Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Making It Big

What's it going to take?
All this wealth unfairness,
Obvious to everyone in the world,
While the poor still get less.

Is the unifying message still short,
That people have power,
That if we all stand up and say, "it's wrong",
Those with all the money may just cower?

Or is the power actually not there?
The oligarchy's set?
The faces of those in power could change,
But the structure's still kept?

Hence the big dream,
That anyone can win,
It's hard to muster up revolution,
Long as there's the chance of making it big.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Taking a Break

There is not so much time,
T'do what I've wont to do,
For sometimes you decide to sacrifice,
Things old for something new,

That offer new and exciting chances,
T'do what you've always thought,
Is what you wanted and were meant to do,
Yet for which you ne'er fought,

But though you only live once in this world,
It's still never too late,
To do something to transform who you are.
Time's judged by how you wait.

So off you go,
Carpe diem's what's said,
As long as you have a day you can seize,
You have a different life that can be led.