Friday, June 30, 2017

4 - The Miser

What do you hold onto,
As if, if you let go,
It will forever be out of your grasp,
Diminishing you so,

Is it the money you stockpile in banks,
Not spent, and so nothing,
Is't the time you can't spare that slips away,
Without doing one thing,

Is it beautiful things that you create,
For which others must pay,
Which they don't, so they stay hidden from all,
Ne'er see the light of day?
You are weighed down,
In a fortress you've made,
Protecting you, sure, from what I don't know,
Making your form ugly along the way.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

King - Abundance

Your heart thumps through your skin,
The elements surround,
You couldn't be anymore human now,
'Fno other could be found,

The deepest wisdom is e'er on your mind,
While you sing, dance and drink,
At once in love with spirit and the flesh,
There's no room in this euphor'a to think,

You're beyond diff'rence of man or woman,
Some would say, 'what's the point?',
I must admit without procreation,
There's still reason to boink,
Which you do, too,
It's 'nother dance, really,
If e'er there was a time to say no more,
I'd say it's now 'less it comes natur'lly.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

20 - Beyond Illusion

What is inside is real,
Communion with your self,
Let not you believe that what then's outside,
Should be placed on a shelf,

For there would be nothing if not outside,
It's how you see the world,
But that perception is rooted in you,
Though it can be wrinkled as its unfurled,

Use the steam of your heart to smooth it out,
Your soul's hands to raise it,
Survey the new frontier with your mind's eye,
How your spirit lays it,
It is all you,
You rear it from its birth,
Not from your beginning, in each moment,
From your own image your create this earth.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2 - Moment to Moment

Dancing among rainbows,
The city far away,
The marketplace is swirling all around,
Geared towards another day,

His intentions simply do not exist,
What's coming will ne'er be,
Only the footfall upon the next stone,
Leaving the one before in history,

His success cannot be measured in time,
Rather, in its absence,
He is alone, for sure, but not lonely,
He's maintaining balance.
Commune with self,
Then reach out to others,
Only time will tell if ignoring it,
Was wiser than living with its bothers.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Card Laid

How about we play cards,
Some simple game of chance,
So that no matter how many are shown,
We feel exuberance,

At the constancy of human frailties,
The whole deck's never known,
Even card counters are at the mercy,
Of the possibil'ties yet to be thrown,

Each hand is a new opportunity,
For further joy or ire,
Oft times how you've done paints your perception,
Of what's yet to transpire.

When we are done,
That's where the game begins,
Do you play o'er the decisions you made,
Or pick up and shuffle the cards again?

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Heart Gets Broken

Connections can be broke,
Or they wouldn't exist,
Even an offspring's bond with a parent,
Can, with abuse be nixed,

Though less so in the other direction,
Either way, at what cost?
Lacking a relationship with one's blood,
Is your sense of humanity then lost,

Or does that connection of progeny,
Need to be satisfied,
So that if it's replaced with a good heart,
Your soul can still survive?
Or must it be?
What is the endgame, here?
To spend your days in peaceful contentment,
No matter the way which you have been reared.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

What They say

There are many of you,
One for ev'ry person,
Building their viewpoint from a few snapshots,
It's not a perversion,

It's all as real as you see yourself,
It is as false, as well,
The admonishment, 'understand thyself',
Is not just meant for ev'rybody else,

You must learn to live with all your demons,
Both within and without,
How you do that is purely up to you,
Of that be of no doubt.
Others may cry,
They have a right to know,
A thousand words couldn't paint the picture,
Though there is no point in telling them so.

Friday, June 23, 2017


'Ltell you what freedom is,
As if you didn't know,
It is the holy grail of existence,
Humankind's greatest foe,

'Tsbeen the route of all evil since money,
It was sex before then,
Wait, 't'snever been good to expose yourself,
That's always encouraged revolution,

It's best when not ev'rybody has it,
Less people in your way,
That's true for even those who don't have it,
'Thing to strive for one day,
Still, either way,
Be you have or have-not,
We all think of it as a possession,
Because that is what we have all been taught.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fuck It

You don't need epiph'nies,
One day after the next,
To return to that place where you realized,
Reality's context,

That of a provider of stimulus,
That our body translates,
Providing the sights and sounds and feelings,
The mater'als we use to cogitate.

