such power.

If one is asked to work during free time,
Well, it's right to complain,
Or relieve oneself sexu'lly at work,
Not good examples, but still, just sayin',

Let's say you want to sleep while all's awake,
You're called, like, a 'night owl',
Or, it's a half hour after your train's left,
The conductor cries foul,
What I'm saying,
If not already clear,
Is the times chosen to do things by all,
Are a big pain in my posterior.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Your Last Seven

Once upon a chairlift,
The question had been asked,
What can one get done in seven minutes,
If someone was so tasked?

One could run, I think, one point three-six clicks,
If my memory's right,
Too, but for an added bit, play 'Hey Jude',
A duration both eternal and tight,

A set span that's fleeting, but what if changed,
To last seven on earth?
It would seem like an impossible ask,
Pregnant with Heimdall's girth,
What would you do?
Reach out or reach within?
My mom let go of truly ev'rything,
So not to miss death's true envelopment.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ode to a Grapefruit

I just ate a grapefruit,
Them's bitter little guys!
Actually, quite bigger than an orange,
And healthier than fries,

And than oranges, if you go by myths.
Yes, I could google it,
But eating one makes me feel so healthy,
I'd rather not know and bamboozle it,

For health is all in the mind, isn't it?
Laughter's the medicine,
If I think grapefruit will cure all my ills,
Don't kill the illusion,
For you'd kill me,
You don't want that, do you?
Wait, don't answer in case your mind's stronger.
Why's my skin turning this deathly pale hue?

Saturday, February 20, 2016


There's a pain in my back,
Kind of close to the neck,
Like tiny bones have simply been misplaced,
An ossiclar car wreck,

Somehow the muscles will sort it all out,
It's their fault anyway,
They tensed up as if they could change my world,
When their relaxation would make me gay,

Who do they think they are acting like that?
Don't need them to tell me,
When life's circumstances are causing stress,
They're adding to it, geeze.
Or me to them,
I'm sure they're just the same,
Thinking, "will he just get it together,
"Do us a favor and relax his brain?"

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Road to Success

Pliers in my pocket,
Lunch bag is in my hand,
Steal toes aren't warm, but they are required,
Or there is reprimand,

There's still much to learn, about what I do,
Both by me and the world,
Twenty years hence, things will be discovered,
About the toxicity I've unfurled,

But we can only go by best methods,
Based on demand and dough,
If both of those are high, we can afford,
To care 'bout what we sow,
So we look good,
And not get boycotted,
Oh, to grow so large that that's a concern,
All I want I'd have already bought it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Inconceivable Experience of the Great War

Deep down in the trenches,
Lives, every one of them,
On hold, but unable to shut their minds,
To their homeward visions.

The stench of death infused in the wet mud,
Wet with blood, not water,
Bonds stronger than any at work or school,
Forged quickly and speedily made fodder,

Bodies returned to the earth unfinished,
A whole generation,
Either gone or forever affected,
Beyond their prediction,
So beyond yours,
This life is too ingrained,
Until asked to defend it with our lives,
So our children don't think we lived in vain.

Monday, February 15, 2016


I am a bobble head,
Skull, ill-proportionate,
Stuck in the same position all the time,
We're all in the same lot,

Only moving when we're nudged to do so,
Then only look around,
Give a nod back to the inspecting eyes,
Placated by the little movement they found.

They have to give our hefty heads a shake,
Or we're just left to think,
'Bout how most of the time we're up on shelves,
Contemplating the brink,
We all don't fall,
But those that do tip o'er,
Their heads will pop off little cheap spring,
Revealing what we all are at the core.

Friday, February 12, 2016

A New Discovery

So LIGO found the waves,
Those thought of by Einstein,
Proving, what we all know, there's more to see,
Than our own petty crimes,

We are observers of phenomena,
We're creating some, too,
Still searching for the nature of our world,
As if there's something categoric'lly true,

We split a laser and sent it to space,
When the two streams came back,
'Cause one was late, time/space must have been bent,
So now we've a new fact,
Like the Earth's round,
Do you know what this means?
One day we may trek through ripples in space,
Still no closer to what we've really seen.

Your Alone Self

It's no fun being watched,
If it's of your true self,
Moments alone, heart sitting on your sleeve,
Imperfections of health,

The delicate teetering of one's mind,
Stares back in the mirror,
Peace only is in this safe privacy,
'Fore walls need return in public horror,

A clamp on the fulcrum, stealing your heart,
To face judging faces,
Ones not meant to be peering through windows,
At intimate spaces,
When you're yourself,
Is that one pockmark new?
A blip in the scheme of the universe,
Pray no one knows it's anything to you.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Little Bird

The authentication,
Of the things before me,
Placed in this life, living no subterfuge,
As to what they should be,

Not because they managed to find their bliss,
Carved out amidst chaos,
The sparrow does not smile, draping sour thoughts,
Nor does it feign strength in face of great loss,

It does as every sparrow has done,
In the same circumstance,
A luxury of camaraderie,
Of communal conscience,
Or so we guess,
No one can really know,
If behind its seeming benevolence,
That little bird's a victim of sorrow.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Another Novel Idea

Another end's in sight,
The outcome ready-known,
Though, the first version is never the best,
It's really just the bones,

But what body can exist without form?
Just as form's not enough,
You need the jungle of smells and colour,
That makes up the truly int'resting stuff,

That hints of the structure beneath the flesh,
A doctor feeling 'round,
Sniffing pores 'mongst hairs that have seen it all,
Yet nothing concrete found,
Just emotions,
Invis'ble skin on skin,
Grown from interaction between bodies,
That's where the novel idea begins.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Server Guilt

What? Am I still working?
What do you mean by that,
As I sit with my food that you served me,
Just a few minutes back?

Is it because it's you that is working,
As I sit and relax,
That you don't ask if I'm still enjoying,
Instead of whether I'm breaking my back?

Then when I'm done you ask if I need change,
'Stead that you'll bring it back,
To give me the joy of saying keep it,
'Stead of being guilt-racked,
Wow, that was work,
I've now indigestion,
If you'd only thought of someone but you,
And simply asked me a diff'rent question.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


September is the month,
What say we run away?
On the crisp wind to a Fall-time retreat,
Our eyes closed, come what may,

Under cover, of course, of the bare trees,
Your brown dress will blend in,
Hide you from those who want you back at home,
Me safe in Mediterranean skin.

Let them scrunch their eyes in disapprovement,
Shaking fingers at us,
Afraid that the world will choose to follow,
The brash adventurous.
Not the first time,
Revolution's followed,
In the wake of the few who dared escape,
Walking lightly under a heavy load.