Saturday, April 02, 2016

"So Good To See You"

"What have you been doing?"
"Where have you been, lately?"
"I'm very interested in your goals"
"Where will your tales take me?"

"If you knew truly where I've actu'lly been,
"I'm not sure what you'd do,
"There are things that should ne'er be related,
"For it would misrepresent me and you,"

"If it can be thought, then it is human,
"Isn't that what you said?"
"There should be no fear of what's in your mind,
"If that's the path you've laid."
"War is what's hid,"
"Isn't peace what you want?"
"P'haps it's enough to know there's the unseen,
"It is because you pried that we have fought."

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