Saturday, April 04, 2015

The Resolution of a Very Important Difference

There have been arguments,
About the difference,
'Tween two sim'lar types of coffee brewers,
Due to one's ignorance,

First there's the one that rains water on grounds,
That's the percolator,
Heat forces it to the top of a tube,
Cycled, 'til you've got varnish remover,

Then there's the Moka pot, made in It'ly,
It too, forces it up,
But it passes through the grounds on its way,
Once, for a perfect cup.

Is that clear now?
Not your mug of coffee,
It's the diff'rence 'tween someone's limp handshake,
And one who can grab life by the testes.

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Anonymous said...

Hardy Har Har.