Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Learning to Walk

You can't get anything,
Without asking for it,
In some whay or other, whether verbally,
Or in the sub-conscious.

But when the former, it is better,
For you have to do the exercise,
Of legitimizing the its necessity,
Something that has to be done no-wise.

And then the richness of life presents itself,
Like if you were able to be completely conscious,
Of the decision-making process when throwing a ball,
Or, at least, able to witness it.

And it's alright,
If it takes you a while to do it,
Like walking, it's something you do without thinking,
Until you want to make it perfect.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays

What there is left to do,
Can be overwhelming,
When you have so little time to do it,
And so many people expecting,

It all to just be done and with a smile,
And as if there was nothing to do.
It's like denying the elephant in the room,
While it's shitting on you.

And there's not enough hours in the day,
At the best of times.
Not to blame society for everything,
But everything before it was just fine.

And it's alright,
You just have to tweek your mind,
And believe this is what Nature is all about,
And you should make it through just fine.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Under the Gun

When there are challenges,
That you have let slip,
Communication is the only thing,
That will rectify it.

And when you find that you are under the gun,
And you have to save your good name,
Staying calm under the preasure is good,
But if you fail, then it's just lame.

Problem-solving is the key for you,
And creativity in the face of chaos,
For no one else could really do what you do,
If what you do is minimize the loss.

And it's alright,
If this fills you with anxiety,
As you get older your skin will get thicker,
And it all won't mean a thing.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


There's nothing quite so depressing,
As a life without self-reflection,
Even if such thoughts lead to depressing discoveries,
And depression.

For no one has disagreed throughout the ages,
That what's involved in the meaning of life,
Is a leap of faith regarding what it's all for,
Whether aesthetics, community or strife.

So without thinking on what it is you do,
And why it is you do it,
You're just floating through the air like a leaf,
And like a leaf you are not important.

Unless, alright,
You've decided that's what life's all about,
And you've consciously given up your consciousness.
Now, that would be something devout.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Keep changing who you are,
It's the only way to do,
A lot of things herein summarized,
To help you:

The different perspectives will help you to see,
The different perspectives there can be,
And so understand others a little better,
As well as your own psychie.

Others will be amazed by your chameleon-like nature,
For so many others lack that, themselves,
And they will also not know how to handle you,
For into which one of you do they delve?

And it's alright,
You won't lose sight of who you really are.
You'll learn something new each time you reinvent yourself,
To add to your self-assessment jar.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


It's easy to become depressed,
And forget who you are,
And release all of the self-confidence that comes easily,
When you don't engage yourself,

With others so that you are invested in them.
That might be a mistake if you think,
That your intentions will be understood,
Separately from how your actions link,

To the fortunes of others,
Because people only believe what is real,
Are the things they can hold and how they affect them,
Because they physically heal.

But it's alright,
If you remember where your heart lies,
And be damned others' unappreciativeness,
When they avoid your eyes.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Never Tell

There are more things below the heavens,
Than can be comprehended by one soul,
And relationships that cannot be understood,
Except as not to touch them with a ten foot pole.

And most of what you hear should never be uttered,
But absorbed as knowledge for yourself,
As examples of things that exist that no one sees,
And reminiscent of everything else,

That is absorbed by others that you'll never see,
Or that you wouldn't understand anyway.
Stick with what you know and to your own business,
And you'll eventually have your day.

And it's alright,
To take some time to understand this,
But eventually you will have to grow up,
Or you stand to take some vary dangerous risks.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What's the Truth?

There is no one person,
Who's exactly what he seems,
And if the more he wishes to misrepresent himself,
The more creative he's been,

And the more untruthful, but what does that mean?
I guess there's no real excuse,
If you are found to be not what you say,
There's every right to alienate you,

And even if it was an honest mistake,
There's no way of telling everyone,
Of the good intentions in your heart,
For all that exists is perception.

And it's alright,
If you turn out to be a sham,
As long as it came from a good place,
Or from insane compulsions.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


There is no one thing you're doing,
That is a thing among itself.
Its context is informed by your other tasks,
And the tasks of everyone else,

And what you learn from that thing will apply,
To the other things you're doing also,
And may help or hinder them, depending,
On how open you are as you go,

And on how much you treat life as a journey,
And not as a series of tasks,
Leading to their own ends in themselves.
But, who really does that, one might ask.

And it's alright,
If you're one of the the people who do,
You're also probably the kind to do things,
With a more open point of view.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tired Again

How can you be both open,
And exclusive to your views,
On how things should be done while sitting in,
A position you abuse,

And sitting in a position you should use,
To collaborate to the benefit of all,
Instead of assuming that what you envision,
Is universal,

And that no other input is required,
Beyond the muscles to enact things,
Until you find yourself in the unenviable position,
Of being,

Alone, alright,
Right up until you think you are surrounded,
By the people who can defend you,
Against this underestimated threat?

Monday, December 08, 2008


If the new age is about collaboration,
And interconnectivity,
Fashioned after the lessons of the internet,
And early post-modern philosophy,

And it's possible for many people,
To do one thing as an aggregate,
So that every action can be better informed,
Not by one person, but a regiment,

Then how does one treat of love and money,
The two things that make the world go round?
The point might be that you must let go of your ego,
And learn to spread it around.

And it's alright,
If you don't want to play that way,
You'll either get left behind or tampled,
By this new millennium wave.

Friday, December 05, 2008

In Case You Don't Believe It's Over

You can never know the thoughts,
Of another person,
Even if they tell you what they are,
They're in a state of confusion.

And when you feel everyone else knows,
Something you do not,
Wait a minute and you will find the tables turned,
And your past battles needlessly fought.

And when you feel you know more than everyone,
Ride that wave until it dies down,
Because everyone else is so confused,
They may believ it until the truth is found,

Which will be never, alright,
Not even when the cows come home.
Even the sagest person you might meet,
Is a product of just being alone.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


When you get what you're worth,
You believe you're worth much more,
And when you don't, you undervalue yourself,
And keep yourself poor,

And when you have no idea,
Well, that's everyone's greatest dream,
Being grateful for whatever you get,
And not upsetting the team,

Which is a misnomer for equality does not exist,
Where value judgements are made.
You must acknowledge your own standing,
For your fire not to fade.

And it's alright,
You can do this anytime,
Though there's no better time than the present,
If you want your fire to shine.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Those moments spent in anger,
At the world at large,
For ignoring the needs of the individual,
For a credit card charge,

For forgetting that a society,
Is meant to give freedom to roam about,
And not get devoured by wild animals,
Not to figure new ones out,

To create an atmosphere of equality,
Where all have the chance to live fulfillingly,
And not spend one third of life doing something,
Just to have the money to spend the rest worrying.

Can be alright.
Half of it is attitude,
That's why crazy people can withstand extreme cold,
While they are practically nude.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Basement Hole

You let only a little seep in slowly,
Though that is still enough,
To fill the pit inside so much so,
You threaten the love,

For the capacity that makes your holes,
Something to put up with.
But now that other things may get involved,
You wonder how full the cup is,

And pretend that nothing is due to you,
Though the coldness from your soul infects,
Every nook that anyone can feel,
Or rather, what anyone lets.

And it will be alright,
If it all gets fixed in the end,
Because it's obvious who's in the wrong,
And who really needs the mend.

Monday, December 01, 2008

A Higher Level

There is no greater level,
On which you can operate,
For there is one factor that levels everything,
No matter how much you computate,

No matter the results of the actions,
That are based on your understanding,
For results only prove that what you've done so far,
Managed to get you everything,

But the philosophy you base your actions on,
Fails if the world should shift tomorrow,
Assuming it was right in the first place,
And this is only one scenario.

So, it's alright,
To question your own moves sometime,
Until you start to question everything,
Other than as a question in your spare time.

Friday, November 28, 2008


As bad as thinking of you,
Is the thought of oneself,
Before learning how to think of others,
And how they want to help,

The cause that is precious to everyone,
But aren't aware that it is the case,
That all that's required is some kind of systematic,
Collaborative management of others' space.

Invested with one's own identity,
For accountability is the key,
To honest and well-intended motives,
And community.

And it's not alright,
If you don't really get it.
This is what taking it to the next level's about,
And it requires all participants.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Faking It

It's easy to feel like a fraud,
But you must ask yourself,
How it is you are in this situation, at all,
If not from having delved,

Into life more deeply than where you started,
And by virtue of doing anything at all?
Everyone you meet started off knowing nothing,
And ultimately, themselves, are small,

And insecure beneath the shell that they're showing,
And it may be that their talent is just,
Learning the lesson of a tact that ensures,
That nothing said can be construed as useless.

And it's alright,
If that means nothing actually is said.
Sit back and observe the world that you're in,
Until you're ready to sit at its head.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Happened

Everything works out for the best,
For things could not work out any different,
Whether better or worse, you'll never know,
To what extent,

That circumstance would lead to something even better,
Or a tragedy to lament.
Think of the best thing that could happen to you,
And it could end up as something never meant.

