Saturday, February 28, 2015

Onto It

Can't waste my time this time,
I am sorry to say,
That the words on this screen really just are,
A time wasting, time filling throw away,

There is something more important to do,
That I've missed, last few days,
Along with this blog that's making me sad,
I'm afraid this morn may go the same way,

So, if there's one thing you must take with you,
'Cause I know that I must,
You will know what it is that you must do,
If without it you bust.

There, it is done,
My throw-away poem,
Though I also obsess over routine,
Now my mind's a little closer to home.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Tunnel

So, who built this tunnel,
And where was it to go?
Hard to believe it had no dest'nation,
It was a hallway, yo.

Sure there was a rosary found down there,
That put the cops at ease,
'Cause Cath'lics have ne'er been prone to vi'lence,
Probs to be a home for orphaned babies.

They say it's not a crime to dig a hole,
Still, they're anxious to know,
Who took time to dig that impressive thing,
They'll ask no questions, no.

Just shake the hand,
Of people so clever,
Then snap a cuff on them 'till they confess,
To stealing their supplies from the Rexall Centre.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sacred Script

Someone comes from nowhere,
Act'lly, everyone does,
She grows to make an impact on the world,
Act'lly, everyone does,

The things she does with focus will inspire,
For focus is quite rare,
Couple that with a vision that won't change,
The force it creates, the world cannot bear,

For with that nothing comes no instruction,
Not written by others,
Who came from nowhere, that's why sacred script,
Is embraced like mothers,

They're manuals,

For those without focus,
So that they don't feel they come from nowhere,
So the authors rule less antithesis.

Friday, February 20, 2015


Live one day at a time,
Better make it worth it,
When you're gone, no one will remember you,
Despite the internet,

Don't let life carry you along with it,
You're meant to be dropped off,
To take a look around and meet yourself,
Making sure that you understand enough,

You feel like each moment's an etern'ty,
In truth, it really is,
But the eternities come to an end,
Like a phenom'nal kiss.

Laugh all you want,
Laugh as much as you can,
No one's e'er wished at the end of their life,
For e'en their worst moments to ne'er have been.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

What You See

What is it life will bring?
Well, whatever it is,
It enters through the filter of your mind,
And that's all that exists,

No one else can tell you what it looks like,
Except through their mind's eye,
Then, again, their view is filtered by you,
So you are really seeing the same life.

Is there anyway to change what you see?
Why certainly there is!
'Cept change only exists 'side something else,
But you're all that exists.

You're all you know,
Life can't seem different,
I'm not saying others don't see life, too,
Things were never changed by a Solipsist.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Show, Don't Tell

I now get show, don't tell,
You need to do it first,
To appreciate how much more you say,
With actions and not words,

To see someone die in front of your eyes,
To feel akin to him,
Killed for his beliefs and activism,
'Gainst and inegalitari'n system,

Then to see yourself wasting your own life,
Not with bullets, but sloth,
Given the chance to start where he left,
Will affect you a lot,

More than just talk,
Describing everything,
Will ne'er have the affect of being shown,
Now, get up and show me that you're living.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

No Home

Wind was howling last night,
Coldest night of the year,
At two a.m. people were walking home,
Oppressed to frozen tears,

I'm sure they had a good time at the bars,
Soon they'd be nice and warm,
Prob'ly fifteen minutes out in the cold,
Not a real reason to be so forlorn.

Now what if they did not have an abode,
Were living on the street?
Spending a night outside in wind and cold,
Like arctic hiker feats,

'Cept with no gear,
Or wish for adventure,
Just fell in life without a safety net,
Ne'er thinking it's something they'd need endure.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Making Sausages

I just made some sausage,
From pig shoulder to coil,
Cut it up, add lots of salt and pepper,
Then with your hands, you roil,

Grind it all with a powerful machine,
Fry some up to taste it,
Add more spices as you think you need to,
Wash the intestine casing, don't waste it,

Meat back in the grinder, new attachment,
Sleeve the casing on it,
Let out the skin as the meat funnels in,
It'll taste good, won't it?

Then take a rest,
'Fore cleaning up the mess,
You and your parents have done some hard work,
Making freezer-ready snacks out of flesh.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Read My Thoughts

Life would be unbear'ble,
If thoughts were readable,
So said this character on a sequel,
Who was so terrible,

Tort'ring and killing innocent people,
Strangling 'til they're purple,
Maybe his thoughts should not be sharable,
But I should hope he's swallowed a rare pill,

For human's're not gener'lly lethal,
-Not under a steeple-,
But much less daring and safely fearful,
With names like Maribel,

With thoughts thoughtful,
Sensitively careful,
These should be shared with the whole goddamn world,
Then we could find and destroy what's evil!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cease-Fire Two

Whoa, whoa, wait a minute,
A cease fire in Ukraine?
Brokered by Russia's President Putin?
Doesn't that sound insane?

How can Russia cut a deal for rebels,
It's denied a link to?
Putin'll use his mind to pull out weapons?
I guess we'll see Feb fifteen, what he'll do.

Are the foreign armed formations Russia's,
That agreed to dis'ppear?
When asked by Harper to get out before,
Putin said, "we're not there."

