Monday, April 30, 2012


There is just no stopping,
The wheels of existence,
And all the individual projects,
You gave momentum,

And some will peter out,
And some will grow legs of their own,
Leaving you for a life independent,
Of what you could have shown,

Which never quite achieved what others,
Seemed capable of,
Though, capability's little to do with ability,
And more to do with the powers above.

No, not god,
Much more invasive, for sure,
I'm talking about connections,
The only currency that's pure.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


There is no such thing,
As not being able to express,
Your light shines like dripping paint,
Falling onto your dress,

With each drop holding the color,
That you like best.
Jump in, I think you'll finally find,
Peace in your existence,

Then spread yourself, for all to see,
Across everything you touch.
People can't be angry, when you paint the world.
Expression is enough,

For anyone to see,
That beyond expectation,
Newness is the gift of life,
And how we get satisfaction.

Friday, April 27, 2012


There are things that can happen,
To completely change your life,
Opportunity or stumbling block,
Each could snuff out the light,

Shed on the path that you are currently on.
This is what living is about,
Intensity and openness,
So, get ready to shout,

Get ready to scream,
Don't worry what people think,
We're all in the same boat,
With the same leaks,

With another close by,
To leap into, if need be,
With no expectations for where you're going,
And no regrets for what you leave.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Accomplish Something

You can live the dreams of others,
That they have for you,
And if they're easier than your own,
Then, you have the chance to,

Realize dreams without the feeling,
Of extreme euphoria,
That will  be felt by those,
Who have the dreams for ya,

Without the feeling that they'd have,
If the dreams were for themselves,
And they were the ones that accomplished them,
Now wouldn't that be just swell?

Which is not to say,
That they don't have dreams of their own,
That they also manage to realize,
Because some people are like a dog with a bone.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Almost Famous

Sure, sure and steady,
Will always win the race,
Provided you don't get to the finish line,
A bit too late,

To truly enjoy all that you have won,
Don't let your death bed be,
The podium for your victory speech,
For attaining all your dreams,

For if there's something celebrities,
Can teach each one of us,
You don't necessarily need years of hard work,
To be famous,

All you need is balls,
And love and a little luck,
Two of which are up to you,
And one comes when you increase your pluck.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Length of a Second

Did you know that the second,
Is not something that can be,
Absolutely measured,
And will forever be,

Defined differently,
Depending on how,
Science decides is the most accurate,
Way to measure it now?

And that is because we can only go,
By what we find in nature,
Like the duration of radiation,
Which we assume to constantly occur,

Which it may not,
Like your reaction-time to my love.
If that was the measure of the length of a second,
Sometimes a second would never come.

Friday, April 20, 2012


You don't have to agree,
To communicate,
As long as the other person thinks they understand,
Your relationship could be great,

And all that means is that the words you use,
Are said with the other in mind,
Knowing that you are chasms apart,
But still of the same human kind,

And feeling no ill-will to anyone,
For once you start to beget bitterness,
The road you're on will lead you to regret,
And loneliness,

Which is what you don't want,
Because you get nowhere alone,
Even if you are a trillionaire,
There's not much skin between the knife and bone.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Truth

It doesn't really matter,
What other people think,
Regardless of their status in your life,
Or their influence on everything,

Because your perspective on reality,
Is only limited by,
The number of others who do not share it,
But that's nothing to live by!

There is no truth that can be pointed to,
That must root any one view,
And anyone who tells you differently,
Is just trying to manipulate you.

Don't let that happen,
If you have any love to give,
For there is one truth that I forgot:
You have the right to live!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Serf's Ode

Imagine the freedom,
The movement without fear,
Not of the threat of violence,
We imagine over there,

Not of the whispered commentary,
Of some dissident plan,
To eliminate all support,
For the most unfortunate humans,

But of the need for money,
The only way I could give you,
All you deserve for your existence,
And to finally prove,

That you have all of me,
Which in this world includes,
Everything that I owe.
Enjoy my labor's fruit.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Do What You Love

It's really not that hard,
To know where you stand,
What you love and what you love to do,
All very easy to understand,

It's the forces trying to thwart you,
And I'm not talking about society,
It's often cited as an oppressive force,
But it is often what you want it to be,

Or rather, you can work it how you want,
Which may mean compromising others,
To do what you were meant to,
Maybe 'not that hard' is really 'harder'.