And moving forward requires an acceptance,
Of what has come before.
Is this all something rudimentary,
Or do you know what it's being said for?

And it's alright,
If you don't.
Just because your mind is failing you,
Doesn't mean your expectations won't.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Is it really possible,
For the righteous to defeat the failed,
Even when the latter's managed,
To keep its power availed,

For centuries behind the veil of virtue,
And built itself up to such a size,
That even David would have fallen many miles short,
While, by no one else, is the advantage recognized?

The answer lies in the people existing,
In the world at a given time.
If virtue is still something valued by most,
Then physics proclaims the virtuous more sublime.

And it's alright,
If it doesn't seem possible.
In fact, it's even better if that's the case,
So display the power of community council.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mental Health

Motion is not constant,
Sometimes you must stop and think,
And ask yourself if you are embedded deep in your believes,
Or cruising close to the brink,

Of leaping into an abyss foreign to,
The way you know how you must live,
And though it all seems very exciting,
Experience tells you your beliefs are not yours to give?

But you must remember to start up again,
Once you have your bearings,
For depression will quickly replace your focus,
And make you adverse to sharing.

And it's alright,
If you need to go to others for help.
Everyone's learning the same lessons at different times,
And sharing them's how we keep our mental health.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Community is what's important,
And you may wonder why,
When all one knows is that they alone exist,
And that they must survive,

Or there will be no community to speak of,
Or anything at all.
But, even Crusoe created a community,
Despite living behind a hidden wall.

And how else can two people connect with each other,
Except to create a personality in which to share?
Maybe you're not sure who else exists,
But for your own good, you better care,

About others, alright?
Or you will soon find you are actually alone,
And separated from the community,
That you refused to admit is your home.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Absolute

One cannot find the Absolute,
And can be destroyed by trying to find it,
With an obsession that forgets all else,
Rendering him illegitimate.

For the spark that lights the fire,
Is born of life itself,
While the obsession changes you from a human,
Into something else,

Something that has no longer any ability,
To choose where you go next,
Whick is a condition for even recognizing,
That the Absolute might exist.

And it's alright,
That it can ever actually be found.
The point is that we can think of it at all,
Because, as humans, to it we are not bound.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where You're Going

To just keep things rolling,
You need to be rolling, yourself.
But here's the snag, you have to find yourself in a rut,
That maintains your mental health,

That sends you directly to where you want to be.
So, the question is now begged:
Do you try to anticipate the route of that rut,
Or do you make your goal the place where you're led?

And what good can you do in any old place?
Well, can you do just what you wanted where you wanted to go?
Take yourself seriously and acknowledge your abilities.
Half the battle is just to know.

And it's alright,
If it takes a lifetime to learn this.
You just have to accomplish it once,
To understand what this life truly is.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Staying true to the truth,
Means understanding yourself,
And understanding that you just know it,
And you cankt get it somewhere else.

Truth is an instinct even if you think,
It requires analytic thought,
For the final place you get after deconstructing,
Is a purely personal spot,

Where there is absolutley no explanation,
For the place that you find yourself in,
Except for the fact that you're wholly sure,
That it is free of misinterpretation.

And it's alright,
If you misstep every now and then,
As long as you proclaim it to the world,
As a universal lesson.

Monday, November 17, 2008


No one person can do it all,
And no one person should,
For no one person understands it all,
Or represents the whole neighbourhood,

Or even a portion, the point is,
That one person possibly can,
Organize enough other one persons,
To create a democratic opinion,

Through actually not holding any opinion,
But to sacrifice one's own one person voice,
For how else can one person be a conduit,
Than to defy Mill's preferential choice?

And it's alright,
For in the end, everybody wins:
Everyone else for actually being heard,
And you for being their voices' conduit.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Keeping Up

Take the time to look around,
And you will find that things move,
In such a circular but varied way,
It's hard to keep track the way you should.

But if you sit and write what's important to you,
And list the motions related to that,
And ignore the things that don't matter,
Won't that make you sad?

Because nothing is isolated in full,
And everything of important's related to,
Something you might not think of that much import,
Until it is to someone important to you.

But it's alright,
There's a remedy to that,
Embrace all and everyone,
There is a truth nestled in every fact.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


It doesn't matter where you are,
It's where you want to be,
Which is never where you find yourself,
Even if you had an eternity.

But there are certainly certain roads to be on,
That at least seem to be leading you,
In the right direction and when you're not,
You don't know what to do,

Because life does not offer redos,
Or even make it easy to try again.
Your life is so tangled up with those around you,
No departure can't affect them.

But it's alright,
Maybe this life isn't your only chance,
To do what you feel it is you should be doing,
Even if you find that you can't.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Soap Operas

Though you don't realize it,
Your movement through this world,
Is filled with so many adjustments,
As if a ball's been hurled,

At you and you need to muster all those,
Famous muscle reactions,
That allow you to catch it as if it's nothing,
Though an impressive collaboration,

Of senses, instinct and awareness,
Though you can try to bring them all to the forefront,
And be aware of them in dealings with people,
Until you blow up.

And it's alright,
Sometimes you need that view,
To recognize that others do it often,
Just trying to understand you.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Just speak what you are thinking,
Just plain as can be,
Though, be sensitive to the feelings of others,
And what they might be,

And do say anything negative,
Put a positive spin on it,
And try not to speak too much,
Lest you bore everyone to death.

And maybe try to not say anything at all,
Because you never know,
If you might offend someone,
Somewhere you don't want to go.

And it's alright,
If you don't even think of it,
Sometimes it's better not even to think,
So you're not frustrated.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


It's the spirit of the people,
It's the belief in something new,
And if that is not what's changed things in the past,
Then there's no use talking to you,

Then there's no use doing anything at all,
For then our movements are determined not by,
Our hearts' desires, but by cause and effect,
And that is a lie,

Not because you can think of doing something,
And you do it,
But because life is so full of uncertainty,
And humans continue to live it.

And it's alright,
If there is disappointment.
There can't but fail to be that regularly,
For success to be imminent.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Catching Up

There is no more time to dally,
The world's moving and though it can't,
Leave you behind, it can leave you watching,
While you sit there and rant,

Too afraid to put money on your mouth,
And action where your money is,
While the New Order happens all around you,
And your chance for happiness.

But don't you worry for there's plenty of others,
Willing to hold the torch,
History is not discriminatory,
As long as it always moves forth.

And it's alright,
Though this is a once in a lifetime event,
You can continue living in the past,
Until you figure out what you meant.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

For Love

The moment you decided,
To change the life you love so well,
For the duty no one else would take,
You promised yourself a certain hell,

Self-imposed, and yet unavoidable,
For no one else was willing to take the torch,
For it would show them too much truth about life,
And distract them from their feeling of going forth,

And from the very things they use to distract themselves,
Is nothing a straight forward thing?
Even when following your heart, that most precious friend,
You are still compromising.

But it's alright,
For life is hard whether hard or not,
And the harder the more you tend to reflect,
On life, which is a luxury most hardest bought.

One Shot

Every moment proves to you that,
Every moment is unique,
And that every moment's a lost opportunity,
To find what you seek,

Not because you can't get it back,
But because seeking denies the find,
Take a moment to think of what you want,
And then leave it behind,

But don't waste away, waiting for that,
You have other things to do,
Things that people call responsibility,
That just mean life to you.

Because it's alright,
Until someone tells you to stop,
Dreaming of getting what you want,
Because you only have one shot.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Speak your envies out loud,
You'll see how quickly they disappear,
For in the realm of reality,
They seem half as dear,

For in the mind they breed no comparison,
Only unidirectional desire,
While in the world, every eye's upon it,
And so, everyone's critical pyre,

And everyone else's envy of you.
Don't pretend that you don't suspect it?
Of course it disappears as soon as it's stated,
So, just keep it your little secret.

And it's alright,
It's good to desire the traits of others.
It shows a wish to better yourself,
Something many people don't even bother.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

You're God

Activity breeds opportunity,
Opportunity breeds excitement,
And excitement can lead to success,
Which seems heaven-sent.

For of all of the things that happen to you,
It's the rewards that're most satsifying,
And can only be interpreted as such,
If you believe in a force acting,

On your behalf on a very large scale.
Without spirit there are only events,
Actuated by cause and effect,
Which no one really accepts.

And it's alright,
If nothing fantastic's happened recently,
All you need is a clue to a hint at a god,
And you are right back at believing.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How To Do Things

This is how life passes you by:
You think of all the things you should have done,
And you think about all you should be doing,
And worship your favorite musician,

Acknowledge all of your potential,
But blame your circumstances for not capitalizing,
Oh, and you may as well blame capitalism,
For you could succeed but for the financing.

