Friday, February 29, 2008


Anything you don't want,
Can't be known by anything,
But some kind of instinct based on some kind,
Of pointless curiosity.

And when your world comes crashing down,
Upon you like some thumb upon a tack,
The point exists only because your desires,
Lack the complexity to push back.

How many times, like this very one,
I've allowed myself to be swallowed up by grief,
Not because the circumstances around me have changed,
But because I refused to change my beliefs.

But that's alright,
It's a choice that I have concsiously made,
When sorrow is something that will help me,
Appreciate my previous state.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


When one has one's own life,
Which one can't avoid,
It's of the greatest importance,
That she be allowed to enjoy,

The freedom of her thoughts and her actions,
Without the fear of rebuke,
Even from those who love her the most,
Provided she doesn't abuse,

The thoughts of others or their right to,
A life of freedom as free as hers.
And if she doesn't do something someone else wants,
Well, they should not be detracters,

Who think it's alright,
To let live, and yet make her feel bad,
Which is completely their perogative,
But not fair to her who's hurt by their flack.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why We Can't Overcome

Nature never meant for,
Life to overcome.
Its balance is well-renowned,
And now it's all undone.

Needs often exceed means,
And demands crush abilities.
Society really has us by the balls,
Which helps support its monarchy.

For what kind of revolution can we have,
When we can't even make ends meet?
Oh wait, isn't that the perfect circumstance,
To encourage mass unity?

No, cause it's alright,
If the majority are overwhelmed,
The whole trick to Capitalism is,
That anyone might tap into that well.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Smokey

Today is your birthday,
Did you know that?
It's the day that the world decided,
To finally bring perfection back.

It's the day my life began, too,
Even then, I'm sure my heart grew,
Just with the creation of someone who,
Completes me as do you.

And when you opened your eyes for the first time,
Objects finally had a place to,
Go to be seen in their real light.
Did you know that for me you represent truth?

And it's alright,
Today won't be the best of your life,
It will only be the best to date.
Happy Birthday, and thanks for being my wife.

Monday, February 25, 2008


The fish was swimming in the air again,
And everyone was on the prowl,
For what their desires really desired.
Like Mill said, humans require passion all the while,

Or they are just animatrons,
Doing what the or their world wants.
So I woke up not knowing what I did,
But knowing an animatron, I was not.

And though the intensity in the world grew,
So did the certainty that we were all alive,
And as long as you foster all desires at once,
You're sure to nurture the moral vine.

And it's alright,
If just the evil ones break through,
Other people will be sure notice it,
And collectively restrain you.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


When will it be over,
All this complication,
About what is real and what is wrong,
In this nation?

Doesn't everyone know,
What is right for everyone?
This is a democracy, right?
So why all this confusion?

Where is the person who can rise,
Up through the ranks who,
Is both honest and sincere,
About what is best for you?

Oh, it's alright,
That's not what politics is about.
It's about shaking hands with the richest.
It's revolution that helps the rest out.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

How Do You Know What To Do?

It's amazing how quickly,
One's life can seem to change,
From exactly where it should be one moment,
To the next, being completely deranged,

With no one thing being different at all,
In the reality you can't alter,
But every periphery circumstance,
Painting everything an anxious colour,

As if there is one path for you to take,
And you have suddenly stepped off it,
And aren't sure you can find your way back.
Well, maybe there's no such thing as fated.

And is it alright,
To direct your life as per your instincts,
As if your mind knows the best place for you to be,
Regardless of what everybody else thinks?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Art of Success

You have to do what you have,
To do to get by,
And if that means crushing other people,
Well, they must not have tried,

Or maybe they did not have the skill,
To do what you could do,
And you only really showed them that,
Which has nothing to do with you.

And I'm not saying that you're guiltless,
Because you knew what would happen,
Your only fault was letting it drag on,
Because you wanted to seem innocent.

And it's alright,
Your intentions were good,
You were just not brought up,
To be all that you could.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Open Up

The air that is inside me,
Changes with each breath,
Released as something not wanted by anyone,
Whether spoken or silent.

