Monday, July 31, 2017

8 - Guilt

You've rejected your truth,
It happens time to time,
It's what you should calibrate your acts to,
To lead to the sublime,

Guilt is what you feel when you're off the path,
S'you can find your way back,
Once you do, it is best you let it go,
Lest you're not able to adjust your tack,

Then it's like the magnetic poles are broke,
The night sky's clouded o'er,
You'll ne'er know 'gain if you've done the wrong thing,
Which is what guilt is for,
Not to look aft,
You're not going backwards,
Right yourself and keep your eye on the bow,
It's the only way you can move forwards.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

7 - Politics

'Ttimes, look in the mirror,
Make sure there's just one face,
For only the most pure and simple 'fus,
Ain't running in a race,

For the office of the most regarded,
While your mind is scheming,
Trying t'shape the world in its own image,
Trying to fly as if you were dreaming,

It is no place to live for very long,
This is a world of lies,
No matter who you are, it is not you,
Which is why it e'er dies,
It is not real,
It is games inside games,
Which all come to an end when someone wins,
I'd rather observe, if it's all the same.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Where is your umbrella?
Did you pay attention?
Ev'ry moment's as precious as the next,
That is meditation,

There is never any time to do it,
Time's not a part of it,
If you sit down separate from your life,
Then you are a butcher who must carve it,

Ev'rything's not a part of a whole,
Where value's not a thing,
Is it on the left or right of your shoes?
Of what am I speaking?
You're umbrella!
Live in meditation,
If you must sit down, eyes closed, cross legged,
Then call it what it is, self reflection.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Queen - Receptivity

Let me be your vessel,
I will chop off my head,
There will be nothing left of me but ears,
To capture all you said,

I will erase every trace of me,
Aren't I amazing?
Submerged in water that's ever-flowing,
There are no goals at which I am gazing,

I will bring you closer to god for naught,
Arms extended upwards,
For whatever comes I will be grateful,
I've put away all swords,
All, just for you,
I have let myself go,
Pure receptivity of what you have,
Loosing what keeps one from becoming whole.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


The technology's there,
The mathematics, too,
Combined with statistics and video,
To pre-imprison you,

Well, maybe not you, but future crim'nals,
Bent on being evil,
Probably confined to those neighbourhoods,
Where you'd 'xpect to find those kinds of people,

Where apartments are cheap and subsidized,
Identified by race,
Makes calculations much easier when,
You keep crime in its place,
It's good business,
So is law enforcement,
First cause a problem then fix the problem,
So legitimizing the government.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

7 - Awareness

Outer skin is burning,
Melting away like wax,
No fire is causing this transformation,
You're completely relaxed,

It's the child in you revealing itself,
Seeing unrestrained,
Pure, thinking and wholly unshakable,
It's what your drama had tried to contain,

Now there is no medium between them,
The child will observe all,
You need not do anything to assist,
Just let the curtain fall,
Go on living,
Or live for the first time,
We should all be so lucky to be free,
Of the petty, self-preoccupied mind.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


The truth will set you free,
If you know what that is,
Please forward it to all of the contacts,
'Nyour social med'a list,

Because up until now I'd have assumed,
If someone had found it,
It would have been tweeted around the world,
Overthrowing ev'ry unjust gov'ment,

Instantly redistributing the wealth,
In the one percent's hand,
Eradicated contracts of all kind,
Uniting all humans.
Maybe it's blocked,
P'haps it's been posted lots,
But'd be the demise of the medium,
Crushing the potential worth of its stock.

Monday, July 24, 2017

3 - Creator

You are a masterpiece,
Like all living creatures,
To create for you is to step aside,
Reveal your best features,

The natural expression of yourself,
Forged of the fire within,
Some create art from the physical world,
Examples of a baser creation,

Just vague pointers to what they imitate,
The beauty that you are,
Become a creator by letting go,
It's not really that far,
It's ever there,
Behind the hate and fear,
Just like the old adage about aiming,
To get there's to see it's already here.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

4 - Postponement

The world you're in is grey,
'Cause you've yet to decide,
Do you want to live or think about it,
That's why you're on this side,

If you wait for tomorrow it's harder,
You're letting your world set,
Time is a slowly drying piece of clay,
It's e'er as malleable as 'twill get,

Don't look at the colors covetingly,
They are yours, should you choose,
It is fear and lack of self-confidence,
That lead you to refuse,
To be who you're,
P'haps due to other's dreams,
You might be grasping to one that can't be,
Sometimes circumstances are what they seem.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

You Got You Where You Are

Ev’ryone has stories,
T’explain their origin,
Dig deep and the world they’ve built for themselves,
Were preordained for them,

From the moment your eyes took in the light,
Reflecting where they were,
There were specific directions from there,
So only limited things could occur,