Because there is more than you,
We live in a community,
And we have to figure how to live,
While surviving reality.

Friday, April 13, 2012

To Get Inside

You are a seed,
Broken forth as a leaf,
Grown from a swaying stem,
Reaching out to me,

And your jagged edges,
Are the first edges to meet,
On my way through your mesophyll,
A tasty layer to eat,

Reaching your veins, so that I may,
Journey to the root,
Of your soul, your rhizomian plant,
Manufacturing that prickly suit.

From your tender heart,
Feeding your long, slender petioles,
To know your parts without dissecting you,
Is my life's never-ending goal.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Freedom From Money

When you have done something,
For such a long time,
In relation to your life on earth,
There is one thing to decide:

Can you get better at it, and do you want to?
Are there other things that you would prefer?
Is your time precious enough to mind,
That it is essentially being deferred?

Yes, there are other considerations,
Like how will you pay the bills, you know.
Though, some people say to do what you love,
And the money will follow.

Though, this may be the time,
To acknowledge that,
Until the revolution comes,
That is not a fact.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What You Saw

If you hear something,
That seems to reflect on your life,
From a source that touches you deeply,
And you think that it's not nice,

Like the wind that blows dust in your eyes,
When wind is what you love most,
Is it the dust or the wind at fault?
Is it fair to blame either or both?

Like the abuse that you suffer,
At the hands of someone you don't like,
And you know that it has nothing to do with you,
But you start feeling like it might,

Just remember that,
All you know is what you perceive,
And if something refuses to change in your world,
Well, then, just leave.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's Underneath

No one is the same,
From one moment to the next,
Just as shadows hide parts of you,
There's parts that no one has seen, yet.

And all those parts that are beautiful,
May never see the light of day,
Or be forgotten in light of other parts,
That are more ugly.

Just the knowledge that they are there,
Can turn a lover off forever,
The darkest, most hidden, deformity,
Can live on, under cover.

Yet, you're still the same, right?
Nothing's changed except the light,
And the knowledge of those around you.
Though, we all have things to hide.

Monday, April 09, 2012

The Heartlight

Despite your best intentions,
And deep-held beliefs,
The world can easily throw you into,
A most despairing grief,

Like a frog, trying to cross a road,
The forces holding your life,
Are heading where you will never go,
Forging forth with greater might,

Being right, for that reason,
Its intentions foreign to your reality.
Don't try to fight it, just let's hope,
The grass is greener than where you've been.

Because being safe is your first step,
To being able to make your mark,
Not with what's left after life runs you over,
But with your desire's greatest spark.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Time Travel

When you see people,
From long ago in your life,
You have the opportunity to look at yourself,
In a new light.

Do you long for the person you were then,
Or thank god that you have grown?
Do you wish you had stayed in touch,
Or glad you went off on your own?

That life is far, far gone,
Like the burnt-down house where you were raised,
Though, it was there and is there still,
In the wind-blown, ashy haze.

And you can breathe that in,
You can keep it in your blood,
And be at the ready to donate yourself,
When that life gives you the nod.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Reaching Out

Connections are important,
They are really all we have,
That's why solitary confinement's,
The worst punishment to be had,

That's why every success,
Comes not in isolation,
Even poets who die alone,
Find fans after decomposition,

That's why a tree never makes a sound,
When ears are not around,
And you're forever bummed out,
That your friends don't come around.

You're too much in your mind,
Who will never be able to see,
The desperate flailing of your arms,
As you reach for connectivity.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Stepping Stone

What is a stepping stone?
Does it mean anything?
Doesn't it deserve some recognition,
As reliable and supporting?

It's often stepped on, and never viewed,
Forgotten and discarded,
Yet the places it can take you,
Are often the highlight of your heart,

It's always there, just waiting,
Never complaining, like a doting adorer,
Patient, in case you want to go back,
And see the sights of another shore.

And it don't mind,
If you never say its name,
Though, you might find, if you took the time,
That it's beyond blame.

Monday, April 02, 2012

To Live

Is there enough time,
To do everything you want to do?
Well, if there was you'd die a lot sooner,
Than you die, wouldn't you?

What good is there in a life,
With no ambition or goals?
All movement is directed towards something,
And every actor has his roles.

This is not to say that the world,
Isn't filled with the walking dead,
People devoid of any desire,
Except what is destructive,

But that's alright,
They are not you,
And I know that you need more than that,
Because I need more, too.