And the actions that I take,
I won't ever give back,
Because once I decide something, it's eternal,
It's just decisions that I lack.

And I'll stay on this couch and change the world,
That resides within the four feet,
Of what I can see 'cause that's all there is,
Within reach.

But it's alright,
I'll get out eventually,
And pour my heart out to the world,
Once I learn how from my family.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Don't Forget

When you forget something,
You really shouldn't have,
And it affects others in such a way,
That you create something bad,

When stress abounds and solutions are masked,
By the thoughts of what you should have done,
And all eyes are focused so closely to their own lifes,
It is a real obstruction,

And you didn't really have to let it know,
Because it was of your own life anyhow,
Though you thought it was so important,
That you had to deal with it now,

It's alright,
As long as you make it your own problem,
And no one else's schedules are affected,
Even if they experience frustration.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Be Strong

I will not be affected,
By the thoughts of others,
No matter how influential they may be,
Whether celebrities or fathers,

If their negativity is apparent,
As the algae-eaten bowl through the sun.
It doesn't mean it's right, just that it's as pure,
As any poison that is extremely strong.

And when it's not around I won't think of the effects,
It could have because it won't have them at all.
There's certain things whose power resides only in your bent,
To believe that it is powerful.

And it's alright,
It will be hard sometimes,
That's just a sign that you're plugged into the world,
Not that you are weak of mind.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Is there any benefit,
To tapping into your feelings,
If you're quite happy as you are,
Questioning everything,

In such a way that everything is new,
And you are starting afresh each time,
You tackle something and you like problem solving,
And everyone thinks that you are mighty fine,

And your sad moments are few and far between,
And great joy comes from the tasks you accomplish,
Tasks that do not hurt, but benefit many people?
This is my question.

And it's alright,
I know what the answer is.
There may be, but it will make a different person,
That may not be deeper, but not as joyous.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Love is what fills me right now,
Because this day is magical,
And if I don't explode with emotions,
I'll melt with passion until,

The universe has changed,
And humans can truly unite,
Or I will suffuse it greater than the sun,
With my love-empowered light,

And if not that, or all three,
I will whisper my love,
So that it flows into your mind,
And gently raises you above,

To where we're alright,
No matter our circumstances,
Because this day reminds us that we are more than,
Our year-end financial statements.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Revolution Revisited

With every move by one person,
Another is thrust upon me,
Not without asking, because getting things done,
Is my philosophy,

And if you're willing then I am, too,
Though what usually happens,
Is the intensity will scare you off.
How will we ever start the revolution?

We won't, because that's the way it's been set up.
Nothing destructive is attractive to this,
Structure that thrives upon deciding,
What is worth its business.

It's alright,
We'll blow the doors off, eventually.
I actually believe that things can change,
Though it will be hard, if you ask me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why Try Doing Anything?

I don't really care enough,
To risk the way that things are,
To make the changes I feel must be made,
For a better world.

For, who am I to know all of the answers?
Well, I do, but only from where I stand,
And there is so much that I don't know,
Though, with all to know, I know no less than other humans.

And one must think about motivation,
And the intent behind the goals.
Nothing is guaranteed to turn out right,
But good intentions are much better swallowed.

Oh it's alright,
I have enough going on,
Without trying to change the world.
That's how society keeps us down, my son.

Monday, February 11, 2008


It is as cold as can be,
Or at least as need,
For after the point where everything freezes,
I am pretty well chilly.

But these are the days that remind me how,
I actually live in the world,
And not somehow in another one,
Looking at this one asunder,

Of anything I think I know.
Yes the cold has cured me of that,
For the moment, but I'm sure once I am warm,
I will travel back,

To where it's alright,
To look from the outside in,
As a way to cope with how things are,
And all the thing that require completion.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


There's a certain line you don't cross,
And sometimes you just luck out,
That the rest of the world is f'd up enough,
That you can just duck out,

And have your actions dismissed,
Though, then, your lesson isn't really learned,
Because your action becomes something else,
And the fear becomes unconcern,

And you try again despite the close call,
And your luck is pressed too far,
And you're not really a bad person but,
Fate caught you lowering the bar.