Each choice after that narrows down the path,
‘Til your life is no more,
That doesn’t even mean that you have died,
Might just mean that you’re poor,
In soul or wealth,
Some say one is much worse,
May the choices you make enrichen both,
For lots of mourners and a decent hearse.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Page - Mind

Your head is in the clouds,
Or the clouds in your head,
Either way, your mind is confusing you,
Try letting go, instead,

Of the thoughts that run you ragged each day,
Rubbish if you listen,
Preoccupation with everything but,
What will help your spirit'al condition,

Try looking through the mind's eye of your heart,
Is life really unfair?
'Tis if you count on the word of others,
To fill what wasn't there.
What have you done,
With your holyer than thou?
There's more than one way to get what you want,
And there is no one that can tell you how.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

1 - Existence

You are where you should be,
Don't matter where you go,
The fear and loneliness you are feeling,
Are for what you don't know,

Open your eyes as if you were just born,
Everything is new,
It is trite to say that it's a new day,
But it is wrong to say it is not, too.

Life wan't given to you, nor you it,
Nor to any other,
The doors you close 'cause you know how it is,
Can't be because you're sure,
Just rest a while,
Know that you're always home,
Things can change around you and you change, too,
But you are you wherever you do roam.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

King - Healing

Around you is a world,
Not concerned with your plight,
While egos live tethered to what they want,
Guided by their own light,

You are hurt before you are even touched,
'Til you let yourself go,
You are a lotus, perched above the mud,
Less vulnerable than you'll ever know,

Y'must cut off your head 'fore you can be healed,
So there's no you to hurt,
Light can only shine through the transparent,
Light is what we all thirst,
It makes us whole,
Many linked by the one,
Has hurt ever existed in this place,
Without the ego's participation?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

9 - Ripeness

There always comes a time,
When the fruit's become ripe,
Its juices are bursting, the weight too much,
Too dangerous to bite,

The stem just lets go its grip on the tree,
Belongs to the ground now,
It served its purpose in one existence,
Life's purpose is just what it will allow,

So, too, must you grow to your potential,
Be not afraid to fall,
For e'en that is a journey to somewhere,
You're answering a call,
At the right time,
You couldn't have, if not,
Be not afraid of what you've done or do,
If in support of your ultimate lot.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

New Beginnings

There's nothing to describe,
When reality's new,
'Cept for knowledge of who you really are,
Some say the only truth,

Others say it's only one of many,
If it is even that,
There's no more surety in awareness,
Than in all random, manufactured fact,

There are the feelings of rightness and wrong,
Though different for all,
Sure, the golden rule is universal,
But also a high wall,
That some have built,
Because of who they are,
Or due to the upbringing they received,
Which they, dolefully, will never descar.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

10 - Suppression

You are empty inside,
You've released all tension,
The knots that held you tight in the darkness,
Tied by expectations,

Could not hold in your light any longer,
You were about to burst,
When you considered what freedom would mean,
Then decided that things could be much worse,

You could spiral into a depression,
Weighed down by your own guilt,
Or explode into maniacal ire,
Razing all that you've built,
Or what you've done,
Let go of all the hate,
Have faith in your faith that all will be good,
If you don't embrace your calling too late.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Medicine Unbundled

The Indian Problem,
Canada called it that,
There was a suppressed people still living,
An inconvenient fact,

So it stifled data about abuse,
Across all departments,
Over-administration of vaccines,
Causing cancer in most of the patients,

Removal of lungs as a TB cure,
Death a common outcome,
Sterilization without one's consent,
Official reg'lation,
It is all true,
It hasn't ended yet,
The survivors of these and much more,
Are still a problem for this government.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

14 - Integration

The conflict is in you,
As it's in ev'ryone,
Nighttime and day, despot and the oppressed,
The eagle and the swan,

 It's not avoidable by the most meek,
Nor those who overwhelm,
What one can do is meld the two in one,
By handing each its own hand on the helm,

 In this way do the weak attain their strength,
So too bullies take pause,
Conflict between one's inner dimension,
Is schizophren'a's cause.
But that's not all!
You might be shocked to learn,
You see in others what you have in you,
Which is why I find the world taciturn.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

9 - Aloneness

You are not lonely,
Just 'cause you are alone,
That is like saying you are a vagrant,
Just 'cause you have no home,

Or you have had no opportunities,
So you are far behind,
Where you should be should life have behaved like,
You'd already envisioned in your mind,

P'haps you think because a tap is dripping,
The world is against you,
It may be, but e'en if you're mauled by dogs,
Do what you've got to do,
Which is to serve,
Until your hands fall off,
Do not complain or wish you had freedom,
You only have that right when you're in love.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

10 - Harmony

Your heart has its own beat,
Unique to all others,
When weak, it stays hid beneath the rumble,
Of your mundane bothers,

If you want to experiment with life,
'Fcourse, if you have the time,
Surrender all thought to your uniqueness,
Your potential to express the sublime,

The timber of your passion might be rough,
But still be beautiful,
All art defies definition until,
Its given a label,
Which will you be,
Defined or defining?
You want to change the world, start with yourself,
You're the first warden of your confining.