For sure it all needs to be clothed for sense,
So's to communicate,
But the point is to return to that place,
Where instincts are innate,
To guide your moves,
In this fucked up cosmos,
Then give it a rinse through your perspective,
So's to translate that for those you hold close.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

21 - Completion

There're battles in Yemen,
Should have known this before,
Though it's hard to guess from the media,
Where there's actu'lly war,

It hasn't really been kept a secret,
The opposite, in fact,
It's hard to see the trees for the forest,
When they are blocked by the war in Iraq,

When your own circumstances are not firm,
Due to divisiveness,
Makes you wonder is drama natural,
Or meant to make you less,
Less human, sure,
S'you don't fight for justice,
There's no point in  protesting anymore,
Everyone must change their consciousness.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I hear your whimpering,
You want to come in here,
Even just a hint of my existence,
The knowledge I am near,

Tugs at your heart like a winch on a truck,
Bet you wish it would stop,
But the prospect of getting close to me,
Would lead you to never-ending distraught,

Gladly you would walk across burning rocks,
Pain moments paid for love,
Even if it ends more quickly than that,
Th'euphoria's enough,
To get you by,
Until the next chance comes,
So I silently stalk to the exit,
While you roll about in self-delusion

Monday, June 19, 2017

Ace - Maturity

There're flowers in your hair,
On your body and face,
There's such contentment in your half-closed eyes,
'Syou bask in their embrace,

You're looking in at your outward power,
Grounded in peace and love,
You shall never go back nor need go forth,
You have no fear of below or above,

You are just what you've e'er known you should be,
Everyone can see,
When one has attained their ideal person,
You feel the harmony,
It's palpable,
You want to breath it in,
But until you accept it's possible,
You'll never exper'ence maturation.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Soon, Raccoon

Left to its own device,
Walking alone at night,
Blending in with the shadows and mumblings,
Of creatures out of sight,

As dedicated to its own children,
As any human here,
Enmeshed as 'tis within the habitat,
To which they so religiously adhere,

It will never understand poverty,
Or its adverse effects,
There're no studies on divorce's impact,
It hasn't got there, yet,
'T'sjust a raccoon,
It eats garbage to live,
That's only reserved for the least of us,
To be pitied by those with 'nough to give.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Round About Way

For what are you grateful?
The evangelist said,
A classic opening in advance of,
Pointing out you'll be dead,

That you should think about what comes between,
The middle and the end,
Not like those other godless hedonists,
Who have no one to whom they can repent,

You have him and he admits he needs you,
For that is his calling,
There must be shepherds and those that he tends,
Stamp out what is appalling,
Which is satan,
None of this will end good,
But there is a way to avoid it all,
Do unto others not just what you should.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Breeze Face

Is there any value,
When experiencing,
Without perception overlaying it,
Like list'ning to birds sing,

Or the sensation of wind 'gainst your face?
You feel it, so it's there,
But I challenge your mind to ask itself,
Are you just sensing yourself or the air?

Ain't the engine's roar a vibrating drum?
You're finding this banal,
The car's existence is not in question,
Nor is the ear canal,
What is the point,
Is not what's real'ty,
But knowing where you end and the world starts,
To understand where your control might be.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Narcissist

1. Let me change your hist'ry,
To accommodate mine,
2. File away what you shared in confidence,
Then bring it up in time,

3. Point out your faults, then deride when your mad,
4. I'm the victim, you know,
5. But this is all because of your actions,
6. Also your inability to grow,

7. God would surely have struck you down by now,
8. If I didn't hit first,
9. There is so much you just can't understand,
10. While I'm fully immersed,
And one more thing,
11. I'm better looking, too,
If you''d just take better care of yourself,
You might then be the person I once knew.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Have you ever felt like,
Someone was watching you,
Through the trees with binoculars and time,
Obsessed with what you do,

Writing it down to review it later,
Then review it again,
Like the one life lived is for the other,
Is not even quite worth the attention,

'Cause there's something greater happening there,
No matter the reason,
Whether one's grand or th'other not worth it,
Both are now in prison?
They're looking out, not in,
Wait, who can say if there's a purpose here,
Or that it's aught to do with progression?