Not complaining!
I'm all for no more war,
Nine hundred thousand displaced, thousands dead,
Makes you wonder what it's actually for.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This Is Your Life

So your TV's list'ning,
That's the big news today,
Fears that what's personal's sent to the web,
Own by a third partay,

Transcribed into text, kept for who knows what.
Is there a central file,
With your name on it, held by the gov'ment,
With your emails, Skypes and Facebooks compiled?

Will a computer scan through everything,
When you cross a border?
Will private eyes be able to hack it,
'Stead of plant recorders?

What would you think,
Could you see ev'rything?
A thousand photos of you without smiles,
The foibles of a real human being.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

War Is A Drug

Hedges says war's a drug,
To live it is a high,
The exper'ence of things you shouldn't see,
Lose it, you want to die,

By engaging in some self-destruction,
Subconsciously or not,
Or your body simply decides it's done,
The war doesn't stop when you leave the front.

So it's die in a war among comrades,
Or alone with your thoughts,
Haunted by images only war lends,
Which you'd never have sought,

Fact, war's purpose,
We think is to end war,
But if people get addicted to it,
Makes you wonder what it's actually for.

Monday, February 09, 2015

No Help From The Government

It is adorable,
You think you are not screwed,
Ev'ry breath you take, by the government,
As if it's something new.

The country is run by normal people,
With normal folk foibles,
No abil'ty to see the big picture,
With a penchant for being gullible,

With large corporations with no scruples,
Inexhaustible funds,
Working for their millions of stock holders,
Who don't care how they've won,

You're all of them,
Both fingers and steeple,
You've been handed the rope to hang yourself,
And the Supreme Court just made it legal.

Sunday, February 08, 2015


I'm watching Monster High,
There is lots of drama,
A little girl's eating a baby or'nge,
Watching all that she saw,

A boy's watching a video on games,
That he likes to play, too,
In pajamas, I try to concentrate,
A panettone inside of me, too,

Cars are swerving on the sleek snow outside,
If this morning ne'er stops,
A million waths and as many snuggles,
Will be what I adopt,

The werewolf's sad,
His girl is playing Scream,
But she will not let his chauvinism,
Make her abandon this new all-girl team.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Ode To My Mom

This one is for my mom,
Who's never stopped glowing,
Like any human, she succumbs to grief,
Yet, love don't stop flowing,

For the birds, sun and ev'ry living thing,
I'll have to find a quote,
From the thoughts I've seen written in her book,
To encapsulate her thinking in notes,

How the un'verse can and will speak to you,
If you listen to it,
It will grant to you what you most desire,
If you just ask of it,

Then let it go,
And live your life in full,
E'en in her darkest times she's no regrets,
She faces death like it will be joyful.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

When I'm Awake

Let me dream forever,
Don't care about bed sores,
Or having to pee ev'ry now and then,
As long as I'm indoors,

As long as life stays as a fantasy,
I don't mind waking up,
For a few moments ev'ry now and then,
So I can eat breakfast, lunch and then sup,

If to pay for that food, I have to work,
I guess I'll do that, too,
If the rest of the time I could just dream,
There's naught I would not do,

I'd even fly,
Without the use of wings,
If only I could stay in bed and dream,
When I'm awake I would do anything.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Preserve Your Life

Life just keeps on trucking,
No matter what you do,
Live in the moment, drink or extreme sports,
It just won't wait for you,

So what would happen if you sped things up?
Let life chase you, instead.
Not sure what that would actually look like?
Remember ev'ry book you've ever read,

That showed you lives that you could imagine,
Living through as you are,
Whole stories wrapped up in thousands of words,
Like preserved in a jar.

Now take your own,
No, no, don't kill yourself!
Write your story from beginning to end,
Multiple times 'til you have a full shelf.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015


When you're feeling lonely,
It's not that you're alone,
There're plenty people within an arm's reach,
Just waiting to be known,

Who, yes, have lived a life up until now,
Outside of your presence,
Who know the effort involved connecting,
With other connections in existence,

But chances are that they are lonely, too,
It's hard to meet someone,
Who being with is like being alone,
Living in seclusion.

It's also hard,
Because you're where you are,
You can't step out and look back on yourself,
Without inflicting emotional scars. 

Monday, February 02, 2015

The Desert

Phoenix is a desert,
Though can't tell from looking,
Not one camel or scorpion or sand,
I was almost took in,

Until my first July day in that town,
Had to walk extra slow,
So hot you could fry eggs on the sidewalk,
Junk-packed yards with no concern for the snow,

There're some clues of the desert if you look,
Like the drunks on the street,
Not fettered by the need of keeping warm,
Desert dirt caking feet.

Oh, and sand storms,
Dust walls way, way up far,
You can lay concrete to cover the ground,
But nature ne'er let's you forget where you're.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Priority Boarding

If one's in the army,
In the United States,
When boarding a plane you get prior 'ty,
Aft babes with moms and mates,

Because their job is to essent'lly die,
If the pres'dent says to,
With the hope that it's for something worthwhile,
Like maintaining gen'ral freedom for you.

Must say the privileged seating's pretty sweet,
I'd like to know the odds,
Of being killed versus getting aisle seats,
Both bring you close to God.

And that's not all,
You travel quite a bit,
Freedom can be taken from as far as,
Any country with enough oil in it.