And don't forget what happened to you as a child,
And the child that you have now.
For you don't want your offspring to be denied,
The chance to allow,

It to be alright,
Not to do what your heart tells you is right,
Despite the fact that there is no excuse,
For putting fear before your rights.

Monday, October 27, 2008

In Time

The route you take's important,
For the future of your line,
And the quality of your life,
And its significance in time.

Do you want to continue the traditions of the past,
When you also continue the errors of the ways,
Of society to those born without a penny,
With no prospect in the coming days,

Even if there is no history,
Within your ancestry of direct oppression?
Maybe things will never change, but there's no way of knowing,
Without constant alteration.

And it's alright,
If that's what you do,
Just be prepared for the revolution,
And how the poor will view you.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time for Change

There's no time to wonder,
If the time is right,
For time is passing as the thought continues,
As does the fight,

And victory is all about keeping track,
Of the tack the enemy's taking,
Which in the world of mass media,
Is always changing, asleep or waking,

And by the time you figure out your response,
A different response is needed,
And slashing and burning with abandon,
Risks the same system which first wasn't heeded.

And it's alright,
If you grow old having done nothing,
Things will have changed so much, maybe they'll be better,
Than if you'd gotten off your ass and did something.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Blood is not just a liquid,
And should never leave its home,
As proven by the fact there is no door,
For it to go through and roam.

When it is seen, it is a cause for alarm,
Whether free-flowing or safely stored,
It's in the body, but is not for consumption,
A circumstance that reminds one what it's for.

And no one, yet, has made it a symbol of,
Anything but life and death,
Though, if one seems at all appropriate,
It should be preciousness, no less.

And it's alright,
If you can't talk about it,
Because its thought makes you delirious.
That's just a defense mechanism.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


If you don't like where you are,
Wait five minutes,
For, surely, your body will provide a new perspective,
Until your preference fits,

And the world is just exactly as you want it,
Or need it for your make-up.
Some people need a world that is against them,
To half fill their cup,

And some people need to be isolated,
Or, at least, not beholden to the facts,
And live a life blissfully ignorant,
Of how people think of how they act.

So, it's alright,
Go ahead and make some changes,
There's nothing real to actually affect,
That to the real world is dangerous.

Monday, October 20, 2008


The journey everyday,
To obtain what you need to live,
Until the sea washes away everything else,
It had to give,

Will add a meaning to a life with no hope,
And a drudgery to the rest,
Until what's realized is a new deal,
With your psyche about what is best,

Which is no longer that you get away,
From a society that moves too fast,
But to lay low until it finds you again,
Or your life slowly moves on past.

Oh, and it's alright,
No one's going to pass judgment on you,
Time quickly fades your memories in their minds,
And they all have better things to do.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Robinson Crusoe

Your fate held something for you,
And your heart was a slave to it,
Your senses longed for something far away,
That is non-existent,

Without experience you had no gauge,
By which to judge the erring of your ways,
Though, you always knew deep in your heart,
It wouldn't matter what your father says,

And so even your successes had tinges of doom,
And there were even those who portended ill,
Until the world was so against your wishes,
That that, itself, steeled your will.

And it's alright,
Maybe your fate is worth the knowledge that,
Despite all odds, you listened to your desires,
And will never wonder, "If I had, then what?"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't Abandon Your Insides

There are at least two worlds,
In which one lives,
The outside, where one accomplishes everything,
And the inside, where one gives,

The outside, where no one can penetrate,
And the inside, where humility rules,
The outside, where joy comes from anything,
Except the inside's need to call you a fool.

The outside can be stifling, but also free,
And there is no escape from the inside,
Though outside your are truly alone,
And inside there are those with whom to confide.

And it's alright,
If you want to change your insides,
Like life, all intimacy has its ups and downs,
But helps protect you from the cruel outside.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


What is a society,
That denies you what you want,
That doesn't hurt another living thing,
And benefits a lot,

Though doesn't contribute to general survival,
(Of course, how many tasks actually do?),
Because the system won't pay you for it,
And you can't live unless they do?

It's very close to the one you find yourself in,
Whether the sun rises or sets on your flag,
And there are many people too tired of it,
To make the dog wag.

And it's alright,
There's always the next guy,
Who surely has more than enough time,
To make society answer, 'why?'.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


One's life can be reinvented,
With the casting off of your history,
And the abandonment of all you love,
In the name of liberty,

And once you have the freedom you can do,
What not doing it first made you realize you need,
For if you don't, it will decay you from inside,
For it is your life-blood's key.

And of all people, you are the one,
To do this for the benefit of us all.
All your wildest dreams can come true,
The ones where you stop society from the fall.

And it's alright,
If it makes you feel bad for those you know.
You have something bigger in front of you,
And they don't love you enough not to let you go.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pure of Heart

Pure of heart is easy,
It demands every move,
Be of a nature not to deceive,
And not to compromise you.

And if fure of heart,
Others become transparent.
No one with an agenda, not clear of conscience,
Can stand up to the public,

If the public demands to see the truth,
Which, for sooth, it usually does not,
For one person can become a mirror,
Reflecting their own ulterior plot.

But it's alright,
Truth must prevail,
If there is someone willing to brandish it,
There is no way it can fail.

Friday, October 10, 2008


If you find you're on a roll,
No matter what it is,
Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever,
Except the moment that you're in,

And listen carefully to everything,
As if everything is important,
Eventually you'll learn to discern the naysaying,
From the unbias respondent,

Oh, there's not much more to say now,
The moment is gone,
So, for answers look to those who've come before,
And actually incited revolutions.

And it's alright,
If you never return again,
That is a decision you must make yourself,
For your own betterment.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


What part of you is you?
I've been told a modicum,
And everything else is a product of tradition,
And institutionalization.

But if you want to do justice to that speck,
That would not even cover the point of a pin,
Do not follow what you might call Conscience,
Because your true self doesn't have such gumption.

What might have to be done is a fine disection,
To ascertain what is yours and what's not,
And you will know when you've stripped all of the excess,
Because nothing will appear out of shot.

And it's alright,
If you need to take a moment, then.
It can be quite overwhelming to find out your nature,
Is not made up of virtue and sin.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


As things all move together,
Just keep your eyes open,
Noting the position of everything,
Until the time you need them,

So, also keep in mind what they can do,
And what you can do for them,
Like pushing balls that need encouragement,
Or throwing one to little men,

Who need them for the task at hand.
Being helpful can be as easy as this,
That buy you great stock among others,
And is only based on awareness.

Oh, and it's alright,
If you need to take a break,
All the balls should keep on a-rollin',
If you leave it up to fate.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Everyone's Been Through It

Everyone must go through turmoil,
To say they've lived at all,
Or to acheive anything of substance,
Because life is reciprical,

And even if you were raised in luxury-
Wait, it would be silly to imply,
That your life's as hard as one in poverty,
Because relativity can't cover starving until you die,

Though, who knows, no one knows what anyone's feeling,
Maybe if they did there would be no war,
Or maybe that is all there would be,
'Cause maybe that's what everyone's looking for.

Oh, it's alright,
We all live through our personal hell,
And all one can do is live through it,
Then, only time will tell.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Two Heads

One person has problems,
That is just life,
And they come and go with the tides of fortune,
And according to his insight.

Two people, too, together also have problems,
That is just life,
And they can come in doubles, just like the good times can,
And they can shed for each other light,

On the issue, like just one of them couldn't,
For new perspectives come from other minds,
And unlike when you are just one person,
You can never be left behind.

And it's alright,
If you forget sometimes the strength of two,
You will soon remember when you're alone,
Won't you?

Friday, October 03, 2008


The key has now been found,
A reason, maybe too late,
Or perhaps just in time, for theears are now open,
To the great debate,

And in time well past one will look back,
Not to the weeks but hours before,
For the present can't be wasted seeing to much of the past,
Because lessons are not work any more.

And knowledge is limited by the room,
Where the knowledge can be stored.
And though you can be hated years gone by,
Your last minutes can still make you adored.

And it's alright,
You can still screw up in the next moment,
Because there's always a moment that will follow,
The one before becoming insignificant.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


What you listen to, you listen to,
And what you say, well do you hear that, too?
Until the former's something you can claim,
The latter will never be true.

An when you speak, do you speak the truth,
Well, the latter will inform that.
Whatever you want to succeed in, in life,
Make sure the former informs your acts.

And if the latter's done with conscience in mind,
Your acts will always be in line with your heart,
And you will already be lauded by others,
Cause you'll have done the former from the start.

And it's alright,
If it takes a while to perfect,
No one really does it anyhow,
Except those who already been executed.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yes, time can go slowly,
And there is not a lot to do,
But time also goes very quickly,
Depending on you,

Depending on how you treat your free time,
And how your free time treats you.
Waste a minute, that's acceptable,
Until there's nothing that you do.