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Holy Trinity

Body, mind and spirit,
The holy trinity,
There's something in the sermon yesterday,
That really spoke to me,

That what all humans should endeavor for,
Is balance in all three,
A unified goal shared with ev'ryone,
Marked by openness and consistency,

An approach that one would think'd be easy,
And come naturally,
But is only expected from loved ones,
Lawyers and family,
'Cause exper'ence,
Tells us differently,
Everyone will be out for themselves,
'Til good will's valued universally.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Breeze Face

Someone said yesterday,
To my son, 'you're the face!'
An epitaph of true admiration,
I guess, in this new age,

Which makes me think the time is perhaps right,
To resurrect a thought,
Based on a sensation I exper'enced,
Driving along with my mom and my pop,

The wind was pressing hard against my face,
When my mind played a game,
It was as if the wind just disappeared,
But the feeling remained,
Man, what a trip,
Plus a lesson to share,
If not that you force your thoughts on the world,
Then that it exists in your sense of it.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

What You Do

Action is a teacher,
By you or someone else,
By learning from mistakes or example,
Taken into yourself,

Mingling with the genetics that you have,
Influ'ncing what you take,
Imagine you had no one in this world,
What are the decisions that you would make?

Now take 'way all responsibility,
For ev'rything you do,
Which one or what combination of both,
Do you call really you?
Or neither one,
You're part of a great plan?
No matter what, only time will tell you,
The consequences of your exertions.

Friday, June 09, 2017


No one asked to be here,
Thrust, as't were, into life,
Then you're, if you're lucky, born into privilege,
Odds are, though, into strife,

Luckier, still, you're given liberty,
And opportunity,
Without the fear of personal assault,
Or repression of ideology,

Then may your disposition grow freely,
No matter the flavor,
Morose, optimistic or ornery,
Naught to do with squalor,
But with humor,
No, not the funny kind,
The disposition you cannot escape,
That self-awareness allows you to find.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

A Good Death

You must keep on living,
'Til you decide to stop,
Despite the connections that yet bind you,
You've ev'ry right to crop,

Perhaps you've grown tired of society,
Its convoluted ways,
Maybe you are worth more dead than alive,
With unreasonable bills still to pay,

Existence may too be a blip in time,
No beginning or end,
Ev'rything 'round be gone one day,
So who really cares when?
Just be yourself,
You've ev'ry right to be,
If you're the type to leave when you get bored,
Then, by all means go 'head, leave the party.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

I Ching

Sometimes when you argue,
Resistance stops your will,
You become tangled in a losing fight,
When instead should be still,

In control of yourself and where you go,
Guided by your silence,
Thoughts passing by, neither correct or wrong,
Dispersed to avoid outside malfeasance,

Like a king strengthens himself by spreading,
Streaming across the land,
May the seeds you scatter find furtile ground,
Tamed by your guiding hand,
So you find growth,
That is what the stacks said,
Fight for your life by surrendering it,
Unless you would rather wish you were dead.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Lion's Head

Sits atop a window,
Porcelain stained with dirt,
Obsfucated by a young saplings leaves,
Inhabitants alert,

Was your body ever contemplated,
Just left as unfinished,
Perhaps too gruesome to make real'ty,
The world's safety leaving you diminished?

Or is it hiding in the bricks behind,
Flailing for its freedom?
Whatever the hell you are living with,
My commiserations,
It's not deserved,
All you did was get born,
If I could I would save you from this fate,
May the rain wash away all of your scorn.

Sunday, June 04, 2017


If you dream, then dream big,
Want to be rich? Then be.
You realize that no one that's come before,
Can repudiate these?

It's not to say that you will get results,
Again, no one can know,
But one thing is for certain in this world,
If you never ask, the answer's e'er 'no',

And no one dying wishes they'd worked more,
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,
What you have to do with all you have learned,
Is just use it, don't ya'?
Or ignore it,
Who knows what's the right way,
But on your deathbed would't you rather,
Know you tried your best at th'end of the day?

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Back Again

Get as far as you can,
Then stop and look around,
If there's nothing there you want to explore,
Then please be outward bound,

Don't stay if it's just 'cause you got that far,
That's no reason at all,
One point on one path among countless more,
Are you telling me you don't have the gall?

Is it that you don't want to work again,
E'en though you've just one life?
Or you afraid of what the next point brings,
For it may bring you strife?
Well, y'know it will,
That's what it's all about,
It's hope that you are really looking for,
Found only when there's still things to find out.

Thursday, June 01, 2017


Well, there goes my record,
Of you know what I mean,
Surrounded now by homegrown foreigners,
Nothing like I have seen,

Unable to imagine origins,
To my left or my right,
Luddites staring into oblivion,
Blurry-eyed sleepers after a late night,

Nighttime fumes meant to cover one's odors,
With nothing that's better,
Reminds me that there's a very thin line,
You wish you ne'er met her,
Oh my lord god,
That these things the exist,
Makes it hard to believe in a future,
Not destined to finish in bloody fists.