Monday, July 10, 2017

4 - Turning In

You are going nowhere,
But that is a good thing,
It's the only route to true happiness,
Short of up and dying,

The voices in your head are amusing,
They can't influence you,
Your actions are now guided by silence,
It will take you where you want to get to,

Everything else is motivated,
By random thoughts and facts,
Obfuscated because complicated,
No guide for how to act,
'T's'not based on truth,
Just trust in your heart's sway,
Name something else with no motivation,
Other than showing you the purest way.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

0 - The Fool

You were once full of trust,
The womb your universe,
Then quite soon after your initial breath,
You succumbed to a curse,

It is planted deep inside each human,
We cast it on ourselves,
'Cause we 'magine we know the path we're on,
'Stead of embracing wherever we delve,

Forgetting each of us is just a fool,
What the fuck do we know?
Why not shed all assumptions 'fwhat's to come,
And not learn as you go?
Trust your instincts,
That what feels right is right,
You're not on a path to some distant goal,
The path is the goal, the goal is delight.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

21 - Completion

What you must understand,
Completion's not an end,
Unless, of course, you are leaving this earth,
Maybe not even then,

If the examples we have are a clue,
We live multiple lives,
An end is at the same time a new start,
Will you focus on what leaves or arrives?

Naught is really gone, it's inside of you,
It made you what you are,
Some make the mistake of suppressing it,
You following so far?
That's when you die,
Sticking with what once was,
Denying the chance of new beginnings,
Surviving on death like a vulture does.

Friday, July 07, 2017

The Less

What's the use in trying,
When ev'ryone's alone?
No insight into what they really see,
Origin is unknown,

Recompense for the things you've been through,
'Snot your right anymore,
Correct me if I'm wrong, but are we not,
All inexplicably void in our souls?

Today the decree has been clearly made,
Everything must change,
It's not enough to have a lot to buy,
From an infinite range,
We demand peace,
From all selfish demands,
If what you want is purely per your needs,
It should not be for me to understand.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017


Take Miami Beach heat,
Then take away your home,
There's plenty places to plop down yourself,
If you're inclined to roam,

There's plenty people sleeping on the streets,
Park benches, grass and curbs,
Respected as the city's real'ty,
There are no soup kitchens in the suburbs,

Maybe you'll find yourself without a home,
Better folks than you did,
There's a fine line between have and have not,
Poorness your parents hid.
Why, I don't know,
We should all bask in it,
Only then we'll see our most common trait,
Then revolution will take a minute. 

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Wake Up

What are you deserving,
That you demand so much,
To be the person that you want to be,
'Tyou're meant to be, as such,

After getting so far in 'nother life?
It kind of seems to me,
That you made your bed now you want to sleep,
In another one never meant to be,

At least not now that you have the other,
You cannot just switch beds,
A canine that goes to the wrong food bowl,
Will ne'er ever be fed.
But you're no dog,
That relies on others,
To tell you where you should eat or lie down,
Not sure why anyone even bothers.

Monday, July 03, 2017

World Wrestling

The vidyo's ironic,
Where Trump mauls CNN,
It was just ten years ago it was made,
Now he is president,

It's like it's still the wrestling fed'ration,
Vague good against evil,
The press has given some shots to the head.
When the ref's not looking, many folks will,

But there are still good reporters out there,
Though you rarely hear them,
Their role in this world's as a pressure valve,
To release real chagrin,
It's all a stage,
Tweets like that are jesters,
'Fwe keep the divisiveness in the ring,
We may yet avoid global disasters.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

An Ode to Patreon

This one makes me squirmish,
Self-consciousness burns me,
It's supposed to be about patr'onage,
As opportunity,

But even though this may never be read,
I'm overwhelmed by eyes,
The same as when people watch me walking,
Inevitably, I stop walking right,

The natural rhythm is disrupted,
I'm outside looking in,
There's no honesty when you think like that,
Destroying attraction,
Your art then dies,
So my apologies,
I must proceed as if you don't exist,
The only way to create properly.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

The Pain

Let me drown in silence,
Away from ev'ryone,
No feeling something is owed for nothing,
Only oblivion,

The kind where you know you're tot'lly alone,
Ev'ry thought is your own,
Something kind of close to meditation,
Except you are eternally alone,

A touch like solitary confinement,
Not that I'd really know,
But I 'magine to be locked up like that,
Avoids a lot of woe,
Like what to say,
When anything's not good,
While, still, saying nothing is just as bad,
You would disappear if only you could.