Until you look back at any given day,
And realize there is nothing you can say,
Other than you lived and existed but,
There is nothing that you made.

And it's alright,
It's true, there're already a lot of things,
But nothing made by exactly you,
Proclaiming your being.

Monday, September 29, 2008


There isn't much time,
And it won't wait for you,
And there is none to spare,
Given what you have to do,

And given the importance of research,
And discipline to be ready,
For your next steps, while having your normal life,
It's a position not to be envied.

But it's also an opportunity,
Of emmense rewards.
Imagine having everything you want,
To satisfy what your life is for.

And it's alright,
To take a day off, or two,
Just don't let yourself get rusty.
There's a lot of people counting on you.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


One moment does not define your life,
Unless you let it.
As an example, failure serves to inform,
Not leave you indebted,

So that before you get back to where you started,
You must act to reconcile,
Who you wanted to be with what you became,
You were the same all the while.

The trick is not only to learn,
But to reinvent that moment,
So that in retrospect it becomes a genious,
Purposeful move to misrepresent,

That you're not alright,
To get the other side to put down the guard,
To get in that upper-cut,
That otherwise would have been very hard.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Now You Speak?

If you are obvious,
In your lack of interest,
Why belie yourself with your actions,
And then pretend to express,

Joy and enthusiasm at the point,
Where the subject that should have moved you,
Has now grown without your participation,
And has the power to,

Threaten the place from which you only sneered?
I guess the answer's in the question.
But now, how is your soul after all of the energy,
You spend with alienation?

Oh, it's alright,
You'll get your's in the end,
Because what goes around comes around,
And you sent no love around the world, my friend.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good Times

It all just comes together,
When you let the world do its thing,
You just have to wait long enough,
Through the disappointment and suffering.

But, once you have, you better look out,
Whether in the dumps or on your death bed,
And be ready to embrace the opportunity,
To do what you always wanted.

And be open, too, as nothing can get,
Where nothing is allowed.
It's better being a live dog than a dead lion,
For there's always hope to be found.

And it's alright,
If things don't seem great right now,
Sometimes you just need a tweak in your thinking,
To know that reality's not in the present, somehow.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


There are people you want to help you,
And there are those you want to help,
And the former may not want to help at all,
Which requires you to delve,

Deep in their hearts to find the feeling,
Of wanting to be helped by someone else,
But do it fast because they will soon move on,
Before you have a chance to prove yourself,

As sincere, not one who wishes,
To manipulate.
If everyone just loved each other,
There'd be no need for these things to relate.

And it's alright,
Just always be true unto yourself,
And you will find that others will follow you,
And you'll have the strength to make others help.

Monday, September 22, 2008

See Ya

Do not use superiority,
To find value in yourself,
Or to compensate for lack of confidence,
Or because you lack the mental health,

To be able to be around those,
Who do not worship you,
For part of understanding who you are,
Demands you understand who,

You are for all, and holing up yourself,
Amongst the converted only demeans,
Not only you but the idea of self,
And the universe's meaning.

But it's alright,
You're really only hurting yourself,
By becoming a cog,
Among the plethora of real, living selves.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

True to Yourself

There are many pitfalls,
When you are amongst others,
Whose whole existence is their own image,
And they would sink their own mothers,

If it meant buoying themselves.
How do you combat that type of greed,
When all you want to do, in general,
Is the right thing?

Well, first, never imagine that what you see,
Is what you will see in another moment,
So never compromise for a second,
Thinking you can be redemed in the next.

And it's not alright,
If this means losing yourself.
Just imagine you are floating in a chaotic realm,
To maintain your mental health.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Can one person be responsible,
For the actions of others,
When they are not him, though they share,
A common future,

And things are going through one head,
That are not compatible,
With the thoughts shared by the others,
And the issue's not little,

And the actions that result,
Are detrimental to the whole,
Resulting in damage to the others,
Touching their very souls?

Yes, it's alright,
Because we all have to live in this world,
And even if one opinion's not valued,
Then anyone can be injured.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

That Bad Bad Feeling

When you get that feeling,
That something is wrong,
And it's not something you get all of the time,
Or for very long,

Or when you get up in the morning,
Because you had too much coffee the night before,
Take note of what happens directly after,
Or ask your body what it's for,

Because like heartburn or an ache in your heart,
If you believe in causes, then this one has one, too.
Perhaps the most important of them all,
Because it's trying to warn you,

That it's not all right,
There is something amiss,
And if you think everyone has good intentions,
That is laudable, but a myth.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Effecting Change

How do you effect change?
I guess there are different ways,
Though, the process must be very thoughtful,
So you don't end up doing the same thing,

As what was being done before when,
The change was desired.
So much of what one does is human nature,
Nature must be placed on the pyre,

It must be intertwined a thousand times,
With the desires of those around,
Who will be affected by the changes you make,
Until no change can be found.

And it's alright,
If you fail the first time,
It's the intention, here, that is important,
As the beacon for the others to find.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The secret to strength,
Is to not think about it,
While the secret to humility,
Is to not forget it,

And if you want to be a friend to all,
Constantly mull over it,
While, to ensure that others respect you,
Don't forget to mention it.

And to avoid annoying everyone you meet,
Don't constantly talk about it,
And for those you truly love,
Assume that they know all about it.

And it's alright,
If you don't know what it is,
That's good for staying clear of controversy,
And avoiding individualism.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Real Revolution

This is how revolution happens,
Now listen carefully,
Because you'll miss it if you assume,
That it involves unity.

Find as many people as you can,
And unify their voice,
And infiltrate the system that makes decisions,
And give it the choice,

Of doing what public opinion says,
Or ignore it for what they think is right,
And if it chooses the latter, it will soon find,
That it no longer represents might.

And it's alright,
It may take a while,
But soon you'll find that everything is new,
Without one projectile.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Where to Go

Let the universe take you over,
It will fee up your time,
For reflection on what you want to do,
And what you want to find.

The loneliest moments you'll ever have,
Are also the most successful,
If you achieve things through your own desires,
And not through universal rules,

And not through understanding the motivations,
Behind what your enemies do.
If this all sounds quite scattered, then pay attention,
Because, it has something to do with you.

Because, it's alright,
Nothing is for certain,
And those who love you will understand,
If you change direction.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


There is no better way than talking,
To find that happy place,
Where there is no doubt between two people,
Which is the case,

That one is stubborn and will never change,
Or the other will never trust,
Or that they're both so dedicated to themselves,
That the other must change because,

That's the only way they will get along,
And that's alright because it's better to be,
Honest than not to talk at all.
Do you now see what people mean,

By, 'it's alright,
If you have to give up a thing or two,
Life isn't about how much you have,
But how many people understand you.'

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Point of it All

Not everything can happen,
Within one lifetime,
And compared to the total of everything,
Anything's far from the line,

That separates a lot from a little.
Even those who are lauded for it,
When on their deathbeds can't say a lot,
If they're being honest.

For, even this species and all its accomplishments,
Don't really mean a thing,
When put against infinity,
And all the things it's not knowing.

But it's alright,
No one really knows,
If one's own life will be the one that counts,
And so on we go.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

That Look Again

Even the most scary,
Person you can meet,
Will spare a smile if you can,
Quell the heat,

If you can avoid the doomed state,
Of insincerity.
We are all human, after all,
And, after all, we all need intimacy,

Or there would be no walls at all,
For privacy would mean nothing,
Nor would those feelings as you look into the eyes,
Of a kindred spirit for an eternity,

And it's alright,
If you never meet again,
The reminder that connections happen,
Get you through 'til the next fusion

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Chance to Relive

If you don't cherish the moments,
That have come before,
And relish the opportunity to step back,
And relive them once more,

And recoil from the memories of,
The steps that led you to where you are now,
Prefering, instead, to look ahead,
In the direction of the bow,

To where you might end up, not knowing how,
To direct yourself to your goal,
Because you have dismissed the moves that led you here,
Then, you have no soul,

Because it's alright,
To look to the future,
But without the substance of your past,
There is nothing to endure.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


You sleep in the bed that you made,
Though you don't always have the choice,
Of the materials that you use,
Because society simply hoists,

Upon you the challenges that it deems,
Is suitable for your class,
And if you don't take it with dignity,
You are one with the mass,

es, and you are deemed ungrateful for all the things,
That it guardingly doled out to you.
You want to fix the inequities of this world?
Here is what to do:

Stand up, alright?
And make it the way you want.
Reality is such an unknown thing,
That perception should not be given a lot.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Always Happy, Always Sad

Lives can be lived,
In fact there's no avoiding some kind of,

For no one truly knows who one is,
That is what is called consciousness,
And what leads to doing one thing and wanting another,
In perpetualness.

So reason out the reasons why,
You may not see that you,
Will always want what you cannot have,
Even when you do.

