Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stepping Out

It is now or never,
That is always the case,
For if you don't move into where you want,
Someone will take your place.

Don't fret for all the people in the world,
There's also much to do,
So many different personalities,
There must be a circle made just for you,

Just like you fill a space within my heart.
No one else would quite fit,
Step inside and mull it over a while,
Until you're confident,

And can step out,
The way you were meant to.
I'll be there every step of the way,
To encourage, cheer, and to support you.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I want to be frozen,
My intact cells preserved,
'Til they figure out how to rebuild me,
So that I can return,

To do all those things I had no chance to,
Because I didn't have,
The benefit of living a lifetime,
Like I'll have when I return from the grave,

And when I fuck up that existence, too,
Freeze me another time,
I'm bound to get it right eventu'lly,
Then I'll fin'lly be fine,

And then I'll die,
Once and for fucking all,
Why would I come back to do it again,
When there's no longer any obstacles?

These Nighttime Moments

The washing machine runs,
Clanging while the house sleeps,
It stops while I listen from on my bed,
After a midnight beat,

Got to fix the dripping in the damn rad,
God, will it ever cease?
The fixing, building, cleaning, purchasing,
I think, in the glow after my release,

If I don't turn this screen off, I'll go mad,
That's what the experts say,
But, between work, kids, sup and the laundry,
There's not much of a day,

You can speak of,
It's these nighttime moments,
You can really think about what you've got,
And about where everything else went.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

When It's Time To Go

If you are all alone,
The world empty of friends,
Too much to clean up to do without help,
No hope of an entrance,

Of that person who doesn't have to think,
When buying you a gift.
It's nothing you've done in particular,
She only doesn't happen to exist.

So what does this life have to offer you?
You'll have to wait and see,
But still seek by exploring other worlds,
'Cause yours isn't working.

It is not right,
You don't need signs to know,
You have to scale that wall just once to get,
That there are endless places you can go.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Bus

When you're taking the bus,
If you haven't before,
Remember no one takes it willingly,
Except as a good chore,

Like they want to save the environment,
Everything at a cost,
But for the most part, nobody's happy,
Riding this tired, slow, crowded, bumpy bus,

And who's to blame them?  Everbody's dream,
Should be to own a car,
Why else would they have built subdivisions,
'Cept to speed'ly get far?

That's what I want,
To get to you so fast,
I would ride this crappy thing everyday,
E'en if the fare hikes continue to last!

Friday, January 18, 2013

What To Say

How honest can you be,
Before what you express,
Misrepresents what you actu'lly think,
And turns ubiquitous,

Becoming gen'ral rules for everything,
Regardless of loved ones,
Seeming harsh to those looking for a sign,
That you're a living and breathing person,

While all you want to do is not to hide,
Because life is t0o short,
And your only guide is intuition,
The sense not to ignore?

Stick with your guns?
The only truth is you.
Can you actually die knowing that,
You lived a life free of personal truth?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

While We're Apart

Life is quite very long,
Despite what the old say,
For they are living through their memories,
With no thought for today,

Which stretches like your hair across your form,
While we remain apart,
Yet, still not reaching through the laptop screen,
'Cept through the secret portal to my heart,

And I could stretch it even further, still,
With thoughts of the future,
And the endless moments still yet to come,
Of waiting- still torture.

But yet, some day,
When we are one again,
I'll probably feel a thousand years old,
For time does fly with the right companion!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Do what you want to do,
You only have one chance,
As do, too, the people around you,
Telling you how to dance.

You know how it feels to not be moving,
Exactly how you like,
To music not made for your temperament,
You could cut the awkwardness with a knife.

Yes, you have some responsibilities,
That limit your movements,
But limitation is different than,
Certain requirements.

So go ahead,
Be what you want to be.
You will be an envious example,
Amid all this fakeness and tom-fool'ry.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Obstacles Before Us

Ev'ryone in their life,
Should Exper'ence sadness,
Not for loss of loved ones, but for what they,
Haven't accomplished, yet,

At which point, some will despair and give up,
Like they've done all their life,
For think of all the people in the world,
And the chances of getting what you like!

Then there's that Pegasus,
Persevering in the face of the odds,
Finding life in the bite,
By the gadfly sent by the very gods.

So which are you?
You know nothing's easy,
Even for those who were handed success,
After years of working tirelessly.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Fever

I know that you're sick, now,
It is causing you to,
Think uncomfortable thoughts 'bout life,
And the things you think due,

Just 'cause the place you happened to be born,
Affords you to take time,
To feel guilt about the things that you have,
While others do not have a fucking dime.

So go vomit in that hotel toilet,
Writing it down won't help,
The chambermaid hired to clean it all up,
Regardless how it sells.

Though, it was good,
And it did make me think,
But art "does not change the life of the poor",
And neither, so you say, will anything.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

True Revolution

Revolution mayn't be,
The best way to improve,
The injustices you're experiencing,
Because starting anew,

All the good policies already won,
Just through community,
And the natr'al ev'lution of humans,
Then's a waste of expended energy.

But the good things we have only arise,
If our leaders believe,
That we would revolt, if we do not feel,
We're getting what we need.
That is the key,
To true revolution,
Being willing to throw it all away,
If freedom's not given to everyone!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year's Evolution

One cannot let time pass,
Without marking moments,
Like any good story-teller will do,
To concoct importance,

Like this day of three hundred, sixty-five,
Which will start all again,
The lies and illusions you tell yourself,
In the interest of society's ends.

But this is just a step in human growth,
To higher consciousness,
When revolution will mean something more,
Than recast grievances.

It will mean love,
For all's evolution,
Imagine doing all your heart desires.
Expression with no restraints on freedom!