And it's alright,
There's always the next life,
You have to live because your last one is,
Marked by shamefulness and strife.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


There is just no changing,
Regardless of what they say.
So why has it taken so long to describe things,
Up to and including this day?

And how far is too far within these bounds?
And don't tell me that you can break through,
To some realm where you are free of your thoughts,
And the social norms that define you.

And don't tell me you would want that, anyway,
Because you'd be freeing yourself of you, as well,
And what you really want is to put yourself,
Above all else within your social shell.

And that's alright,
What other heights could you strive for?
Though, maybe heights shouldn't be our ultimate goal,
But, instead, to understand each other more.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Sometimes you need a breakdown,
Just to get back on your feet,
Because the ones you were using before,
Were walking the wrong street,

And the way that you were walking,
Was giving the wrong signs,
As if you were walking on your own,
And you were following behind.

Like now, you have to go,
But where, you are not sure.
Just let the repairs happen.
That's the key to culture.

Oh, it's alright,
Nothing happens anyway,
That has any effect on anything,
That will happen today.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why Things Aren't Right

One does what one has to,
There's no avoiding that,
Though one would hope that most of one's actions,
Would be self-motivated acts.

And if that's not the case,
As I feel it's not for too many,
Something has to change in the dynamic,
Of our interconnectivity.

An adjustment of some sort,
To realign focus.
And if that means a revolution,
Well, some changes are momentous.

And it's alright,
It won't be violent, but catastrophic,
Because riches will be measured differently,
And the rich won't find that copasetic.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

For Others

I don't know if doing,
What it is I'm going to do,
Will make a difference with what I'm trying to accomplish,
But I'll do it for you.

I could live with it, for my life is worth nothing,
Compared to what I'm living for.
Today I may not even care for myself,
Like I never really did before,

I met you because there was no reason,
Or rhyme in keeping it going.
Now it's like I am a different person,
Still without any intrinsic something.

And it's alright,
Living for and through someone else,
As long as they can give you immortality,
Through living solely for themselves.

Lost Without You

If I didn't know better,
I'd think that the world was speaking to me,
Requesting that I listen more intently,
To its sincere entreaty,

To understand the path it has chosen,
Without concern for the direction,
Because it will eventually lead,
To my ultimate destination.

Though, what's the point if it is the last stop,
And the way there was filled with discomfort and strife?
The real journey is just getting there,
And the end also is the end of life.

But it's alright,
I'll get you back one of these days.
Not to imply that I actually owned you,
No matter what those around you may say.

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Universe

The universe always provides,
Something good or something ill,
And if you tell me it doesn't care,
I'll believe it consciously does, still.

And if you tell me it will rob me,
Of all the riches I don't know I have,
As if it was out to get me,
And leave me wishing for half of what I had,

I'd have to think about what I'd done,
That should have damaged our relationship.
I thought I'd cared for it with the utmost care,
But, then, my life's insignificant, isn't it?

But it's alright,
It's also as big as I want.
I just change what it is I relate it to.
The universe can't influence my thoughts.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

In a Hurry

I don't know why I let you,
Go so easily.
My mind convinced me it was time,
But now I feel only anxiety.

I didn't stop to think that you had,
Precious little place to go.
Thank god you were picked up by someone,
Who I hope gives you a nice home,

Though my own was the most ideal,
Place you could live.
Was your departure to teach me a lesson,
Or were you mine to give?

Oh it's alright,
I'm sure you're in a better place,
As I'm sure I will be, too,
As soon as I understand you're safe.

Friday, February 01, 2008

My Prayer

The first part is over,
Now the longest is yet to come,
For those who live life for ends,
Instead of being adventuresome.

And god grant me the guts to be my own boss,
And god please exist,
Unless you have something against me,
For the opportunities I have missed.

And someone grant me the serenity,
To take things as they come.
I think I've finally figured out that my greatest failures,
Came from feeling frustration.

But it's alright,
I've got a long life ahead of me,
That will be over before I know it.
God, please grant me immortality.