And that's alright,
That is the whole point.
Understanding why the grass is always greener,
Is when the universe anoints.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Deep Down

Take any human,
And a cross-section of its soul,
And protecting its most precious core,
Is the person you know,

Of long-windness and cracking jokes,
Agressiveness and intimacy,
And if you penetrate all of those,
There is still lots that you don't see.

And no matter how you feel, yourself,
Somewhere that person's feeling the same,
And those who conquer in this world, you see,
Deep down inside is a child in pain.

And it's alright,
If this doesn't matter in the reality.
But, wait, it does because it gives you,
The strength to face others with equality.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Life is Not Easy

There is not enough time,
To do it all,
The question is do you want to die trying,
Or live life on a carousel,

Of repeated pleas for an easier life,
Overwhelmed by the daily demand,
Of keeping up with just keeping alive,
With your dreams never at hand?

And how will that make you feel as you watch others,
Who have sacrificed for what they have?
The pain of realising you've passed on your faults,
Can't be cleansed by a bath,

And you're alright.
It doesn't work that way.
You must fight hard for what it is you want,
Each and every day.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Remember what your parents said,
They're the only ones who,
You can trust differently than anyone else,
Even if they betrayed you.

They're the ones who give meaning to your life,
By the very fact that,
Despite not knowing anything about life,
You know you're part of mom and dad,

Or John and Judy, it doesn't really matter,
If blood is involved or not,
Everyone needs a primary reference for life,
Because life is such an awkward lot.

And it's alright,
If you never say never again,
That's probably the very same thing that,
Was said by your parents.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What It Is You Have To Do

Do what you have to,
But make sure you announce,
What it is you have to do,
And don't spare an ounce,

Of time proclaiming,
What it is you have to do.
It's better to get that out of the way,
Before someone asks you,

To do something other than,
What it is you have to do,
At the same time that you have to do it,
Leaving the explanation to you,

Of why it's not alright,
To do what they want you to,
Because you, in your mind, are already doing,
What it is you have to do.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Grab That

They say the lucky are ready,
For every opportunity,
Like the world is completely random,
Throwing garbage and throwing meat,

Throwing love and throwing hate,
Throwing death and life,
Lobbing people who don't mind stabbing backs,
To the top like a knife,

Throwing health to those who abuse themselves,
And sickness to everyone else,
Throwing a bone to someone born with nothing,
But it's snatched by the meaty knife with health.

And it's alright,
You never know what to thank for success,
Though those who thank themselves tend to be the loneliest,
Comforting themselves with their continuous guests.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stay Put

It doesn't really matter,
What you try to do,
The world has a mind of its own,
And doesn't really think of you,

Which can be advantageous if you're the type,
That likes to hit and run.
Society is not interested, either,
As long as you're only looking for fortune,

And already have some, that is the key,
Don't try to rise above your caste.
Make only so much within a range,
And you may just last,

To be alright,
And not crying into your beer.
Keep trying hard, but not wanting much,
And you have nothing to fear.

Monday, August 18, 2008

With Help

Understand how it works,
Before manipulating it,
Even if that means working yourself,
And not coasting every minute,

And solicit help from others who know,
Until you know yourself,
Not through talking, but through doing,
For your mental health,

Until there's no more to learn, which one knows,
Will never happen.
If there's anything humans might agree on,
Is that maxim.

And it's alright,
Until something goes drastically wrong,
To do each thing the first time by yourself.
Someone had to do it time ago long.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


There are things that you can do,
Things infinitely ambitious,
And obtaining them may be as difficult,
As you could wish,

But before you begin to try to do them,
Fear can overcome what you,
Deep in your heart really, really, really,
Want to do.

And this has plagued many before you,
And is plaguing many people now,
The chance to have your dreams is only dreamy,
If it's impossible to see how,

It could be, alright,
That life should bestow such fortune on you,
Not that hard work has nothing to do with it.
Actually, it could be all there is, too.


What is tradition,
But a way to communicate,
With past generations? But like language,
It can't live in a static state.

It needs to change so we can all understand,
Where we deviate.
So, like the seasons, minds and governments,
They must change before it is too late,

Before communication stops and death starts,
Before complacency rots our souls.
It's not as severe as a kick in the balls,
But gradual, like being cooked over coals.

But it's alright,
One can get used to anything,
And is death really that bad if you don't notice it?
Is non-communication really living?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Maybe it is Possible

You will never stop,
Having a life of ups and downs,
That's just the nature of existence,
Like feelings of anxiety in small towns,

Like dissatisfaction with the ruling class,
And the ruling class' lack of care,
For the majority of people they're supposed to care for,
And their audicity to dare,

To treat themselves while they mistreat,
The funds that are theirs to spend.
It doesn't matter that they're all the same,
We must destroy them until the time when,

It's finally alright,
And we have the leadership we deserve.
It's not an impossibility just because human nature,
Has yet to have the nerve.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Revolution Revisited

There is a happy state,
In which everything's given,
By just the act of wishing for it,
And then just living.

And why not wish for things outside of yourself,
For things that will benefit,
Things for others as well as yourself,
Like tearing down the government?

Of course there are many things good about it,
And many things that could be much worse.
'So, why change it,' you may ask,
Because it is the human curse.

Not to be alright,
With the way that things are,
Because perfection is always beyond,
The current structure.

Monday, August 11, 2008


When the water's all around you,
And the ripples tell you that,
There can be constant change with no repetition,
One's self esteem falls flat,

The heavens open,
And for one brief moment,
You may be able to see that,
When out of mind, you can see what is meant,

By proclamations of a higher knowledge,
And also understand when,
Others will refute it with equal experience,
And tantamount agression.

But it's alright,
Water also reminds you that you,
Are made of something that will one day die,
And there's way too much in this world to do.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


There's no time on vacation,
There's no time at all,
There's no time allowed for anything,
Because of the infernal,

Demands of society, that's how it likes it,
No time for any real thinking,
On the fact that there's no time for life.
The new world oppressing,

Without looking like it is anything,
Because everyone has it so good,
Except the homeless and the minimum wagers,
Though they're the same, it's understood.

Oh, it's alright,
Like all time, there are a very few,
Who have it so good it offsets the rest,
Until the rest demand something new.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


The rain can keep on coming,
Just try to stay dry,
This water's only here for a short time,
Far short of the day you die,

Because death never really comes at all.
You think your final moment ever ends?
We know so little, yet assume so much of time,
You can't be blamed for your mistaken sense.

And when you're dry, but your clothes are not,
And the sun is letting in a bit,
The memories of when you were confined to shelter,
Lose strength to the simplicity of all of it.

Because it's alright,
Even if you get wet,
Someone has to be the example of what not to do,
Until someone else finds themselves in it.

Friday, August 08, 2008


You can't change,
Without someone noticing,
And if it's someone you love,
They'll try to stop change in everything,

As you will try to change her, there's no escape.
Change of perception demands change of the world.
So, be careful what it is you wish for,
For it is bound to occur.

And you are bound to respect,
How it affects those around you.
Can you imagine never changing at all?
Well, everyone else is thinking that, too.

But it's alright,
No one is really that sincere,
The trick is to truly understand yourself,
And no one will actually interfere.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


If the shoe fits, where it,
But take note of the size,
And make sure you walk around in it for a while,
Before you decide they are yours for life.

And remember that peoples' feet change,
As age batters down on them,
And today's shoes are tomorrow's memory.
Change is an evolution.

Though, there is nothing wrong with sticking with a brand,
In fact, if provides a guide for life,
Tying together the ages you've lived through,
Like a tattoo, favorite band or a wife.

Though, it's alright,
If your footwear changes day to day,
You'll get the benefit of variety,
Though, you might not remember who you were yesterday.

Monday, August 04, 2008

What To Do

When things are going too fast,
You're just going to slow,
Because, remember, speed is relative,
And you assess it as you go,

And it is not necessarily the fact,
That adjustment is the answer,
Unless you're thinking of a change of mind,
Because that's what the mind is for.

It's for remembering you don't know what,
It is that drives you to do the things you do,
And realising that the most you can know,
Is what act brings the most joy to you.

Oh, and it's alright,
If you'd rather just waste away.
That which is natural is also the easiest,
Whether it's giving up or setting the stage.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Waiting to Die

The rain outside will show you,
Where the decay has yet to find,
A place that hasn't given up on earth,
Or left old-fashioned hope behind.

And when you find it there are two ways to go,
To give it life that can one day die:
To raw passion, challenging all that lives,
Or to safe destinations where no one asks 'why?',

Where everyone looks to the other side,
Condemning, but secretly wishing to be.
Watch a video by Mickey Avalon,
And you will quickly see,

How it's alright,
To cover the whole spectrum,
You just can't claim to be someone specific,
Until you begin your revolution.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Just Be Human

There is no real moment,
In this life or one to come,
During the most elated state,
Or the one in which you're glum,

Surrounded by friends and family,
Or alone, it doesn't matter,
Resting atop a big ol' pile of money,
While you're sleeping, while it's getting fatter,

Or in the throes of immense poverty,
Or while you're on your way to it,
That life ever feels completely stable,
And you feel a nirvanic state of pure contentment.

Because, it's alright,
When uncertainty abounds,
That's what keeps humans staying human.
And, yes, it is as tedious as it sounds.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A World Freed

When the tiredness has arrived,
The world disintegrates fast,
For the main supports are abandoned by,
An unforgiving caste,

Of super-elites who may tire themselves,
But what is that to them?
Nothing they do is within society,
Like a cat cares nothing for integration.

Because what there is to integrate into,
Is nothing attractive to it.
What this world needs is a reality check,
A revolution revolving around the tenet,

That it's alright,
To be really free.
What's done is done and no regrets should be imposed,
Upon the nature of individuality.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Potential is the duty,
Of every human being.
A life lived just below the surface of it,
Is a life unseen,

Is a life hardly at all,
For the body knows all,
And like a bird caged or an opinion unspoken,
The tragedy is unbearable.

And like an ocean, bound yet more vast than anything,
The soul understands the potential of its reign.
It will smash its chemicals against the rocks,
Brewing sadness until desires are tamed.

And it's alright,
There will be no 'I' anymore,
Once the lock is turned and the land all washed away,
And it's finally understood what life is for.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to Old School

Speak up when you have the chance,
Or don't.
I haven't figured out which one is the best,
And if it depends on the bloke,

Who has the choice, I've never been one,
To pursue, and that has been the best.
But, one always wonders if life finally demands,
Initiative for the rest.

And what about instinct?
Should that count for anything?
When I was young, I thought that was all there was,
Then others made me question everything.

Though, it may be alright,
Doing things the way they've always worked.
But this world demands such constant attention,
Rethinking only undermines and subverts.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Little Bird

I don't know how you got there,
Or how I will get you free,
Unless it is to just let you die away,
Until your body decays,

Until you know that your wings will never,
Grow because you don't have the space,
Or a future in the dark dingy hole,
Which nature prescribed you to embrace.

I will never help you except to help myself,
Because to do otherwise would hurt,
The people I have sworn to protect,
And so, I choose to be inert.

And, if it's alright,
I ask that you be silent with your curse.
Your situation is one of such direness,
You could only make others' lives worse.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


The depression's really hit me,
There's too much just going on,
Because society creates a world,
Of oppression.

Try to push the bubble,
From the inside,
It just stretches so that all that you've done,
So that nothing's bona fide.

I want to start all over again,
Simply and all alone.
I'll never say anything anymore,
From the moment I am born.

Oh, it's alright,
If everything falls apart.
Life's like that and anyone will tell you,
Living is an art.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Back Again

Yes, always speak your mind,
It's the only way to live.
And by 'live', I mean convince others,
That you actually exist.

When nothing's said what can one assume,
But that you are thinking the same thing?
And what other way to disappear,
If the other one is the one speaking?

Even a whisper can add flesh,
Though, only in one other world.
The more minds you hit, the larger you become,
At least in more eyes, for sure.

Oh, it's alright,
You may be out of practice.
Just keep on speaking without a care,
And you'll soon see what truly living is.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


When you have things to do,
Do them when you have the things,
Because things don't last for ever,
Or the ability of using,

Them, because you don't always have the time,
Unless you forsake all else for them,
Which may undermine the need for them at all,
Disturbing the equilibrium,

Which is found when you do nothing at all,
And let the current take you where it will.
That's not the only way to find balance,
Though the energy needed is nil.

But it's alright,
If you want to go ahead and try.
That can be the most satisfying way,
Unless the universe was very kind.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stop Before You Go

The depths left yet to conquer,
Make me afraid to go on,
For if I go any farther,
I feel there'll be no reconstruction,

Of who I am in any way,
At all distinguishable,
From what I am now, though truthfully,
I don't know what's more preferable:

To return to what I have always known,
Which is short of what I think I could be,
Or lose my self to the wonders I know,
Are waiting deep inside of me.

Oh, it's alright,
Depth of life isn't everything,
There's also not offending the world at large,
And ending up a caged curiosity,

Monday, July 21, 2008

Now's The Time to Start

It has been way too long,
And too much has been ignored,
And in order to accomplish all I must,
I most be away some more.

And when I return it will not be all finished,
Because as my father said,
When you are dealing with the place you live,
It never ends.

Some day when I am old and it's a memory,
And I know so much more than I do now,
I will remember how lucky I am,
That we all survived somehow.

And it's alright,
That's how it's supposed to be:
You stumble through life not knowing what you're doing,
And survive miraculously.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Forward Motion

How much do you have to,
Tell the universe,
What it is that you really want,
Before your fortunes are reversed?

And who in this world should you express to,
Your most secret of desires?
Should it be the one who can fullfill them,
Or a complete liar,

Who no one will believe if they ever tell?
These are the questions that I recommend,
To anyone who's trying to change her life,
Or initiate a revolution.

'Cause it's alright,
If all you want to do is coast along.
But if your actions could help change the world,
Then, sitting and doing nothing is just wrong.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

No More

The last one has been lost,
And the one before that,
Though, whether it exists at all,
Is an insignificant fact.

I don't mean to dance around it,
If you know what I mean.
I've always felt that the more truthful I am,
The less I am saying.

And though you open the doors,
I cannot walk right in.
My mind is like a boulder on the edge,
Refusing to fall in.

Now you tell me to stop,
Expressing myself.
I guess I thought things were a little different,
Now I'm afraid for my mental health.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Don't forget who you are,
And what the past has taught you,
About what certain circumstances generated,
Regardless what you thought you knew.

And think about consequences, as well,
Though that's exactly what you can't do,
If you want to do anything at all,
Or go ahead through,

With it, and you must forget, as well,
That anything happened at all.
Really, there's too much work to put into it,
Especially, when it's reciprical.

And it's alright,
Greener is the grass, anyway,
And when in the still of the silent night,
Your common sense will save the day.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Another Day

Fine, if that's how you want it,
I can want it that way, too.
I'd much rather be an asshole without resistance,
Than to unrecipricately be nice to you.

It's all about energy and I have little to spare,
Because despite what you believe of me,
The things I do are very hard, even though,
When I'm doing them I'm in ecstacy.

So, I don't know what it is that you want,
To do for the rest of your life.
But I will, for one, continue working hard,
Regardless of what you think I'm like,

Which is alright,
And I'll tell you another thing.
Maybe ultimately what I'm doing is fun,
But that should be a reason for celebrating.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Defence for What I Do

I'm sorry I can't invest,
The time into life that you'd like.
I guess I have so much other things on the go,
Actually living takes a hike.

But one day I will return with nothing to do,
And so I'll do all the things I can,
To rejuvinate the things I did ignore,
And to remind myself who I am.

Because that is the route that you must take,
To avoid dying alone and poor and not human.
God, I love what the world has become.
You have to leave it to live it in the end.

But it's alright,
We're mostly all in the same boat,
Except for the rich who leave it to feel alive,
And not a leper in a fur-lined coat.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Getting There

Pull back the elastic band,
Until the tension's strong,
Position yourself within the crook,
Once it is quite long.

Look ahead to where you want to be,
Close your eyes and let go.
This all sounds very scary,
And dangerous, I know.

But think about any change in your life,
And how it might come about.
Never before have I witnessed alterations,
Without drastically stepping out.

And it's alright,
If you end up where you didn't want.
The point is seeing that you can end up, at all,
Somewhere where you're already not.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Person Before

The next step is forever,
And there is no turning back,
Unless you hope for pure self-destruction,
Because your former person is past,

The expiry date, she would not be able to learn,
To live in this new world,
Or this one, or this one either,
Or even this one, I am sure.

Experience is an different type of knowledge,
And each moment offers a new lesson,
Even if it is just that you still exist,
As this new moment's person.

And it's alright,
If you do not feel the change.
You can't be aware every single moment,
Or you would never make a decision again.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Your Biggest Regret?

Once you jump off your tracks,
And change your genetic code,
You must be careful to not change yourself,
To counteract what you know,

To be the way that you don't want to be.
I guess we all know that two identical things,
Don't have to have the same ingredients,
They just need to have the same feeling.

And because you are interchangeable,
With any other asshole I have met,
I'll stay away from you like I do them.
Boy, do feelings make things simplistic.

And it's alright,
If you don't understand why,
Deep down if you listen to your feelings,
You'll see that you have been living a lie.

Friday, June 27, 2008

No Turning Back

Where does sense leave you,
When it's left you all at once?
It leaves you full of thoughts that if it'd stayed,
Life would be more fun,

And you would not be living with the consequences,
Of actions not well thought out,
Even with people advising otherwise.
We all think we think the best when we are not,

Which is when we are not thinking at all,
For who really knows anything?
Weigh in all the opinions of everyone,
Even if it's not what you end up doing.

Though, it's not alright,
If you end up fixing your problems,
That didn't have to be problems at all,
If you had listened to them.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Too Distracted for Sense

It's the little things that matter,
Like the tone of your voice,
When you tell me that everything's fine,
And I know that it's just noise,

And I know that if I talk about it,
It will do nothing but foist,
A whole world of issues where before there were none.
A frequency where there's a lot of noise.

Anyway, nothing has really changed,
And nothing really ever will.
The heat is cooking up a pot of trouble,
And watching it won't stop the boiling, still.

But it's alright,
Life has its ups and downs, no matter what.
You can't expect the rules to change for you,
Or you will never make the cut.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm not going to pretend,
That I'm not frustrated.
What more can one ask of another person,
Than that they must aid in,

The immediate needs of another,
Especially if the demand is rare?
Like a child I will speak out honestly,
And unashamedly say it's not fair.

So, in the future, it will be remembered,
That deep desire was looked at askance.
There's nothing one can do that is too precious,
That it can't be asked for with happenstance.

Boy, is it not alright,
When it causes so much ire.
I guess the lesson is be careful what you ask for,
When it's rooted in base desire.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Everyone has their motives,
That's what gets anything done,
And if you want to promote your own,
You have to promote everyone's,

Because every goal needs people behind it,
Or, at least, less against it.
I'm all for consensus even though,
It's really communal belief in one's own interest.

As long as you show me enough of yours,
I will follow suit and show you mine,
And we can do our own thing together,
Walking separately on the same line.

And it's alright,
If our destinations are different,
It doesn't mean that our paths have to be, too.
Our minds will customize the same ends.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'll Reach You

Time runs out for everyone,
Both within life and for life, too.
And mine will truly be a life wasted,
If I don't finish connecting to you,

If we don't learn to read each other's mind,
If we don't know when the other's hurt,
And if we don't know how to heal the other,
And appreciate the other's worth.

If we can't accomplish this simple task,
What does that say about humanity?
Are we truly completely isolated beings,
In unique world's built by fantasy?

I mean, it's alright,
If we are, I guess.
I just thought humans shared a special gift,
For connectiveness.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nothing's Perfect

Things are never quite what,
You expect them to be,
Mostly because in the thick of it,
You forget everything.

But, if you envision what you want,
Your body will follow suit,
And like a passenger on a train,
The route is set and you enjoy the route,

And come back home and tell the world what you saw,
As if it was nothing that you did yourself.
Oh, how I wish I could remember that advice,
When I go to do something myself.

But, it's alright,
The trick is having the chance again,
And you do that by keeping keeping going,
Until you get to the station.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's Great Being Alive

You are finished and done for,
The moment you see the light,
And recognize something outside of you,
And acknowledge things out of sight,

And wonder when it is you might have them,
As if they existed without you,
Building a world of the impossible,
And spending your time trying to attain it, too,

And all the while ignoring what is there,
As inferior to what doesn't exist.
I know all of this is what's unique to us,
But should we cherish it simply 'cause it is?

Oh, it's alright,
I know you can't live in the moment.
That, my friend, is impossible, too.
Thank god for this f'd covenant.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Do I Love You?

What is it to love someone?
Someone I know wants to know,
And if I answer honestly,
It's the wrong answer, fo sho.

And part of it all is to never answer,
Because part of love is the uncertainty,
Of where the next moment will take you,
And how close you will actually be,

To the edge of things, and so reality,
Because it's never as solid as you think.
Tell me when it is that you feel most alive,
And I'll show you that you're close to the brink.

And it's alright,
What is love, anyway?
I swear I've never thought of it in those terms,
And I'm not thinking of it today.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

How To Change the World

Just let things happen,
Don't try to force the world,
You'd never move it to the place you want,
Even if you could,

Have the strength to move it at all,
No one can do that alone.
Sure, individuals have changed the world,
But by mass persuasion.

And even then, it's really the same thing,
Because intentions will be interpreted,
A million times until what you get's,
Not what you wanted.

So it's alright,
To be pessimistic, if you want to call it that.
But believing you have to accept the world as it is,
Is just accepting a universal fact.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Attain Your Goals

Here's how you get done everything,
That you ever wanted to do:
Ignore the demands of the ones you love,
And who love you.

Forsake the voice within that warns you against,
Winning at all costs,
Even though such a win will most likely render,
A victory other than you thought.

And don't waste time with worrying about,
Impeding others in their own goals.
This society only allows so much success,
For value is only judged by scarcity, as you know.

And it's alright,
If in the end you decide it's impossible.
What you want changes so many times in your life,
It's not really worth striving for anything at all.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Don't Stop

It's quite satisfying,
Maybe that's all I'll say,
Because when you are as delirious as me,
And you've lost a day,

Or rather gained, because when you don't sleep,
You don't miss anything,
Except your dreams though the halucinations,
Can be quite satisfying.

And sometimes I think that you will never leave me,
And I can guess what the rest of my life will be,
With little surprises along the way,
Keeping it interesting.

And it's alright,
If it's the same from here on end,
I'm the type whose anticipation for change is enough,
To make sameness seem like evolution.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Too Tired

How it will work out,
There's no telling.
All you can do is remember that,
No prediction's necessarily happening.

And no attitude's a foregone conclusion,
You surprise me time and again.
Just when I think it is the end of us,
You go ahead and let me back in.

But that is not the end,
It is not the beginning,
It is the continuation of how it,
Is going to be for eternity.

Because it's alright,
When you stop to think about it.
Love was never meant to be a static thing,
Or we'd never have a heart, I bet.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Maybe It IS That Easy

Maybe life IS perception,
And attitude paints it all,
And pain can be interpreted as an inconvenience,
If it is usual.

And maybe pigs can fly and we just can't see them,
Because we have been conditioned not to;
The government's great experiment of persuasion,
To see how much it can control you.

And if the perfect life can be created,
Just by believing it is so,
Then, I can't help you because I'm helping myself,
Except to say to you that you must go.

And be alright,
Maybe Madonna is right:
We only have four minutes to save the world,
So you better get your shit tight.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh, It IS Alright

It all becomes much better,
At the drop of a hat,
And change of environment,
If you want to call it that,

Because I've never been anywhere,
That wasn't the same,
Either in feel, look or my damn mood,
Or by lack of gain.

But we're together now,
And I guess that means something,
To the scenery around,
Making us a team.

And it's alright,
Isn't it?
Just when you think it's all over,
You're reminded why you started.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Conflict Is Our Fuel

The peace you find inside,
Is the same you find out,
Laden with tension under the surface,
Stayed only to avoid a bout,

Because just as no two people are alike,
Neither are the thoughts within yourself.
Most people deal with this by ignoring all but one:
The powerful's idea of mental health.

And it bubbles to the surface just like the news,
Reminds us that peace really exists nowhere.
Our lives, society and humanity thrive on conflict.
It's how progress gets anywhere.

And so to make it alright,
We cause conflict in the name of peace,
But whether military or therapy,
We're still avoiding the true source of our needs.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dangerous Moves

You can't go down the wrong path,
Only not adjust for where you've gone.
Any person can be happy anywhere,
If she lets go of anticipation,

If she understands that the thoughts she has now,
Can be had in any situation,
And that the best moments of her life can be missed,
Being the wrong person.

And no good can come out of self-destruction,
Can it?
That's one way to start all over again,
And to leave many feeling like shit.

But it's alright,
They may not exist anyway.
No one knows what this world is made of,
So let's let the chips fall where they may.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'll Do It Myself

If you will not listen to me,
What's the use of our speaking at all?
And if you won't listen to anyone,
I guess you'll take the fall,

When something doesn't work, just like you'll take,
All the credit when it does,
Without the joy of sharing it,
With ones you claim to love.

And you will notice I am happy to see you,
But that my senses won't invest more,
Because there's hurt every time I reach out,
And you act like I'm a bore.

And it's alright,
As long as we understand each other,
And you don't assume to invest yourself in my life.
This type of relationship makes me shudder.

Monday, June 09, 2008


Everyone keeps moving,
Even if it seems,
It's everyone but you,
And you're lacking all means,

But if you weren't keeping up,
They would have left you far behind,
Because friends are only friends,
For as long as you keep in line,

As long as you keep in mind,
What they feel is important,
Because caring is only caring,
Until you just can't,

Feel that it's alright,
What they're doing.
Whether it's laziness or lack of morals,
There must be understanding.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Write It Down

When do you stop being relevant?
Is it when you're a certain age?
Or are you destined to connect with only one group,
Or only the ones that you're in?

And then the world changes constantly,
From when you're born to at your death's bed,
To after that, and that could be when you leave your mark,
Because you were ahead.

And even history can change by your perspective,
If everyone else interprets it that way,
Though, again, you might not have that effect until you are gone,
And then, maybe only for a day.

So, be alright,
And put yourself into things that will last,
After you're gone, for in terms of affecting the world,
That is your best chance.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Who Cares

You can't expect people to change,
Or to think that you've changed yourself,
Or to believe that anything will ever change,
Well, maybe the weather, if nothing else.

But not how you react to it,
Even if outwardly.
There's no way I can continue,
With things this way.

Now I'm tired, and you know why,
And there's not much more to do,
However I go, I will not go with,
Someone like you.

And now you're surprising me,
With your lack of caring,
Good-bye, this is the last time,
I will share me.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Reality Check

It just never ends, does it?
Even when it's over.
Things seem to change but their components,
Won't leave reality, no sir.

Won't suddenly work the way you want them,
'Cause that would eliminate hope,
Which is the human prime motivator,
That keeps us from slitting our own throats,

That fuels all the systems ever in existence,
That end up oppressing the majority,
'Cause who can anticipate the needs of many others?
Never mind even caring.

Oh, it's alright,
As long as you recognize these facts,
You can get a modicum of perspective,
Even while true justice lacks.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Moving On

The activities around you,
Are as much a part of your life,
As the things that you do, yourself,
Except there's some things you can't fight,

And there are some things that you can't pretend,
Like how relevant you are today,
When the world is moving so very fast,
That you can't keep it at bay,

Or understand your place in it,
Though, ultimately, it is no different,
Than your understanding or lack of it,
At any moment.

So it's alright,
Go ahead and forget it all:
The pain, the stress and the hubbabaloo.
How you deal with it is your only call.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The depth of it just scares me,
Which is why I never go,
To the lengths that people say I should,
And now I fear I'll never know,

The strength of feeling that only comes,
From the raw, uncensored view of it all,
From an acknowledgment that the world will end,
To allowing myself to fall,

Into a realm from which I may never return,
Like a drug trip that never ends.
I wasn't brought up knowing too much of life,
Or understanding your internal mechanisms.

And it's not alright,
Enough that I want to cry.
Why should the rest of the world have access to depth?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Are you ever perfect?
And if you think you are there's something you don't,

Which is a sign in itself of your imperfection,
Though, that's nothing to worry about,
Because everyone around you lacks perfection, too,
Though, there's one thing you should watch out,

For, and that is that there is perfection in between,
All the mistakes that you and everyone makes,
That makes your mistakes seem so unnacceptable,
Until everyone else contemplates,

That it's alright,
Nobody is perfect,
At least that's what I tell myself,
To stop depression from setting in.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Look Inside

Things just keep on moving,
No matter who you are,
No matter how much you try to slow things,
Or live far,

From the society that spawned you,
Because society is more,
Than where you live, it is a part of you,
From your clothing to your core,

From your outlook to how you see,
How justice should reign,
Whether for the people or the few,
Society just molds you that way.

But it's alright,
That isn't a bad thing,
Unless you live somewhere where you are not free,
Though the powers that be are convincing.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Get It Done

So much goes on,
While you do so little,
Every moment taken for a breath,
You're more unreal,

For existence is about existing,
And the more there is around,
The harder you have to work,
To just be relevant,

And not only that,
The rules are always changing,
And what you do today may be important,
But not for days and days.

And it's not alright,
Obviously things are going down.
A reassesment's never bad,
When you're talking depression.

Friday, May 30, 2008


You will never lose,
What has made you great,
Though challenges will forever make you doubt,
Your abilities,

Because they will all be new to you,
Because each problem is approached fresh,
Which lengthens times, but increases interest,
And creates newness.

So when it all seems too overwhelming,
And you're afraid you can't do it,
Remember the only reason for the volume,
Is your past interest,

In being alright,
And doing your best,
And having no malice for the things you do,
And the opinions of the rest.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Navigating Your Existence

It's all coming together now,
Though I'm not sure what,
The universe is expecting of me,
To get me out of this rut,

Of just expecting that things will all turn out,
Because, even if it's not the case,
I want to feel like I had a hand in it,
And that I pitched in my share of face,

But I don't want to be presumptuous,
And jinx the goodness that I receive,
Because I can get that superstitious,
Not really knowing what to believe.

But it's alright,
Someone told me she knows the secret,
And that I can know it myself,
And I will then have all I ever wanted.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In A Hurry

There is no more time,
For the old routine,
Everything must be on the fly,
Until arriving,

At a new life where you can settle down.
But will that ever come?
Most people work their whole life to find out,
While it only ever works for some.

Not that one should therefore never try,
In fact, it's inhuman to not,
Or at least it's denying you the pleasure,
Of maximizing on what,

Makes us alright,
Which is the chance that there is something more,
Than what we see, which we will never find out,
Unless blind faith makes us deny our true core.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


How many chances do you get,
At something?
It depends how persistent you are,
At convincing,

Whoever it is that let you do it the first time,
Because there is always someone,
That blesses an act, even if she is in,
Your imagination.

And when you do it again it has to be different,
And so you're not doing it again.
You have to do it with the benefit of experience,
Which you lacked the first iteration.

And it's alright,
If it's even worse the next time round,
Try, try again or you will never know,
If you can do it or you're just a clown.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Attaining Desires

Someday it will all change,
You will be what you want to be,
Except so far as just wanting to be something,
Undermines its reality,

For, where is your mentality,
Than somewhere in the future,
And being everything you want to be,
Implies the present is where you are?

So if you're ever hoping for satisfaction,
Eliminate what might come,
By understanding what there already is,
And how you're already in the best situation.

And it's alright,
If that is hard to do,
If it wasn't it would mean you're not human,
Actually, if you do it, you aren't one, too.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


It is all so tenuous,
Everything is,
From the faith you put in the unknown,
To your confidence.

Even the greatest people on earth,
Are not immune to this simple fact:
No matter how secure you are one moment,
It can all be stripped from you in a clap.

And why is this? It's because reality,
Is just what you experience,
And can tell you nothing about what's to come,
Even though in our assumptions we are wholly convinced.

And it's alright,
To continue living that way,
Our lives are so infinitesimally short,
There's no time for change, anyway.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What You Think

All I have is what is,
Happening to me,
And what I do and sometimes what I do,
Is unsavoury,

And must be chosen as to when it occurs,
Don't tell me that that's not the case,
With each and every person at some time,
Or am I in a different place?

Am I deprived, you wonder what it could be,
That is happening,
In my mind that I should even go this far,
To make you start wondering.

Well, it's alright,
You can think whatever you'd like,
You'll do that anyway,
And I don't care to fight.

Friday, May 23, 2008

View Your World

If you don't like circumstances,
Wait five minutes,
Everything's so transient,
It's not worth marking it.

And I'm not just talking about how,
You see things,
The same thing you see's not the same thing at all.
Everything's always changing.

And don't forget that it will change in feeling,
From desperate to glorious,
The moment you think about the lives of others,
Depending on how you perceive us.

And it's alright,
No matter what other people do,
The onus on perception is ultimately,
And entirely on you.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stressful Mistakes

Nobody is perfect,
Anybody can tell you that.
Someone implied to me that she wasn't,
Everyone started to laugh.

So why should errors be such a source,
Of dismay when we make them?
Especially when nothing else is perfect either.
Mistakes are bound to come from some direction.

But some people always come out looking good,
Whether because of their attitude or the way,
Reality molds itself to her actions,
And makes the best out of a bad mistake.

And it's alright,
If you are one of those people,
Of course many lives have been devastated,
By being much more real.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In the Face of Reality

Anything can happen,
Reality proves that,
And the control that we have over it,
Has never been proven by fact,

And when things go our way, do we not always say,
"That was unbelievable"?
We naturally believe things are against all odds,
And yet continue the struggle.

But the alternative is to roll over,
With each new push circumstances offer,
Which inevitably leads us to a place of self-destruction,
Where we are destined to suffer.

And it's alright,
If you want to roll that way,
Many, many people have and do all the time,
Who never felt up to the challenge of reality.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Circle

How do you find those people,
That will help you do what you,
Want and who what they want are the same,
As you want, too?

And how do you find those people,
That are as motivated about,
The task at hand, so that it is not work?
It's not easy, no doubt.

And how do you find those people,
That share the same philosophy as you,
So that your time together's not onerous,
And you're still friends when the task it through?

It's alright,
If you don't think it's easy.
It's a crap shoot if you think about it,
So don't let them go if they're with you, presently.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just Do It

If you want to do anything,
You have to make the time,
And doing that doesn't mean dropping everything else,
But understanding the line,

Between doing what you want and what you have to,
And not feeling like you're trapped,
Because that takes energy you need,
For your next amazing act,

And what that is is rooted in honesty,
And in what you truly want to do,
Because when you do what is expected,
You are leaving you.

But it's alright,
That's standard for most people,
And what you don't know won't hurt you,
And you'll never get the bill.